If Hitler Was A Goldbug...

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... all it would take to end his regime would be a few CME margin hikes. Of course, if Hitler had somehow survived those 2008 margin calls, we would all be living under the 3rd Reich now with gold at all time highs.

And for those who are sick of all the Hitler parodies, here is another one.

h/t Igoryek1979

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Gold, bitchez!

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When Hitler conquered a nation they took their gold bullion... and of course artwork,etc. Then again the Swiss allowed storage for various people, etc... and it took decades to get Switzerland to release it to the rightful owners.



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Yeah, at least that's what the MSM want you to believe.

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Hehehehe ... It's late Friday, and TYLER's been drinkin' Again ...

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I needed the laugh.

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Another Hitler parody, same video…

Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver - Max Keiser vs. Jamie Dimon

“Any moron who makes less than $50 million a year, leave now…”

“Fuck those smart asses at Zero Hedge!”

“Don’t cry, Blythe, the IMF will hire you.”

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Through the press propaganda, through the use of the organs of information, it was possible to found the great model parties. Already in those early days they saw to it shrewdly that here were always two or three groups apparently hostile to each other, but in fact all hanging on a gold thread, the whole designed to take account of a human characteristic - that the longer a man possesses an object, the more readily he grows tired of it. He craves something new: therefore one needs two parties. The one is in office, the other in opposition. When the one has played itself out, then the opposition party comes into power, and the party which has had its day is now in its turn the opposition. After twenty years the new party itself has once more played itself out and the game begins afresh. In truth this is a highly ingenious mill in which the interests of a nation are ground very small. As everyone knows, this system is given some such name as 'Self-Government of a People.'

Besides this we always find two great catchwords, 'Freedom' and 'Democracy,' used, I might say, as signboards. 'Freedom': under that term is understood, at least amongst those in authority who in fact carry on the Government, the possibility of an unchecked plundering of the masses of the people to which no resistance can be offered. The masses themselves naturally believe that under the term 'freedom' they possess the right to a quite peculiar freedom of motion - freedom to move the tongue and to say what they choose, freedom to move about the streets, etc. A bitter deception!

Sounds like a perfect description of the current US political landscape and the naivety of the vast majority of its citizens, doesn't it?

The ominous part is this was written in 1922 about England, as the British Empire was losing its status as the most powerful entity in the world, by none other than Adolf Hitler.



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kinda' like Sophmore Poly Sci in a 3d tier junior college, just sayin'

Ominous was like 10 yearz away.

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Japan took a hell of a lot more.  Somehow - according to the official histories - most of it was never recovered.    But then with China going Communist and Korea split and in the midst of a war in the early 1950's do you really think the US would ackowledge finding it, much less return it to China, Korea and elsewhere?   (Note;  The FAILURE to return stolen tons of gold and silver to China after WWII is one more reason for the Chinese to be royally po'd at the US)

According to some - Yamashita's treasure was used as a slush fund by the CIA for decades funding black ops and buying off governments.

Maybe the price of gold was NOT manipulated for decades but instead was kept down by a continual influx of gold sold into world markets.  But they've blown theoir wad - it's gone now.  Hence the conscious manipulation - for other reasons (propping up fiat).  We're in major tin foil hat territory here but some have made a convincing case.  On the positive side, this means that there's no longer a huge amount of bullion that could be dumped onto world markets - disrupting markets and depressing the price.

The ultimate question is: Where did it all go?   Who owns it now?

Would be really a bitch if the only reason the Arabs  kept selling the US oil is that they were allowed to convert paper $$$ to gold and they're hollding a lot more than they've acknowledged.  (But then maybe the bankers leased it out or 'borrowed' it back).


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If I remember correctly, isn't this a rerun on ZH Tyler?????  Know I've seen it somewhere.

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"Gold is not necessary. I have no interest in gold.  We'll build a solid state, without an ounce of gold behind it.  Anyone who sells above set prices, let him be marched off to a concentration camp.  That's the bastion of money" - Adolf Hitler

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Yep, somwhat perverse how JP Morgan got this anti-truth inversion (perversion) of the actual truth onto ZH today ...saying James Turk and Jim Sinclair "got it wrong" in this Hitler rant when of course they've been bang on the button for 10 years... when the truth doesn't fit, make-up blatant lies ...maybe it was Elliott Waves delusional idiot, Rob Prechter, that got this piece of crap on here, he's been wrong for 10 years on Gold and the entire past 20 months 

