If You Own CSJ, We Would Sell

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Balls volume on options.  Volume in general sucks.  Fuck.

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That could be a good trade.  If you think there is a chance of principal loss, options are reasonably priced at 7-9% vol

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Damn, can't hide anywhere.

VCSH look any better?

Thank for the analysis.

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For those of you who invest in an IRA or for long term goals, theres a better approach than buy,hold,hope. Stocks follow the economy so analyzing the economy, specifically the factors that are "leading indicators" and having exposure to equities only when the economy is headed in the right direction and avoiding equities in favor of safe haven baskets is a much more logical approach. And missing the major drawdowns is the only way to help ensure meeting your goals.  If you are interested in investing in a portfolio that tactically invests in equity and safe haven baskets via ETF's automatically, please email me at:


and I'll add you to the weekly market commentary & portfolio update distribution list.  Its free to add you and you can follow along our model and our views.  We have been RISK-OFF since 6/30 so have missed all this wicked volatility. Currently invested in short duration treasury baskets as flight to safety drives interest in our debt. 

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wtf is this guy still here? 24 straight hours of posting in every thread.

Even oobrien and paarsons give it a rest.

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as does ORI, who doen't seem to have "partners" in his ad-bot model, which this shitheaded troll is following, but he his less 'feceFuk friendly' than ORI

L0L!!!  that typo is stayin, BiCheZ!

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imsaul0968. Please. Just. Stop.

Tyler...you should revoke the membership of this clown!

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are you snitching?

on your 4th post?

welcome to zH!

and...no soup for you!

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low open interest on the put options on csj. wonder why

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Reaching for yield begins the crisis countdown, and all credit risk will will be tested.  Even money markets are terribly risky right now...and pay no return. get out if you haven't already...

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Buying CSJ to earn a few extra bps when there is real chance of principal-related pain does not seem like an optimal risk trade to us.

...and how do you feel about no extra bps money market funds?

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Can anyone recommend a good corporate bond fund?