Here Is The First Post-ESM-Decision 'Nein' From Germany

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German FinMin Schaeuble has been on TV for the last 30 minutes explaining the 'bailout' reality to the ugly mob that is the German taxpayers. Less than 12 hours after the German Constitutional Court rejected complaints against the ESM - though added conditions capping German indebtedness - it seems the need to explain the limited 'unlimited' liability to the people is high. To wit:

  • NEIN - "No country in Europe" can hope for the ECB to "fire up the money printing press," Schaeuble says. Germany "will make sure that it doesn’t happen"

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Print me up some popcorn this is getting good!

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For a minute, I thought Herman Cain was involved here somehow.

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We want a shrubbery! or on each side and made of gold...with a little path up the middle...

Then we will talk of this money you want...

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Nein, I don't think that word means what you think it means.

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No one could have predicted one!

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1.2905 ... Does any 'news' really matter? Or is it just some big 'Cluster-Fk' that is used to distract from real issues?

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What real issues?
Nobody of any importance anywhere is acting responsibly, addressing the "real issues."


Papers, please versus Birth certificate, please

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No this the signal flag for QE3 to happen.  Europe has been fairly lackluster in the screwing of it's peasants.  China wants it's pound of flesh.


China will get it's pound of flesh no matter what men in cardinal clothing say.



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Since algos are basically the only thing trading in this market ...... I guess the answer is .. sorta.

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He should ahve jsut simucasted the iPhone 5 launch to the fine german people.

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Talk, talk, talk - that's all this is. Keep the grumpy majority from getting too restless.

Don't pay any attention to what they SAY, look at what they DO.

One by one, every "rule" and "restriction" ever placed on Eurozone member states' finances has been BROKEN and/or completely disregarded.

Remember how according to the Maastricht Treaty, Eurozone governments were "prohibited" from running budget deficits in excess of 3.0% of GDP? How many years ago did that "rule" get thrown out the window in the name of political expediency?

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Every time with the Germans it's "Talk...  Vee vill make you talk."

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Too bad Vee didn't zink of vater boarding or else vee vould have found Hogan's tunnelz.


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the german people wont do anything til AFTER they have lost everything...then they will be pissed.

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The thing is the magic trick works this time, because the German people will disappear into the European Union. or the ESM.

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They are 80 mio., they even do not care at all. Germans want to go to Urlaub, have the Curry- or Weisswurst and a Mass of beer and then they are happy. So who the hell cares. Sorry hardly forgot the Bundesliga.

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"it seems the need to explain the limited 'unlimited' liability to the people is high."

Those traitors are just covering their lower sitting areas for the oncoming elections. In the meantime the German Michel keeps dreaming on in his sweetest slumbers.

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Yes they are covering their asses, but it won´t help them in the end.


The Michel IS waking up, slowly - but he is.

The next helping of furor teutonicus will be served to our ruling on it.


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Summon Rudy Von Havenstein

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They need to understand that no means no.

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Schaeuble: You see, I understand you men were just playin' around, but the mule, he just doesn't get it. Course, if you were to all apologize...

[PIIGS Laugh]

Schaeuble: I don't think it's nice, you laughin'. You see, my mule don't like people laughing. He gets the crazy idea you're laughin' at him. Now if you apologize, like I know you're going to, I might convince him that you really didn't mean it... [/A Fistful of Euro]

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You can't have your cake and eat it too! You Germans are RECKLESS FOOLS!

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The success of intense re-education and the Morgenthau plan.

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and with that is the NQ 100 failing it's break out ?

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<<< Kaiser/Weimar/Hitler karma kleansed

<<< Kaiser/Weimar/Hitler karma kontinued

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When Nein in reality means Ja: turn this spigot on, they'll be no turning it back off.

The German People are plenty right to be pissed. They just had their future stolen and given away.


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If he was serious he would throw out a threat to sieze the collateral already posted, or the real nuclear option, Buba withdrawals from the ECB, before agreeing to additional funding.

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They will never take action against the power of FIAT! If I could only sell snow in the winter.

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The great crash has been delayed again. Hell, at this rate, I may grow very old and die before it hits. Poor Germans, sold down the river...

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Where have I heard this sabre rattling bullshit before? 

They'll roll over.  But, it helps in not getting blamed later.

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big gov't.   There German people has as much control over there gov't as citizens of the US do. 

I'm not  a conspiracy theory guy, but i can see why the gov fans the flames of OWS.  they know OGOV is the final solution. 

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It's a good thing the history of Europe is not written in blood.

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!!!!! EVERYONE !!!!! in every government on earth is totally corrupt at this point.  Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration.  Maybe there are still 3 or 4 honest people in government in the entire world.  Maybe RonPaul (leaving government), Daniel Hannan (active), and... seems like there's one more I forget.  But that's about ALL.

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These scumbags just gave the people of Germany an extremely good reason to rally behind a modern version of Hitler (anyone who promises to turn off the drain on their financial blood).  Wich is a purely rational form of nationalism - desire to stop being screwed.

Brilliant plan, EURO-jerks!  You'll achieve the exact opposite of what you claim to achieve (but exactly what you probably want - more wars to feed your bankster and MIC coffers, and kill off what you consider useless humans).

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That is it.

I could have fucking exploded yesterday. I was so mad. Fucking traitors.

I felt like a sane man locked in a bloody madhouse

Terp's picture

Guess who else?

My BP is still rocketing when I think about it, and I didn´t even expect any other outcome.




And yes Ann, I think you are probably right.

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Nein, nein, nein, nein... no way!!!

Yes way, dude. The game is over.