Heeeeeere's Rule 48

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The SNB asked for it (and much more "price stability"), the NYSE Boerse delivered.

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You might be a bit young but Gomer Pile said it best...surprise, surprise, surprise! lol......



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I remember Gomer...sadly it means I'm older than I think I am....

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That cold hard metal feels nicer and nicer

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I'm seeing a double top begining to form in gold. Serves you right for rejecting your ELECTED leaders and turning your nose up at US treasuries.

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Why do people down-arrow obvious sarcasm?

gratefultraveller's picture

Actually in my case that would be Bunds, but "no, thank you"

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<-- Sarcasm is mental masturbation

<-- People don't see it as sarcasm

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The same reason they down arrow people who point out their obvious lack of empathy and connection to the readers true intent. Which is why you have 12 down arrows.

Sociopaths like to maintain insider status while being outside. Or else they become aware they've been shoved through the doggy door.


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It does look like a double peak, doesn't it. These are extraordinary times. We'll have to see what happens what with the wikileaks news and all.

From Peter Cooper today:

"Just weeks after a dramatic $200 correction the gold price surged past $1,921 today to a new all-time high, and speaking to Bloomberg from his home in Chang Mai in Thailand legendary investor Dr. Marc Faber said gold is not in a bubble just yet.

‘I don’t think that gold is in a bubble, he said. ‘When you buy gold, it’s an insurance against systematic failure and problems in the financial markets.’"

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Insurance or not, I'm staying long patriotism and short arrogance.

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So you're long and short the same thing?

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He's staying long on patriotism and short on thinking.

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Agree...sizing cases right now.

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I want Rule 49- Drag all these clowns out by ropes around their necks!


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Wow. Who didn't see that one coming. Illegal check to the head.

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Lol - that's what I was thinking.  Every day is Rule 48 day.  Aren't we always getting a blindsided check to the head?

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'Mandatory market opening indicators are therefore not required'...wow amazing how a little add-on rule can overturn 'mandatory' things so easily. Things arent going our way? Simple, change the rules.

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I'm invoking rule 69. This rule requires Ben Bernanke and Angela Merkel to 69 each other on his desk.

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I think I just spit up a little bit in my mouth

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Sounds like ye' upswallered a little bit there.....Happens whenever I look at the stock market.  

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Monedas finds the image you invoked to be distasteful ! Monedas 2011 High Tone Comedy Inc.

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What is wrong with you.

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CNBS Jim buybuybuy Cramer:

"Goldman may be hoarding oil"

Faber: "I don't want to touch that, but yah oil is high"

hmmm, price fixing...nah

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I was wondering if we were gonna see old '48 today. :rolleyes:

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we meet again, 48

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QE3 rumor in 3.. 2.. 1..

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The priests have come out of the temple and have decreed the Gods will give a good harvest. Now back in the fields peasants.

The Federal Reserve has decreed that stock prices cannot go down. They guarantee this with the full faith and Credit of the USSA.


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For Merkel and Bernanke...

Rule 72  - That's rule 69 with the three finger shocker

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For Bernake - Rule 68...

You do me and I'll owe you one...

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quantitative enlightenment

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now what? Prolonging bank holidays? :)

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What exactly does rule 48 say?

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Thanks for asking ! I was afraid I would have to ! Monedas 2011 Brave exterior masks shy interior ! Classic clown !

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This site is beyond words. lolol

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Central Bankers....Stock exchange rules.....margin raises....HFT´s....the new world market is getting a little to crazy for the average guy to buy a stock....its all day traders and computers now...they never taught this in school....that my biggest competitor would be the governments..level playing field my ass...its like an Escher print...

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Yes, and stuff like this is why it is called the "Old World Disorder," not the "New World Order."  They love creating order out of chaos after all.

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and let the rout begin!

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NYSE Euro Next....is that how the meltdown is going to go?

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He who makes the rules owns the game.
Time to change the game. We've all been had, in one way, shape or form.


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Time to rearrange the deck chairs! Oh look is that an iceberg?

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I thought ‘Rule 48? was the rule that imposed a “latency speed limit” of 5 microseconds on all high frequency algorithms… oh wait a minute, I just was informed that the algorithms’ have collectively decided to not follow the rule, even going farther and saying they have created a new rule, ‘Rule 49?, which states that “no human can ever try to impose a limit on algorithm ever again in the future”. From Ditto at WSJ comment, I thought rather clever.

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I get a kick out of the phrase "market maker"   How pretentious is that?

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I get a kick out of it too. Every time I see it, I have an image in my head of the guy who works at the flea market fixing broken stuff. He's a chain smoking three hundred pounder with a tool belt that needs suspenders.

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I think most posters here are alike in one aspect ! We would truly enjoy seeing Merkel, Bernanke, Obama, Dodd, Frank fed to the lions ! Monedas 2011 Naked of course ! I part company because I would prefer the spectators naked too !