Guest Post: Why Modern Democracy Is For Idiots

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From Simon Black of The Sovereign Man

Why Modern Democracy Is For Idiots

Did you know that the word ‘idiot’ is actually derived from the origins of democracy in ancient Greece? Thousands of years ago, a Greek citizen who demonstrated disinterest in politics was labeled ‘idiotes’; it literally meant ‘private person,’ which curiously enough was a term of derision at the time.

Fast forward to the pitiful excuse we have for a democratic process in the world today, and the opposite is now true: you have to be a complete idiot to invest yourself in these politics.

Saturday’s straw poll in Ames, Iowa is a perfect example. A few thousand people voted for their preferred republican presidential candidate, and mainstream media outlets have been talking about it nonstop. There are a lot of things wrong with this system–

First, why should anyone care what a few thousand people in a single town think? Do the whims of 17,000 people really have any bearing on a country of 310 million? In modern democracy, they do.

Michelle Bachmann won the poll. Granted, she won by bribing her voters with a free Randy Travis concert, but such things don’t matter in modern democracy. In the eyes of the media, she is now the front-runner having garnered a whopping 28.6% of the 17,000 people who voted.

The same logic, however, does not apply to the guy who came in second… if you can even find his name anywhere in print. You see, there’s this lowly fellow from Texas by the name of Ron Paul who scored 4,671 votes, just 152 shy of Bachmann.

Yet while the media is heralding Bachmann’s victory as a major success for her campaign, there has hardly been an utterance of Ron Paul’s strong finish on Bachmann’s heels.

The third place finisher, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, was so dismayed by his results that he withdrew from the race after securing only 13.7% of the votes.

It’s incredible that the fickle whims of tiny Iowa mob could be regarded as so influential that the first place finisher would be anointed, and the third place finisher withdraw in disgrace… and yet the exact same results are to be completely ignored when applied to the second place finisher.

Again, such is the nature of modern democracy… and I feel bad for people who live in the United States that have to put up with another 15-months of this crap.

On one side, President Obama is already flying around the country for his reelection campaign, reading teleprompted remarks that are devoid of any credible plan. Meanwhile, US taxpayers are footing the bill for much of his multimillion-dollar travel and entourage costs.

On the other side, the media is colluding to select front-runners and marginalizing the only guy who actually has a clue of how drastic the US economic situation is.

This system is a complete farce. The ancient Greeks would call you an idiot if you wouldn’t participate in their democracy and focused on your own affairs. Today, you have to be an idiot to set aside your own preparations and put any faith in this system.

democracy Why modern democracy is for idiots

As long as this system is in place, the ‘leaders’ that emerge from it will be cut from the same cloth. They are concerned solely about their own status and have little interest in the voting populace beyond providing whatever minimum benefits are necessary to buy your vote.

In their efforts to consolidate more power and take greater control, they’re hitting the accelerator as they drive the country off the cliff. Putting any stock in this system is dangerous to your family and your livelihood.

I know we’ve all been brainwashed that the government exists to help us, but the truth is that you ultimately have only yourself to rely on. This is not something to fear, but to embrace, and thinking people ought to take steps immediately to increase their self-reliance in this Age of Turmoil.

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Syrin's picture

This is why many of us are now called "preppers".   Anyone here have any faith in the gov't?


The only thing the gov't has done a good job on is its War on Prosperity.

weinerdog43's picture

I'd change the word 'gov't' with the word 'authority'.  So, no, I don't have any faith in corporations, the media, organized religion, police, the armed forces, national organizations, etc...

What ever happened to the Right to be Left Alone?

dlmaniac's picture

Any system allowing a group of people that don't work to vote how much money to tax away from those who do is instantly idiocy.

Sudden Debt's picture

which government are we talking about here?


Hacked Economy's picture

Color me a prepper.  Here in SoCal, it's just common sense, since a goodly-sized earthquake would isolate many areas from help, running water, food, etc.  The 1994 Northridge quake toppled sections of freeways and cut off some cities from the mains, and running water wasn't restored for almost a week.  Imagine a complete societal collapse...even if that collapse only lasted three months before *some* form of order (or martial law) was restored.

