How The U.S. Will Become a 3rd World Country (Part 2)

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At the start of the 20th century the USA was in the 5-10 range in terms of wealth per capita.  Argentina was richer.  USA people had considerably less government interference.

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it's not! the imf & basel want to make the american sheeple believe this 'black proganda.

ref: blog [top bar] 4/28/11 'the imf's war on america'

ps.    great reads


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Too much has changed around the globe, let alone this country, to go back.

Heck, Man, most of the people back then were miserable!  Just try living like people did back then.

NOT THAT IT WON'T HAPPEN...We're gonna really have to toughen up!...So much for the comfortable, "AMERICAN DREAM"!

hmmm, REALITY!


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so let's kill a few more million,... or go for a billion - what ya say. just for a good nights sleep,... we can even use the skeletons as logs in our comfy fireplace, singing,... 'god bless amerika'

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Amish people don't seem to complain much about living an 1850's lifestyle.


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Hmmmm ... they must have known what was coming and were getting prepared. Very suspicious. Hey ... the Amish are the NWO!! (They certainly show what the US will be like under the NWO).

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So, you think people that amass power and influence will surrender it all without resolve? How quaint. 

There is no "natural" condition. There are only the dynamics of the market and the limits set by the controls put in place by others. Today, we have the means to confront out oppressors through passive resistance, education, communication and determination. 

If we set our own parameters for behavior and government, eschewing the fascism of America, we can rewrite the social contract in terms that trade government influence and intervention (thus corporate control) for liberty and laissez faire markets. 

The fascists need a compliant population. However, we do not need them. 

Civilzation is about production of goods and services. We can do that with our own money, our own labor and the rules of the free market. The social contract is based on the affirmation of the population. Instead of giving unto Caesar, tell him to exit stage right...

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The British were the world's superpower and had the world's reserve currency until the 1940's.  Over 70 years later everybody drinks at pubs and plays golf.  Not a bad result after losing the reserve currency.  The women aren't that hot but when you drink alot you don't notice as much and everything's good.  Good beer, good women.  I can live with it.


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You beat me to it. Yeah, dental care and orthodonics must not be covered by the national health service.

But hey, they still have the monarchy! /sarc/

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First up , The British Gave up their Empire, they did not lose it, a primary condition of the Marshall plan, (The rebuild of Europe , post WW2), was, hey you can have the LOAN, Britskies, but you have to give up your Empire, tis a condition of the BAILOUT.

When British soldiers were trying to save France from the Nazis, the USA was standing around Jerko wanking on each others gay inbread bottoms, chit chatting about Neutrality and not give a fuckery, the Brits were fighting the Nazxis in 1939 but the USA did not show up until !942 ?

WW1 Began in 1914 and went on until 1918, the USA showed up in 1917,

My point is, the USA has no reason to gloat, the USA was a day late a ton o' times,

I mean no disrespect to the hundreds of thosands of US servicemen who gave EVERYTHING, but it is not a glamourous truth.

It all looks a bit ugly since 1913'ish.

The USA gets involved when it looks like the Germans or Russians might use the UK as an airbase ?

When the Battle of Britain was over and Hitler realized he could not take the UK, he turned on Russia, gave up and went east.

The USA was not even in the war yet, but apparently US banks were financing both sides, ? IBM, FORD.

I will not even go to Japan this evening, with Ford engines in their vessels,

Most Americans never get too much further than the village boundaries,

 in fact or in mind, but know this, England is about the same size as Rhode Island, Wales is about the same size as San Bernadino ,CA.

Scotland twice as large and Ireland is run by Leprechauns.

As far as British dental care, it ranks amongst the best in the world, if not thee best, you might want to Google, British surgical and Dental innovations of the 20th century,

Fuck you in your financial Times, pick up a fucking history book now and then, so you can actually base your opinions on facts rather than assumptions sold to you in high (AS A KITE) high school ?



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That was admirably spunky until you came up with that BBC link at the end.

The BBC are the biggest bunch of motherfucking, corrupt ,multi-culti rammed down your throat, dont report on any news story with a foreign born criminal... bunch of cocks ever.

Those pakistani rape gangs in the north of england - the BBC ignored the whole thing.

i'd disband it and hang the board for treason.


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lol...I was rockin along with him till this...

"Scotland twice as large and Ireland is run by Leprechauns."

Never reach under an Irishmans kilt & fondle his lucky charms ;-)

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desert nomad war tribe must own them too

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So, according to you, the British 'gave up' their Empire... because they would rather have had cheap money from Uncle Sam than carry on exploiting their 3rd world conquests? They 'gave up' their Empire because they had no choice. Even if it hadn't been a condition of the Marshall plan - and I'd be interested to see some references proving this - Britain was spent. It was broke. Britain's military adventurings destroyed its Empire... and the US is to be criticised because it was not quite so eager to go to war?

