IMF Blinks?

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Headline crossing the tape:


Did Syriza, and the Greeks, just win the great blinking war of 2012? If so, Spain may have lost it:


Perhaps Spain needs to ramp up its defection stance a little more to pull a Greece next time...

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BUY BUY BUY   THE WORLD IS SAVED!!!  OMFG.  How long before this EuroRumor (TM) is refuted?  20 minutes?

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In a match of Russian roulette, the last blink is when you realize this time the chamber does not sound like it did when you pulled the trigger and came out alive.  This time, the chamber is pregnant, and you...are  a millisecond from having your brains splattered onto the player next to you.

redpill's picture

Good point.  Mental note, never sit to the left of a right-handed player in Russian Roulette.  Whew!

Cadavre's picture

And never, like never ever never, fall for the "Let's play Polish Roulette!" shtick (Polish roulette, for those of us that have not slugged down the ouzo and contemplated this ancient game of sport, Polish roulette is similar to  the Russian variant, except, instead of a revolver, a magazine fed semi-auto game piece is used)!

IMF's La Crap scorns Greek for not paying taxes, despite the fact she gets a half mil a year tax free.

The Phoenix stirs in it's egg - rising time is near.

Gene8696's picture

Sorry, but I just bet on the Russian roulette players... As I sit in the arena sipping a single malt. It's all a way to pass time until they come out and hose away the brain matter from the ring.

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Better splatter some eggs in a bowl and go for a Russian Omelet


dasein211's picture

You don't make loans to a NINJA economy! Stupid IMF!!

PulpCutter's picture

Spain was running a surplus, and had low public debt - what NINJA economy.

Who's stupid?

junkyardjack's picture

As everyone slowly makes their way over to the US Treasuries door, I would say no...

Cone of Uncertainty's picture

There is no better fucking way better recognize.


Badabing's picture

once you have fiat you never go back

AndrewJacksonsGhost's picture

The best way to win, is to not play.................

g speed's picture

TU on your AJG avitar--rereading "Age of Jackson" (the banking wars) -- 

williambanzai7's picture


Program goals? What program goals. Looks like noise to try and influence the polls.

Kreditanstalt's picture

Just a little off the top...?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


Just another head fake.

Austerity rules.....rule.....simply because it's not Greece they're negotiating with......but Spain, Italy, Ireland etc. Can't set a precedent here of leniency to the debt slaves.

ArkansasAngie's picture

Did the IMF get permission from OBomney first?  Americans might not be too happy to bail out the Greeks

junkyardjack's picture

Oh I can't wait to see this one go through congress, where is my popcorn?...

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Oh, really? Americans are happy to watch TV, eat at McDonald's, and shop at Walmart.

Unless something curtails those activities, Americans couldn't care less.

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Option ein: Greeks must pay their taxes.

Option zwei: Those who don't, must hang or shoot themselves.



Caviar Emptor's picture

Is Cramer allowed to rant at the IMF on CNBS? ...They know NOTHING!!...(stamp feet)

azzhatter's picture

he's having a hard time ranting with Fuckerberg's weenie in his mouth

Its_the_economy_stupid's picture

I don't get. Why not let thre sovereigns default and collect the CDS contract amounts from the the big 5 US banks stupid enough to write the contracts?

Dr. Engali's picture

The market knows that the banks will never honor those CDSs. They are good for trading vehicles only.

narnia's picture

The market knows full well the FDIC will honor these contracts at 100% par via indirect purchase by Fed.

Its_the_economy_stupid's picture


Then why doesn't the market let the FED carry the water?

Dr. Engali's picture

The only winners in this war are the bankers. Wake me when the shooting starts.

Caviar Emptor's picture

IMF to world : Drop dead. But first, let's try giving each citizen 100,000 Euros and recap the banks. Then let's see what happens

ptoemmes's picture

Ramp up or ramp down?


I know the answer is yes.


Shit, this is confusing.

adr's picture

The answer is ramp up and ramp down. There is no "or" anymore.

AccreditedEYE's picture

I thought the IMF didn't "negotiate" and preferred to dictate terms.... oh, that's right! That's only what's done in a restructuring to get a country back on a path to stability and growth...   Totally different situation here. lol

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Spain is under the bus.

Bones265's picture

Now filming in Euorpe! The Squeal to "GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS"

Roland99's picture

I'm gonna need some Grecian formula after all this!


(if I have any hair left, that is)

Spastica Rex's picture

Bald is beautiful, ask my wife.

No, don't ask my wife.

Quinvarius's picture

Translation:  Greece will be crushed.  We are raising money to send to Spain right now.

brooklynlou's picture

Translation: We just woke up to the fact that Greece is on fire. Spain is fine and doesn't need anything.

Calmyourself's picture

This dance will last for years as everyone is dancing and there are no more chairs.

adr's picture

I negotiate that all future bailouts take the form of shiny quartz river pebbles. Gold is so passe. Ten river pebbles will be worth one Eartho and Home Depot will be declared the most valuable institution on Earth due to its overabundant supply of shiny quartz river pebbles. Greece will be saved with a two ton shipment of Home Depot sourced river pebbles.

Is that really any fucking different than what is going on?

Conman's picture

Translation: We are sorry our overly tanned chief called you all lazy tax cheats. Let us punt the can down the road for another month for you as a concession. P.S. Fuck you spain.

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Little Miss Sunshine today, Tyler?

First QE3 is 100% assured - BEFORE any numbers remotely justify it

Now the IMF (which does not have enough CASH) is going to offer new terms to Greece (which does not have enough CASH) but, no biggie, because Spain (which does not have enough CASH and was willing to use the variable rate VIG to refund their banks) is not likely to notice (nudge, nudge, Wink, Wink).

When raver girls offer you some aspirin, it is really Ecstacy and it will impair your judgement.


Village Smithy's picture

Still, I'd like to be offered.

Al Huxley's picture

I was thinking the same thing, sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Spastica Rex's picture

Keep drinking lots of water.

Bag Of Meat's picture


Sell in one hour