This Is How Greek Neo-Nazis Deal With Confrontation On Live TV

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The video below is a great a preview of things to come in Greece. Per Bloomberg, Greek police on Thursday issued an arrest warrant for the spokesman of far-right party Golden Dawn for assaulting two left-wing politicians on live television.  Ilias Kasidiaris was shown on a live morning show jumping out of his seat and slapping Communist Party member Liana Kanelli three times after throwing a glass of water at leftist SYRIZA party member Rena Dourou. Golden Dawn, which was elected for the first time to parliament in a May 6 election, is accused of carrying out violent attacks against immigrants. Surely, being captured on live national TV beating up women will do wonders for restoring the party's image as that encouraging pacifism and peaceful resolution of problems.

And from IBT:

The spokesman for Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party has assaulted two woman MPs in a live broadcast from a television studio by slapping one and chucking water at another.

Ilias Kasidiaris, who is already facing accusations that he was an accomplice in the mugging of a student, threw his water at Rena Dourou of Syriza (the Coalition of the Radical Left) and then slapped the Communist Party (KKE) member Liana Kanelli three times.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for him.

"When you're slapped by a beast, it's a slap on the cheek of every citizen," Kanelli said after the attack.

A spokesman for the New Democracy party said: "The people must send them [Golden Dawn] to the dustbin of history."

Kasidiaris reportedly threatened journalists and technicians offscreen also.

Golden Dawn, which obtained 7 percent of the vote and 21 seats at the parliamentary, is considered a neo-Nazi party in Greece.

Leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos has rejected claims of affiliation with Nazism, even though the party's emblem, a squared spiral, and its colours recall closely the swastika. Michaloliakos made a Hitler-style salute when he was elected in 2010 to Athens city council.

A video published on YouTube showed muscular supporters of Golden Dawn urging journalists to rise from their seats as a sign of respect for Michaloliakos when he took the stage. Those who refused were expelled from the room.

Well, if one's country is going down, may as well go down swinging. But perhaps there are worhtier targets than women...

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This is how the banksters treat us every day. Try protesting in front of GS and see how long you survive exercising your first amendment rights before your head gets cracked by New York's Finest.

Killtruck's picture

...might as well be Greek to me.

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That guy should become a police officer here in the States.  He looks qualified to me.

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Hijacking after the best comment at the top.

Does anyone have a transcript in English?

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The bitch that got punched is a famous Stalinist Lesbo known to have a very short fuse.

Enter the Golden Dawn guy who is also known to have a short fuse.

The name calling started 'commie','nazi' etc and it went from there.

I uderstand this will be beneficial for G.D. come election day.

Half of Greece wanted to slap that bitch who is an extremely aggressive/irritating peson.

I hear just now that she won't press charges...hmmm


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Greek Stalinist Parliament Bitchez should be slapped. All of them, male or female, repeatedly, for as long as it takes.

Hell, slap the whole parliament. Surely 99 out of 100 deserve it.

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I applaud the way you've captured the totality of Greece's national sentiment regarding the current situation, vis-a-vis "Half of Greece wanted to slap that bitch who is an extremely aggressive/irritating person", by being nowhere near of even the furthest point of the truth.

Also yes, the neo-nazi MP combo-slapping the "famous Stalisnist Lesbo" can be nothing but beneficial for Golden Dawn, as you do understand of coure.

Things that go bump's picture

Why else would they sit them next to each other?

Stackers's picture

Come on now. This is unfair. Who HASN'T wanted to throw a glass of water in the face of a socialist and bitch slap a communist or two ???

Things that go bump's picture

It looked staged to me.  He was obviously holding back or he would have knocked her down.

Manthong's picture

Ir's surprising he skipped the haircut/shave last week.

Unbezahlbar's picture

Jerry Springer has competition.

fourchan's picture

shittyist quality video ever put on the web.

Joseph Jones's picture

You're new to the internet, eh? 

anarchitect's picture

At its root, politics is mostly about threatening people with violence if they don't fall in line with your ideas on how to improve the world. So I enjoy this kind of thing because it shows politicians for what they really are. Fistfights in parliaments are also great entertainment. And at least this guy has the balls to use violence himself rather than hiding behind the state.

Things that go bump's picture

She should have kicked him in the balls.  Then it would have been perfect.