As for the US showing up a day late a "ton o' times", has it occurred to you the US had no business getting involved in WWI? That BRITAIN had no fucking business getting involved in WWI, pledging the lives of millions of its young men to defend a bunch of corrupt European monarchies? That it was the US involvement in WWI that gave the Allies the ability to push the ruinous Versailles 'Treaty' down Germany's throat, which was what set the conditions that gave rise to Hitler?

As for Ford engines in Japanese vessels... how many British-made weapons help prop up vicious despots the world over today?

Enough of the nationalist militarism. If the US hadn't got involved in WWI the world would probably be a lot better place today.

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America's involvement in WW1 was prima facie evidence of her continued existence as a British colony.

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I think it's more likely to be more evidence that the MIC had already had an established grip on the body politic even back then.

The interests of the MICs of the US and the Brits are usually confluent.

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I'm glad you didn't go into Japan, because I really didn't want to brain myself by bashing my head against the keyboard.

Since you have such a hard-on for England, you should be proud of the fact that most Japanese warships were powered by British propulsion systems - namely Brown-Curtis and Parsons turbines.  Don't know of any IJN ship powered by Ford, or what that even had to do with your screed.

Speaking of village boundaries, you may want to check in to your nearest geography class:  San Bernadino is 153 square km; Wales is more than 8,000.  Not even going to bother checking the Rhode Island/England claim.  

Put your 101 IQ to better use next time.

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write in answer:  the loyalist are____  ____.

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The pound sterling got fucked in the ass in the late 19th century when they went off the silver standard.

They would have lost WWII, and maybe WWI, without the help of the US.  The Brits lost status before you say, and they never were a lone super power.  They lost to America/France in 1783, remember?

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ummm...they beat the French later and kept Canada, with the Canadians actually burning down the White House in 1805. The Americans did not swing the balance in the Great War of 1914-1918, but were important and gratefully accepted volunteers. I agree that wiping out half an entire generation of young men in the Great War, saw the demise of the British Empire and that they were not ther lone superpower at the time. Pretty much like America won't be, or even isn't now. The USA accounts for almost zero of wealth that is not ecumbered by debt. On this basis, given that all countries are more or less broke, the only currency that counts for superpower status is nuclear warheads. I think that having enough to destroy the world 50 times over is pretty pointless and even destroying half would bring the other half to starvation, so I am not sure nucelar missiles are worth anything either.

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And they have a welfare parasite state that would put our Octopus Mom to shame.

And they have a police/surveillance state that would put our NYPD and Operation Fast and Furious to shame.

And they have a official policy of forced multiculturalism that would put our affirmative action quota system to shame.

No thank you.

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desert nomad war tribe got them too...Rothschild Bank of England

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they are huge in the UK. couldn't get that drunk. remember the still own the colonies like Canada and the usa that's why they aren't totally done yet. wait till we go and they have nothing. except the opium, forgot about that one.

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there are some very attractive "british" women, but most of them are celts.. green eyes, red hair; there you go. or blue and yellow, whateverthefuck.

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green and yellow would make it.

or blue and red.

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How the U.S. Is an Obanana Republic.

Fixed it for you.


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Obama is a failure. Eric Holder has been a failure and still maintains his job. Geithner has failed at his job and has been retained. Bernanke has been a failure and still retains his job. Will Obama retain his job. If Obama does get re-elected the future of this country is very very dim.

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Yeah, well don't get out your shades if Romney, Perry or any other Repub (except RP of course) gets elected either.

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Doom and gloom.


The bankruptcy of the Us Gov. will not kill the american spirit.  Rebirth will occur.  The US has a culture of freedom and believes in a Republic.  Things have gotten out of hand in the past 50 years but the great default will result in a burden being lifted.  

Look at Iceland.

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Turn off all media and other distractions you might have a chance of delivering that message.

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The f**ktard morons who watch TV enpower and enable their overlords.  ZH is filled with morons who watch Tv including CNBC.

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Difference in the US is that there are forces that will continue to try to hold us down.

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Iceland isn't burdened with diversity.

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I agree; but I beleive (or is it a mad hope?) that the great default will result in an exodus so that we can rebuild from wreckage.

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No, they're a homogenous cluster of retarded white people.

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which is why their standard of living is 1000x higher than africa with the homogenous cluster of supersmart cool black people.

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Honestly Trav what is up with the whole racist slant? What the fuck does race have to do with our country turning into a fucking shit hole dictatorship? Race and immigration have nothing to do with our constantly reduced standard of living, corruption within the government, or central banks going MAD on each other. 

WTF is the point to keep blaming race? You make no fucking sense.

