Guest Post: Why Everybody's Going To War in the Middle East

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Submitted by Ron Holland of The Daily Bell,

"Everybody's going to war but we don't know what we are fighting for."

– Nerina Pallot, from "Everybody's Gone to War

Iran Wants War

Although a peaceful nation for hundreds of years, Iran was invaded and occupied by the Allies in both World War One and Two. Then in 1980, at the urging of the United States, Saddam Hussein invaded them and used poison gas against both Kurds and Iran. Over 500,000 civilians, Iranian and Iraqi soldiers died in the longest war of the 20th century, which lasted until 1988.

Iran wants war because they believe they can withstand an Israel and US air assault and that unless they are invaded and occupied they can claim victory. No Middle East nation has ever been victorious against either the US or Israel and to declare victory against both will make Iran the leading nation across the entire region, at least for the people in the street. An Israel/US assault would also solve growing domestic political problems against the regime.


Bibi Netanyahu obviously believes Iran threatens the survival of Israel, as no major domestic political reasons to go to war are evident. The majority of Israel's population appears to be opposed to a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities because of retaliation from Iran and Hezbollah. But as in the US, what the majority of the people want is of no consequence.

If the war plan leaked several days ago is real (see "Bibi's Secret War Plan") it's excellent but no war plan survives the first contact with the enemy. It appears to be an exact reverse of my fictional "The First American Dollar War Defeat" in which Electromagnetic Pulse weaponry is deployed. 

So Netanyahu believes Israel can delay Iranian nuclear advances by bombing them back into the Stone Age with the help of America, who will surely be drawn into the conflict. Although most neocon experts believe the war will be short with a minimum of retaliation I fear the war could be a long one, pulling in many other nations in the Middle East. Again, Iran showed its resolve against Iraq in their long war and this same determination would rise to extreme levels against an Israeli strike.


The old war against terror propaganda is losing ground to alternative news and opinion now available because of the Internet Reformation. Frankly, few people believe anything from either the American government or its establishment propaganda outlets and this is a frightening situation to the power elite that rules America.

Due to the growing economic crisis, the government needs to take strong actions that could be violently resisted by large segments of the US population unless a major financial or military crisis can be used as an excuse and cover for coming dictatorial actions. Simply stated, there are not enough police and military in the US to control the population should an insurrection take place. A major war in the Middle East can provide a casus belli for a direct assault against US private wealth, liberties, benefit programs and opposition by the power elite.

For example, the imposition of a military draft will dramatically cut unemployment rates as well as limit inner-city crime and outrage over cuts in domestic spending and welfare. Remember, austerity is needed and a draconian cut in Social Security and benefit programs must be engineered against the 50 percent of the population who receive some type of government benefits.

In addition, gold will need to be confiscated. Forced retirement investment into collapsing dollar denominated Treasury obligations must be required when foreign investors stop buying US debt. Stronger TSA authority, drones and harsh domestic controls will need to be implemented for the duration of the conflict in order to squelch domestic opposition. Taxes must be raised, penalties and fines must be doubled and tripled at the federal, state and municipal levels and finally, severe limitations on freedom of speech and freedom of assembly will be forced on the American people, along with gun control and limited access to Internet news and communications.

Finally, a major, long-term war in the Middle East will provide an excuse for the deferment and rescheduling of US debt obligations owed to nations and governments that oppose the US/Israel war in the Middle East. For the $1 trillion owed to China and many Middle East nations, this is effectively debt repudiation.


China wants to see the US weakened long-term as a world power and a major war in the Middle East will do this. They also need a reason to dump US Treasury debt and an excuse to avoid the blame of the coming broader repudiation of US debt. The Chinese people will be justifiably outraged that the Chinese government and central bank accumulated $1 trillion in US debt, although there were legitimate global trading reasons and domestic economic justification for this over-concentration in US debt and dollar obligations.

A Middle East war would avoid direct military action between the US and China while protecting both US and Chinese politicians from the coming Treasury debt repudiation, Chinese dump and global run on the dollar and Treasuries.


