Hope Of Bernanke Ex Machina Drives Low Volume Equity Surge As Gold Defies QE Dream

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S&P 500 e-mini futures managed to get back above their 50DMA, fill the gap back to the 5/4 ugly-NFP print levels, and retrace 61.8% of the recent swing high-to-low ahead of tomorrow's hope-laden FOMC-print-fest. As we noted here, credit markets do not agree that QE is coming anytime soon and today's Gold deterioration suggests expectations for anything more than a twist extension are overblown (which we suspect would be a huge disappointment to a market only 4% off its highs and a VIX with a 17 handle earlier in the day. As the afternoon wore on and the incredible reporting falsehoods were denied, equity markets (and EUR) reverted lower (led by financials) pulling back to VWAP (and VIX pushed back rapidly to 18.5 - ending the day higher in vol (despite a 10pt jump in the S&P). Low volume and falling average trade size suggests this was far from the start of a new trend in stocks and the push higher (and steeper) in TSY yields to Monday's opening highs seems more like QE hope fading than growth hope. Silver just underperformed Gold on the day (both leaking lower) as Oil and Copper rallied (leaving WTI in the green for the week) as USD weakened and round-tripped to Monday's opening lows (with AUD now 1.3% stronger on the week). Investment grade credit remains a considerable underperformer relative to the high beta equity and high yield markets but 'agrees' with Gold and Treasuries in its view of no LSAP tomorrow- and the surge in implied correlation into the close suggests macro overlays as opposed to a market with any conviction.

IG credit remains a notable underperformer from the 5/4 NFP print trade but high-beta credit and equity have reverted perfectly. Note tomorrow is CDS roll day and credit index options expiry which likely explains some of the squeeze today - with credit in the middle of the recent cycle meaning plenty of to-and-fro in risk...

But gold and Treasuries appear to have faded the QE hope today (as TSYs gave up their hope-gains and gold faded today)...

ES closed rather weakly - ending the day just shy of Monday's opening highs and at today's VWAP...

It would appear AUDJPY has been the whipping boy for powering ES higher as we see quite a significant divergence between AUD's 1.33% gain this week relative to USD's 'average' 0.25% loss. If we are disappointed tomorrow, we suspect AUD will get crushed...

Correlations between equities and broad risk assets faded significantly as stocks surged but increased notably as the late day weakness arrived. Most notably though into the last hour of the day was the surge in implied correlation (think systemic/crash risk) and disconnect between a higher VIX and higher stocks...

Most of the major financials gains were in the first 30 minutes of today and after that they were flat to sideways as we suspect the shorts were squeezed out in a hurry on some technical crosses.

Charts: Bloomberg

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Jim in MN's picture

According to RAN Squawk, the Telegraph has made something else up now:


Telegraph writes: EU leaders set to announce EUR 750bln Spain and Italy bailout deal

European leaders are poised to announce a 750 billion euro deal to bailout beleaguered Spain and Italy by buying the countries’ debts.

Pan-European Government funds are set to be used to buy Spanish and Italian bonds, which have recently hit record highs – in a move which will send a strong signal to financial markets that the German administration is prepared to back its weaker economic neighbours.

Full article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financialcrisis/9342727/Debt-crisis-E...

CIABS's picture

"...the incredible reporting falsehoods were denied..."

I wasn't watching; what were those falsehoods?

carbonmutant's picture

Ah, but were the denials "Official"?

Boilermaker's picture

Be careful that it's not a denial of the denial.  Then it's like all true and shit.

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture


Justin Bieber on the cover of fucking Forbes cannot be anything but the shoeshine boy moment.


Comay Mierda's picture


Beiber is a venture capitalist? BWWWWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAH

He probably thinks a "discount rate" is his CD sale price at Walmart

'Merica is FUCKED 

Boilermaker's picture

Why let facts get in the way of a typical and ignorant Eurotard rant against AmeriKKKa?

michael.suede's picture

Mock Beiber now, for he will have the last laugh after he venture capitalizes your daughter.

None can stand before the awesome power of Beiber.  His songs are like the sweet melody of angles.  His voice commands the thunder of the gods.  His panis is capable of impregnating women through the airwaves.

Your blasphemy will be punished.


battle axe's picture

Not gonna happen, or else Merkel will be joining Sarkozy.....

