Highest Radiation Ever Detected At Fukushima: 10+ Sieverts An Hour

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Remember all those idiots who claimed that Fukushima is contained, or better yet, the drama is exaggerated? Perhaps it is time to exile them all, starting with that moron from MIT, to Fukushima where the radiation measured at the base of the main ventilation stack just hit an all time high 10 sieverts/hour. The truth likely is much uglier: this is simply the highest reading the devices are able to record. In other words, there does not exist a device that can capture the true extent of the catastrophe at Fukushima!

From Bloomberg:

“I suspect the high radiation quantity was an aftermath of venting done,” Matsumoto told reporters in Tokyo. “The plant is not running. I don’t think any gas with high radiation level is flowing in the stack.”

Tepco sent three workers around the ventilation stack today after a gamma camera detected high radioactivity levels in the area yesterday, Matsumoto said. The workers were exposed to as much as 4 millisieverts during the work, he said.

The utility will create a no-go zone around the stack and cover the area with protective material, he said.

At least with Chernobyl, 5 months after the explosion it was pretty much well-known what the damage really is. In Japan, however, the ongoing attempt to hide everything from the general population, many of whom will pay for their government's lies with their lives, means that reality will only gradually be comprehended. By the time all is said and done, Japan's demographics will be far, far worse than even today. But who cares: that will be some other administration's (and unborn generation's) problem.

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Fucking Nightmare ...


Shut them ALL Down!


NG replace all!

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By NG..., you are referring to Nova Gold?     ;- )

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I gave u some green. an exceptional post.

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I getting really tired of all this Fukushima shit.  Perhaps if we ignore it better it will go away.

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The head-in-the-sand complex started right after the earthquake, particularly amongst the "nucular" industry whores like Jay Lehr of that industry bordello otherwise known as the Heartland Institute.

He said as follows, - [from http://www.kpax.com/news/workers-scramble-to-cool-reactors-official-says...)

While some analysts said Japanese officials had not informed the public quickly enough about the evolving crisis, Jay Lehr, science director at the Heartland Institute in Chicago, said he was "100% confident" that Japan would be able to solve the problems at its nuclear plants.

"Nobody builds better power plants than Japan, because they are the most seismically active country on earth. They are built to withstand this very earthquake," he said.

"I am absolutely, 100% confident that they will be able to solve the existing problem of a meltdown, if it is occurring, that they will be able to totally eliminate the escape of any radiation," he said.

Whores like these have totally fuk ed the country. But, I suppose in the final analysis, they drive up the prices of pms. Its my only solace at this point.

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Fuck me. This is horrifically bad and NO ONE is talking about it!

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Fuck me is right.  This is not horrifically bad, it has BEEN horrifically bad for a long long time now.  It is apparently not even news to NPR. 

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Bloomberg seems to be the only news org following it. They had this last week, on the head-in-sand, [from http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-07-28/fukushima-teacher-muzzled-on-ra...]

"“It’s all invisible. The trees are still trees, people are shopping, the birds are singing and dogs are walking in the street,” said Chris Busby, a visiting professor at the University of Ulster’s school of biomedical sciences, who visited Fukushima prefecture last week to provide information on health risks. “When you bring out the (Geiger) machines, you can see everything is sparkling and everyone is being bitten by invisible snakes that will eventually kill them.” 

Its a downer for the nuke boys, so we all better just shut up about it.

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NPR's thing is emotion. Science is proven facts.

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Turd - I read reports that on the West Coast of the US people exposed to the gas cloud from Fukashima were breathing in between 5 and 10 hot particles per day.  The plant is still leaking and these particles are still being emitted.  Radioactive material tends to concentrate in the environment but lets just assume for simplicity that in the atmosphere it merely dilutes.  So by now these hot particles have spread probably fairly uniformerly in the atmosphere. In the Northern hemisphere we're all breathing in this shit.  We're getting maybe 1 hot particle evey 10 days - fuck it lets say every 100days.  That means everyone is getting 3-30 of these a year. These particles are persistent carcinagens.  The conclusion is rather obvious and very very grim - WE ARE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIE OF CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you want to reduce the population this is a sure fire way of doing it.  Sushi anyone!  

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I read that report too but I think they were speculating on the 5 hot particles inhaled during April in the Seattle area.  That was just for April when we got the brunt of this because the jetstream was bringing it right to their door step.  Also, the Pacific Northwest will continue to get the lion's share of these in the US as most of this shit comes down with the rain and the coast has no mountains to purge the clouds.  They are the first dumping ground.  There are plenty of things we can do to boost immune system and becoming vegetarian is a good idea at this point.  Washing vegtables in baking soda and vinegar will help, and peeling the ones that can be.  This will be necessary to prolong life for all of us.  What a fucking nightmare but it's not hopeless.    

