Hinde Capital - Is Gold The Antidote To The Upcoming Monetary Singularity

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In its November presentation, Hinde Capital presents some observations on why fiat money may be the latest exponential concept on its way to singularity status, with the now traditional implications of what this means for hyperinflation: "High (hyper) inflation is caused by financing huge public deficits through money creation. Even 20% deficits were behind but four cases of hyperinflation. The US government deficit is 10% of GDP, but currently the US deficit is over 30% of all government spending. The world reserve currency is in the red." He also points out the only assets not to join the exponential growth ("Global financial assets have risen 17-fold over the last 3 decades from $12.3 trillion to nearly $210 trillion") in other fiat funded assets and liabilities - gold. To wit: "Gold investor holdings stands at $2.0 trillion (Nov 2011), 0.96% of Global Financial Assets (GFA). In 2000 gold holdings were worth $227 billion, or 0.2% of GFA, but this isn’t the whole story... Today 0.2% would be worth $1.45 trillion ($1800 troy oz. Au) or 0.7% of Global Financial Assets (GFA). Therefore new investment gold only provided 0.26% increase in % gold holdings. In 1968 to 1970 % gold holdings of GFA = 5%, to attain this % at current values of gold ($1,800), $10.4 trillion dollars need to be invested. $10.4 trillion is equivalent to 5.8 billion troy oz at $1,800 or 1.2 x gold ever produced.5.8 billion troy oz. is 3.6 x known gold reserves (based on US Geological Survey). Clearly not only is public ownership miniscule, but to return to the 70s % holdings requires too much gold than these prices can handle. This transfer of gold will take place at much higher prices." And the world's central banks are doing their best to make the transfer happen faster...

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