This Is How Silvio Berlusconi Comments On His Political Career

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Perhaps when the fate of the $60 trillion bond market rest on one Facebook status update, it is time to officially call it a day?

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Almost like the Italian bonds, priceless!

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Three words which show why Berlusconi will not resign.

Immunity from Prosecution.

He is not going to just resign or he'll spend the rest of his life in jail.


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Translation for you all:

Rumors about my dimission have no fundament.

jeff montanye's picture

my thought precisely.  thank you.  i also like the hint of destitute.  it's a coming.

speconomist's picture

Actually in that sentence that words indicates the lack of fundament of the rumors, nothing related to destitution.

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This update on Facebook is strange

Italians are screaming for change

With yields going higher

They need a new liar

This bastard is just too deranged

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Facebook is so yesterday ... he shoulda tweeted ...

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better would be:

Rumors about my resignation are groundless.

speconomist's picture

Probably, still I guess it's an acceptable on-the-fly translation for a non Italian without using translators.

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Oh thanks. At first I thiought he was saying something about missionary.

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Lol fuck off! That's great at least the people love him right?

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Sabrina sounds like a screamer

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Yup.  But I think even with my poor Italian I can figure out "basta."  (It means "enough," strangely enough!)

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Word is he got the sixteen-year-old he's currently banging to update it for him.

Teenagers are real market movers these days...

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Haha Gold. Is this real life we're living?

LongSoupLine's picture

The Italian presidential version of the "telepromptor".

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Is that the entire Italian government who's on facebook who liked this?


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dude, should be worreid Un-gela is about to de-friend him.

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O Sole Mio!

The Fat Lady is definately part of the show...

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Paging Banzai7, paging Banzai7

jcaz's picture

LOL-  what's his status?  "Single"?  "Deposed"? "In Charge"? "Exiled"?

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Berlusconi's fundament, not a pretty thought.

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Either runny or ball-bearing-like; he's the kind of guy for which there is no middle ground.


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Bunga Bunga!

i like this guy....calls it how he sees it.

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He has had a good life though.

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+1 Roberto Giovanardi - Respect

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It's time to default, return to the national currency and tell the Eurocrats and the banksters to stick it where the sun never shines.

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I picked a bad week to quit drinking coffee...because I'm listening to the BlowHorn [CNBC] this morning, and hearing none other than Steve Liesman trying to oust Berlusconi via rumor, and replace him with some other guy whose qualification is that "no one hates him."

How far will the clowns on the BlowHorn go, I wonder?

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"The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated"

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His relationship status simply says "Expensive Young Hookers".

Coke and Hookers's picture

When Silvio is gone, do you think there will be someone better replacing him? Both Pappy in Greece and Berlusconi have strayed from the EU line and that's the reason they must be replaced. If Berlusconi goes, he will be replaced with a Prodi-like eurocrat automaton who auctions off Italy as per orders from Brussels and the banks. Berlusconi is a weird dude but trust me on this: his replacement will be worse.

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Oooooooo.. Someone's popular and has 4 friend requests! o__O