Hope On. Hope Off

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European equity markets...


And European Sovereign Bond markets...

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is this just the beginning

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Just a 'continuing' ... of a euro-farce yet to unfold in multiple stages yet

Need that big 'crisis' yet, to allow the big QE, bond-buying & etc

Still might be a while ... maybe later in August, maybe September, maybe even later ...

Our popular Euro-Football match of 'Tough Germanic Bankers' vs 'Latin Money Printers' is getting good ratings, so the show can continue for a while

People around the world believe it is a 'Real Fight' here ... though it is actually the Pro-Wrestling-Model at work, like in the US Presidential Pro-Wrestling of 'the Mormon' vs 'the Muslim' aka Gay-Basher vs the Gay-Arranger ...

As Jim Sinclair has long said:

« QE is coming. About that there is no doubt ... but not on anyone's schedule ... »

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"hope is not a strategy"

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Hope on a rope... with a noose at the end.

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"making it up as you go along is not a plan"

Seorse Gorog from that Quantum Entanglement Fund. alright_.-'s picture

Draghi: "It's pointless to short the Euro"


lol me

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Tell that to the guy who just had his offer filled at 1.24.

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I swear to god they are engineering this market with their commentary and shit.  Like, they fucking time everything they do, just fuckin right.  especially in currency markets.  It's amazing.

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What is it about "headline reading algorithm" you do not understand?

Do you think the algorithm designers cannot talk to the media to tell them what is looked for?

STOP TRADING.  Get out of the market.  It no longer exists.

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Um.. It’s called “Communications Policy”.

Back in the days when there was a semblance of morality, it was called “propaganda”.

And yes, it is an engineering process.

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...they have only been doing it for the guts of a few hundred years. Big fish eat the little ones mate,(when they can).

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Misplaced comma: Big fish eat the little ones, mate (when they can).

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Thank you for taking the time out from your chaotic masturbation schedule to correct me.

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Why the negativity? I found it slightly humorous.

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"Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson?  That is the sound of Inevitability."

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This crazy back andf forth must be hurting investor confidence.

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The machines love it.  Investors, not so much.  The more retail investors check out of the racket, the more it's just left to the machines and becomes easier to "intervene",  with what was once called manipulation.

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The euro is irreversible.  I do not think that means what he thinks it means.

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The Euro dropped during my statements? Inconceivable!

First it was Simon "Harry" Potter, and now Mario "Vizzini" Draghi.


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maybe he just chose his words wisely. 

Notice.  He never lies.  He never does anything illegal.  Ever. 


In fact this entire collapsing of the world economy... was completely legal. 

The only people that have broke the law are the occasional trader, pretty much every bank trader, and politicians.

The only people to blame?  The sheep.  Crime?  Embracing Idiocracy.

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I used to enjoy laughs like this almost everyday on ZH.  Ah, thanks for that.  :-)

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I thought EU had 5 days to sort it all out, as per Soros.

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Seeking Alpha " Draghi all hat, no cattle"

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The can fell off the cliff...

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Someone should go after it.

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Didn't occur to you that you are in the can did it?  Just saying.

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That explains the vertigo.  I thought it was just my hangover.

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do bank turds have wings?

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No...no...we have it all wrong. Draghi is just setting up the markets for the next verbal blow job.

<Yes dear, I just said blow job on ZH. No dear, I'll never say blow job on ZH again.>

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Financial porn without the laugh sound track just doesn't do it for me. Butt......whatever floats your financial boat is fine by me. :)

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Draghi is just setting up the markets for the next verbal blow job.

...and when Draghi drags Timmah into the mess, it'll be Rim Tim Tim.

(Urgh, I threw up a little just typing that.)

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OK ZH Cheerleading Squad, let's hear it:


Rim Tim Tim!

Lie Draghi Lie!

Central Bankers

give Us Pie in the Sky!

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He best start tickling the Brusca.

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"I got my big feet in the window,
and my head right on the ground."


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Draghi is a lying douchbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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just wait until everyone comes back from vacation....

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What were they thinking?

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The fact that reporters are openly mocking Draghi (who looks like a cheesy Peter Sellers spoof character) only exposes the financial media for the fawning idiots they are.  Why did no one in the financial media (save Zero Hedge and a few individual commenters like Mark Grant) call Draghi on his bluff from last week.

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Steve LIESman- "This is big"

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LIESman isn't talking about his rod, thats for sure.

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that question almost implies that you think we still have a free press ... we don't.

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And later today, as usual, we'll be staring in disbelief as the board turns green

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Nasdaq went green for a moment already.

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And all this because the ECB can't buy more debt? Step back and think about it. This is like a classic seventh grade boy-girl breakup/makeup/breakup..........

Take your medicine, Drago.

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Queue the Billy Joel song, Goodnight Saigon.


And we would all go down together

We said we'd all go down together

Yes we would all go down together


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Queue the Charlie Daniels' song, Still In Saigon.


My Brother calls me a killer, my daddy calls me a vet.

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can you spare some hope for some change..i will pay you in euros..lol