Headline Of The Day: "Funds Found To Help Greece's Homeless"

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Forget farce. Forget tragicomedy. Frankly, we are out of words to describe what is happening in Greece, Europe, and, actually - the world. Luckily, Kathimerini has just the headline, and associated story, to help us through this moment of verbal crisis. In one year this headline will be appearing in all insolvent countries (pretty much all of them), who will have pledged all of their sovereign assets as cash collateral, promptly used up by creditors to pay their interest payments using "escrow accounts" which make the debtor nation merely a fund flow intermediary with a seasonally unadjusted beggar-to-population ratio of 100%.

Funds found to help Greece's homeless


Greece is to spend 800,000 euros on housing and feeding homeless people amid concern about the growing number of people living on the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki in wet and cold conditions.


Health Minister Andreas Loverdos announced on Monday that 400,000 euros of public money would be given to the City of Athens and 100,000 to Thessaloniki Municipality. Another 300,000 is to be given to the Church of Greece so it can keep up its soup kitchens. The Church says it feeds some 250,000 people, not just the homeless, every day.


The two municipalities are to spend the funds on renting hotels in the two cities that can house homeless people. Deputy Health Minister Markos Bolaris said one hotel in Athens had offered to provide rooms for 3 euros per night.


Bolaris added that a ministry team is working on a draft law to legally classify homeless people into several categories, including those sleeping on the streets and those who live in substandard properties.

Actually, we are still out of words.

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Who needs blankets, I just pee and I get warm again...

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JP Morgan has been designated by the IMF as the 'must use' dissemination agent of any and all 'pity funds.'

It's just like with SNAP in the U.S.

JP Morgan is benevolent like that.

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Fractional Reserve Bankster's Paradise

sung by lil' Napoleon

Written by Benny & The Inkjets


As I walk through the valley of the shadow of debt
I take a look of my life, and realise there's nutin' left
'Cuz I've been brassin' and laughing so long that
Even my laid off BofA teller thinks my mind's gone
But I ain't never crossed a central bankster who didn't deserve it
Used to cap them in the ass, you know that's not unheard of

You'd better watch how you're talking and where you walking

I really hate to trip but fiat took my hope

What was I thinkin', should've bought more gold

As they print I see myself in the ink smoke, FOOL.
I'm the kind of g that little homies wanna be
Like on my knees in the night sayin prayers under Marriner Eccles street light



Bin spending most their lifes livin in a Fractional Reserve Bankster's Paradise

Bin spending most their lifes livin in a Fractional Reserve Bankster's Paradise

Keep spending most their lifes livin in a Fractional Reserve Bankster's Paradise

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LMFHO.... truely epic well done ETF!

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All of 0.000006% of bailout funds.

Blessed be St. Bankster!


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Well..........so much for my discounted search for a cheap vaca to Greece.

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The ugly side of global capitalism, n'est ce que pas? 

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Global capitalism is not the problem, per se.  The problem exists more so with onerous and fraudulent debts being hoisted on the people by charlatans claiming the mantle of capitalism. 

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Maybe if the Greek government would get their dick out of the ass of its citizens they might be able to get a job and work for a living.  Kind of hard to have capitalism and a job when the government is fucking you in the ass every hour on the hour.

Fuck off. 

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Since what we have globally is corporatist Bolshevism, you comment is completely pointless. These State asshats wouldn't know a free market for capital if it ran up and kicked 'em square in their saggy, wrinkled sacks.

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another day.   Tonight its gonna be wild...lots of food, deli, entertainment, wine, and bussed in chicks.

Papademos will meet with the leaders in Athens tomorrow, instead of tonight as previously scheduled, a spokeswoman for his office said. Instead, he will meet tonight with the so- called troika, comprising the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF, to put the final touches to terms required for a 130 billion-euro ($172 billion) rescue package, the spokeswoman said.

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Actually there is a word.. An acronym..
In fact it's meaning for most things today is global.

economics1996's picture

Fucked up beyond any repair.

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Rat meat Gyros. Yum

vast-dom's picture


outlander's picture

You mean it's made of people?!

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Soylent Green Gyros. Yum.

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The funds are going to be used to rent hotel rooms for the homeless?