Here's Prince of Pricks, Rob Prechter, finally admitting he got it "wrong on Gold for some time 6mins into this Vid (he misses out it was 20 months in a row of cataclysmic wave counts and his retarded side-kick, Steven Hochberg, managed nearly 100 weeks straight of failing crashing waves)


Yep the Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle Dipshit of financial predictions, Prechter & Hochberg, have been whitewashed for nearly 2 years on Gold but the delusional Mr Prechter still thinks he has a legit opnion calling Gold too high t buy at $1,800 an Ounce... Gold of course went to over $1,900 so impoverished Elliot Wave subscribers already missing a 100% move in Silver in 2010 (i'm one) are missing out again listening to these frauds of finance

Elliott Wave theory.  the biggest pile of crap ever peddled by a bunch of delusional incompetent quacks (Prechter are you listening?)

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Tyler...a public service announcememnt...TARP Taxayer Rapist John Thain was on CNBC today getting fellatio from Maria Bartiromo:


If you've never seen WalStreetPro rip off Thain's head and piss down his neck, you can watch that here:


My apologies for the Friday night interruption...


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My my my, Maria is looking particularly frightening lately.  Must have her makeup gun set to "Bride of Frankenstein".

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When I read Conquer The Crash in 02 I could'nt believe that a very smart guy could not get gold (Roubini, you listening)  Tea leaf readers get way too much respect.

PS Jim Sinclair quit doing interviews on financialsense.com when Prechter came on to talk down gold.  Not long after, we got jsmineset.com so thanks Rob, er I think

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ZG... I have found financial nirvana by being short charts since the mid 1960s...

Or, as Jim Rogers puts it "I have never met a wealthy technician"

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Hitler's fat would have been pulled from the fire (again) by Hjalmar Schacht, Reichsminister of Finance.

Schacht was brilliant... No quantity of bull shit repellent could prevent Western bankers from falling under his spell.

"Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" WL Shirer... great history for those with the time to read it...

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Ugh, this is painful if you speak German.

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yes, quite amusing indeed, but volume needs to be at zero to enjoy

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You obviously do not speak German. This is not funny. This is not parody. This is not humor. This is not what you think.

This does not belong here.

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@narapoiddyslexia - Here, let me try to 'splain to you why this is funny. Hitler had a freakin' film crew in his bunker filming himself have a meltdown during World War II. How much more reality TV does it get?

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I understand what the original script and what Hitler is saying in this scene.

This meme is funny due to the fact of the over-reaction of the actor to the events when other text inserted.

If one cannot laugh about the final capitulation of the German military as the Russians close in and Berlin lay defenseless, and Adolf laments not killing his entire high command, then what can one ever laugh about? 

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Sprechen sie, STFU??????????????

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wow, wrong 6 out of 6, pls let me know if you are long or short equities right now. TIA

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The tragedy is the German people elected an usurper from Austria - ditto the US in 2008 with the Kenyan illegal.  The "allies" post WW1 using the banksters really F'ed Germany over helped by Morgan and Rothschilds.  Sadly the Germany military did not take Hitler and the SS/Gestapo out circa 1940.

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Sadly Germany got this Austrian usurper thanks to - who else - Morgan/Rockefellers and Rothschilds bleeding Germany for reparations.

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And for the second time too. Nobody comes to power without the help of the bankers. He was doing just what they wanted until he tried to free Germany of the tentacles of the bankers. Once he did that he became enemy number one of the moneychangers. Without Hitler, there would be no Israel so he's the patrol saint of that shitty little country. Nuremberg was just a show trial where Germans were tortured into false confessions. The people who profited from the war were never mentioned, never prosecuted. America made off with German technology and scientists and benefited from Europe's destruction.

Oh and by the way, there was no holocaust. The Jews were re-located to concentration camps to create the myth of the six million dead in ovens and to protect them from the carnage of war.

So much for history.

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"Oh and by the way, there was no holocaust. The Jews were re-located to concentration camps to create the myth of the six million dead in ovens and to protect them from the carnage of war."?

And you are a disgusting piece of bilious sub-human shiiit. Just the sort of intellectually sub-standard, evolutionarily-deficient moron who Shitler wouldn't even have bothered sending to the camps -- just a muddy ditch somewhere (along with the rest of your useless family).

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Did you know that as many as 150,000 part Jews served in the German army including two field marshals and fifteen generals (two full generals, eight lieutenant generals, five major generals) according to the book Hitler's Jewish Soldiers? Did you know that Hitler offered to free all the Jews in Europe if the Zionist leadership paid a fee for each person and re-located them out of Germany but the Zionists turned them down? Did you know that of the supposed six million dead Jews that four million were to have died at Auschwitz but that officially that number is now down to 1 million yet the official myth still says that six million died. Further did you know that official records at Auschwitz only show 58,000 deaths? Do you know how much Germany has paid in reparations to Jews to the millions who claim to be 'survivors'? There's lots more. So all you Jews who don't like the truth can fuck off.

