"I'm Bill Gross And I Endorse Ron Paul For President"

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As a follow up to today's must read letter from Bill Gross, the PIMCO head explains what was the thinking behind the conclusion that is slowly leading him to become a gold bug, the potentially erroneous assumption that the Fed can not drop rates below zero (not if Goldman and JPM have their way), why Bernanke has no choice but to write checks when the Twist ends in June which will lead to bond buying for the next 12-24-36 months. Nothing new. What is new, and absolutely stunning, is Gross' endorsement for president: 'I'm a little Ron Paulish." (6'24" into the clip)... That's right. The bond king endorses Ron Paul for president, apparently on the realization that very soon he will have to pay Tim Geithner for the privilege of holding hundreds of billions in US paper. And now we've heard it all. 


And with that statement, can we assume that all the cash that Gross donated to Barack Obama (see below) will flow toward "Ron Paul-ish" this time around?


Source: Exercises In Supreme Hypocrisy: Bill Gross Edition

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I guess he needs all the help he can get after getting 7% in the Medicare state.

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Bill - Take two aspirin and you'll feel better in the morning.

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he just heard about NEGATIVE INTEREST RATE BONDS today and he's fucking tired of keeping his mouth shut about politics.  I admire the guy. Enough is enough

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I KNEW it. Bill Gross is now officially discredited as a financial professional. Ron Paul is a known hack who garners the support of conspiracy theorists, confederate racists and other radical extremists. Mr Paul has already been totally exposed by the media for his insane policies such as:

  1. Ending the war on terror and disarming America against Islamic extremists who hate our freedom
  2. Legalizing ALL drugs including marijuana (proven to cause brain damage), cocaine and even OPIUM
  3. Auditing the Federal Reserve which according to Dr Ben Bernanke (M.I.T, Princeton Alma Matter and current Fed chairman) would leave monetary policy open to political meddling which would give rise to blatant conflicts of interest

Needless to say, this association will seriously damage Mr. Gross’ reputation, which serves him right for betting against American debt, and selling out his own country.


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Ron Paul and GOLD, What More Do You Want/Need ???

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Million Dollar, you must thrive Orgasm on NEGATIVE VOTES ...

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he keeps us "fair and balanced" lol  great sarcasm

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I Guess "Million Doller" is voting for that Used-Car-Salesman-Lookalike Nitt Ronney...

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I betcha Million Dollar Boner and Hamy Wanger meatball each other as they type up troll posts on ZH. They're always referencing Ivy League professionals and keep using words like democracy all the time.

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'I'm a little Ron Paulish." 6'24" 

Doesn't that make little Ron Paul 8 feet tall?

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I find Gross' new-found Ron Paulishness grossly insulting to my intelligence which is being grossly underestimated by Gross.

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For even DARING to mention "He Who Shall Not Be Named" (for his love of that diabolical yellow metal that earns no interest and that can't be eaten), much less without including several gratuitous and graphic references to anal rape:


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"Million Doller" Is gonna EARN a Big Bonus today for the HIGH Negative votes he scored here on ZH ...

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Yawn -- These comments get very dull to read when it's all response to idiot who is definitely *not* clever enough to be a writer for the Daily Show.

On other more important news. Anyone see that Pay Pal co founder gives Ron Paul a million. I'm buy more shit from Pay Pal. Thiel statment of support is great and ignored my lame media, of course.

"Harmon said in a statement to TheDC that ”Peter Thiel could see Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of Facebook before anyone else understood it. Peter knew that Facebook was the future and he was the first investor. I think Peter can see that Ron Paul is the future of the Republican Party.”

“While Romney and Gingrich are out pandering to voters over the age of 50, Ron Paul is winning over the youth vote, independents, Democrats, and ethnic groups — all of the demographics the GOP has struggled with for years,” said Harmon."

Ron Paul Revolution

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mdb- love you bro. never change. stay black, mdb.

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Hysterical that these guys can't spot satire even when is smacks em right in the kisser!

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Well we won't see Gross on CNBS until after the convention, he'll get the Schiff treatment (a Ron Paul adviser). 

BTW has anyone noticed that the talking heads now refer to "which of the three" or "the three potential candidates".  The "one who cannot be spoken of" has "dropped out" of the race as far as FOX is concerned.  Once and awhile CNN mentions him, but even their hope that he runs as a third party candidate is fading.

