Hungary Folds, Ready To Change Its Laws To Get European Bailout Money

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If there is any one more vivid confirmation of Mayer Rothschild words "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws" then we have yet to find it. Today Hungary, which had "valiantly" defied Europe and the IMF in ignoring pressure to make its central bank more "malleable" finally folded, following a recent explosion in its bond yields, a surge in CDS to records, and a collapse in its currency. And to think how easy it is to subjugate a state to slave status in our "globalized" days without shedding one drop of blood. Reuters reports: "Hungary's government is ready to consider modifying disputed legislation if the European Commission deems it necessary, Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi told the bloc's executive and European Union partners. "We fully respect the authority of the European Commission, the guardian of the EU treaties," Martonyi wrote in a letter dated January 6 and published by his ministry on Tuesday. "We stand ready to consider changing legislation, if necessary."" As Rothschild foresaw so effectively over 200 years ago, selling out your sovereignty only takes a few pieces of (paper) silver.


Hungary, which wants to secure a multibillion euro financing deal with the International Monetary Fund and the European Union, is locked in a legal dispute with the European Central Bank and Brussels over a new central bank law.


The European Commission last month asked for the law, which it worried will compromise the bank's independence, to be repealed.


Martonyi said the government was ready to conduct dialogue with anyone who raised concrete concerns.

Hungary is merely the first case study of how the annexation of non Eurozone countries will proceed shortly, once it becomes clear that anyone who is not with a failed European experiment, is against it.

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I'll change my laws to get bailout money.

And then squander it, of course.

Then change the laws back.

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I'm sure they'll feel pretty stupid when they find out it's not real silver.

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Exactly, more indebted slavery is NOT a bailout.  When is it America's turn?

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not exactly.  The global financial system makes it impossible to get energy without participating in a debt racket.  This is what happens when usurers control production and is WHY usurers have periodically been run out of countries throughout history.

So for Hungary, it's either starve and freeze or else knuckle under.  Iceland has its own energy and they even eat horses there.  They have had to belt tighten and become more autarchic.

It was either that or allow foreigners to take possession of their country as landlords. 

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it is the same issue all over the world. I am sure that we will see improvements in this area. timeline covers

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"Goodbye city life... Green Acres we are there!"

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Are there news reports out of Hungary about bank runs and bare shelves in grocery stores?

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One might ask what the standard of living was to begin with.  I know several Hungarians, none of which are in a rush to return.

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Badly researched, Tyler - perhaps next time I go to Hungary I have to invite you

"Reuters reports: "Hungary's government is ready to consider modifying disputed legislation if the European Commission deems it necessary"

sheesh, it sounds too good to be true, eh? The IMF, the EU commission and SecState on one side and little Hungary on the other, of course you know where the baddies are, eh?

If you were Hungarian, you would be protesting for this law to change too. It's a new "Basic Law(s)" which is practically an Amendment to the Hungarian Constitution and is drawing protests among a population not known for protests. It has a lot of really unsavory (and illiberal) elements and for once the Commission is right.

I would add a zerohedge link but this time ZH is not "the source"...

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Laws are enacted to make a central bank more beholden to politicians and their wheelings and dealings.  People protest the power grab.  Supra-national entities like the IMF call bullshit.  Said politicians retreat with tails between legs.

I'd say the retreat was unfortunate if Hungary's politicians were cut from a cloth different from the rest of the world's elected officials.  No evidence suggests they are, however.  So I have to also agree with the IMF et al.'s coercive tactics.  Sometimes you have to force your kids to eat their peas for their own good.

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I never believed force-feeding children has long-term positive effects.

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Not really, Tyler was absolutely to the point! (maybe not as much due to deep research, as to good instincts)

Hungary is a typical case where you don't get the fair picture from MSM! In other words MSM is bluntly lying. The reason: 

The Hungarian government managed to find itself a lot of powerful enemies both internally and externally by trying to work in the interest of its people. For example, taxing German-French state monopolies operating in Hungary and commercial banks hasn't earned them too many friends, but a christian type of new constitution is also not too popular with EU-politicans. 