Are you serious?



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Ummm, that's pretty much standard operating procedure for any number of US states, including the District of Columbia. Of course, relatives of those running the welfare programs are usually the shadow owners of the hotels/motels in question. In DC, for instance, they used to bus homeless from one hotel during the day to a different one where they slept because some bureaucrat with a relative owning a couple of busses decided that spending all day in the motel was a violation of civil rights, since the motel in question was off a highway with literally nothing around it and no public transportation.

The waste and fraud in welfare spending is legion.

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The international banking cartel is determined to make an example out of Greece.

They have turned the entire country into a debtors prison.

Take note, Italy, Portugal and Spain. This is what a debtors prison looks like.

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Debt slaves for the next ten generations.

cranky-old-geezer's picture



Take note, Italy, Portugal and Spain. This is what a debtors prison looks like.

Ditto for America. It's coming here too. 

The middle class in America is slowly being pushed down to poverty via currency debasement. 

Another 2 - 3 years should do it.  USD will be worthless.

However people smart enough to trade dollars for gold, silver, and other commodities now, while dollars still have some value, will be wealthy. 

But you need to get crackin', don't wait around, USD has already lost 40% of its value since 2007.

(Have you received a 67% raise in pay since 2007 to make up for it?  Probably not.)

(Make that a 75% raise.  You're in a higher tax bracket.)

Archon7's picture

What?  No kudos for the USA?  When the US black hole collapses, anything and anyone standing nearby will get sucked in.  The USA's gonna be the mother of all economic black holes.

non_anon's picture

nah, I believe it is a warmup for the US, as the giant must fall the greatest

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I was in Greece in 1974 when there were riots. The riots coming, and soon, will make the '74 riots look like a Sunday picnic

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Just wait until March when weather gets better. Hell will break lose in many countries. Combine these riots with likely Israeli strike on Iran in March/May and you got yourself a perfect storm.

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2010 was TEA Party
2011 was Occupy
2012 will be The Long Hot Summer

Buy a gas mask or three and start perfecting your Greek Fire recipe.

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Eat and stay warm at the same time..

Manthong’s recipe for cooked cheese:

Beat and egg or two in bowl.
Take a chunk of Greek Kasseri cheese, get it wet with the egg and coat it with flour
Fry it over a low heat in a little olive oil until it browns and softens a bit.. flip it and continue until the thing gets soft and hot.
Have a half cup of lemon juice ready for the next part.
Pour a half pint of Everclear over it and light it. Then douse it with the lemon juice.

I call the dish “Flaming Greek Nagasaki”. 
Oh.. It helps to have a Nomex apron, gloves and full face visor on..
and one of these:

TruthInSunshine's picture

Opa! Bitchez!


Great recipe, but they're going to have to substitute something else for the Kasseri - way too expensive.

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Coming to a country near you soon

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This is really sad, and what is that creeps name in London who stole 500 million trading for AIG. What a planet.

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"i had all i can stands, and i cant stands no more...."


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"It's clobberin' time!" - Ben Grimm (The Thing)

Kaiser Sousa's picture

"ooh i'll make mince meat out of that mouse"

Klondike Kat

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"Who's on first?" - Abbott and Castello 

Kaiser Sousa's picture

"i'ma pickin....and he's a lickin..."

Roy Clark and Glen Campbell - Hee Haw

the new Greek Anthem........


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"with great power comes great responsibilty"-Spiderman

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The Greek people must be sacrificed so that the meaningless ponzi called the euro can be stretched out a few more quarters. Don't worry though! THERE IS NO RECOVERY EVER FOR THEM!

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gasoline/diesel at 20 euros per gallon and fine meats and cheeses at 4x their current price will be the least of the worrries of the good peoples of Europe, soon enough.

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And you will pay all bag of greens for a delicious McDonald

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How can Merkozy deny them help now?

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"working on a draft law to legally classify homeless people"

In America we call them either "Veterans" or "lagging indicators".

prains's picture

soon to be called the "middle" class

francis_sawyer's picture

In America... "Obama will pay for my gas & mortgage" (Peggy Jospeh)

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Also called discouraged workers.

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In America, we call them "non-bankers"