Ghordius's picture

the Telegraph is always truthful. it has promised us the demise of the euro. it will try to do whatever is needed.

now do your muppet duty and short some euro-stuff. JPMorgan will provide you with a plentiful array of choices.

Bastiat009's picture

Gold cannot go up during a FOMC meeting. It is illegal and physically impossible. So it seems.

Pairadimes's picture

Further to fall, bitchez!

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

If I had to guess, I would guess tomorrow Bernanke will say, "We will ease when the time is right, but now is not the time."  Then when stocks go towards DJ 12k, then he will say, "We may ease soon."

All while banksters everywhere ask Bernanke to ease it in.

financial apocalyptic contagion's picture

oh he will, he's just out of lube atm

you enjoy myself's picture

i've got a weird feeling that he's going to say just that, but stocks will continue rising.  if, via swaps and zirp loans, he can give every primary dealer and central bank limitless capital searching for a return, what difference does it make whether the Fed buys the assets themselves?

junkyardjack's picture

A rough few weeks for shorts, hopefully they are all out of the market by now


bnbdnb's picture

My timing seems to be getting better!

lesterbegood's picture

Maritime commercial liens against the BIS and all member central banks.


carbonmutant's picture

"Gold deterioration suggests expectations for anything more than a twist extension are overblown"


DosZap's picture

"Gold deterioration suggests expectations for anything more than a twist extension are overblown"

Exactly,TWIST and more dollars to be injected into banks not lending.

What a bunch of friggin morons.They know exactly what they are doing...............and they will not be happy till 60-80% of Americans are living like third worlders.

BlueStreet's picture

S&P closed below 100DMA.  Nice reversal in the VIX also to close positive.  1200 here we come!



razorthin's picture

I think the Fed is backed into a corner here.  They must ease or at least talk one up very strongly or the bottom falls out.  They can't waste such momentum and technical improvement in market conditions with the election so close.  Accordingly, PMs will rocket like they never have.

RoadKill's picture

Benny cant print for a number of reasons.

1. SPX at 1,360. Where exactly is the pain? Is Ben going to start printing after every 5% drop in stocks? Last summer stocks dropped 20% and Ben didnt print. And Ben cant afford to have the market buy into the Bernake put. It emasculates him and limits the potency of his policies.

2. Interest rates are already at record lows. The treasury has people lining up to buy its debt for <3%. Previous QE happened to coincide with big buyers getting out of treasuries, potentially causing a funding issue. He cant make an arguement how printing here will help the economy. Unlike last summer their is no freeze up in interbank lending. Nothing.

3. Mitt CLEARLY said no money for Europe. Perry was on CNBC saying no printing to bailout Obama or Europe. Ben has to take into account how close we are to the election. If he prints and it doesnt work (or worse backfires) he will be the first fed cheif in history to be fired and investigated by Congress and his legacy will be trash

RoadKill's picture

Furthermore, the only thing this economy has going for it is falling oil. Print and you mess that up.

Finally Ben has to keep some powder dry for a real crisis in Europe.

francis_sawyer's picture

Is there some kind of fucking CB 'textbook' or decision flowchart that I'm not aware of? If there is, please point me to the page where LOGIC tells you to get as much gold into your vaults as you can...

you enjoy myself's picture

i think #3 is the primary concern right now.  if he prints while SPX is within spitting distance of all-time highs and before EUR has actually fallen apart then he's inviting way too much scrutiny of the Fed as an institution.  i doubt its so much a concern about personally getting fired (Romney has already said as much), more the fact that a full audit and more congressional control/oversight will almost certainly result.  Ben doesn't want to be known as the man who destroyed the independence of Fed (or even possibly got it abolished).

Sophist Economicus's picture

..."destroyed the independence of the FED..."


Ha!   That started under FDR and became cemented under Truman.    The Fed hasn't been independent since.   It has purchased nothing but Treasury crap and underpinned the bond market for over 60 years....

lotsoffun's picture

bennies legacy is sealed.  he hung himself.  even timmie boy knows he's getting out and keeping a low profile.  bennies only defense is 'it could have been worse'.  the question is when.  no more no less.

right now, bennies bosses want to milk another 2012 record bonus.  so he does what they think will work.  if they all position short, that works also (except nobody is playing except them, so nobody is buying in cash at the top).  they may very well sell the stock markets out totally, if that is there best option.