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You are so fucking wrong it's ridiculous.

The first thing that race has to do with America's demise is niggers:  our constant coddling of them and getting virtually nothing in return.

The second thing that race has to do with it is that America somehow think it's a good idea to bring practically the whole world to these shores.  Now, a few Chinese or Mexicans, and it wouldn't be a problem.  But it's practically a tide of biblical proportions at this point.

And even if Chinese and Arabs and Mexicans and Indians show that they can maintain America, will they actually work together, like the European immigrants of the past did?  Somehow I don't think it will be that easy.

Diversity just doesn't work.  People prefer people like themselves, in all things:  race, language, interests, age, education, class, etc.  You can't just make people with widely varying backgrounds magically work together and create a prosperous society.

Witness the never ending propaganda on TV and elsewhere that always has token people of different races smiling happily and enjoying each other's company.

Have any of you ever actually seen this in real life?  I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have observed it.

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quid debemus cogitare?

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kids dont care about race. go look at any nursery school and see if the kids distinguish between races. pointing fingers at other races is just like the 2 parties pointing fingers at each other for failed governmental policy and reluctance to look at the real problems in the society. I married outside my race. we just speak different languages

i think the fundamental problem in american society is that everyone wants to be a real estate agent or lawyer or paper pushing clerk making six figures after partying for 4 years studying liberal arts and psychology. The college enrollment statistics in the US is horrifying. More people take up psychology as a major than all of engineering (civil+ mech + electrical + etc ) AND computer science COMBINED. its just fucking ridiculous.

I dont think the government is not spending a lot of money on the the african americans, and no i dont think the african american societies in the US  contribute much, but I dont think its because of the race but sort of like the divide and rule policy of the british empire the government employs to keep the whites and blacks segregated.

fuck off trav

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YES, they DO.

Children self-segregate and african kids prefer white dolls and proportional white faces.  Even in nursery school you can ALREADY see disparities in rates of skills development between the races.

JFC, MORON, did you not see the COVER of Time Magazine, where they asked "is your baby RAYCISS" (of course it was a white baby)??

EVERYTHING you think you know is FALSE.

You got this nursery school thing from where, actual rigorous observation of nursery schools or did you hear something like it said by some talking head on the MSM.  Because the actual studying of nursery schools shows the OPPOSITE of what you assert, and that's why Time just HAD to run that as a lead story!

Yes, yes, the MSM TOTALLY tells the truth on race, unlike everything else they talk about which is 100% propaganda.  Got it.  Makes total sense.

Blacks and whites SELF segregate.  In fact, every race tries to segregate itself from blacks.  ALL DO. 

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I've got young kids. And I haven't seen any sign of this 'self-segregation' you proclaim.

Looking at various races throughout history, we can see advancements and declines relative to others. And this includes Whitey. There was a time when the (brown) Egyptians were way ahead of white Europeans. The Indus civilisation - they were brown, too. How about the Saracens, vs your beloved whitefolk in Europe?

People migrate to improve their lives. The problem in the US is that, because of the perverse incentives of socialism (free education, free healthcare), we attract those who have most to benefit from coming here - ie, the poor of neighboring countries. The fact that they have brown skin is irrelevant.

I might also add that it was LBJ's minimum wage that destroyed the burgeoning Black middle classes. That and the 'War on Drugs' and welfare have given us our beautiful modern ghetto culture... in which an increasing number of white people are taking part, because the same incentives are working the same magic on them, pigmentation notwithstanding.

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What the fuck does ANCIENT HISTORY have to do with NOW?

Populations can diverge in as little as 500 years.  You've got young kids and you are NOT a sociologist? 

Go examine the work of SOCIOLOGISTS instead of pretending like you are doing rigorous research,  JFC.  You're gonna tell me something about the movement of the stars now because you looked up once or twice?

BigJim's picture

Ah, so it's only modern whitey that is genetically superior to the brownies? So any instance of brownies being demonstrably culturally superior is irrelevant if it's more than, say, 500 years ago?

What I'd like to see from you, Trav, is some kind of evidence that this 500-year divergence is genetic, rather than cultural-political-economic-environmental.

As for SOCIOLOGISTS (any sociologist who accidentally leaves the caps lock on, I'm guessing), most of them would run a mile from your whitey-ubermensh frothings.

trav7777's picture

I don't care about 500 years ago and the populations you mentioned are caucasian in origin AT ANY RATE.

Yes, Ahabs and persians are fkin caucasian.  Over time, they have been diluted with increasing amounts of subsaharan african, aka negroid.

This is how the populations diverged so much.

BigJim's picture

The ancient Egyptians were caucasian, were they? I guess that explains the pale skins, and thin noses and lips when they represented themselves in their artwork.