All sides in the coming conflict – except for the civilian populations and the soldiers maimed and killed – will win if everything goes according to plan. However, nothing ever goes according to plan in wars and this is the problem the world will face. Prolonged recession or depression, wealth and benefit confiscation throughout the EU, US and other Western democracies and the risk of a Middle East conflict spreading around the world is my fear.

Who is guaranteed to win regardless of the outcome of the war and whether it can be contained? The Anglo-American financial elites and the bankers always win every conflict regardless of the military outcome. This is the history of the 20th century and I see no reason that will change now.

Forty-plus years ago, when I was in basic training, we sang the patriotic and somewhat funny marching songs. But when our drill sergeants were out of range, we would shift into "1, 2, 3, 4  what are we fighting for?"

Looks to me like nothing has changed. American soldiers are still fighting for the power elites and their favored industries. I wish it were different.

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msamour's picture

Seems about correct to me. Maybe something will change this time with more people being more aware, but i have a feeling the ones more aware will already have gone to greener pastures...

Death and Gravity's picture

Modern banking relies on mindless consumer behavior, mindless going-into-debt.

Stop for a moment to contemplate your consumption, and you've done a lot to cut into this tendency.

Change the paradigm, win the war.

AldousHuxley's picture

Middle East has oil


they aren't going there for falafel, for sure....


but idiot americans probably thinks US military brings "freedom" to Aladdin so that he can engage in "free trade" of magic carpets and somehow that's going to make every American in the top income tax bracket.

caconhma's picture

Ron Holland of The Daily Bell is neither bright nor knowledgeable. I have read and argued with him at The Daily Bell.

The Daily Bell is a zionist publication masquerading itself as an independent website.

A few months ago, Ron Holland advice to Ron Paul supporters was to work inside GOP to change the Party. As I indicated, GOP will not allow to R. Paul or to his supporters any room or any voice during the Convention as long as they agreed to kiss the GOP bosses ass.



Ron Paul's family members are Romney supporters. His son is a staunch Romney supporter and Ron Paul is a "limited" Romney supporter. I don't know what does it means to be "a little bid pregnant."  

incognito's picture

Short sighted article. 

Fact: The banking elite pushing this conflict are the same ones in power in the US, EU, China, Russia, and Israel.

Fact: The horrible economic storm sweeping over the world is not a random act, as more and more evidence shows, it is a coordinated manipulation of all markets, leading to ruin.

Fact: The self distructive policies of importing muslim immigrants to the Western world is a coordinated effort, happening all over at the same time, against the will of the majority of the populace.

Fact: The US has been supporting the revolutions bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to power all over the Middle East.

Fact: The Muslim Brotherhood has called on all muslims, worldwide, to join in a world revolution starting in 2016 to restore the caliphate.

Where does that lead your thinking?

The depression and the horrible situation it places the people of the world in is a primer to condition the populace for the carnage to come, just like it was the last time.

The entire muslim world is being tricked into starting a war they can not possibly win. The "allies" they have in China and Russia will turn on them, invade and loot along with everyone else. 

CompassionateFascist's picture

Jew bankster-plutocrats don't rule Russia. Putin chased them out. That's why Isramerica wants to bring down Syria, Iran, and Russia. And it's not Islam that most directly threatens the West. It's Zion that's ravaging us with a lethal combination of State Socialism, Crony Capitalism, and murderous wars whose only purpose lies in keeping Israel on the map and oil-producing countries on the dollar. ZOG rules. But not for much longer. The Empire of Debt is doomed.

Davalicious's picture

Fuck a doodle Jew. You nailed It. +1

my puppy for prez's picture

I don't see why this is not obvious to everyone!

Kudos for your succinctness!

rwe2late's picture


You are wrong.

Russia and China are NOT ruled by the same bankster elite as the Western NATO nations.

The entire Muslim world is NOT "starting a war" to "restore the caliphate".

