HSBC China PMI Contracts, Tumbles To 32 Month Low Of 48, From 51 Previously

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Adding Asian insult to European injury we just got the Preliminary HSBC China November PMI reading which posted the first drop since July, tumbling from 51 to 48, which is a 32 month low. Expect risk to be solidly off for the balance of the night... and then the BTPs will resume trading. Only this time they will be accompanied by the OATs which will likely spike to record yields on fears of an imminen French downgrade courtesy of the Dexia debacle.

and diging intop the subindices - not pretty at all - Output at 32-month lows also, New Orders at multi-month lows, and Output Charges and Input Prices back to mid 2009.

HSBC's Chief Asian Economist noted "The dipping headline manufacturing PMI implies that IP growth is likely to slow further to 11-12% y-o-y in the coming months, as domestic demand cools and external demand is set to weaken despite the still resilient new export orders."

Charts: Markit Economics

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infinity8's picture

que sera sera. and, it's c'est la vie.

Manthong's picture

Oh man.. seems like nothing but bad news.. Europe, US, now China.

At least everything is OK in Japan.

NumNutt's picture

Japan! HAHHAHHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA.....ok back to drinking myself into a stooper.

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Sorry to disappoint but Sprott is not buying $1.5B in Silver.  Sprott has filed a shelf offering for up to $1.5B in new shares.  There is a difference.  Sprott will probably do some smaller offerings (and purchase the corresponding silver value), not the whole $1.5B.

pleseus's picture

Smart guy. Sentiment for Silver is terrible right now. Buy low and sell high. Easier said than done. Considering all of the QE's that are about to come next year, he's making a move right now. All the more reason to believe a bottom in Silver is close. I keep thinking it's going $ 25.00 oz., but it may not get there.

Manthong's picture

I don't think Sprott cares about the price at all.

He will buy into the market at market price, take 40 million ounces or so out of the market and put it into a closed fund for investment purposes and let the market work the price out. He can hold whatever reserves he wants in his funds and as the price continues to be discovered. make a large profit on selling out the shares and the premiums and fees. All that for being the "Not SLV" real stash in the mint of the "Not Obamanation" (Canada).

Good deal for all who care to play.

I just know I do not want to be short physical or paper Ag in the face of over $1B of new, real physical demand. 

1a2b3c4d's picture

I thought it was "say la vee". And when I do say it, people move to the other side of the room.

HedgeAccordingly's picture

Futures went ass backwards into 1167 ...

bob_dabolina's picture

32 is a horrid print

bob_dabolina's picture

Yea I shit the bed on that one.

mayhem_korner's picture



+1 humility points.  8D

Dapper Dan's picture

We were expectring this no?

From chris martenson,

 the state grid in China reported there were 64.5 million apartments that showed no electricity usage for six consecutive months. That is enough housing for 200 million people, but yet Beijing was decreeing the building of 30 to 50 million more apartment units....

@ 8% growth China will double in 8.75 years, who here thinks that is possible?


In 2035, China’s coal consumption will constitute 54% of global coal consumption: 113.6 Quadrillion BTU – a significant increase in relative share from 2008 at which point it’s share was just over 40% of world total – and almost a doubling from China’s 2008 consumption levels in absolute terms.

What is interesting about this projection is the continued adherence to what we might call a ‘conventional’ view of China’s energy development.

There are analysts who forcefully argue that China’s continued increase in coal consumption at these rates is politically unviable: choking smog and other pollutants will bring this trajectory to an end before too long. Others focus more on fundamental physical and market constraints to this consumption level.



Wixard's picture

Dont feel bad. I read it as 32 at first too and did a double take. 

Mentaliusanything's picture

Well that explains they Aussy market tank. Hard landing soft landing one things for sure ... this is going to hurt World wide.

I thank Z hedge for waking me up and freeing me of Debt

Carlyle Groupie's picture

Hope your gold is not in he HSBC valt. Hehehe Ha. Time to repatriate.

jcaz's picture

Oh yeah, China is gonna save them all...... NOT

lizzy36's picture


Between this and ZH breaking news about Dexia, futs are now off a solid 1% with S&P on lows of night off 16 points to 1167.

Waiting for rumor of Buffet spending Thanksgiving in the bath.

Wixard's picture

I followed his lead and bought 20k shares of BAC at 7 dollars. 