You are right that those who were in the street in early January 'were not known for protests' before, because they represent the leftist elite which is now affraid of losing (some of) its power. Yesterday there was a pro-government protest in Budapest with 10-times more participants than the protest you were refering to. I am looking forward to see the coverage on it in Western MSM.

Next time you visit Hungary try to speak with more people!

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Hungarians voted in a proto-fascist government and gave up their rights in the hopes that their government would stand up for them.

Instead they were betrayed twice over.

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Luckily Europeans have PLENTY of extra cash to spread around. Just one call to ponzimaster Rehn and it's fixed!

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Speaking of silver.

TIF down 11% as luxury spendig implodes globally.

GMadScientist's picture

Good thing I didn't go long blue boxes.

Did you ever think that might be a function of their margins?

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well you pay $400 for $40 worth of silver.

But it IS a get out of a jail free card with your bitch

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Because, when it comes to the IMF, it just a matter who you pay and how much...


What a f***ing joke...

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Another confirmation that a default in a sovereign is never going to happen at least in name. CDS = clown shoes.

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I guess there's no Gyorgy Dozsa among them today.


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i now have a new hero.  awesome.

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We welcome our new European Lords and masters with open arms.

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Kneel down before your Financial Elites!

The vig will be paid.


Funny Financial elite cartoons:

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Way too long under the jackboot of the USSR.  1956 was when Hungary was de-balled.  Slaves ever since. Go long knee-pads.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Eurozone or the IMF or both. These are the options for European nations...

slaughterer's picture

You forgot a third option: BK

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Burger King? WTF? That option doesn't exist. See: ISDA.

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Yes unfortunately we are old countries, that have bcome lazy and painfully unelastic...united rebellion is almost unthinkable in Europe...sigh!!!

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They dont even have the EUR yet and already this BS. Whoa...take heed non-Eurozone EU members!

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Hungary contained.  Greece soon to be contained.  Not one black swan let out of its cage.  

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the people of Hungary should prepare to go Hungry....

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wandstrasse's picture

former Goldmanite taking over Hungarian government in 5, 4, 3, 2..

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Has a time been announced for the official boot-licking ceremony?

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Hungary's main exports are porn stars and goulash, although I'm not too sure about the goulash.

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But we're def sure 'bout the porn stars and don't forget the strippers.

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And the monopoly money keeps coming for those who need it. We are now 2 years since the crisis in Greece and still no solution except printing/making up money to hand over to countries. For what? The illusion of no problems?


I just got a 1099 from an account I have and got paid $100 for loaning $8600 for an entire year.


When I grew up I was told to save your money and let IT work for you. I'm ready to FIRE my money for not working.


4 more years of Obuma and I'll be ready for suicide.

Vegamma's picture

You earned over 1%? Easy blueridge and back of the risk taking before someone gets hurt. Or were most of your returns early in the year when Tbill yields were non-negative?

EscapeKey's picture

got paid $100 for loaning $8600 for an entire year.

Don't forget to pay your taxes.

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Junkies will do anything for a fix.

The real problem with this is that other governments are going to point this as an example of "cooperation" among the Eurozone and their sheeple. I mean, if Hungary can do it, why not others?

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I would love to see names: Follow the money; this is a crime scene.


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The Hungarian are spineless idiots just like the rest of us.


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The socialists trashed the country and their leader (who was Premier at the time) was caught on tape admitting to repeatedly lying about state finances and the state of the Magyar economy.  Fidesz, led by Orban, was swept in through disgust with the socialists.


Unfortunately, global powers led by Hillary Clinton have been engaged in a full-court press on Hungary since Orban came into power with the banking laws being at the top of "western concerns".


Read all about it what's going on in Hungary here:

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Our government has been taken over by high finance and misuse that power to bully the rest of the world.

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So then. The next Black Swan, Hungary, saved and solved. No crisis. Next one, please.

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the country of Hungary had a great advisor, hungarian jew Mr. George Soros.

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What else is new. What do you think Bernanke, Paulson, etc etc etc are?