Herman Cain InTrade Nomination Odds Experience Terminal Flash Crash, Ron Paul Benefits

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No circuit breaker was triggered as yet another unborn political career was dumped on the trash heap of history. And this even without a Muddy Water Strong Sell report, or Whitney Tilson going activist Cain nomination odds.

And anyone who arbed Cain-Paul relationship just made some money, as Ron Paul odds jumped by 10% on the Cain announcement:

Source: InTrade

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Tilson, hehe...

Flash Smash Bitchez!!

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If only I could double pimp slap the 'Paul is unelectable' crowd once and for all. Gingrich must be destroyed. The man is pure evil.

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Click this to send the Jewish Swiss bonanza league a nasty gram about not inviting Ron Paul.  I did it this morning.



CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Ron Paul has chosen not to appear at the Apprentice debate set for December 27 in Iowa. Savvy move.



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Newt has baggage, so does Mittens. They both want universal healthcare and carbon tax fees.



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Ron Paul seems to be curiously absent from poll results. if that is the case, these are doctored obviously. The "Ron Paul blackout".

Fukushima's shown that huge things can be hidden from the american (and most of the european) public.
Polls seem important for those that "don't want to waste their vote" (or BS like that)

There's some sarcasm in the TYT broadcast. They also presented the Ron Paul ad in another video broadcast.

Youtube is Google of course. When push comes to shove...

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"The crash" will come in May. The power structure needs the crash to get the cover for real printing, not this girlie-mon printing from dropping the swap rates. But the crash has to wait until after Ron Paul has been ignored out of the primaries. Once the bought-off candidates like Newt get enough delegates to exclude Ron Paul then they can pull the plug and tank things. Hope I'm wrong but only an act of God will get RP the nomination. Of course we can always hope for such an act since the front runners all smell of sulphur.

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Makes sense.  And if Ron stays at the front then the collapse win get him the election. 

Call on Paul!


SheepleLOVEcheddarbaybiscuits's picture

The Paul organization is certainly the smartest campaign......they will emerge as a result. This is inevitable, the only way TPTB can foil this is through criminal behavior and they know it.

JPM Hater001's picture

The Powers That Be here.

For the record we are on with acquiring things we value through criminal behavior as we are certain we will no be prosecuted for anything over a parking ticket and for that we have Vinny.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Like many, I would love to see Ron Paul in the white house and give that veto power a good workout, however, I am wondering why Ron Paul isn't pressing the Fed and the treasury on exactly where all the fucking money went and who it is going to.  Dr. Paul chairs the only committee that actually has the power to do this. Part of me wants to say, do your fucking job Dr. Paul. I suspect that TPTB were hoping Dr. Paul would be satisfied with his chair appointment and would be mired in litigation for years and miss the election, FAIL.

In any case, Ron Paul in 2012.

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There have been some changes in Congress to keep Bernanke away from Ron Paul's questioning. I'm not "phrasing" this correctly, but Ron Paul has talked about this.

Ron Paul 2012

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It is my understanding that Dr. Paul's committee no longer has jurisdiction, that House leadership reassigned it.  Check me someone?

cat2's picture

Yep they gave him the committee and then the GOP establishment nutered it.

francis_sawyer's picture

Umm... I don't think so... While I'd LOVE you to be correct, here's how I see it...

Sorry - NO SPAM... I just don't like typing TWICE... (the comments are in two parts - so refer to the comment BELOW as well if you link)...


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I am a RP fan, but also a realist.

It isn't that RP is NOT ELECTABLE, I just don't see the puppeteers allowing him to be elected.

Far too many people make far too much money through the current 'gamed' system.

Far too many people profit from the lack of transparency.

Far too many skeletons and nefarious dealings would be revealed.

What if, perhaps, there is not as much gold as the U.S. claims to have? I am certain TPTB would go to great lengths to prevent that news from breaking.

It is highly doubtful you would have Wall Street money backing his campaign.

He sure as hell wont be getting the Jewish vote (both kinds, ballots or FRNs).


RP personally states he delivered more than 2000 babies.

This means that RP has seen and man-handled more than 2000 snappers with kids hanging out.

Do you really think he stands a chance once the ladies start lining to tell their stories about how RP did this or that to them while in his care?

I love RP, but because of the few items listed above, I honestly do not see him EVER getting that far.

Just my take on the matter.


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You are on the right trail. But that is not going to hurt as much as when Romney is forced to reveal 30 years of tax returns, and it is discovered that Billionare pays a lower effective tax rate than the typical single mom. He will not reveal until after he already has the R nomination. Slam dunk for obama. Even the news babes on fox news have admitted the fix is in...... 4 more years.

Divine Wind's picture

All of this makes my stomach hurt.

Tsunami Wave's picture

Doesn't Kamikaze mean in direct English "Divine Wind"?

Either way, he still has a shot.  He can still win it, even if he campaigns as an Independent.  There are still a lot of weary Democrats out there that don't like Obama, a lot of Republicans that are very dissatisified with the current list of candidates and know they need to take serious action to change a lot of problems, and many Independents that yet to make up their mind but if they had the chance to listen to Ron Paul talk and hear his ideas and evidence supporting them, he could get through to them.

francis_sawyer's picture

I'd kinda agree... Again... I'm NOT trying to spam here... But my comments were articulated here... (parts 1&2)...