 The US dependent vassal state in Saudi Arabia is the main stalking-horse instigator of religiously motivated intolerance and violence.

Other nations throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America are not "aggressing" but defending.

Were US-backed Israel to cease its land and water grabbing, and end its 'Warsaw-style ghetto' in Palestine, there would also be a remarkable lowering of violence.

incognito's picture

Putin is a bankster commie. He and all his commie ex-KGB bretheren are the ones that have profited from all the "change" in Russia the last 30 years. They are still in charge. Nothing changed, they just tricked people into thinking it changed. It did not.

All the high level EU officials? "former" commies, in bed up to the eyeballs with Putin. Nigel Farrage calls them out by name on a regular basis. Obama was placed in charge by who? Bankster commies.

Can you read Arabic? Read "Al- Zaraqawi AL-Qaida's Second Generation" written by a Jordanian, Fouad Hussain. That book, written in 2006, has accurately predicted all the actions in the middle east since then, including the Arab Spring. The people that have just taken charge of the muslim world are going to lead them into the biggest war the world has ever seen. They are being set up as the fall guys for the bankster commies. This has been the plan all along, going back to before WWI. 

This is the cover needed by the Zionists to destroy the people that threaten their little kingdom in the Middle East. The import of muslims into the rest of the world allows them cover to clamp down and instal a tyrannical world government everywhere to solve the "problem", that they themselves created.


johny2's picture

the system will be protected at any cost. 

CH1's picture

the system will be protected at any cost.

Just walk away from it. Start living your way, not theirs.

johny2's picture

understanding the nature of the game is a part of my way. 

AldousHuxley's picture

you might not like what you find.....



Simon Endean's picture

@CH1: "Start living your way, not theirs."


That didn't work out so well for Randy Weaver and his family, or the Branch Davidians in Waco.   Be very careful if you do decide to go off the reservation before the gummint goes tits up.

A82EBA's picture

Stop Borrowing

Stop Depositing

DaveyJones's picture

fake systems TRY to protect themselves at any cost but always end up their own worst enemy. Nice comment CH1

BigDuke6's picture

Bring on the Rapture!!

and a gold standard!!

Hulk's picture

We had the rapture over a year ago.

We are whats left.

Sorry man....

francis_sawyer's picture

Eat your cars & eat your bars...

BigDuke6's picture

I dont want a second hand second coming!

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

I'm afraid the best we'll get is a sloppy second coming.

DaveyJones's picture

sorry, we're all out of rapture. Would you settle for rap? 

Goldilocks's picture

"saving grace" = mutually assured destruction

prains's picture

its the last thing americans are still good at

everything else has been outsourced

ThirdWorldDude's picture

You lost me at "Iran Wants War", which is an utter nonsense. 

Tell me again, when's the last time that country actually invaded someone?

New_Meat's picture

Disregarding Q'ds Force, Hezb'Allah, etc.?  Been a long time. - Ned

saturn's picture

I wonder what for example Catherine Bell says about the intention of the USA to initiate war against Iran, because it is her mother's homeland.

eatapeach's picture

I think it's been more than two centuries.

mess nonster's picture

...'round about 480 BC. Xerxes got his ass kicked by the Greeks. The Persians learned theiur lesson well, and never invaded anyone ever again.

Now it's out turn for the same lesson.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

LOL you and 4 people watched too many times "300"


Persians perhaps got their asses kicked BUT invaded many times greece, not only one

Simon Endean's picture

"Tell me again, when's the last time that country actually invaded someone?"


When was the last time that they really had the capability of invading anyone?  Invading the Soviet Union would have been suicidal, invading Afghanistan would be pointless (and would have drawn in the Soviets and probably the Pakistanis), invading Iraq - for most of modern history, that would have drawn in the Brits back when that meant something (or the US/UN later), and an amphibious invasion of the Arabian peninsula would have been largely beyond their  means and would have drawn in plenty of other powers.  Plus, as soon as the Iranians got bogged down in a foreign adventure, the Russians would have jumped them to get those nice warm-water ports.

