I Love The Smell Of Denial In The Morning...

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Rumors circulating of a French govt take over of SoGen. The French....'How do we distract people so as not to notice financial problems?....hmmm....wait nuclear power plant problem..that's it!"



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SocGen = Shitshow

I'll be happy to see  them implode. If they're nationalized it'll mean that we have a sovereign default upcoming instead of private. This is getting good, real good.

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yes, because if socgen can't pay all those huge bonuses, who will buy all those hermes' bags?  mon dieu

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The dollar is once again the best looking horse in the glue factory...

Even Bernanke, who wanted inflation to 'help exports' (and banks), must be amazed that he can blow out the Fed balance sheet by $2.2 Trillion and still have a 'relatively' strong dollar.

Placing the monthly order for physical today. BTFD.

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I Love The Smell Of Denial In The Morning...

Nah, it's just a nuke plant you're smelling, go back to bed.

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'I Love The Smell Of Denial In The Morning...'

We all do, pal that's why we're here ;)

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I love the smell of smoke. Babylon is burning! I love it Gold and silver bitchez!

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Ahhh, I see. And so that certainly explains why the EURO is up 150+ pips from yesterdays low. Makes sense now. Thanks!

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-1% is the new normal!  Everything is fine!


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I have an iPhone app that rotates all the stock charts 15 degrees counterclockwise.  That plus two Paxils with my coffee, and I'm good to go!

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Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is a discusting pig.  I cannot watch any more.

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Dude you said it. She asks the dumbest fucking questions, then waves her hands around, gesticulating for the canned answer. Can't stand it. Cannot.

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she seems so arrogant, she just wants to interview herself, that way she will get the right answers

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Paper bag head, you are clicking on all cylinders today!!!

100% perfect observation.

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She is recently divorced...her ex husband probably thought losing half his stuff to get out was a bargain of a lifetime...

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i'm pretty sure they hired her basically for the tits

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Even her tits aren't that great unless they're being held up with a boulder holder. Swinging free, they sag so much they almost cover her belly button.

Not that I've seen them up close and personal. Just sayin'.

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I'd do her, if I could turn the sound off...but then again, the crack of dawn isn't safe from me

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The old ones are the best for a reason. Thanks for the laugh all the same.

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France has a nuclear problem

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Maybe they should put a tent over it to solve the problems?


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I posted earlier, should have seen the skirt-wearing airheads on CNBC Worldwide Exchange. Asking seriously dumb questions, trying to spin positive answers -- and their faces belied the truth, i.e. they didn't believe a word of it. Of course, no one dared come out and simply say, eurozone getting pummeled, bank massacre. Instead, they pose stupid questions of the ilk, "how can Greece avoid default." Not a one had the balls to say Greek bonds yielding over 100%. Lol.

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No, Bablon is not burning.  Ben and company will break up all the furniture and smother the flames with more fuel, thereby kicking the can but ensuring the eventual fire is bigger than ever.  This is definitely not over yet.

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It's all in the eye of the beholder.




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average chinese has no idea where eulope is

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And now let's ask the average American :)

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they have problems finding the US on a globe

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A US Postal Clerk recently remarked to me "There is no New Mexico, there is only Mexico"...

This guy was dead serious and we had to get the supervisor before I could mail a parcel to New Mexico.

So don't tell me about Americans being savvy geographers.

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hell I didn't know they made a new one either

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Um, what was your reaction to this? And how about the postal clerk when he did learn, in fact, the U.S. has a state called, "New Mexico."

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I had mail sent to me from the U.S. to Finland. Luckily someone had added missing information:




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You're clearly an alcoholic dude.

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get ready to put your chips on the table...september 20 is approaching and I wouldn't wanna be caught short lads

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Id hate for the longs to feel the burn, when Bernanke has to announce that QE3 will not include riskier asset purchases! 

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Gandalf, how's that -250 this morning feeling?  Dont worry Robo is here to give you rub down

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I love the thumbs down guys but lets not joke ourselves...they r definitely not letting the EU puppy off the hook yet and even though US and EU stock mkts are completely decoupled, we are in it together...for the long run

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"Oh the Humanity"

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the bernank can fix this.

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This February 6th forecast graph was not so bad as well:


As was the gold bubble forecast graph made on May 4th:


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gold forecast graph = goat entrail and chicken bone reading

Does the 'forecast graph' include intervention by central banks/bullion banks to supress the price of gold?


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its not all loose loose for the GREEKS....they should be proud of one thing....they are getting to play the central figure in this END-GAME

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denial ain't just a river in egypt

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I love the smell of GOLD in the morning

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Quick technical question:

When he says ".... With the 10 year bonds at 45% of par, the yield inversion is almost over, and the next phase is for the market to create a rumor that Greece is going to be trading "flat" (trading with no accrued is the final step before default)."

Is he describing a situation where there is no interest rate difference between short term and long term bonds? So the yield curve is flat? That is the 'final step before default' he is describing?

Thanks for the clarification.

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Not sure why you think HY is cheap. Well, I kind of do, but I'm not going there.

People long index credit are going to sell them all down before this is over.

Also, Deutsche Bank is making me a little nervous right now.


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GR 1yr: 139% yield (+42% as of TODAY) (17:15 CEST)


Spell Hyperbolic..