To add insult to injury, Republican Establishment Excludes Ron Paul From 2012 CPAC Event

We are doomed, buy more long term storage food.

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That's what I thought when I first read him, thinking; "Nobody can still be that flaming dumb!" but then I see the results of various primaries and my doubts are cast aside. Yup. he's that dumb. It ain't funny anymore.

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It's not satire when that's all you ever post.

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Exactly the point that I have tried to make many times as well.

I think those bastards just suck --- there are enough REAL trolls out there without their dishonest contributions (if that is what they are).

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"I'm buy more shit from Pay Pal. "


Paypal was instrumental in breaking wikileaks. They can go fuck themselves.

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Doesn't that make little Ron Paul 8 feet tall?

God that was funny - who in the "h" "e" double tooth picks junked that?

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Probably the very same humourless person who junked yours? Go figure. Some people just don't have a sense of humour. Sad.

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Laugh it up, brah!  The junks are a joke!

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I junked it.. after I scrolled down and saw they were complaining about junks.. :)

Anyway,, Bill Gross should be screaming Ron Paul and Actually contributing.. He's short treasuries right?  We all know RP would stop letting the FED keep intrest rates down.. This position was fairly predictable..

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I think the 24" is the girth.

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MDB got his game face back...keep up the mediocre work

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Is Trillion(Zimbabwe)DollarAnus a troll, a parody of a troll, or a parody of a parody of a troll?  Or has his meta-trollness finally become so tightly wound that he has sprung off into some unfathomable higher dimension of trolldom, of which all that we can see in our dimension is an incomplete and misleading intersection of his hypertroll existence with our own normal ZH spatial realm?

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he's just a resident pejorative troll hoping for multi dimensionality

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CNBC and all of TV is such shit for morons.  All of TV is shilling and bowing to the Democrat's Muslim.  TOTUS Allah.  Gross is a tool for donating to the islamic.

  I used to have more respect for him.

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For the umpteenth time Freddie spouts the Obama is a Muslim idiocy:


All of TV is shilling and bowing to the Democrat's Muslim.


Jezus Kee-rist on a cracker! Freddie I'll copy and paste my response to DosZap on another page here, just for you:



DosZap burbled: "WHY does he kiss rad Islams ass, and slap the Izzys?."



Whilst Obama does not rely on votes from Israeli citizens (other than the occasional dual-citizen), he does rely on weighty campaign donations from U.S.-based supporters of Israel as well as endorsements from the Zionist influenced U.S. media.

quote from:

 Obama for President of Israel? | My Catbird Seat


Did Abner Mikva say that O-blah-ma would become known as the first Muslim President?


 "I think when this is all over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish president."~ Abner Mikva


quote from: http://www.chicagojewishnews.com/story.htm?sid=212226&id=252218


Were O-blah-ma's early major financial backers(Lester Crown, Penny Pritzker), in his rise to prominence, Muslims?



Mr. Obama's neighborhood




Is Obama's chief advisor(David Axelrod) a Muslim?


David Axelrod is described on the White House website as the former "Senior Partner" at AKP&D, who "managed media strategy and communications for more than 150 local, state, and national campaigns, with a focus on progressive candidates and causes."

SourceWatch has information about David Axelrodand his media companiesAs a former resident of Cook County who was born and raised in the Chicago area, I can say that the people who Axelrod has helped put into office in Illinois and Chicago are anything but "progressive."  Having monitored elections in Cook County, I can say with a high degree of certainty that the Chicago-based political figures that Axelrod has worked with are actually part of a large criminal enterprise.

Why would David Axelrod be involved in promoting candidates who are so easily corrupted?  Why is a son of Romanian Jewish immigrants working to promote black candidates in cities and states across the country?  Who tells Axelrod who to support and what policies to promote? 


quote from: The Axelrod Factor


For extra trivia points, prior to becoming President did Obama live right across the street from Chicago's oldest mosque?


see: Obama Chicago Mansion Birdseye - Cryptome



Thanks for playing Are You Dumber Than Someone Who Still Thinks Obama Is A Muslim


p.s. DosZap, are you also known here as "Freddie?"


end quoted earlier reply 


I should have added were Obama's first and current Chief Of Whitehouse Staff Muslims? 


But fucking hell man, if Obama is a true blue Muslim, he sure keeps strange company don't you think? 