I believe the MSM is unwittingly setting up Ron Paul to have a stronger position as the 2012 campaigns move forward.  Everyone loves an underdog, and he's been propheting (is that the right word to use here?) the truth about the economy for many years.  Now we're all waking up and realizing that the 'old guy was right.

The pendulum of public discontent can swing wildly from election to election.  We had Bush in 2000 (glad I voted for him then), then Bush again in 2004 (not so glad I voted for him the second time around), then Obamessiah in 2008 (I did NOT vote for that clown), and now the majority of people dislike him - even liberal Democrats in high office.  Obama's days are numbered, and Paul's might be coming.  Time will tell how this pans out.

fallout11's picture

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them in the first place." - Albert Einstein 

"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting a different result each time." - Albert Einstein.

In short, expecting the US political system to produce anything other than more problems and failures is the hallmark of insanity. Meaningful chance will not come from within the systems that already failed.

Dmitry Orlov lists "loss of faith or trust in the political system/government" as his third stage of collapse. We're almost there folks.  People are withdrawing their participation, and with it their implied consent.  Lew Rockwell, as well as the guys over at Whiskey and Gunpowder, have had several good articles on the subject.

Scarlo's picture

Completely disagree about "now it's different". Think many of our problems could be addressed if people weren't so disenchanted, distant and complacent about the current system. There are countless folks out there in the US middle class who are pissed, frustrated and annoyed - and yet none of them wants to pick up a book on history, or even do a bit of net research - instead they are content with eating the spewing vomit from their local TV sets as truth and "news".

Turkey's picture

+1 I completely agree.  Why, I bet people today are similar to people in 500 BC.  Possibly even genetically linked.

Flakmeister's picture

People are angry... This is clear from overhearing conversations in markets, bars etc...

It is also clear that are not capable of articulating the real problem or the possible solutions. They parrot the various talking heads without the ability to evaluate things from all sides. I overheard a conversation yesterday between 55-somethings about Social Security, it was immediately clear that had no idea what they were talking about.

The "solutions" require a paradigm shift that is not part of the MSM agenda, hence the people are ignorant of the debate that goes on daily in many places.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

The key ignittion spark that is required to get the populous "up in arms" and at the right targets would be austerity.  The European Union riots are a direct result of austerity, but the people only got off their asses after they were told that austerity was hitting this, that, or the other.

Here is the Idiot States of Amerika austerirty has been going on and on since 1913, but the form of our austerity is in the form of inflation. If there was only someway to get Boobus Americantus to realize that INFLATION IS AUSTERITY and the the FEDERAL RESERVE CREATES INFLATION, only then can a Ron Paul get elected or can the Printing Press Hydra's head finally be removed. 

Until then the population will be enamoured with what FOX, CNN, MSNBS, or NPR has to say, unless "INSERT STUPID FUCKING REALITY SHOW/SPORT/GAME SHOW HERE" happens to be on.

OliverTwist's picture

You know it's been years that I'm reading books (all kind of it not only history). It's been years that I'm doing net research. And it's been years that I even do not own any Television.

But I'm still frustrated because I do not find people who want to ACT! Intelligent people who are willing to do something against this system called democracy.

I also have a lot of ideas to discuss and am open for critics but still ... I didn't find anybody to share my passion for being actively human.

I have to admit that with the time there is more and more desperation in me. Maybe it is my foult and I'm not able to connect to the right people? ... I don't know.

Every single day I think it is wasted time and there is so much to do ... but how. It is not easy.

So I believe that there are some of us who are not distant, disenchanted or complacent but simply don't know how to do it ALONE!

If you are just another internet postwriter don't even answere me. If you are really ready to act and are really serious with your words which you have written above ... well then I'm here. You have just found someone who is not eating the spewing vomit from the local TV.

Best regards


andybev01's picture

" I didn't find anybody to share my passion for being actively human."

You can usually find that at last call.

