Hugh Hendry: When I Speak On TV It Gives The Impression That I Am Full Of Myself

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There are various reasons why not only we at Zero Hedge are big fans of Hugh Hendry. One of them of course is his uncanny ability to not only tell the truth, but to bash his competitors faces into it (as Joseph Stiglitz so vividly recalls), even if it means running squarely against the consensus. The other reason are self-aware statements such as this one via the FT today: "What I found was that when I speak in person, and especially when it’s television and timing is so acute, it gives the impression that I am cavalier and, if you will, full of myself,” says Mr Hendry, speaking by phone from his office in Bayswater, central London." Hendry was obviously discussing his self-imposed media blackout which unlike other prominent financiers is not being used for book sales promotion purposes but appears quite genuine. It also means he won't get to collect $200/appearance fees as a guest contributor on CNBC but we digress. "The danger when people look at that from a distance is that they try to align that with the guy that they’ve just given $50m or $75m to and it’s not the same person." iI is sad that none of the other talking muppet heads and "daily pundits" who appear on financial comedy TV to merely blow smoke up assorted holes and talk their books, don't share Hendry's revelations a little more often.

Still, what Hendry says and thinks influences many. So here is where he stands right now courtesy of the FT:

What does Mr Hendry believe?


At the Milken Institute conference in May, he told the audience that France was just a year away from nationalising its banks and that politicians had still not faced up to the scale of the global debt bubble that was now imploding.


“We have reached a profound point in economic history where the truth is unpalatable to the political class – and that truth is that the scale and magnitude of the problem is larger than their ability to respond – and it terrifies them.”


Three years after Mr Hendry posted videos on YouTube of his visits to Chinese ‘ghost’ towns, he remains pessimistic about the Middle Kingdom. He is shorting the equity of Chinese state-owned enterprises, balanced by a long position in a basket of Asian non-discretionary consumer stocks.


He is also using credit default swaps to bet against the debt of financially leveraged Japanese companies such as Toshiba, which he believes are particularly exposed to a Chinese slowdown.


Mr Hendry insists that his reputation as a “contrarian” investor is wrong, and that his approach is in fact to take advantage of the prevailing momentum in markets. “Our ideas are harshly disciplined by market trends. You will never see us pursue a homegrown idea when it is to the detriment of the prevailing trend.”


For example, he reckons US government bond yields, already at record lows, will continue to fall. And, although he professes not to be a contrarian, he is more optimistic about the US than many investors and is “long the debt-saddled west and short the vastly over-vaunted and over-owned” Bric quartet of Brazil, Russia, India and China.


He believes that financial markets are single-digit years away from a crash that will present investors with opportunities of a lifetime. “Bad things are going to happen and I still think the closest analogy is the 1930s.”

But nothing captures the spirit of Hendry as much as the following clip from 2010. Pure mastery.

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veyron's picture

"he won't get to collect $200/appearance fees as a guest contributor on CNBC"


That's it????  You'd have to pay me $1000 just to change the channel to CNBC, let alone make a guest appearance ...

tsx500's picture

i'd rather listen to Dick Clark recite Shakespeare for an hour than watch 30s of CNBC

Thomas's picture

Hugh is the most smug person I know of, but he is our smug bastard.

lemonobrien's picture

arrogance will kick him in the ass; it always does. He can bet against the establishment; but the establishment can change the game/rules, or just liebor.

StychoKiller's picture

Arrogance backed by Competence = ?

Calvinball is not a game I want to play, so I'm sitting on the sidelines.

smlbizman's picture

this is better than "pipers pit"

Plymster's picture

What's more, he's foregoing $200/appearance for the sake of his investment business, which can only rake in many multiples of that.  Wierd.

GMadScientist's picture

Psssst.. someone just stole your rims.

Peter Pan's picture

Better to be full of yourself than to be full of Bernanke, Dimon, Blankfein or other such "personalities".

giovanni_f's picture

A typical city-of-london Arschgesicht. Part of the rotten system that should be hung asap

Stackers's picture

Would have to disagree. Hendry comes across as one of those ultra rare creatures known as an "honest banker", 2nd in rarity only to the elusive "honest politician". They do exist.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Honest?  Since when do bankers short countries and leverage market plays using CDSs?


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater's picture

When the countries are so irresponsible as to deserve it?

Profiting from others' stupidity and willful blindness is a wonderful thing!

Dismal Scientist's picture

He's not a banker. He's a hedge fund manager. Which means he's never been bailed out when he gets it wrong, which is actually why you should not insult him by calling him a banker...

Nobody For President's picture

Which country can you find the honest politician?

Stackers's picture

You just have to look hard. Dr. Paul in the U.S. and Mr. Farage in the UK come to mind easily.

giovanni_f's picture

Farage is pro city and insofar part of the system. The buck of his honesty stops here.

allocater's picture

> He is also using credit default swaps to bet


All you need to know.

BeetleBailey's picture

Not only is Hendry great television, he is brutally honest - somethins sorely lacking with all the damn powers that be.

FEDbuster's picture

Hendry and Kyle Bass splitting a pitcher of beer and talking for a couple of hours, now that would be something worth watching.

How about a new financial show called "An Hour of Truth" sponsored by Zerohedge featuring guests like; Hendry, Bass, Schiff, Faber, Rogers, etc....  hosted by Rick Santelli?

EmileLargo's picture

Agree with all the names except Rogers. He's like a broken record with nothing new to say and from a trading point of view he is worse than useless.