Zwelgje's picture

You assume a lot. Maybe, just maybe they don't have the capabilities to invade and occupy other countries because the Iranians don't want to.


I am afraid you project yourself onto Iran and Russia.

roadsnbridges's picture

Thanks for not posting a thread on the Convention.


TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Quick summary of the convention for those who don't have time to watch the whole thing:

Disenchanted's picture





I caught about five minutes of what I've highlighted in bold below*, as it was all I was able to stomach. I will NEVER again cast a vote for any candidate of either 'major' political party in the USA. What a goddamn disgrace. Even if Ron Paul is controlled opposition, to see the party machinery's attempt to avoid any mention of his name guarantees my hate for the RNC for the rest of my natural born life. It was already there for 'the other side'. Full disclosure, I was once a registered Republican and the very first vote I cast after coming of age was for Ronny Reagan in 1980. Gawd I was a naive dumb bastard back then...because my family was Repub so was I.


The Los Angeles Times ran a story about how the Maine delegates walked out of the convention in protest over the anti-Paul purge, accompanied by a photo of fanatic-looking Paulites who are actually in the process of caucusing; however, the Times avers they “erupted in fury.” Those crazy anarchists — aren’t those acid-filled eggs they have in their pockets? I’m surprised the Times photographer was brave enough to get that close! Also noted in that same piece:


As the roll call of states commenced, several states listed votes for both Romney and Paul. When repeating back the count, those at the podium cited only the Romney votes.”

While the “official” vote count will claim Soviet-style near-unanimity in favor of Romney, the reality is that Ron Paul garnered 190 votes from 26 states. Not bad for a guerrilla campaign that was subjected to a media blackout, smeared by the usual neocon suspects — with help from some alleged “libertarians” — and was outspent by the opposition 100-to-1.


excerpt from: The Platform From Hell


More disclosure, the last Presidential vote I cast was for Pat Buchanan in 2000 which was the year my local precinct went total electronic. Electronic machines to cast a ballot and electronic machines to tally those votes. I asked the lady working there for my receipt showing which way my vote was cast, and she replied "these machines don't give receipts." I said, "let me know when you go back to a more verifiable method of voting and I might be back." Needless to say I haven't been back since.


*in the five minutes I watched I saw the Iowa delegation report: "Iowa 40 delegates for Ron Paul, 6 for Mitt Romney." Little blonde Republi-bot with pasted on smile at podium: "Iowa 6 votes, Romney."


Fuck em...

my puppy for prez's picture

I can relate.

I won't vote for anyone who does not answer "NO" to the three following questions:

  1. Is the Patriot Act constitutional?
  2. Is the NDAA clause of "indefinite detention on the grounds of suspicion" constitutional?
  3. Do you believe the official government account of 9/11?

Any politician who does not answer these questions with a "no" is neither smart enough nor brave enough to deserve the title of "elected official" (which should really be called "elected SERVANT"!).

max2205's picture

Pure Hollywood

q99x2's picture

Not a big deal if Iran decides to take out a banking cartel family. Game over for the globalists. Peace and prosperity ever after and the globalists might even agree to an Open Source Monetary System that is closed and community run.

There is no us against them at this point. Greece and Spain are currently under attack as well. Everything is moving into place for the globalists to strike the US as well.

And they made me pay an additional $60 for DHS on my student parking this semester to help them do it. M'Fers.

wardawg12's picture

Viewed through the prism of the reported realities, it (unfortunately) makes alot of sense. Bastards

flacorps's picture

From the Wikipedia entry on WWI: "Both sides believed, and publicly stated, that the war would end soon. The Kaiser told his troops that they would be, "…home before the leaves have fallen from the trees," and one German officer said he expected to be in Paris by Sedantag, about six weeks away. Germany only stockpiled enough potassium nitrate for gunpowder for six months. Russian officers similarly expected to be in Berlin in six weeks, and those who suggested that the war would last for six months were considered pessimists. Von Moltke and his French counterpart Joseph Joffre were among the few who expected a long war, but neither adjusted his nation's military plans accordingly. The new British Secretary of State for War Lord Kitchener was the only leading official on either side to both expect a long war ("three years" or longer, he told an amazed colleague) and act accordingly, immediately building an army of millions of soldiers who would fight for years."