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I SAY: Le'ts all donate 50 cents with out next Ebay purchases to Fukiwhatever to flush out all our guilt!



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I was just wondering today when something on Fukushima would slip through the news blackout.  A google search this a.m. showed all of nothing. 

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I don't think it is a great idea to use Google search anymore.  They seem to be filtering their information.  I had much better results using other search engines on certain'sensitive' topics.

Stares straight ahead's picture

What engines do you recommend?

konputa's picture

You might also consider signing out of Google when you're doing said searches.

See Private Browsing in Firefox.

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please list those search engines

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don't ever look at the NG productive curve...your head will blow up

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I like to think of a fracked gas well production curve as being just like the curve of population decline after the global oil trade stops.

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I like to think of it as pulling demand forwar, er, I mean pulling production forward. All for the low low price of capital!

That said, tight NG plays (shale, etc) make dollar sense but only at higher prices than most are used to today.



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Do we have your permission to panic yet or do we need to wait for more facts to come out?

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Green shoots? As in green radioactive mutated limbs offshooting from people?

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Yes - shut them all down....  and maybe, for good measure, close the barn door after the horse has bolted.

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Not attacking your assertion, but I only see half a solution in the statement ... care to opine on the other half, which is "what you replace them with".



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Convert all our hamster wheels to local power generators. Problem solved......and at least we're doing something useful for a change. :)

g's picture

Hamster wheels could employ millions of people, produce electricity, and slim down quite a few of those who are overweight in the population.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Re what you replace them with?"

The nuke plants or the horses?


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Two problems, one answer: 1 billion Chinese (with rickshaws and/or bicycle generators).

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What do you replace them with?  I would think that would be obvious. 

Total world generating capacity from nuclear power plants is about 360 gigawatts.  At the price I pay, a gigawatt-hour costs about $100,000.   So the value of world nuclear generating capaciy is about $36 million per hour.  Which is about $315 billion per year.

So just print an extra half-trillion bucks a year (rounding up), and shut them all down!  Easy!  In fact, I expect there's that much in the Federal Reverse's petty cash and office supplies fund!


No, actually, replace them with Thorium.  Thorium, thorium, thorium, thorium.  LFTR plants.  Uranium power generation is an abomination.

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Sure, more actinides is the answer. If you're gonna blow $315B a year, why not just pay people to conserve?

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LFTR replace all.

Including coal, NG, and oil!

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Lob two penetrators under the complex and detonate the nuclear warheads so that the cavern carved out by the fireball will be big enough to collapse the entire Fukushima complex.

Wait a time for the ocean or cloud to settle and then throw down a third nuke designed to burn out everything down there and entomb it forever.

Some of you have laughed and jeeered at me ever since day one for this idea.

Well it's at the point at which Radiation can no longer be measured in greater and greater quanity.

I still advocate a day of fire, fallout and sharp radiation versus a Decade of a dying world.

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Radiation is transitory, no?

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It's both transitory and good for you!

seek's picture

It is, on a long enough time line.

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Don't worry, core radiation expectations remain contained

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Becquerel is French for transitory, just saying ...



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The radiation is transitory. But the radioactivity will be around for a long time. And as long as there is radioactivity, there will be radiation.

I once heard it put this way: the radiation is the stink. The radioactivity is the shit. And there are huge piles of shit at Fukushima.

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life in japan is transitory

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+1 simply for your avatar. I wish it were bigger.

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Madness has crept upon the sleeping and turned the tables severely.  We are all mad, shown creatively or not.  People have shunned this.  Now they will learn how to accept it.

Japan will soon be deserted.  One of the world's busiest and most important hubs is only just downwind from one of the worst nuclear disasters ever.  It will be a ghost town.  Massive deflation will hit the Japanese industry.  The trickle of people moving now will turn into a rush of tens of millions.  Many will never visit their homeland of Japan again.

Article continued below...



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All those tens of millions of Japanese will need someplace to move to ... & the US has houses coming out of their ying yang...not to mention we could use some thrifty, harding working types over here to rebuild the manufacturing base...

Housing crisis solved (Japanese immigration will go wild with all the cheap land & housing available in the US) - check

Unemployment crisis solved - (via jobs created by restart in housing bubble and building new manufacturing plants for Japanese firms & teaching jobs for english & japanese as second languages) - check

Savings rate goes up (thanks to thrifty Japanese, sparking new demand for US Treasuries paying .0001% interest) - check

Nuclear fallout - no problem - its all good man!!!

Yea baby