"High Frequency Minutes": HFT Explained In 6 Short Video Clips

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Down with the machines.... and their corporate controllers, who distort the markets and fleece the economy.

Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men.
- General George S. Patton Jr



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Does anyone need any more evidence that these guys need to find real jobs after hearing this douchebag talk. These guys are parasites that take liquidity not provide it.

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What I got out of this...

If you want to take down the exchanges, blow the shit out of New Jersey.  Particularly Malwa(?), Wehocken, etc.  The guy lays out the locations of all the servers for the exchanges.  Akmed, the dead terrorist, thanks you.

Jesus Christ!  Attention terrorists...here's your game plan!

And this is on Voice of America!  The propaganda we pump into every other country in the world.  What the fuck is this guy doing?

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I have the same thought when I see the boneheads of the drive by media show the locations of our petro. pipelines, power plants, military bases and population centers on TV. Hell, I drive by a Lockeed and bell plant every day that have large signs @ their entrances. 

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I have a hunch that the con men/women are now beating HFT black & blue because it gives the appearance that they're "really gonna' clean up these fraud saturated, criminal rackets known as 'markets' come hell or high water," when in reality, HFT is just a mere sliver of the Fraudpocalypse Pie.

They need the retail sheeple back in the markets for one last good fleecing.

But it's not going to happen. They'll need to find away to get as much of those 401(k) prisoners' accounts as they can, while they still have cover and fueled jets on the tarmac.

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yep, privitize whats left of social security,,,,, lololol one last good fleecing

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There is always two sides to a trade. When someone makes money, someone loses money.

And since only a privileged few can do HFTs, the rest of the traders are at a disadvantage. 

The more unfair trading that is allowed, the more traders will shun the markets.

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So - you are saying stocks are zero-sum game... NO- They are not

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So if a significant amount of people were to Twitter "$x (x=HFT darling) bearish/ugly/down/free fall/etc." whilst taking out massive short positions... no, couldn't possibly be that easy...

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I can't watch this guy mutter through his explainations....


All that matters is they can front run my trade at 49.999 when I have a limit sell order at 50.  They take my position and flip it immediately, potentially leaving me unfilled if the market does not trade though 50.  


If I don't get my fill to short, then I'm not there to provide liquidity to cover at a profit when the shit hits the fan.


So enjoy your next flash cause I'll have my hands in my pockets instead of buying stock.

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What is really crazy ... is that these HFT or people interested in it are hiring Perl hackers at an unprecedented rate. I was on LinkedIn today and there were around 30 jobs in Stamford, NYC and NJ for Perl Hackers. And I love Perl. It is great for trolling through logs, R&D in unstructured text and setting up some sys admin jobs. It is my favorite language - but - no way would I reccommend it for a corporation aside from prototyping. Just not really secure. 

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and really not fast when you compete with people now down to the metal with FPGA!


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Ha ha - had to look that up. Too low level for me (mean that in a good way).

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I suppose when you are writing alogrithms that will be useless in 2-3 weeks the security is "no big deal" not saying I agree but that is likely the mentality. On another note about the security of code. How long will it take until a sovereign or even a major bank realizes the the notion of creating $ or Eur on a screen is just that; a notion. At some point the criminogenic environment that Bill Black describes should, in theory tempt some manager to direct a programmer to just create money. I wonder very seriously how secure and robust to hacking the Fedwire system is. In my opinion if the system were breached, even minutely that could call a large number of assumptions into question.

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The Latency webcast.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9TnMUlIBKQ&list=FLbRZZAixeFXZfqszvKisEdQ&index=1 <-------------------- or! LOL!!

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I am NO! Nerd!!


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This guy has missed a great opportunity to be the STOP SMOKING GRASS poster child........

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Wow, great,informative, scary interview. I can tell that Tom is more comfortable speaking in math. Zorba made a comment that got me to thinking that maybe there is a 3rd side to all trades, @ 7000 trades a second, the "false trade", that is dropped. How does this effect momentum? And, I sit here and make my trade @ $7.95 in and then out, I'm wondering if the HFT's pay for the trades, say @ 6000 or so a second, more than a few pennies, because it's all about profit for the brokers and exchange. What exciting times we live in. Coffees ready.   GBA and RICO all banksters and their prostitute politicians. 

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Welcome to the Wall Street Casino, where the waitresses give free Jim Jones Koolaid, on the Blackjack tables the dealers have a separate deck containing only Aces and Face Cards, and the slots have a payout of .00007%.

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chinese hackers...............................whooooopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!


red fucking alert.


HFT is like putting your balls in someones hands so they can squeeze as hard as they like and asking them which hand do you want them placed.

There simply is not enough popcorn left for this shit show.