If the prospect of war looks ugly to both sides, a diplomatic solution is always found. It's when war looks cheap, quick and decisive that it winds up happening.

hannah's picture

it is just like when germany bombed pearl harbor in the first world war, everyone thought that we would beat canada by september but then the mexicans invaded this medical weed is screwing me up...?

supermaxedout's picture

Germany only stockpiled enough potassium nitrate for gunpowder for six months.


Yes and there was no chance to get supply because the Brits blocked the German trade streams  effectively since Britannia ruled the waves.  This was the reason why the Brits thought WWI is going to be a joy ride and the dumbass Germans run soon out of ammunition. The events leading to WWI were exactly planned by the Brits and the Germans were caught in this net. Just to give you an idea about the predatory character of the Brits is the fact that Germany after its founding in 1870 had not fought one war till 1914 ( except a colonial massacre in Namibia to have full control of the only German colony which had importance) . The Brits during the time 1870 and 1914 were very much comparable with the US nowadays. Never ending small wars interrupted by a set of mayor strategic wars.

WWI was a miscalculation by the Brits. They underestimated Germany, or in that case the develish genius of one man, nobel laureate (1918 !!) Fritz Haber. He managed the unexpected to happen. Under his hands and guidance  BASF was capable to produce synthetic gunpowder on large scale within 3 months after WWI had started, thereby eliminating a crucial factor in the calculation of the Brits. 

Haber was also the guy developing and producing poison gas in big style to be used as a weapon.


But here comes the most hidden fact of this controversial personality.

Fritz Haber  became later the first director of Degesch, which was the company producing Zyklon B gas to poison millions of Jews.  The irony is that Haber itself was born as a Jew.  Excerpt  from Wikipedia: Haber was born in Breslau, Germany (now Wroc?aw, Poland), into a Hasidic Jewish family. His family was one of the oldest families of that town.[1] Haber later converted from strict Judaism to Lutheranism.

Nobel laureate: Haber started to introduce poisonous gas a a big style killing tool during WWI  but he received the Nobel laureate for helping to feed half of the population of the world:       From Wikipedia:  The Haber-Bosch process was a milestone in industrial chemistry, because it divorced the production of nitrogen products, such as fertilizer, explosives and chemical feedstocks, from natural deposits, especiallally extracted nitrate production in Chile fell from 2.5 million tonnes (employing 60,000 workers and selling at $45/ton) in 1925 to just 800,000 tonnes, produced by 14,133 workers, and selling at $19/tonne in 1934.[5] The annual world production of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer is currently more than 100 million tonnes. The food base of half of the current world population is based on the Haber-Bosch process.[6]

Fritz Haber the worlds best example how the talents of a man can generate evil or good. It just depends on the circumstances.  The Haber Bosch process is regarded by many as the most important invention of the 20th century.  And the cowardly poisoning of people is one of the most heinous crimes since ever.   My opinion: Hitler might be in the same category as Haber. Both highly talented but lacking totally moral control. Extreme thinkings and extreme doings. 

my puppy for prez's picture

The "millions of Jews gassed" number has been thoroughly debunked, even by honest JEWISH historians and researchers.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

From 1870 to 1871 there was a thing called Franco-Prussian war...


but i bet that on americans history books there is no suck things

supermaxedout's picture

You say it. The Franco Prussian war. Not Germany which was re-united under Prussian dominance as a result of this war. The old Germany had ended  (after roughly 1000 years) with Napoleon taking over the German Cesars crown.

Dr. Engali's picture

I doubt that Iran really wants a war with America, but if we do go to war with them that will be the one that breaks our backs. Our over reliance on technology is going to prove to be a weakness as other nations develope ways to counter it.