FEDbuster's picture

My favorite Jim Rogers advice is " buy commodities, if things get better there will be more demand and commodities will go up in price.  If things get worse, they will go up in price because Bernake will print more, it's all he knows how to do". 

Fake Jim Quinn's picture

His best line: "I recommend you panic". Classic Hendry. He rules

Oh regional Indian's picture

E dowes lwook tewwibly constipated in this segment though.

Hew does. No fwow. ;-)


youngman's picture

When I talk......well....ExLax comes to mind.....

Anne Ominous's picture

If by "full of myself" you mean "full of anger and disgust" then yes, but maybe not yet quite full enough.

cobber's picture

the video is very humourous looking back in hindsight... how many things did they get so wrong?

TJ00's picture

The funniest thing for me is that Hendry was right about the Greek haircut and yet they dismiss him because they live in a fantasy, I'd love to see Hendry go all Travis Bickle on the lot of them.


Travis Bickle: Listen, you fuckers, you screwheads. Here is a man who would not take it anymore. A man who stood up against the scum, the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit. Here is a man who stood up.

Mercury's picture

"What I found was that when I speak in person, and especially when it’s television and timing is so acute, it gives the impression that I am cavalier and, if you will, full of myself,”


Yes, perhaps Mr. Hendry and Mr. Durden should try and soften their images a bit.

I'm thinking maybe a joint, video "Chairs" type segment in the morning where softer, newsy topics are volleyed back and forth in a witty and upbeat manner...


GMadScientist's picture

...pass around some very clean MDMA, get cozy, and spin some D'n'B before digging into the charts for the day.



Stackers's picture

Mr. Hendry ROCKS. His interviews, debates and panel discussions are the thing of YouLube legend. He always has great historical stories too.

Dr. Engali's picture

Stiglitz is a clown. Why anybody take him seriously is beyond me. I love how the bimbo tries the straw man argument of saying "If Greece defaults hedge fund like your makes millions". What an idiot.

spanish inquisition's picture

Milken Institute? Turning out to be great cover for staying in the game.

shovelhead's picture

You can almost hear " It's the DEBT, you stupid frigging wankers."

Zola's picture

Are you sure people get PAID to be on CNBC tyler ??

GMadScientist's picture

If and only if they perform as requested, yes.

machineh's picture

If you notice, it's the same fee they pay to low-end escorts to give blowjobs in the parking lot.

So you go home from CNBC with your face on TV, your rocks off, and an empty pocket.

Lost Wages's picture

Anyone who appears on CNBC frequently should join the actor's union, then at least they'll get scale.

MachoMan's picture


Please stop your media blackout.  While I agree that you tend to sound full of yourself, people in your position have to sound full of themselves else lose credibility and goodwill.  This is simply inherent in the position.  Ultimately, whether you are cavalier or not is born through your performance. 

I could understand you taking a break from the media if you had the bad habit of looking like an idiot or somewhat less than thoroughly destroying the other panel speakers of a discussion.  However, you do nothing of the sort.  In the world of obfuscation, manipulation, and blatant delusion, your voice is a breath of fresh air and much welcomed.  While I realize everyone talks their own book, I really like your book.  Please come out and start busting heads again.  We all love to see it.

In the end, you're going to be graded on your performance, regardless of your live antics.  Please return to the field and play some ball.

/s/ Machoman

AGuy's picture

I agree. Hugh your insights into the markets and the economy are refreshing. No one I personally know believes you are "full of yourself". In fact you are just the opposite. Its the other people that you argue with are "full of themselves".

The world needs more Hugh Hendrys and less Paul Krugmans!


RallyRoundTheFamily's picture

Anyone contemplate that he may have been "told" to limit his media exposure.

Truth tellers have a history of "bad luck" with suicides, car and plane crashes, etc

Perhaps too many are believing what he has to say.

MachoMan's picture

Yeah, he was told to...  he said it in an interview...  doesn't mean it's in perpetuity or the decision shouldn't be revisited...

At the end of the day, I think he can do whatever he wants.

XitSam's picture

I agree. If I had an extra 50 to 75M, I would be inclined to let Hendry manage it over almost anyone else, and all I've seen is videos of him saying the Emperor has no clothes.

noobscalade's picture

To me it seems obvious he is not "playing the game" because he still has a job to do. If he wakes the world up it squeezes the margin of his insight. His clients wouldn't like that. Once he feels he is done with the rat race he will return to the "game". However, by then it will be a different "game" we're all fussing over. 

Toolshed's picture

Unreal. Stiglitz is more of a moron than I could have ever imagined. How does such a complete fool become a professor? With idiotic instructors such as this filling their gullible students minds with such utter bullshit, what kind of future do we really have?

EmileLargo's picture

It is only fools like Stiglitz that become professors.

Darth Silver's picture

that shit never gets old.  love it

msjimmied's picture

"The danger when people look at that from a distance is that they try to align that with the guy that they’ve just given $50m or $75m to and it’s not the same person." 

It is Hugh, it is. The mask is the face. Depending on the medium used, we present different aspects of ourselves. You are a trader, your job is to look for chinks in the fabric of lies and shoot your arrow right through it. You have sighted the bullseye, don't hide that truth beneath some idiotic reticence for appearances sake. They are not sane, you are. You should read what Krishna told Arjuna, it forms the core of the Mahabharat. Let the arrows fly! 

StychoKiller's picture

Dharma, the other white light! :>D