Scarlo's picture

Oliver, your words are of a good direction. I think we need to work independently and focus on getting our communities more organized - that's how this needs to start. For example I'm pushing my friends and family to start taking more notice of folks like Ron Paul, and to just generally become more aware of what is happening in their own backyards. I also want to become involved in local organizations (perhaps the Masonic brotherhood will reawaken now that the nation's foundations are being tested?). Finally I have been framing my thoughts for a political blog which will discuss perhaps 6-10 points which everyone should be able to agree need to change (items like term limits, campaign contributions, transparency, standard setting, etc).  If frustrated folks like us were to organize online, perhaps by creating an online message board where various "actions" were discussed - this is to invite certain problems. Better to not put yourself into a box, but rather to network with other locals who are also free thinking and action oriented. I think there are good folks out there, and that the Awakening has begun. It just remains to be seen how long until the tide can turn or the pendulum will swing. It needs to be done in a way that is not extreme, but from enlightened perspective.

OliverTwist's picture

I'm working indipendently. Talking to everybody who is willing to listen. Most of the people aggree with me but .... and here comes "What can we dooo?". The classical.

And then sometimes ... but really only in rare occasions I tell them what we could try to do:

Step one: make as much money as we can with derivatives on silver and gold (or other commodities/energy .... anybody has a better idea I'm open to it). Then invest the money with low risk and use the interest we can get on it as steady cash flow for our projects. So we are financially almost indipendent. We will never touch the capital, we use only the capital gains (and even not all of this because we want to grow also the capital)

Step two: after we became "strong", we will buy land (good geographical position ... also here we can discuss, ask experts ecc.) On this land we will grow our own food and we will produce our own energy! A part of it we will sell as the world will pay more and more for food and energy in the future ... this will be another hedge against inflation. In this way we can become almost completely indipendent and autarc.

Step three: (can be done contemporarly with step two but it requires more effort) now we can start to educate the others who are interested in the truth behind the democratic show business (of course we will never stop to educate and improve OURSELVES in the first place). We can start our own TV station, news papers, schools ... whatever we want. I would love to create an international network with the best brains on the planet for economics, social science, medicine ... and so on. and build a think tank to have a very profound knowledge before we act on a project.

In the meantime we will hire the best lawyers on earth and sue the shit out of all the corrupt banks, politicians, corporates and so on.

That's the short version. Any intelligent comments are welcome (NO, "Dream on!" is NOT an intelligent comment)



sambro's picture

I've just read your plan... it's not a political plan, it's an utopia. Growing own food and producing own energy... with gold? I've seen people grow their own food and built their own houses - actually, very well organized.. but... Here is how they produced their own energy - oxen, donkeys and horses.

The country you are planning to build would soon be a part of China... but you wouldn't a part of it...

See my reply to your previous comment, maybe we can reach an agreement.

sambro's picture

Oliver, you aren't alone. I see more and more people who realize that something has to be changed. The problem is that we live in a world of corrupt media, politics and education. The people are confused.

Nobody can do it alone, but working with others isn't easy. It requires lot's of communication and a clear agenda to be widely accepted. Democracy is the worst political system after all others - in order to for it to work, people have to be politically active, to know how to compromise and self-organize. Giving up on democracy amounts to a total surrender, waiting for others to do it is the same. Being apolitical is abhorrent, indeed.

Don't rush to act. Communication, agreement and organization come first. Use the internet for all three - it's a great tool but we haven't yet learned yet how to use it. Protests without a clear agenda can only make matters worse - provocations are just so easy to do...

So, here are my conclusions:

1) balanced trade legislation - it was tried before, back in 2006 but got no support from Congress.

2) campaign finance: limit political contributions to $100 per person, there is more, but that's a start.

3) Glass-Steagall and Fed Transparency - the beginning of bringing sanity to the financial sector.

What do you thing about the above agenda?

OliverTwist's picture

Ok Sambro,

I see we have to communicate more. You didn't understand my plan. Here is my e-mail:

Send me a message if you want and then we can exchange our ideas. I think we can find a compromise. I need also more info on your agenda in order to understand what do you want to do and how?

Thank you for sharing your opinion!

Now I go to sleep.


