Immediate FOMC Reaction - "The Face Your Rip Off" Unrally

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Market reponse in one chart. We expect about 10 more kneejerk reactions imminently before the market realizes this is not good.

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and then the PPT came in and whipswaed the mkt higher...

Dick Fitz's picture

PPT might be a tad overwhelmed in this scenario. Got Gold?

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Nah, just a bunch of daytrading morons.  CNBC was ready with the positive spin.

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Apparently the inverse of ZH bandwidth utilization.

Ramboy's picture

Very true.  ZH bandwidth issues and server failures are always short term bottoms on the ES.

schoolsout's picture

and things are pretty much back to where they were as if the Fed never announced anything...mahvelous...simply mahvelous.

schoolsout's picture

Christ...I imagine a few accounts have just been decimated with the whipsawing going on

janus's picture

i guess this is bearish for oil?

or is this all about oil?

OliverTwist's picture

I'm afraid my silver trade will tank too ...

Zero Govt's picture

Silver gone green, pinged off $37.00 like a jumping jack, up 1.20% passed $38 ...keep going you Silver Surfer, catch that Gold up like we know you can  

Peter_Griffin's picture

Crashy McCrashy... kinda like this website.

Zero Govt's picture

the Stock Markets a bit like bomb sites at the mo... ZH is more like musical chairs, you just have to try your luck to see if you can get your arse in!

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I want to rip Ben's face off, he is a monster!

MsCreant's picture

Yeah, but then what would you do with it?

I will say this, it is the only "face" I would want from Ben...

baby_BLYTHE's picture

I would wear it as a "Dead Skin Mask", to quote a Slayer song

Tree of Liberty's picture

Too Funny!

"Nothing Worse Than A Woman's Scorn"


El Viejo's picture

Yeah, all the while they are being sweet and nice and polite and prim and proper - they are storing up the grapes of wrath. Don't push em over the edge, especially when the moon is full. Owwwwwwuuuuuuu

janus's picture

i'm unfamiliar with that quote; and when it comes to the white-hot rage from the fairer sex, i admit i've received more than any tolerable share a man should be asked to the 'nothing worse' is a little wanting. 

have you ever been on the business end of 10 razor sharp claws?  the situation is terribly difficult to's all hell's fury and worse, WAY worse -- you can take my word for it or ole bill shakespeare's; either way, the point is the same.


Caviar Emptor's picture

Let them eat ZIRP!!

Spitzer's picture

It is as aggresive as Bernanke could get the board to agree on. For what that's worth.

I wonder what the Euro is doing............

chinaguy's picture

1.423 EUR

71.80 CHF a new fucking record gentlemen

StychoKiller's picture

JPY is right back around 76.84 -- like the BOJ intervention never even happened!

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

Slaughter was right about the leak... came about 11am... gold moved up from 1722 to 1752 while the DJ traded sideways and choppy for a loss of about 25pts.

The equities holders have just been thrown under the bus to save the bondholders ... and, to save the US from ANOTHER credit downgrade...

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A Lunatic's picture

Bearish for baseball bats.

cowdiddly's picture

ZZZZZZZZ......and back to your regularly scheduled market meltdown.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Free money for all primary dealers indefinitely, and NO SOUP FOR YOU!  LOL

HyperLazy's picture

Volume on Bank of America stock: 329M...

hedgeless_horseman's picture

Birinyi' new ruler better be a carpenter's square.

janus's picture

Hey, I know you -- didn't we meet on the square and part on the level? Or was it the other way roung?

RemiG2010's picture

Read my lips: ZERO!

Greater Fool's picture

EUR basically unchanged since the announcement as of this writing, although it's been having a spasm similar to the S&P. Except the S&P is...ahem...not unchanged since the announcement. Unchanged since previous close, more like. For now.

Catullus's picture

TARGET rates were supposed to add confidence? The Fed doesn't set rates. They target them. A giant nothingburger.

NotApplicable's picture

FWIW, I'm fairly confident the Fed will target rates with a giant monetization gun.

Catullus's picture

Thanks. Now want to take a guess how much that would be? Because until 2013 at the rate the USG is creating new bonds, they'd have to monetize over $3trillion. I'm sure theyll release that number at any moment now.

max2205's picture

Crash 2.01 coming to your terminals....a throw in the towel drop

Doyle Hargraves's picture

And S&P firmly back in the Red, Dow -172 and sinking fast,  wow they held out longer than I thought, about 25 minutes

Jean's picture

Always a little slow after a heavy lunch, actually a slow start scares me - means someone thought about for a few minutes before pulling the ripcord anyways.

Doyle Hargraves's picture

You mean thought about it and said fuck it I am not pulling the ripcord, just ride one in!

irishlink's picture

Everywhere today the media has highlighted the fact that even cab drivers are buying gold. They are using this to highlight that we are in a gold bubble! I would counter that cab drivers are some of the most informed people I know.

Jean's picture

Not sure about buying, but if the cabbies are selling ...

Spitzer's picture

Like Ben Davies said, everyone is talking about it, but who actually owns it ?


The sheeple think they have this bubble thing figured out so they don't own gold.

kaiten's picture

Market collapse 2.0

Zero Govt's picture

Why's everyone sweating about a market collapse, we're ALL Bears here now Leo's topped himself (i would have sent flowers but needed a new alloy wheel cleaning kit)... isn't every fecker short and having a damn good time???

I've been short for friggin months, it's 'Pay Day'

Chill Out, we're on holiday

Cursive's picture

This probably won't be good for gold or the inflationary investing thesis.

Smiddywesson's picture

LOL, deflation can never outrun spending and printing.  Everything is good for gold.

JohnG's picture

Plunge. Just wow, nothingburger is right.

Fuck you Ben.