What Obama really is, is a front-man and a puppet. But he is able to appear as being someone for anyone depending on where he's at and who he's talking to. Able to give flowery speeches(with the aid of a teleprompter) that are meaningless. Have you not noticed that his actions don't match his words? 


He is also a "Cult of Personality" as created by TPTB:

"Cult Of Personality"

Look in my eyes, what do you see?
Cult of personality
I know your anger, I know your dreams
I've been everything you want to be
I'm the cult of personality
Like Mussolini and Kennedy
I'm the cult of personality
Cult of personality
Cult of personality

Neon lights, Nobel Prize
When a mirror speaks, the reflection lies
You won't have to follow me
Only you can set me free

I sell the things you need to be
I'm the smiling face on your TV
I'm the cult of personality
I exploit you, still you love me
I told you one and one make three
I'm the cult of personality
Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi
I'm the cult of personality
Cult of personality
Cult of personality

Neon lights, a Nobel Prize
A leader speaks, that leader dies
You won't have to follow me
Only you can set you free

You gave me fortune
You gave me fame
You gave me power in your God's name
I'm every person you need to be
I'm the cult of personality


Living Colour - Cult Of Personality


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I knew Gross was a closet ZH-er.  I'll ask again, which Avatar is he?  

Hey, Bill, condolences on your brother in law and congrats on the granddaughter.

akak's picture

I am Bill Gross --- and given my avatar, isn't it obvious?

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Some people are still taking this guy seriously. All us crazy conspiracy theorists will be the ones holding the gold when the rerack comes around. Best of luck to the suckers voting for OBromney.

LawsofPhysics's picture

So you are still in favor of facism, kleptocracy, and the continued destruction of fiat capital via the mis-allocation of the primary dealers and the Fed's ZIRP?  Good for you, and my PMs thank you.  


I KNEW IT! you do write for Jon Stewart!

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

I want an economy managed by EXPERTS, and I want the government to take a strong stance on drugs, terrorism and poverty. Ron Paul is a threat to the American way of life, and somebody has to tell the truth about his policies.

Obama/Biden 2012!! Vote for REAL freedom and liberty.

prains's picture

mdb now you're just being plain silly

Transformer's picture

No He's not..  He's one of the true visionaries on this rag of a blog.  We have got to get back to true American values and RP is definitely not that.  We need a strong military presence the world over, and that making all the drugs legal, well. . . . that can only lead to slovenliness and even more unemployment. We also need a strong government to get through the coming hard times, to keep the populace in line, as crime and rebelliousness go on the rise.  Someone like Romney, who can create jobs, and knows how to straighten out the economy.  He's the man for the job.


The Big Ching-aso's picture



Could this be a hint of a Gross-Paul or Paul-Gross ticket?  Either way it sounds kinda gross.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

@Transformer-"We also need a strong government...to keep the populace in line..."


Why are you trolling here? Go over to the fucking HuffPo if you want to act like a dipshit.

Transformer's picture

Well. . . .  you definitely need someone to keep your urges in line.  Just look at you!!!  Has your mother seen you looking like this?

StychoKiller's picture

Last time someone was in favor of "experts", Swastikas were all the rage!

prains's picture



you need a white five gallon hat,a bible and some buttless chaps, get on yer soap box an' praise the lord brotha!



/sarc for morts button on

Quantitative_Appeasing's picture


"We have got to get back to true American values and RP is definitely not that."


Really? I believe the concept of a Federal government with SPECIFIC and LIMITED powers ENUMERATED by the Constitution is

the true American value the country was founded upon.....


Let me guess, instead by true american values you mean the MIC that  Eisenhower warned against??

"We need a strong military presence the world over,"

- "Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none." -  --  Thomas Jefferson

"and that making all the drugs legal, well. . . . that can only lead to slovenliness and even more unemployment."

oooh imagine americans free to make POOR choices!  Egads! the horrors of freedom. People might destroy their lives with weed instead of the societal approved method of alcoholism!!!


"We also need a strong government to get through the coming hard times, to keep the populace in line, as crime and rebelliousness go on the rise."

Seems to me Germany tried that after WWI . Had a very popular guy elected to fix the economy, put people back to work and found a scapegoat to blame the problems on. worked out really great in the end.





Nigh Eve's picture

Now everyone sing!

"America, America uber alles..."

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You must be a "step-down" transformer.