How ZIRP and SNAC Made It Easier To Short Credit

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So many analysts talking about how Junk spreads are CHEAP !!!  yet, they can't really tighten because they are cheap to very short dates and compared to treasury yields of zero.  the Fed has made looking at spreads somewhat useless.  the fact that sell siders are trying to sell high yield bonds based on spread is a death trap waiting to happen

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How many sovereign CDS use the Standard North American Corporate (SNAC) or Standard European Corporate (STEC) protocol?

I'm guessing that number is negligible or zero.

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I guarantee you ZIRP has postponed my first home purchase indefinitely. With no rate risk and prices dropping...why buy now?

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And at the other end of the age spectrum I gaurantee you that ZIRP has hastened my last home sale, and many of my friends, because we are running out of cash.

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what's the over/under on the Deer in Headlights graphic today?

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high - though deer in headlights might be getting too pleasant of an image

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What about K Mart ?  They're like a rubber ball. They have bounced a few times since 1966.


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zirpity doo dah,

zirpity yay...

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