Hamsterfist's picture

Europeans riot and they are called criminals.  Americans sit around and they are called lazy.  I say, bring over some Europeans!

entendance's picture

Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes?
A whistleblower claims that over the past two decades, the agency has destroyed records of thousands of investigations, whitewashing the files of some of the nation's worst financial criminals.


Cdad's picture

It’s incredible that the fickle whims of tiny Iowa mob could be regarded as so influential that the first place finisher would be anointed, and the third place finisher withdraw in disgrace… and yet the exact same results are to be completely ignored when applied to the second place finisher.

Iowa and its straw poll have nothing to do with it.  Rather, it is the whims of the MSM, an elitist and fascist group of morons, that you are feeling.  

The MSM ALWAYS wants to pick the primary candidate for Average Joe.

And on that note, more stories about shopping over at the BlowHorn [CNBC].  It's Christmas in August...didn't you hear?  Get your materialism on baby, and forget about the Republic.  I hear Abercrombie is discounting assless jeans, baby!

Vergeltung's picture

for 11 yewar olds! (probably)

andybev01's picture

+ 10 to 20, less for good behavior.

SeverinSlade's picture

It seems that Christmas is pushed off on us earlier and earlier.  I haven't even seen Thanksgiving crap but they're already pushing Christmas?

Methinks it's in response to that terrible consumer sentiment reading.  They know that they have to get people shopping early if there's any hope to have a decent Q4.

andybev01's picture

That irks me as well.

I celebrate a non-denominational Christmas, and really get into Halloween, however the glossing over if not right out ignorance of Thanksgiving kind of pisses me off.

...and I'm a left-wing northern Californian.

Flakmeister's picture

Halloween candy is now on sale.... saw it yesterday.

AngryVoter's picture

I find it equally humorous that the media claims Ron unelectable to justify his coverage.  I'm guessing that if he was covered and more people understood his point of view that would all change.  The control the message and a busy populous that has long since given up on politics has little more to vote on than what they remember from 20 second clips.  We should probably disenfranchise more voters.  Before voting you should be required to pass a test answering many questions on each candidate.  If you can answer enough questions showing you are informed you get to vote.  Think how much more influence our votes would have when 90%+ of 'voters' are caste aside for the American Idol voting idiots they are.

gmj's picture

But that would require that voters can read.  I think you are missing the key item that US voters use for decision making:  the candidate's photograph. 

Creepy Lurker's picture

But..  AngryVoter, why do you hate poor little innocent black babies?!?

B9K9's picture

Societies are like the individual people who themselves comprise the overall body politic: they are born, they develop, they mature, they age and then they die.

Religion was invented to appeal to those who wanted to believe that one could re-trace their lives; to be "reborn". So too politics, which serve the same purpose for nation-states by providing the promise that it can re-experience earlier periods in the cycle.

But like religion, politics is also a lie. Nothing ever re-traces - nothing. All follow the same cycle. If you understand that essential truth, then it becomes extremely easy to both sleep at night, and consistently bank returns betting on human nature.

gmj's picture

Religion was invented to explain things that people didn't understand.  It eventually became a tool for control of the masses.  Now it is a tool for accumulation of wealth. 

indio007's picture

What I think the MSM wants is the proverbial horserace. They make more money via ratings when the race is preceived as close. If a candidate were leading by 50% no one would  tune in to the kabuki theater.

unununium's picture

I call it giving up without a fight.  The founding fathers sacrificed too much to throw it away that easily.

Get a Ron Paul bumper sticker and do something constructive.

TumblingDice's picture

Putting any stock in this system is dangerous to your family and your livelihood.

A people's government represents them whether they like it or not. This is a fact, was a fact back in tribal times, Roman times, dynastic times, the dark times, the medieval times and anytimes that I have failed to mention, and it will be a fact until we decide to do something about it. Turning your back on it is not going to do you any favors. The government represents you, whether it be in an enlightened fashion, a miscomforting fashion, a corrupt fashion or a whatever fashion there has or will exist. You have your stock in the system. Get over it. Unless you want to lead an armed rebellion against it (the old fashioned way) you should try to improve it with your vote and your voice.