Clint's picture

He should have hit her harder than that. That is what Marxists deserve.

theMAXILOPEZpsycho's picture

Right Wingers are all deep down a violent, nefarious bunch. We on the left believe in helping one's fellow man, while the right believe in nothing but the dog eat dog rule of the jungle. I've often been threatened with violence will simply doing my job of regulating small businesses for the government. Some people simply have no scene of social responsibility.

Recently I imposed a firm penalty on a cafe owner for not properly declaring the exact caffeine content in all varieties of his coffee. He told me he'd like to give me a good hiding; I responded by saying the money will go to the government, the government helps those in need - he threw a piece of trash in my face. The best way to stand up to these violent free market types is Gandhi's way. So I simply quoted Proudhone "Property is theft". I also have that tattooed on my right arm in the original french.

Harlequin001's picture

'simply doing my job off regulating small businesses for the government. Some people simply have no scene of social responsibility.' - You can't even fucking spell it. Regulator my arse, you're a troll, and not a very good one at that.


Arthor Bearing's picture

Yeah he talked about himself too much not to be a troll, actual posters (and good trolls) make it about the people they are trolling.

greyghost's picture different than the far leftest here in the u.s. just review the footage from the recall state of mr. walker. still not a dimes worth of difference between the two extremes.

Thisson's picture

I thought his trolling was actually quite entertaining.  He's like an updated version of Million Dollar Bonus!

pilager's picture

Maxloadlopez, turn around time you get regulated. I kinda enjoyed it... social party was getting mouthy.

Hobbleknee's picture

How many children has Obama murdered with drone strikes this year?

trebuchet's picture

That is not a justification for neo-nazis in greece


That video is shocking



Rusty_Shackleford's picture

Yes, much more shocking than innocent women and children being torn apart like so much fresh bread. But, best not to think about that,... so unpleasant. It is not a justification, it is a statement regarding American's stunning hypocrisy. Now, stick your fingers back in your ears and resume yelling "NA-NA-NA-NA!"

Harlequin001's picture

so what do you do when someone shooting at you is hiding behind innocent women and children? Who's worst? Repeatedly pushing only one side of the story doesn't help or solve anything.

Do we not attack any targets surrounded by human shields in case innocent people get hurt? You tell me.

Sometimes things look very different from the ground. Life is tough...

Sanksion's picture

From a drone killing people at funerals and weddings either...

Arthor Bearing's picture

"They are hiding behind women and children!" Well since we kill them anywhere it's more like, "they sometimes spend time with women and children!"

prole's picture

Notice the blood (of the innocent) drenched Harlequin's keen use of the word "we"

Harlequin: Please do not include me in your "we" You are from a different country anyway so why "we?"

"we" hope you end up in the crosshairs, with some Troll justifying whatever happens in  sterile terms

Harlequin001's picture

Shouldn't you be dead by now?

What happened to this 'Give me Liberty or give me death...' bullshit you were banging on about?

Let's just hope that when you finally get around to doing yourself in, eventually, and yes I know you have a busy schedule, that you don't take out too many innocents when you do.

Might I suggest that you throw a double bladed axe in a tree, take off your hat and run at it really, really fast, head first? That should do the trick.

Guess we'll find out tomorrow eh? Good luck with that one, let me know if you need any help...

chumbawamba's picture

Hey, I have an observation.  When you go to someone else's country to kill people, and the people you're trying to kill are shooting back at you and they happen to be doing so from behind innocent people (whatever that means), you're still the asshole that went to someone else's country to kill people.

I am Chumbawamba.

Harlequin001's picture

That's very astute of you, well done...

prole's picture

I am still here bitch. I figure if I keep a low profile, ~maybe~ you won't do to me what you did to Rachel Corrie and the crew of the USS Liberty.

And while you are mocking Patrick Henry, why don't you mock the rest of my country's Founding Fathers? It might give some of my brainwashed countrymen a better idea of the relationship we actually have with our "essential ally"

Let me apologize in advance if I am not able to answer you quickly, I'll be throwing up for the next half hour.

Harlequin001's picture

WTF are you talking about?

Are you not well? Have you finally done the decent thing and poisoned yourself or something?

I must say, my heart's bleeding purple piss at the mere thought of it, or have you been drinking and reading those funny anarchist books with the pop-up pictures again...

Excursionist's picture

Just trying to figure out your position..  So we shoudn't be assholes and leave al Qaeda militants alone to do as they wish?