Quinvarius's picture

The Fed must absolutely buy Treasuries in an ever increasing amount.  The Fed must absolutely continue to loan banks money at zero percent.

The Fed must absolutely not say the initials QE or in any way shine a light on the incredibly massive amount of printing and loans they are making.  The fact that anyone needs to hear the initials "QE" is amazing to me.  What can the Fed possibly buy that they are not giving away free money to the banks and government to buy already?  We don't need the initials "QE".  The concept is meaningless compared to what is already happening. 

Herbman's picture

Isn't the gold people buy fiat gold? Cos i believe the amount of paper cold being sold is not representative of the physical gold available. What if i want my yellow metal in hand? or if there is a run on the gold market?

LawsofPhysics's picture

Something many people have been wondering since 1971.

Ghordius's picture

yes. still wondering. 50% of all gold of the planet seems to be in the USA. the question is only: to whom does it belong?

Ghordius's picture

lol, am I supposed to know who Davy Jones is?

Mark123's picture

Market thinking:


Central Banks will devalue the currency.  Paper Gold and gold mining shares fall or at best stay flat.


Soooo....I guess there is no safe place to hide other than paper assets.  It is getting too confusing to even be contrarian in this so called market.

JustObserving's picture

Gold defies QE dream?  Skip the euphemisms and call a spade a spade, Tyler - manipulation. 

kito's picture

should read "ben defies golds dream"......because without any lsap, gold lingers where it is.................not to see the other side of 2000.....asset deflation is a bitch...............

CPL's picture

It is, but when 80% of your entire capital market is directly tied to extremely under performing equities, bonds, and other IOU instruments there is no hedge other than the firewall that's worked so well against govenrment that slip printing under the radar in a long steady roll from every central bank on the planet.


Sprinkle in massive shortfalls in every pension scheme from public to private sectors, the government is printing right now.  Never stopped.  Announcements like QE 1-2-3 whatever don't mean a hell of a lot other than lip service to people that really don't give a shit what any of us say or do because they are going to do it anyways.


All those poor long bagholders though.  Asset deflation is one thing...imagine an Asset that appreciates so high it has no buyer.  Either way the world is in simply awful shape and it's all in that strange ponzi scheme universe.  Let's hope there are enough people to tell the tale on the otherside of the mess after the fact.  Money and printing is only a tool as long as it's useful.  When it ceases to be useful, just make sure you are out of town and make like a small town local.



Quinvarius's picture

Paper gold is waiting until Bernanke is done talking.  Only someone who does not follow the paper gold market at all would say otherwise.

Ghordius's picture

+1 bingo. the golden calf has to bow before Moses.

shopping time! weeee!!!

RichardENixon's picture

Market analysis--er, I mean manipulation analysis--suggests to me that gasoline prices are the main focus at this point, not stock prices. QE3 = higher gasoline prices. Therefore I expect no QE3 until at least the end of summer, perhaps not even until after the election.

midgetrannyporn's picture

They had to get oil prices lower to pave the way for QE#. They have done that. the bernank has his byrini ruler and the only thing he cares about are bank bonuses and balance sheets.

you enjoy myself's picture

They had to get oil prices lower to pave the way for QE

or rather, they had to get SPX up to ludicrous speed so any resulting 200-300 point sell-off wouldn't be so bad in absolute terms.  oil is still too pricey, especially with the ME preparing for war.



Snakeeyes's picture

Ag commodities shoot up, gold down, Spain/Italy see yield declines, Greece increases. The whacky world of Central Bank manipulation.


geewhiz190's picture

IMO safe havens will become unsafe havens. the rally in bonds from the lows in march probably due to an unwinding of big bets against bonds by the likes of J P M, who ended up losing big as what looked like a top in bonds wasn't. after some possible near-term weakness gold may actually become a "risk-off" trade. The dollar may correct a bit more, but the rebound in the aussie,loonie,real,and euro probably are close to an end. the dollar looks to be going much higher, this will not be good for the DJIA .

Godisanhftbot's picture

 They count on anaylsis like this as it keeps a constant flow of short interest in place, making it every easier to ramp the market , as accounts blow up and have to cover.

Tinky's picture

Yes, excellent! And this was especially good...

Customers at the bar told reporters the "shitfaced" and disruptive Bernanke refused to pay for his drinks with U.S. currency, claiming it was "worthless."