I kid I kid. 

Mentaliusanything's picture

Oh Lizzy - the mind flashed an image -  A Naked Buffet and a warm turkey held lovingly in a soapy bath... Oh the humanity ....I am one sick puppy

lizzy36's picture

And by warm turkey you meant Becky Quick...right?

Sick minds are what makes Zerohedge great.

Mentaliusanything's picture

Becky, Quick I dropped the soap dear . ROLMFAO .. Still a sick puppy

Caviar Emptor's picture

But but...if Italy needs to be bailed it can be bailed by the EFSF...and if that needs to be bailed there's still the IMF....and if that needs bailing there's also Germany....but if they can't do it there's got to be China!! Oh, wait a minute....they're losing steam fast. Would you believe Dubai? O dang...just print confetti

alien-IQ's picture

I've said it before and I'll say it again...there is only one country that can and will bailout everybody: Cuba. It's a natural. You'll see.

PS: Go long Cohibas.

Caviar Emptor's picture

Agree! Viva los cubanos. Also maybe the Mafia can kick in some cash, and what's left of Columbian drug lords. And maybe the Taliban 

moskov's picture

Compares to the US, it's prettiest among the uglist. How about the US bailing out the Euro? more like that engine has been dead for ages.

Caviar Emptor's picture

CNBS types love sayin' it: we're the best house in a bad neighborhood, but I don't know anymore. Maybe we're just the best looking freak in the freak show

fonzanoon's picture

I always thought you were supposed to buy the shitties house on the best block.

youngman's picture

But we are underwater on our loan and its and adjustibal with a 5 year baloon...

mayhem_korner's picture



S&P 1100 just in time for Black Friday!

surf0766's picture

Great point, except the sheep do not read before shopping. They go right from Wednesday afternoon drunk to Friday morning cart racing.


sabra1's picture

not if there's a bank holiday!

mayhem_korner's picture



Bank run Wed.  Bank holiday Fri.  :)

chump666's picture

Bets on German CDS spreads blow out wider on their open.  China is Germany's export partner, it's not the rest of Europe, all those mercs lining up Shanghai streets.  This is it, doomsday trade has come in early.  Thought maybe end yr to early.  No santa rally here, just brutality. 

Kali's picture

I shoulda stockpiled more popcorn, I'm using it up a lot faster than I thought watching all these fireworks.  Oh! lookie that one!  oooooh, aaaaaah. Greatest Show on Earth!

Schmuck Raker's picture

Call me an ignurnt American.....but what's an 'export'?

Wixard's picture

Its just this new chinese fad where you produce something then ship it to someone who wants to buy it. 


Hah silly chinese. Dont they know they can just print money and keep buying without producing forever?

TideFighter's picture

I put in an offer for another 100 acres of prime farmland. I've got almost 300 acres in production now with a clean water source. When silver reaches $200 an ounce, I'll trade you a pound of silver for a pound of potatoes. Stackers will survive, until they need food or bullets. I found out that I can drill gas wells. To that end, I will be wealthy.

traderjoe's picture

There is no 'silver' bullet on how to transfer wealth into and out of the collapse. Every approach has its pros and cons. Land is great, but not portable, liquid, and also requires the payment of taxes. And read the stories of the roving bands of urbanites when they get hungry and come into the rural areas.

There are no easy answers, but less hubris is would be nice.

ReactionToClosedMinds's picture

not to sound contrarian to the overall theme which I understand .... but is this the 'PRChina-way' (ala 'Chicago-way' ... i grew up in Cook County has a 'narrative' all it's own) of clearing the decks for some interest rate drops and monetary loosening ..... just in front of when it will realy be needed ..... December and January?    Cannot put the cynic to sleep ... just askin'

papaswamp's picture

Tomorrow will be interesting...big US data dump. It had better be rosy or it will be a blood bath before the long weekend.

RobotTrader's picture

Michele "C-Squared" Cabrera is going to have to take her top off.

Then take her bra off.

In order to unleash sufficient "Animal Spirits" to get anyone to buy stocks tomorrow.

What is it going to take to get people to sell bonds and buy stocks instead?

A hidden camcorder in Buffett's bathtub while Becky bobs???

Wixard's picture

Wait wait i got the headline . . . Wait for it cause its coming: