Happy Anti Tilsongiving: +40.5% Since Inception

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Because every market has two side: one which makes money... and Whitney Tilson. The anti-Tilson ETF (long GMCR, short NFLX) is now 40% since inception less than two weeks ago, and 3+% today alone. We don't see the levitation halting any time soon. We don't see the pain for T2 LPs moderating much either.

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Can You Eat This Stuff ???

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Tilson to join OWS protests soon.  Sign reads, "unemployed hedge fund manager, brotha can you spare a CDS?"

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Netflix is getting close to the $6 range where it would be a good buy.

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Netflix is dog shit I got bored of it and cancelled it months ago.

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It would be more productive that watching anything on TV. ALL TV is for f*cktards and idiots who support the elites with their moronic viewership. 

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damnit giving my gold gains a run

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Poor, poor Whitney, literally.



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You guys are merciless. I love it.

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Me, too.  When you consider all the brilliance and snarkiness that this ETF engenders, it is very satisfying (especially when compared to Karl's stupid "I told ya so" laughing yellow head).

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I want an Anti-Tilson ETF for Christmas. Only an Anti-Tilson will do.

I don't want a SPDR, No dinky tinker FAZ, 

I want an Anti-Tilson ETF to trade with and enjoy.

h/t http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oOzszFIBcE

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WHOA! Tilson really has the RoboTarder reverse-Midas touch!

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I'll be happy when the vast majority of these PM's and financial advisors are re-employed in productive jobs.  Shrink the FIRE economy!

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The VAST majority of PMs and hedge fund managers should be re-employed shoveling shit at the zoo or a circus.  The alternative would be a propagandist gig on CNBC as only retards watch TV.

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The VAST majority of PMs and hedge fund managers should be re-employed shoveling shit at the zoo or a circus.  The alternative would be a propagandist gig on CNBC as only retards watch TV.

That would definitely be an increase to their productive output.

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Don't worry guys, we still have a month to hit everyone's 1350 S&P end of year target.  At that point, Tilson's wisdom will become apparent, peace will arise in the Middle East, and unicorns that poop rainbow sprinkles and European debt solutions will abound!

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Since additional gains can be expected, I'd prefer not to open my present until Christmas.

Have a Very Merry Tilsmas!

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and who knows what the Tilster Bunny will bring come Spring 2012?

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A basket full of K-cups. Someone's got to boost up Green Mountain's stock price!

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I want to work for him. If he doesn't  understand why my productivity has an inverse relationship to my wages, who will?

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Prior to launching his investment career in 1999, Mr. Tilson spent five years working with Harvard Business School Professor Michael E. Porter studying the competitiveness of inner cities and inner-city-based companies nationwide. He and Professor Porter founded the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, of which Mr. Tilson was Executive Director. Mr. Tilson also led the effort to create ICV Partners, a national for-profit private equity fund focused on minority-owned and inner-city businesses that has raised nearly $500 million. Before business school, Mr. Tilson was a founding member of Teach for America and then spent two years as a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group.

Mr. Tilson received an MBA with High Distinction from the Harvard Business School, where he was elected a Baker Scholar (top 5% of class), and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College, with a bachelor's degree in Government.



in 25 watt range anyway

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I've met and worked with a number of HBS graduates. It now makes a lot of sense to me why Tilson has done so well.

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Most of the Harvard grads and HBS that I have met are usually slimy corrupt f**ks.

I love how Tilson Whitney or Whitney Tilson worked on the "competitiveness of inner cities."  Oh like f****g Detroit?  Too many profs, B school types and financial/business press fawn over Michael Porter.  


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Minority inner-city businesses?  Drugs?  Prostitution?  Robbery?

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Arnold Jackson, and his older brother Willis, were poor boys of color that lived in Harlem. One day, their mother died and in her will she bequeathed them to a rich white man on Park Ave, her former employer Phillip Drummond. Funny how at no time did she consider family for the boys to live with. She knew that only a rich white man could do good by her boys. Sound familiar? Think about it for a minute.


Now yes, I know Diff'rent Strokes was a TV show, and in reality it was the producers and creators that assumed only a rich white man could save boys of color. I remember a friend of mine claiming that Diff'rent Strokes was one of the more racist, if not insensitive shows on TV due to this sterotype of a rich white man as the "Great White Hope" being the only one who knew what was best for two African-American boys from the hood. But fiction has met reality.


Whitney Tilson is today's Mr Drummond. As discussed on these pages in the past, in which it was questioned whether or not Whitney is a true racist, Whitney is yet again showing his true colors (pardon the pun) and believing that he is the Great White Hope and knows what is best for boys and girls of color.




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So he's another Ivy league lefty Buffett wannabe f-tard. If we got rid of these scumbags who like to talk out of both sides of their mouths, THEN AND ONLY THEN can the problem start being fixed.

Wonder if he spent time running Acorn also?


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So if we take two greats, and make a Birinyi extrapolation, that's a 500% annualised return.

This is why they are the greats of course.


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Please do not ever stop heaping derision, insults and invective at Tilson and his ilk; they deserve no less and probably much more.

Keep up the most excellent work!

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Pardon my ignorance, but what are T2 LP's?

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HFs and PE gets money from General and Limited Partners. The latter having a smaller stake in the game. 

T2 is run by Whitney.