Gun Ownership Soars To 18 Year High: 47% Of Americans Admit To Owning A Gun

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Sorry, Andy and Opie are dead.  Nobody is giving up their weapons to USG confiscation.  That opportunity is long gone for the Boyz.

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Wow, you're so edgy;

That's hot.

You should post a pic of yourself with a cig-  you'd be even cooler.

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I agree. He looks too rad and chic for ZH. Perhaps he should try Puffington Ho's

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Actually, Monkboy has been somewhat of troll, but has contributed a lot of very insightful stuff over the years, so I have to put my support on his side of the court.  He likes to provoke a fight, but Funkymonky usually knows which side of the argument is truth and which side isn't.  On the other hand, bedside manner and diplomacy:not his strong point.

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"This is my cigar, this is my gun, this is for lighting, this is for fun."      Bill Clinton

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Yeah, good ol' Bubba did have fun alright.  With a lot of ugly ass ho's. 

How can you be the POTUS and be banging the Lewinskis of the world?  If I were the POTUS, I'd have Jolie, Alba and Johansson on my speed dial. 

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Once he got to DC, the Arkansas State Troopers were no longer able to get him dates.

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Man, I don't care what anyone says.  If you're the POTUS, you can bang just about any chick in America (and abroad).  In this regard, I respect the hell out of the Kennedy bros.  Those cats knew how to party. 

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But can you do it without being black-mailed? Willie tried to get some of what was locally available at the time, and they still busted his ass on it.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

"If I were the POTUS,......"

Who sez he didn't?

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Please.  He might've banged Barbara Streisand but that's it.  He's got a weird taste in women.  Look at Hillary.  Nuff said.

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That's just a CIA power marriage. Which is why she kept using her valuable maiden name for so long.

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He nailed one of the world famous JAPs, AFAIK ... No more singin' in da White House ...

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1/2 way hot chicks get it on....  although Jolie might be worth the risk of impeachment.. I'd cigar her.


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Who cares if they try to impeach you?  I'd just be like, "Hey, assholes!  This is a very stressful job!  I'm all pent up and I need to relax just like every last one of you pricks!" 

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Its not an easy thing to take a life for most "normal" people, even the life of a worthless waste of human skin bankster.


The American guns will come out when everything else fails, and not a moment sooner.

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You forgot the -70 on the .45....

Both are better than 9mm though, but plenty of 5.56mm would suddenly become available, at a door-step near you....

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Winchester Bitchez!


Got Glock?


You obviously don't live in the South

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It boggles the mind why more folks don't admit owning a gun. You really don't need to pulling it out, especially when the odds are poor the outcome is exactly but finally what you expected if you went through the trouble to actually have one of those social bombs.

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gay ass East coast

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actually they appear to be making up for lost time. meanwhile the Midwest appears tired of playing second fiddle to "Mr. Saturday Night Special" down there. Wait till "there's a cmptition in me" comes to the fore. Then we'll end up getting gun ownership over 100 percent.

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The Midwest is only that low because they include all the Metro-Sexuals in Chitcago....

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And just wait 'til the shootin' starts. It'll be like the end of Reservoir Dogs.

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And I ask myself why we still have a military.

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Easy one: To protect our corporate interests abroad.

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Political interests - it's the politicians that deploy the military.

Yes, at the behest of the paying corporations, but, nonetheless, under the control of the Czars.

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They are one and the same.

Fibz's picture

Yes, it was a rhetorical question.

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To protect us from the banks, like Jefferson said.

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A gun won't save you when the locusts come.

Beyond here there be monsters.

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If you're talking about crop eating Locusts you are correct. If you're talking about human Locusts you only need kill one and the rest will run away.

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Why would anyone buy a gun? They're very dangerous and best left in the hands of trained professionals.

Oakland Policeman Throws Flash Grenade Into Crowd Trying To Help Injured Protester

It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.

[Edit - I gave myself a down arrow because I don't care but how many watched the cop (thug) throw the grenade into the crowd? The video is a whole 63 seconds.]

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I prefer Celente's 3 Gs
and a Get away plan

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Thats a stat that the socialist/communist/revolutionist and foreign interest in America had better take note of.... an ass kicking.

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Logical. a gun is cheaper than a guarantee from a bank right now. A gun will be needed in case of big depression when powerty will explode... after the bailouting of USA by CHINA everything will be possible. China is bailouting only rich people in Europe and USA, poor people will be even poorest after the baiouting of the Global System by the "modern" chinese communists. Nice closed futur for banks, BUT black futur for everyone...

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Like I keep saying, people know whats coming, and it would be foolish to be unprepared.

One of these days all those video cameras you see at OWS will be guns.

NotApplicable's picture

There likely aren't four gun owners in Zucotti Park, and two of them will be agent provocateurs.

The single occupier that owns a gun will be the lone "End the Fed" Ron Paul 2012 supporter.

Now Oakland, on the other hand... well, the police better hope the gangs don't decide to take advantage of the opportunity that is presenting itself right now.

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Many of the OWS people own guns I'm sure.

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Sounds like a good opportunity for a million man suicide. What the Hell, let's round 'er off to two million.

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We had a fair number of folks with AR-15s and full camo show up at Occupy Phoenix. I can't (or rather, can!) imagine how that'd play at OWS.