Friday The 13th Is Here: Eurozone Sources Say Several Countries May Face Imminent Downgrade By S&P

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The one we've all been waiting for:

  • Eurozone Sources Say Several Countries May Face Imminent Downgrade By S&P -Dow Jones
  • Eurozone source says Germany will not be downgraded - RTRS... So France will be?
  • S&P declines to comment

Ladies and gents - happy Friday the 13th - the French downgrade is nigh. The only question - one or two notches. EURUSD promptly sliding on the news.

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<== France one notch

<== France two notches



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The only satisfaction I'll get out of S&P's ratings is when actual defaults prove the ratings worthless.

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Ah, touche. But we have an ISDA to make sure 'defaults' do not happen.

Greenlight. Get in there and buy some stocks.

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Been hearing these rumors for a while now. I'll believe it when I see it.

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I am shocked that insider information like this could possibly be leaked... SHOCKED!

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Oceania (The Petrol Dollar) has always been at war with Eurasia (the Euro).

Why do you think we are fucking around with Iran?  To push up Brent versus a weak Euro.  

After we are done, no oil exporter will ever consider anything other than the dollar again, and Timmy will be free to debase the currency.  No strong petrol dollar alternative left behind.

No more racing to the bottom...the new game will be synchronized diving.

A few more years of happy motoring for Americans on their mega freeways, and bicycles for Europeans in their little villages.

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Problem is the bi-lateral swaps agreements are accelerating.  We thought the Venzuala/China swap agreement last year was symtomatic of the problem...I preferred to see it as emblematic.

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... bicycles in their little villages? ... lol. But e-bikes are pretty hot over here right now. They go pretty zippy.

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at last someone calling it as it is

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Good point.

How about another doctored-well-above-expectaion University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment number in 35 mins to bring it all back up and yet again force some short covering?

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> But we have an ISDA to make sure 'defaults' do not happen.

Close Default Encounters of the Third Kind

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I haven't seen this news on bloomberg or reuters yet!  Go figure!

I did see this one though.


Italy bond auction fails to match Spanish success


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I'm willing to bet some old scotch

That France will be lowered a notch

They need a new shock

To restart QE talk

And give us a kick in the crotch

The Limerick King's picture

You're on Mayhem.....if I lose I'll deliver the bottle at ZeroHedge-a-palooza (just before they round us up).

mayhem_korner's picture wasn't actually betting, but rather invoking my privilege to indicate something greater than a +1 green arrow.

That said, I will honor your interpretation.  Should we find one another in the rubble of what's to come, I will hold for you my one remaining bottle of Macallan.  :)

Limerick on, friend.

The Limerick King's picture

I acknowledge my folly and your more than honorable offer. In that case Mayhem, we shall drink it together.....and once drunk, reminisce on our Zero Hedge brethren - both esteemed and reviled.  Cheers!

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I have a strong feeling that the downgrades will be announced today after market close.  It'll be the best time to do it due to the markets being closed on Monday.

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MLK rally!  Machines only allowed to be on if you're buying an uptick.  Prezzy says so.

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Just do it all ready!

anonum's picture

EE using rating downgrades force EURUSD lower + USD index higher before announcing QE3?

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Nice Jyrki-boy avatar

anonum's picture

He's the Big Spender of our miniscule country, an unintellectual boy-politician exercising a reckless tax money spending spree.

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Relax, this news won't come out until all markets are closed for the weekend...

Mongo's picture

22.00 CET Bitchez!

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As was foretold it all comes back around.


Timmy G on at 4:30 for spin session.

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There are no shorts in the market!

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A couple of us ZHers laid on shorts EOD yesterday.

Schmuck Raker's picture

Those idiots went long as soon as they heard the rumor.

Ex-Pat's picture

And every few days before.

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With debt ceiling being breached again, when does the US get its downgrade?

LULZBank's picture

Soon, USAAA will be downgraded to USAaaaaaahh!

LeBalance's picture

nope all the way to Sheep!  US-Baaaaaa!  /lol/

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oh boy and on Friday the 13th no less?

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Eurozone Sources Say Several Countries May Face Imminent Downgrade By S&P

Promises, promises!!!

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Always on Friday. Let me guess: Slovenia, Hungary, Portugal.

Schmuck Raker's picture

Portugal's too important...

Malta maybe, or The Vatican.

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More like S&P declines as comment

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I better buy treasuries fast!

kito's picture

france will NOT get downgraded. NO chance of it. 

fonzannoon's picture

Kito I hate every single post you put on here but agree with them completely. It's really annoying.

kito's picture

@FONZANNOON --with friends like you, who needs enemies?

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What's your bet on austria?

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France should have been downgraded last year.  If there was any integrity in this rating system we should  be talking about the downgrade of Germany right now, not France.

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Still seems like a bitch bad day to be a Templar.