AnAnonymous's picture

and re-located them out of Germany


Relocation of people? Sounds like a typical US citizen move...

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Let me guess, hivekiller... are you a muslim ?

I'm asking because we have so many poor litlle muslims over here that love Hitler and who are trying to push us against them and f*** Europe once again.

hivekiller's picture

Actually I'm partly Jewish but was raised an American so I don't think like Jews do. You know. The whole chosen we're holier, better, and smarter than you bit and the rest of you are donkeys, cattle, cockroaches, etc. I don't care for Muslims any more than I care for fundamentalists of any religion. They are all a threat to my freedom. I say deport them before your culture is overwhelmed by them just like we need to deport all the hispanics and send blacks back to Africa. You can't have a civilization where people who are intellectually inferior are granted special privileges and called victims. Look at Zimbabwe. Look at South Africa if you want to know what's in America's future. Don't like what I say? Kiss my ass. The whole plan for allowing unlimited immigration comes from Jews who want Israel as a racially pure state - shades of Hitler - and the rest of the world a multicultural mess. Don't fall for it. It's a lie designed to destroy Western civilization and the idea of individual freedom.

b-rad-is-rad's picture

I don't think like Jews do. You know. The whole chosen we're holier, better, and smarter than you bit and the rest of you are donkeys, cattle, cockroaches, etc.


I say deport them before your culture is overwhelmed by them just like we need to deport all the hispanics and send blacks back to Africa. You can't have a civilization where people who are intellectually inferior are granted special privileges and called victims.

See anything inconsistent?

hivekiller's picture

There is no reason to for affirmative action, special set asides for minorities, or political correctness which is nothing more than lying about history,  the truth about mean IQ differences between the races, differences in crime rates between the races, use of welfare, etc. Forcing whites to carry the burden of caring for minorities is a form of slavery. Blacks have an entire continent. Let them return to it. Same with hispanics. They have more than an entire continent. Let's see what they can create aside from the contribution of whites. I doubt it will be much more than salsa.

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One is between whites...the second is between a white and a black.  It's perfectly consistent.

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80%+ of American Jews voted for a known Muslim in 2008 to destroy America and they still love him.  This occurred 7 years after 9/11. 

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You mean Hitler, that guy who was funded by Prescott Bush (president Bush's father and president W Bush's grandfather) and so many others WASP National Socialism sympathizers ?

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Not to mention Henry Ford and Brown Brothers Harriman.

But holocaust denying is nothing new, though I am surprised and embarrassed for those here that give this fucker +1's in spite of a total and complete lack of documentation of his claims.  Quite true there was a lot of blame to go around in a world as messed up as it was then and is now, but anybody that thinks fascism is ever OK, that Hitler was not pure evil, that millions and millions of people were treated like garbage to be destroyed on an industrial scale, sadly there are some of you here and many in our modern nation, and you are the antithesis of life, everything that is good is denied to you and you can't figure out why.  Open your eyes, the ugliness of life is in you not outside, not some banker in Europe, not a Jew or Israel, it is your own diseased mind.

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Why don't you people like jews? I'll tell you why! let's examine the word: "jew" ..Rhymes with "Eew", as in "Eeeeewww.. A Jew."


Such a silly reason not to like an entire class of peoples.


why don't we just all agree to dislike intergenerational, inbred, control-freak families that like to centrally plan global events so that they will always remain in control of this old rock, even if it means war, famine, poverty and genocide? Some are Jewish, some are Christian, Some are Muslim and some are fricken Chinese-Buhdist-midget-porn-watching, black gay jewish klansmen.







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WW1 = gives the land back to Israel

ww2 - Pushed the Jews back to their land

ww3 (Coming) All the nations go against Israel to fight against it

Epiilog: Jesus Christ comes back and ALL eyes shall see him, Israel (as a nation) recognizes he was the Messiah and ALL israel is saved.

1000 year Millenimum reign of Jesus Christ on earth who rules with a rod of Iron

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Jesus will rule with a rod of Iron?  Huh? 

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Q: Why do shepherds wear flowing robes?

A: 'Cause sheep can hear the sound of a zipper from a mile away...



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"Ach! Tungsten! Bitches!"

when you try to take delivery.

(which, I suppose would be "Ach! Wolfram!" but you get my point.)

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"I should have bought Google! Like Stalin!"