LarryDavis's picture

Are you really sticking up for the extremists killed in drone strikes? Just because our government does alot of fucked up shit doesn't mean EVERYTHING they do is bad. These people have to be pretty sure they are targets and so if they are going to surround themselves with their kids then that's really fucking selfish. Look at Bin Laden. He knew the entire western world was trying to kill him at any second would and had his kids roll with him? Please. These people get what they deserve. Religious zealots of colors and creeds and terrorists need to be removed (and yes I acknowledge that our government/military are bullies who karmatically have some shit coming). Believe me I know how bad the US government is, but we are relatively selective with regards to whom we kill with the drones. As far as I'm concerned we might even be too judicious with those things. Fuck the Middle East and Islamic extremists. Fuck Christian extremists and Nazis too not to mention the Jews. Killing people actually seems like a good efficient answer. Alot of people wish they put a bullet in Hitler, Idi-Amin, Castro, et al. Assasination is an effective tool and needs to make a comeback. If only they would direct some of those drones to Wall St.

Kobe Beef's picture

Try not starting wars of choice, where you end up in somebody else's backyard, mowing down people at random.

The only way to win is not to play.

Do you honestly think the human shield excuse won't be used once the drones begin mowing down Americans? The Empire doesn't give a shit about you. Stop carrying its water.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

God damn it Rusty!

Everyone knows that when a unmanned drone kills then no one is responsible! First of all, they have the decency of not putting it on live television. Second, they always protect my freedom so there is nothing to really worry about.

Blankman's picture

Its all just video games anyways, its not real.

ptoemmes's picture

Does not look like this was a drone strike, but I imagine Big O's definition of enemy combatant if you just happen to be so unlucky to be in the blast area applies here too (Yeah I know it's NATO)

You say civilian, O says combatant - you're dead regardless.

18+ dead.  Hundreds - or more - pissed off.



Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Yes, much more shocking than innocent women and children being torn apart...

As if that were not bad enough, to add another layer of perversion on top of that atrocity, Obama apparently revels in the mayhem he orders:  he watches the drone kill shots over and over again...a form of high tech snuff film.  Truly sickening.

fajensen's picture

Puritanism breeds perversion: Can't screw everything that fogs a mirror like Johnson, Kennedy, Can't bang any interns anymore like Clinton, Can't even cop a grope ... Wife looks somewhat scary, cutting into the dreams. "Rule 34" becomes the only release available.

... I do prefer normal lechers and perverts to the necrophiles, narcissists and sadists, but who am I to judge? The People clearly prefer the latter!

JeffB's picture

But no sound-bite sized video clip of him at the controls.

The puppet masters over here are apparently far more clever than the upstarts in Greece. Of course that's not a fair comparison, they've had a lot more time to build their machine, hone their skills, and a lot more money to carry out their wishes.


Joseph Jones's picture

Anwar al-Awlaki's son (both USA citizens murdered by Obummer's CIA drone strikes) was age 16. 

If you approve of Anwar and his son's murder: the only difference between Obummer and Syria's Al Assad is number count.   

fiercekitty's picture

theMAXILOPEZpsycho says: (at least you've correctly named yourself..)

Right Wingers are all deep down a violent, nefarious bunch.

Really, Mr. Psycho?  Go to YouTube and watch this video:  Scenes from a "Black Bloc."  Shows a bunch of people who consider themselves anarchists (but are really Marxists) doing a 10+ minute rampage in San Francisco on April 30.  I watched them cause EASILY six-figures worth of damage:  breaking car windshields, storefront windows, and even attacking police cars (with policemen in them) and the police station!  Why?  To protest the "gentrification" of that neighborhood.

No one side holds the monopoly on violence, but groups on the left are way more violent than anything I've seen on the right.  In fact, there's a YouTube video of tweets from Twitter users who called for the DEATH of Scott Walker!

I'm not defending what the Golden Dawn guy did, but his country is in dire circumstances and he is frustrated with the lefty loonies and their media cohorts.

Oh, and property is not theft.  Take your ridiculous slogan elsewhere. 


Ayn NY's picture

Nazism and fascism are left wing movements. Neither have anything to do with liberty or free markets .

Liposuction's picture

Fricken finally someone else gets it.  How can anarchy be on the right, and nazism be on the right?  They're completely different ideologies.  No government vs. total government.  Both right?

That's a laugh.