Methinks the author of this article has read Atlas Shrugged. Do you actually think that was a good book? Also, would you discourage American citizens to vote?

kridkrid's picture

I would neither encourage nor discourage anyone to vote or to not vote.  But your belief that your vote has some sort of meaning is merely part of your indoctrination.  Embrace the cognitive dissonance I know you feel when you write with such a can-do attitude. 

weinerdog43's picture

I used to think this.  "If you don't vote, don't bitch."  was the best summation.  However, one needs to have an honest choice for this to matter.  We don't have an honest choice.  The Reps and Dems have become 2 sides of the same coin.  They both represent the corporations and the elite.  

You say we have stock in the system.  Well, the system is no longer functioning.  It is a parasite, providing little of value.  The vile Patriot Act had bipartisan support.  We're fighting 3 (or more) wars.  You need to face it that we are no longer a representative democracy, but rather an empire.  A vast and bloated empire devoted to serving the interests of the rich and powerful while nominally throwing an occasional meaningless bone to the people.  

And while I'll grant you that Ayn Rand was certifiable douchenozzle, most of us have good will and good humor.  We'll ultimately be OK.  In Egypt, in Greece, in Britain, they are making their voice heard.  They are not doing it with votes because their political overlords are not respecting the wishes of the populace.  Just like here.  It's just that the American people have not yet reached their breaking point.  So I will indeed discourage Americans to vote.  Voting confers legitimacy.     

kridkrid's picture

Actually, I like your position more than mine.  We're on the same page over the lack of meaning to the vote, but I agree that there is meaning in not voting (not conferring legitimacy).  Unfortunately, the non-vote is aggregated along with the rest of the non-votes and sold as apathy instead of protest.  So perhaps the act of not voting is as meaningless as the act of voting. 

weinerdog43's picture

You're right.  I'm still struggling with this.  I've voted in every stupid election including primaries and municipal elections since 1976.  But it's not apathy.  But how do we communicate that without sounding like a whiner? 

I'm starting to think marches on Washington would be a collossal waste of time.  What would strike fear though would be a march through lower Manhattan so the greedy banksters and paymasters could actually SEE the impending rage.

Creepy Lurker's picture

"I'm starting to think marches on Washington would be a collossal waste of time."

It's been done, and they were. But I like your alternate idea. A quarter million people blocking traffic on Wall St. and screaming, "Jump! You fuckers!" Would not only send the right message, it would be entertaining as hell.

Diogenes's picture

What do you do if there is no candidate you can vote for with a clean conscience?

stirners_ghost's picture

A people's government represents them whether they like it or not. 

Horse shit.

"A people" doesn't exist. It's a figment of your imagination--an abstraction with one practical use: to convince you that you asked for and deserve the turd sandwich you are continually force-fed. A mind trick to coax willing sacrifice from gullible idiots, while turning these same simpletons (by establishing a "moral" high ground as a basis for "legitimacy") against those who would rather just be left alone.

Listen, son. I'll tell you who represents me, or not. Anyone who claims to, without my consent, is a charlatan. They may have "official sanction" to do it, but that changes nothing. They don't speak for me.

Endorse them yourself, if you want. Your loyalty to the regime is appreciated by your fief lords. I want no part of it and accept no status in your religious cult. If you force your collective will on me, recognize that for what it is and drop these ridiculous airs of "representation".

DonutBoy's picture

You don't like democracy eh?  Not to worry, we're giving up ours in America.


Vergeltung's picture

not one of Mr. Black's better pieces.

nantucket's picture

i thought the american experiment was built on pillars strong enough to resist erosion and toppling for 500 years, but after seeing what the last 40 years of fabian marxist policy hath wrought here in this Republic, I don't think it will last another 50 years unless the inexorable march towards statism is halted and reversed within the next 5-10 years.  I don't have a high degree of confidence it happens, but one can hope, right?  at least hope was good enough to fool 52% of voters in the last election.

Flakmeister's picture

Believe what you want, but what you wrote is so full of shit that my browser here is displaying brown....

Flakmeister's picture

Thanks... clearly you are familiar with some of my other work here...

The principle driver of American domestic policy over the past 30 years has been Reaganism and the new conservatism, how you can reconcile that with Fabian Marxism is beyond me...