Here Lies FrAAAnce: 8/10/1994 - 1/13/2012

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Here lies FrAAAnce, which passed away (according to Reuters and TF1 for now, official statement from S&P due imminently) at the tender age of 17. It shall be missed.

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Wow!  I knew this was gonna happen, but didn't expect it til after the close.  S&P gettin ballsy.

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Yeah, but only one notch...  ES says that's no big deal....

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Algos don't read ZH - give it a few moments before the state-run media get a hold of it and all the HFTs react accordingly.

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Au revoir, nous vous avons à peine connu!  Or something.

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The "new" thing is to start all these things flying just before Martin Luther King weekend...

Most people haven't even latched on to the idea that it's actually a holiday weekend with a markets closed Monday (in US) aspect...

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The significance of Friday the 13th

On Friday, October 13, 1307 Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay and several Templar Knights were arrested by King Phillip of France. Most were eventually tortured to death.

The Templar’s where the international bankers of the time, some believe they still are!

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Phil roasted them over a slow fire. On this one, history will repeat.

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If only an Absinthed Van Gogh were still alive today to paint the swaying financiers of La Defense.

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... and just two months from now our British banking colleagues will find out more about their nightly shivers and fevers.... :-{

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The carnage will come shortly before the close

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Carnage indeed! 


h/t Yahoo's frontpage.

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Exactly, Even if you say oh that agency is not credible it still has an affect. Theses reports are very big news, and again are going to have rippling effects through all economies. No one is immune in this Global economy.

Good thing we are running into the weekend

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Carnage? Lets see - wouldnt be surprised if the "dumb" money is collected and marktes are closing green.

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The downgrade hasn't actually happened yet.  Reuters is reporting that French television is reporting that a French politician has advised them that S&P will downgrade both Austria and France to AA+ sometime today.

I certainly hope that is just the start of who they are downgrading today ....

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I am still SHOCKED that this was leaked this morning...  I'm sure no one traded with advance notice on this downgrade.

Betty Swallsack's picture shorting Brie.  And will be drinking a Bordeaux throughout most of the day.

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A few words for post-mortem FrAAAnce

You hardly were given a chAAAnce

Your old joie de vivre

Abruptly did leave

And left a foul stench in your pAAAnts


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Here, my friend.  A glass of Château Lynch Bages, Pauillac for you.  We will now limerick together.  First, of course, a little ditty by Miss Fronch Hot Pants:


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Much appreciated dear are an instant favorite of mine.  I have always considered French women to have a certain...Je n'est c'est quoi.  Love the video!

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Nothing like some T & A on a Friday.

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Music - 5

Chick - 10

But why does she need the nerds playing air guitar?

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Sorry but you morons actually think that S&P is a credible rating agency? LOL. Top Nobel Prize winning economists, top financial services professionals, and top government and Federal Reserve officials have expressed their almost UNANIMOUS divergence from S&P's ludicrous downgrade of US debt. Hmmmm. who should I believe? A bunch of doomer day traders on Zerohedge or top economic leaders and industry professionals?



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You can believe whoever you want. EUR tanking regardless.

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Is it true? Is Mr. Durden building an Army?

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MDB I use to believe in Santa Claus.  

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Thank you for doing so, Mr. Conrad Murray.  My ads appear to be in Russian, now.

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Forex in German?  Hookers in Taiwan?  Who am I?! Where am I from?!   <<-- Ron Paul tells us that freedom from tyranny is a right, and it feels damned good to feel free (even if I'm likely not, and still being tracked and put on watch lists . . . always more to learn. OpSec, etc.)

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I have never seen "moron" and "ludicrous" used with such grace in a single post!

and ... regarding ...

Top Nobel Prize winning economists, top financial services professionals, and top government and Federal Reserve officials have expressed their almost UNANIMOUS divergence from S&P's ludicrous downgrade of US debt.

Right .... all the sissies that helped deliver our current calamity are right and everybody else is wrong ... still ... for top notch rhetorical impact my preferences for top drawer superlative phrasing would have been  best of the best or best of the best of the best or best of the best of the best of the bestest!

Heard the Obambi only needs another 20,000 confirmed kills of women, children and cripples to be a sure thing shoe-in for a second Nobel peace prize.

(i did not know Ricky Santorum posted on ZH - go long to your hearts content Ricky!!! ... wasn't his daughter a character actor in "Yellow Submarine"?)

Anyone betting we don't get the same FTSE close dip profile we usually get today?

On the market manipulation play by a US government front (QE whatever and limit increase): Guessing the top notch prez's request for a 1.2 Trill bump for a USD dump debt limit increase will counteract anything the S&P stamps on those guys across the pond that used GS for phynancial engineering will have the not too unexpected equalizing effect on US rating.


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Since traders have increased what they will pay for US debt since the downgrade, there is no divergence of opinion to choose from.

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That's not the point MillionDollar.  The point is IT MOVES THE MARKET.... and many of us here are TRADERS. We can smell the bullshit, but it's our living....

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  • S&P says MDB above post upgraded to AA from AA-
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Spot on. Just like when your bank tells you that your credit rating isnt good enough for a 4th mortgage, you should not believe them and get those equifax people hanged.

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top economic leaders and industry professionals...

Any of these assholes call the 2008 crash? Just saying...

cranky-old-geezer's picture



C'mon MDB, you can do better than that. :)

Off your game a bit today? :)


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"top financial services professionals, and top government and Federal Reserve officials"

The ones that are really considered top don't work for the big FINANCIAL SERVICES firms, the gov't, or the federal reserve.

Call us doomer day traders, but it's obvious you're a dumbass day trader or just crying because the day is coming where sucking on the gov't nipple isn't going to support your lazy taxpayer-funded ass anymore.

The last I checked, I'll take a Hugh Hendry anyday over you scrubs in Wall Street whose compensation is tied to how much you pump up the stock market.

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I think MDB was being ironic, tricky to get across in print.

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Moronic, ironic, same thing with MDB.

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He was being ironic as much as I hate Duff Beer and donuts.

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The morons would be you and the various shills for the US government that you cite.  The US has 17 trillion in external debt and 130 trillion in unfunded entitlements(all growing $5 trillion/yr) with a (falsified) GDP of $15 trillion.  Perhaps you should examine the data in Rogoff and Reinhart's "This Time it's different" to see what happens in such situations.  The US should not even be A, let alone AAA.

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"Sorry but you morons actually think that S&P is a credible rating agency?"

It must be Friday the 13th because other than calling us morons...rubber glue yada yada yada...I agree with MDB.

I'm going to go lay down now.  I may not come out till today is over.

I need a Klonopin.

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France has no money?

That's a shame.

But French babes are smoking hot.  They smell like strawberries.

Here's a question.

What country actually has any money left?

Don't tell me China.  Talk about a hoax.

The entire fucking world is broke.

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DK about money. But ZOG got the gold.

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Props to Tyler for keeping the sarcastic posts of commenter MillionDollarBonus_ going ...

Despite all the negative down arrows from ZH readers who don't realise MDB is being pseudo-troll sarcastic.

Keep it up MDB, so often good for a ZH chuckle!

MDB might be an ongoing test for the ZH readership ... the up - down ratio a measure of how many 'get' the joke ... the real joke of course being the global economic propaganda, so well parodied and encapsulated in the tilted-angle comments of MDB.

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I'm sure this will be down-voted, but my two cents: It clutters otherwise interesting threads.  I would prefer that the posts go away (voluntarily)