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Sure. They cant really say it is because he is a mormon, because that is not just. They cant really say it is because he is a tax dodger like uncle warren, cause dodging taxes is what most people do for a living.

But what they can do it is get him to say "i needed to spend tax deductions on my faith" which then bad orders him in a PC way.

There is 0% change Romney could beat Obama.

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ron can press mitt on 'bain', and its past business dealings? romney bailing out of mass. when offered winter olympics. the mor[on]mon supports the 1% slogan that corporation's are people too,...  bullshit! lastly - his baffling eagerness too start a war with iran[?],... thus lighting the fuse for wwiii! 

the guys a religious zealot,... this un-american patriot that never cleared leather in his life - nor his 'high and almighty', families legacy - nothing but a family of profiteering carpetbaggers!

ron paul can certainly win

ps. as far as newt,... he is a mistake from the past with dinosaur bones in his closet - he makes herman look like a saint


dark pools of soros's picture

I fear they will let Paul win after they crash the system so he can be the face of austerity..  they won't let him win if there is still blood to suck

But, how do they get around his push for states rights over federal power?  They lose all the control as everyone rebuilds as a more free nation so they probably like his push to cut out all the beni's but they do not want to give the freedom he would give as well

worth a shot anyway.. just get him on the prez ballot

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No one will see this but for the record:
A pessimist sees the glass half empty and the optimist sees the glass half full. Realists say the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

So a realist would translate that to Ron Paul would bring the truth and given enough pain he is the only one people would elect. So the only question is will things collapse?


fuu's picture

The glass is in equilibrium. Which -ism is that?

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I believe the number you are looking for is over 4,000 Babies....

Johnk's picture

I've never plus-one'd anybody before, iinthesky , but +1.

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I live in Iowa and we'll deliver it for Ron Paul. This is a caucus, Gingrich just opened his office and has no county by county organization. Romney made a strategic decision to by pass Iowa because he thought christian conservatives would dominate. He's trying to organize now because he thinks he could win but it's late. Christian conservatives could rally to Santorum or Bachman late but so far they are split. (interestingly RP gets his fair share, viewed as honest, somebody whose word can be trusted)I live in the Des Moines area and in 2008 you saw RP signs mostly in the blue collar parts of town but now they are all over the suburbs as well. It's really about turnout now. RP supporters should hope for a snowy night. I believe he'll win Iowa, then spike from mid teens to 25% overnight in New Hampshire. After that, we'll I don't know. It will take a sea change in attitude for most Republicans to give up their view about the US military and it's role in the world.

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Duplicate deleted. Apologies.

redpill's picture

I don't know why it took that long. No one calls a press conference to say they are staying in...

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I was expecting him to say he wants to be the first Polygamist in the white house and that all these bitchez love him too much for him to  give up on any of them.  He may have had a chance at the nomination then.

redpill's picture

But Romney already has the Utah vote locked up!

francis_sawyer's picture

at least Utah accepts gold & silver as legal tender... Nobody can deny that...

SilverIsKing's picture

I thought Cain was planning on announcing a new 9-9-9-9 deal.

$9 pizza
9 toppings
Delivered to your door within 9 minutes
Over 9 minutes and he personally delivers 9 hookers to your home.(1)

Footnote (1): you must allow him to have 3 hookers while you get 6

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

I don't know why it took that long.


Cain never expected to win. He wanted attention and the opportunity to exit the race with a Palin-like franchise. What took so long was Cain looking for a way to save face so that he could later plaster that face all over American media.

He says he's "not going away," but I bet he is. He gambled and lost.

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Loved the Pokemon reference.

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And the tax plan taken from Sim City.

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his name IS ron paul. his name IS ron paul. his name IS ron paul. his name IS ron paul.

bob_dabolina's picture

Heavenscrow is correct.

It's from a scene from fightclub except in the movie it was Robert Paulson (the bob that had bitch tits)

css1971's picture

You don't think he'd be assassinated, one way or another?

schadenfreude's picture

-1 from me. This is the fight club. Get in and fight or get out. Attention Whores fuck up.

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you do realize he has absolutely zero chance of winning, right? MSM's impact on elections is still far too significant. If the same population that tunes into the Kardashians and Real Housewives is the same population that votes, then we're years away from electing the right mind into the White House unfortunately.

bob_dabolina's picture

I got into this argument with someone else. 

If I asked you 5 years ago if it was possible that a black guy named Hussein Obama would be elected president you would say 0% chance. 

Don't discount Ron Paul just for the sake of discounting. He is the only candidate that would acutally make a positive difference in this country.

jeff montanye's picture

yes indeedy bob.  funny thing about interesting times.  interesting things happen.  "corporations are people too" will not get as many votes as it used to, even in the republican party. (re)register republican to vote for ron paul in the primary and the general.  it is the absolute easiest thing to do to give it to the msm, obama, the banksters, the treserve, the military industrial complex, the israel lobby and increase the price of gold and silver.  

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I disagree. 5 years ago, people were still addicted to reality TV and gossip "news" that had a pretty strong hold on the nutsack of the majority. We were also in a ridiculous war with a fantastically unpopular president. I'm pretty sure any democrat that could put together a string of words to form a coherent sentence would have won last election. If a Ron Paul equivalent comes around a couple elections down the road, sure. But in the next election? 0% chance.