Here Come Draghi, Sarkozy And Merkel - Presenting Drakozel

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As of this morning, we know that in addition to the now inseparable Merkel and Sarkozy, later today in Brussels, just after he is finished with his press conference, they will be joined by Goldman's, pardon ECB's, Mario Draghi, who sooner or later will pull a Colonel Korzine  and tell some faux hearing "he has no idea where the European money is." But all in due course. In the meantime, we present an artist's rendering (in this case the artist being the inimitable William Banzai) of what the fire and brimstone that will emanate from the Draghi-Sarkozy-Merkel hybrid, henceforth known as Drakozel, will look like. Because after all, the "Honk" Paulson doctrine of terrifying everyone into debt slavery and out of sovereignty, or else face certain annihilation is now the only strategy left for the mortally wounded global ponzi scheme.

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One word 



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I suddenly find myself deeply attracted to Angela Merkel ...

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Drakozel is rearing it's head

On sheeple and zombies it's fed

A three-headed liar

Spouting out fire

To kill it buy bullion and lead

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I logged in just to give you a green arrow. Damn, but you're good at these verses of yours! Keep 'em coming!

williambanzai7's picture

That definitely goes with the picture!

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LK is to the limerick what WB is to Photoshop! 

The Limerick King's picture

Thanks WB7.

I'm a big fan....keep-up the great work!

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You can limerick my images anytime ;-)

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That illustration is just freaking AWESOME

williambanzai7's picture

Tnx, that's an example of what happens when I'm away from the computer all day, just thinking about what I'm gonna do when I get home.

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Now just imagine it rocking out to the Bunga Bunga love tracks while razing the markets.

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And Drakozel evolves to Drakonankel!

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you guys made them look better than reality.

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It should worry WB7 that I also first thought of Heironymous Bosch as the best artist to render (unto) Ceaser.  Good work WB. 

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His work is extremely detailed and not easily manipulated.

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bringing sexy back

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Those three men are mighty sexy.


Oh shit SÄPO (Swedens Intelligence Agency) of Sweden just called to tell me that they will keep me unemployed for another 12 years for talking down to EU.

williambanzai7's picture

Your pic is clever as opposed to cleavage ;-)

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Drakozel, Drakozel, let down your hair

Print up the euros and all will be fair.


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LOL!  Yeah, can't wait to be a trillionaire.  Possession was already nine tenths of the law, after this next round of printing it will be all that matters.

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Can we get a link for the conference it would be appreciated.

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The 2-headed Merkozy is dead, long live the 3-headed Drakozel.

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Just as today we refer to paintings by Renoir as "A Renoir" or by Picasso as "A Picasso", a few years from now, folks will refer to WB's works as "A Banzai".

Well done WB.

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The hydra is centralized, bureaucratic government in general: two reptilian, poison belching heads replacing any one head.

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isn't that the EU construct from Day 1

.and from Heath on the British parliament has kept the dasterdly plan from Joe Public... all 3 old Parties are in such a pickle wanting more 'in' as the ivory towers of Brussels crack and crumble

...'Call Me Tosser' Cameron will be the fall guy ...couldn't happen to a nicer twat

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=Downgrade Rating After Killing Orderly ZIRP Enviroment Laws

williambanzai7's picture

Are you with the military or Geithner? ;-)

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Next frame: each of the heads is biting the neck below one of the other heads.

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Welcome to Drakozel Hotel for Life

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How perfect...and rememeber its a Hydra

Cut off one head - two more will appear!!!

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That's awesome, can WB's drakozel do that for my nuts? Old ones cut off, new one will appear, two to one guaranteed!

I wouldn't cut off my old ones until I get a true CDS from drakozel himself.

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Drakozel? Some people need to get a life.

Cheeky Bitch's picture

Those people have a new life Drakozel bitch!

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 "Because after all, the "Honk" Paulson doctrine of terrifying everyone into debt slavery and out of sovereignty, or else face certain annihilation is now the only strategy left for the mortally wounded global ponzi scheme."


Using what has been proven to be effective.^


General Population more educated this time around?



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HT to Tyler for coming up with the Drakozel Dragon idea last night.

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European Monetary Policy: Monkey's Fucking a Football

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what drakozel says it does

what drakozel kisses it burns

what drakozel sees it yearns

what drakozel eats it turds

How is drakozel different to us?

It isn't thats what makes it so tuff

we can see the enemy and we see us!


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Before the end of the year there should be a "Best Of Zerohedge" post with a section dedicated solely to graphics, this graphic should be damn near #1.  Holy damn that's hilarious. 

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Heh, that is really good!

But it could use some animation!

; )

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William Blake would be proud of you all.

PulauHantu29's picture

Jerry Springer is wating to sign up Drakozel on his show..all three at once.

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Ah. Now I understand the problem.  Chuck Norris can't fight that.  You're gonna need like a Harry Potter or a Red Sonja.

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This picture is disturbingly realistic except that what is here depicted as the three heads are in fact the three sphincters. The heads are, of course, invisible.