Hague Says UK Treasury "Quietly" Preparing For "Contingencies On Euro"

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Just a headline for now, but hardly a pleasant one for non Euroskeptics:

  • Hague tells UK Treasury preparing for contingencies on Euro. 
  • Preparations under way in a “quiet, assiduous way,” Hague tells CBI conference

More as we get it.

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so who is stabbing whom in the back now?

mayhem_korner's picture



Textbook circular firing squad.

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Why 'contingencies'?  It can only end one way.  

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  • Hague tells UK Treasury preparing for contingencies on Euro.

And by ``contingencies``, they mean, ``way to get in``... yes, they are that insane.

Snakeeyes's picture

What continegencies?


mayhem_korner's picture



I'm quietly preparing for contingencies on the UK and US treasuries.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

As are all Au + Ag holders.

BTW, just cause no one said it in a while, fuck Jon Corzine.

Racer's picture

So the Euro is liking this as it is going back up again and not down much at all really considering?

j0nx's picture

Deciphered: Contingencies to allow the big players to get out before the news is released to the world and all the little people get fucked.

kito's picture

im quietly preparing for contingencies as well. stocked pantry, stocked medicine cabinet, stocked firearms........

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Seems that Hungary's starting to crumple too. A non-Euro country caught up in the European debt crisis? Do tell.

Matt1973's picture

Get it over with already.

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"Preparations" - like bending over and giving your arse a final kiss goodbye?

There's little the UK can do to mitigate the impact of the (inevitable) meltdown in Europe.

Brace for impact.



agent default's picture

At least they will have their own currency and interest rate policy.  No matter how much they print, it will still be worth more than the overnight worthless paper the Eurozone surfs will wake up with one day.

youngman's picture

Oh you can bet they are selling if they own any....and setting up fire walls...security...Bank Holiday plans...and yes they are getting out before they tell you what is up...or down...or out....or closed...typical

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Europe Is Fixed!™

SilverRhino's picture

Fixed/Neutered/Spayed ... yep ... that's Europe.

Amused2Death's picture

Someone pull the plug, please, we all know where this is heading, why delay the pain?

DogSlime's picture

They're not delaying the pain - they're just making sure that the pain gets moved to the taxpayers, ordinary savers and ordinary pension holders.

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You kinow what they said about poor Terri Schiavo:"LOOK! She's smiling!"

daily bread's picture

The plug will not be pulled until TPTB have milked the "situation" for every last drop.

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They are clearly saying "They demand bread? Let them eat cake."

And one can only hope this will end the same way - peasants in the streets, well-dressed gentlemen hanging from lampposts, heads rolling.

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  • Preparations under way in a “quiet, assiduous way,” Hague tells CBI conference
  • This probably was a misquote. I'll bet it should have read:

  • Preparations under way in a “quite insidious way,” Hague tells CBI conference
  • czarangelus's picture

    Euro to be tried for crimes against humanity

    Kaiser Sousa's picture

    ok, im serious...

    someone please tell me that this can not mean the UK is contemplating Euro memebership...really?????

    DosZap's picture

    Kaiser Sousa

    ok, im serious...

    someone please tell me that this can not mean the UK is contemplating Euro memebership...really?????


    Yes, as a a heart attack.

    MFL8240's picture

    Gold down again on dollar strengh and buying of treasuries.  I just had to write it because when I say it I laugh so fucking hard its hard to get it out.  What a charade in the US finacial markets have become.  

    Kaiser Sousa's picture

    yeah what a fucking joke...

    over at MarketFarce (MarketWatch) the headlines state people r fleeing gold for cash...

    fucking morons....yeah give me some green pieces of paper with dead white guys on it with intrinsic real value of ZERO for my 5000 year old real money....

    FutureShock's picture

    Maybe not so much of a joke for short term as they can't find enough physical gold around to put their money in.... (shrug) 

    DosZap's picture


    As I am sure your welll aware, humans are creatures of habit.

    They at times like this have short memories, and forget the BIG picture.

    Assumptions of what has always been, will always be, will be the utter doom of millons fiscally.

    robertocarlos's picture

    They probably think they deserve to run Europe more than the Germans so they want in to gain control.