IBM Misses Top Line, Boosts EPS Forecast, Stock Slides After Hours

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Putting the cherry on top of an ugly day for bulls comes global tech vanguard IBM, which did not use the DVA wildcard and still saw its earnings beat already reduced expectations of $3.22, printing at $3.28... but... it did miss the consensus top line of $26.34 billion by just under $200 milllion, at $26.16 billion. Since this the first time in probably forever that Big Blue has not beat the top line, the stock is certainly not too happy after hours. That this is happening despite the company's boost to its EPS forecast is quite troubling.

Earnings summary:

  • Q3 Revenue USD 26.16bln vs. Exp. USD 26.34bln
  • Q3 Operating margin 46.8% vs. Exp. 46.24%
  • Q3 Services backlog of USD 137bln, up USD 2.4bln
  • Q3 Software revenue USD 5.8bln, up 13%
  • Q3 Americas revenue USD 10.9bln
  • Sees year adjusted EPS at least USD 13.35, saw USD 13.25 vs. exp. USD 13.33

Also notable is that total ST and LT debt increased by $1.5 billion from $28.5 billion at December 31, to $30 billion at the end of Q3: at least someone is benefitting from relevarging at all time low yields.

From the release:

"In the third quarter, we drove revenue growth, margin expansion and increased earnings as a result of our innovation-based strategy and continued investment in growth initiatives," said Samuel J. Palmisano, IBM chairman, president and chief executive officer. “Growth markets delivered outstanding revenue performance across software, hardware, and services and contributed to the company's expanded margins. We also achieved strong results in Smarter Planet, business analytics and cloud.

"Based on this performance, we are raising our 2011 full-year operating earnings per share expectations to at least $13.35."

Full-Year 2011 Expectations

IBM raised its expectations for full-year 2011 GAAP diluted earnings per share to at least $12.95 from at least $12.87; and operating (non-GAAP) diluted earnings per share to at least $13.35 from at least $13.25. The 2011 operating (non-GAAP) earnings exclude $0.40 per share of charges for amortization of purchased intangible assets, other acquisition-related charges, and retirement-related items driven by changes to plan assets and liabilities primarily related to market performance.

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Batter up .. apple 

Divided States of America's picture

Same ol crap...higher EPS on lower outstanding share count AND lower corporate tax rates....

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clearly the internet is to blame.  hammy and robo are working on it, please stand by...

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does robo have voo doo dolls of tyler durden?

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couldn't happen to a nicer co. schmucks..

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are you just anti corporation for the sake of being anti corporation? exactly what problems do you have with ibm. they actually PRODUCE things that are beneficial to society. do you know they are the leaders in merging nano technoogy and pharma--nanomedicine?

Raynja's picture

they actually PRODUCE things that are beneficial to society.

Please don't tell me you are referring to watson. At best the ai eliminates service sector jobs, at worst it... well you know about skynet.

RacerX's picture

yeah they produce things.. like outsourcing jobs to "low cost countries".

thanks IBM.

kito's picture

You know very little of the company.

RacerX's picture

or, maybe you don't.

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Let me tell you a story of how IBM Global Services helps corporate America screw all of the IT sector out of jobs. (HP does this trick too, but not as well.) IBM to big company, "Hey, outsource your IT to us!" Big Company, "OK, let's do this."  IBM then "aquires" all the tech staff, slashes pay, benefits, and has you train someone in another country to do your job, so you can get a severace package on your way out. Then, complain that there are no qualified workers in the US of A for some reason, and bring in underpaid slaves on H1-B visas, while hiding profits off-shore. Wrap in helping the US GOVT spy on every american on the Internet, and a splash of patent blackmail to any company coming up the ranks. Kito, I respect your posts and views, but IBM is sucking the life out of america. Also, they made Lotus Notes, which the UN should bring them up on war crime charges for.

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Big Blue Shoots...Bitchez

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Damn bloggers! Their ruining everything! Sarc /

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nice short today boys!

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Where's the volume today bitchez?

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Can this thing still play chess though?

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does anyone have a schedule of what the EPS expectations were on IBM over the last 90, 60, 30, and 7 days? Saw this for Alcoa and they reduced AA's eEPS by 30%..

just curious if they did the same here.


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Light volume pullback so all one needs do is BTFD and get ready for the biggest performance chase/race in 25 years...volatility until end of month then blast-off. Short this rally in cash...

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hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  phew.  thanks.

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Wow, you just saved the market......... BUWAHAHAHAHHAAHAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AAPL is the canary in the coal mine.  I was disappointed the market chose to sell today.  I was hoping it would tread water today and tomorrow then shoot up into the close before AAPL earns.

if AAPL disappoints or maybe just fails to dazzle, look out below .

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look what they are doing to IBM, AAPL needs to beat huge or it's down down down...  the bear is hungry.

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Re AAPL:    And the fat lady will sing my friends.  Yes sirree bob she will sing before this mess is over.

junkyardjack's picture

AAPL will beat just like GOOG did.

Manthong's picture

Well, you've always got CRM to pick up the slack in the business services sector.

RobotTrader's picture

Gap down tomorrow morning.

Another gap down Wednesday morning if AAPL misses.

CROX imploding 32% after trading halt.


ss123's picture

Try taking the derivative of that Crox graph AH. Nasty.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

everything is priced in but the truth

stay tooned to the blog<0>sphere 4 updates and impending regulatory measures


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IBM sitting at all time highs. crAAPL too.

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Someone needs to invent an iPad cover made out of Crocs material...

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I am shocked. Usually IBM gets a purchase order from the Govt to cover any rev gaps. Somebody's gonna pay for this one.

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guidance is raised and it's still down 3.5% ah??

lmfao, no this isn't a bear market.  not at all.  /s

vegas's picture

WTF, operating margins of over 45%? And OWS pines for the heads of bankers on Wall Street?

If anybody is getting screwed, first in line after customers of BofA, are the saps who use IBM's services.

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Would someone tell my why there are $8.00 candles during this after-hours price action.... 6 big spikes that go back to the previous level... on the 1min TOS chart... ??

reader2010's picture

Anyone still BFTD?

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This is not a bear market.  This is a slaughterer market.  One slip up, and your company equity dives 33% in 2.3 seconds. 


AAPL will be alright, if they post EPS of $10 or more.  HA HA HA HA.

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I was at the intangible GAP store the other day buying some firesale Next Big Idea intellectual property and I saw IBM there. Hair unwashed. Blue suit had crusty flakes all over it. It looked like they had been pullig all nighters trying to radiation harden chips before fukishima destroys everything they ever built that's not in space.

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You forgot IBM $8 Billion stock repurchase program. So, it actually missed the earnings too without this.

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

Boo Hoo IBM!  Maybe they can raise from the dead their associates from the Third Reich to rescue them!?

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deja vu all over again  - cant remember if it was the  1987 " correction " - but it was BIG BLUE missing earnings and tanking that was the black swan that started the poop hitting the fan ... its off abt 4% or $8  in after hours .... 


if i wasnt Canadian i would vote for Kyle Bass for President  btw  - very impressive dude