The Incredible Lightness Of Buy-Side Volume

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Today's market movement was/is remarkable in its clarity. One glance at this chart and it will become brutally clear that once 1340 was hit, the 'tickle-algo' was triggered and a de minimus volume press on the bid-offer stack limped us all the way back to the day's highs - considerably above VWAP. Whether we see the institutional selling blocks hit now is still undecided but if there was ever any doubt about who is selling and who is buying this chart should clarify...

lower pane is volume (spot the difference) and the light blue line is VWAP - notice that even as ES ripped to the day's highs, it was unable to push VWAP higher...


Chart: Bloomberg

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transaccountin's picture

how can /es go up on 1/4 the volume? i mean it takes 10 volume to go down but only 3 to go up as much?

firstdivision's picture

Cause the system is rigged to the upside.

Racer's picture

Only when They want it to go up. They will push it down if there are a lot of stops they want to hit before they turn it around

Precious's picture

... the old Billy Preston song, "Nothin from nothin leaves nothin."

BlandJoe24's picture

Yes, "they" have way more than enough money to buy any market move they want.  So if they'll net profit from a move up or a move down or holding steady, they'll spend some money to make it happen.  

"They" have enough money to place bets, sell bets, AND move the market.  

Overwhelmingly rigged to provide more and more and more profit to a few people and wipe out everyone else....


0z's picture

Well then, just trade with them and make tons of money too! Ahahah! People who blame their trading losses on the illuminati!

leftcoastfool's picture

I would, but they never send me the memos before they rip the market...

0z's picture

Ahahah! I hear ya!

Perhaps this has nothing to do with some Illuminati Grandmaster of Evil, and more to do with shortsellers levered 40 to 1. Ahahah!

0z's picture

Funy how Zerohedge reader do not like my suggestion of making money. God forbig they have more dollars to purchase more real assets before a systemic monetary collapse happens! Ahahah! You guys make me crack everytime. At least a couple of them agreed with me on making money.

Blaming someone else for your bad luck is always a losing attitude. If you're still firm in your conviction, you all should only be glad you can add to your positions at this price! Or sell calls, whatever is is you like to do.

The Monkey's picture

It's pretty easy for the bulls to put momentum behind the market, until, well, it isn't.

Let the bulls continue to do the heavy lifting for you.

The Monkey's picture

IF nosellers

THEN marketmovesup()

Precious's picture

Shit.  You can't even trust Ponzi schemes anymore.

Widowmaker's picture

It's worse.

It's capital dislocation from savers and risk averse to the incorporated in the name of "growth."  It's name only and rigged is far too kind a phrase to describe.

PeeramidIdeologies's picture

More like in the name of illusion. Globally the fed must appear in control of the market, as must everyone's CB. Loss of control is loss of confidence. That is the key these days. It become a giant game poker game where everyone is bluffing so nobody can call...

Racer's picture

The banksters 'allow' it to go up by not standing in the way

Stoploss's picture

The Bernanke speech algo.


It will revert.

TheGameIsRigged's picture

This insane rigged market is really really annoying....i wish something REAL would happen

The Monkey's picture

Market moved up on powerful earnings growth. The Fed augmented gains by keeping deflation at bay and reducing volatility.

Not a rigged market at all.

adr's picture

powerful earnings growth that would have came inunder estimates published a week ago. Lowering the hurdle doesn't mean you did anything spectacular to clear it.

leftcoastfool's picture

Robo Trader - did you change your screen name to "The Monkey"?

Hedgetard55's picture

Just a further refinmement on the software version of MDB and "Max Fisher".

The Monkey's picture

I didn't say the fabulous earnings growth would continue; I just said the market moved higher on a positive rate of change for earnings. This is a great set-up for a top, because the earnings story is behind us.

That said, let the bulls do the work for you. With Apple up next, and insiders closed out of the market due to earnings, prices will move higher.

Long until 1390, then start dollar cost averaging shorts expecting it to crawl to 1421. Keep lots of dry powder.

0z's picture

Sell it then! The sell side is tougher; inflation!

radicall's picture

I was noticing the same thing. I guess there are no other sellers (except me) and a lot of the shorts covered down below yesterday's low

Snakeeyes's picture

My should there be volume? Bernanke gave a blah speech where nothing was revealed. Markets reacted negaitively then rebounded.

It should be "On Bernanke's Incredible Lightness of Being ... Fed Chair."

alien-IQ's picture

The term "Free Market" deserves a place in the comedy Hall of Fame.

Deep79's picture

Don't worry about short term noise.

We all know the end result, market is trying to shake as many shorts as it can and sucker in some longs in the process before it rips down. 

Market is their to hurt the most amount of people, if you believe we are ina recovory, by all means go long, but most know we are in BIG trouble. 

Stay patient, they csnt keep this sucker up too much longer.

Village Smithy's picture

It's tough. I keep telling myself that the reason it's so hard to stay short is because the banksters want the short positions for themselves. But it's painful.

The Monkey's picture

Shorting is usually futile unless short interest has been completely purged, the market has had 5 too many drinks and headline sentiment is manic bullish.

We still have tons of shorts in this market. They need to be wiped out for prices to move down decisively again. Until then, lot's of fakes until it rips higher taking out the short interest. Probably on new Chinese stimulus and a big Asian rally. The IMF has asked for it.

A good exercise: pair your position to the maximum size that will allow you to still sleep. Hold your short steadfast through the buying capitulation (whatever level that is).

You may come out ahead or behind in the end, but you will benefit from having experienced all the mental stages of a drawdown.

0z's picture

Agreed. Sell even more now!!

MsCreant's picture

Un"bear"able it is!

mrktwtch2's picture

one thing for sure is that you could go broke trying to short this..

Waterfallsparkles's picture

Never short a dull low volume Market.

Volume will pick up with earnings of some of the Bell Weather stocks.

radicall's picture

Last night's rally was about China and US possibly doing stimulue. Copper has been denying the China story. SO is ES up on Earnings optimism or do people *really* think Bernanke is ready to blow his wad right now?

jay28elle's picture

All they are looking for is at least a hint that he might be thinking about possibly blowing his wad.

hedgehog9999's picture

The only thing he'll blow is Obama's.... watch copper as somebody else said in this thread......

GernB's picture

Another interpertation (or maybe the same one) is that once the market exahsted the supply of sellers volume plunged and the market rose because fewer sellers were left to push the market down.

firstdivision's picture

I'd love to see the demand side of the curve as the market follows no rational function.  VWAP is a mathmatical function to try to determine price, and as you can see, price does what it wants regardless of volume.

BudFox2012's picture

I'm trying to decide whether I should be going long on software developers that make trading algos, or manufacturers of drones.  Which has more upside long term?  They both are very attractive investments right now...

MsCreant's picture

Software developers that make trading algos for drones. 

Allow your mind to freely associate with my suggestion.


sosoome's picture

drones are getting ready to take off

crawldaddy's picture

please wall street algos are little more than these.


 a fucking drinking bird and a keyboard.  Buy....

Cult_of_Reason's picture

Traxis to liquidate Biggs fund -- equity supply is on its way.

Who will absorb Traxis supply at current inflated stock price levels and long-only-fund bozos fully invested?

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Great title for an article, Tyler.

Chippewa Partners's picture

BudFox,  Ask BLUE HORSHOE and get back to us.

Waterfallsparkles's picture

When in doubt, stay out.  That is my motto.

I usually day trade but right now with earning of IBM, Goog, Aapl comming up in the next few days, I am staying on the side lines.

I feel like I am losing out on some profits but do not want to get stuck in a Stock ahead of earnings where I could lose a substancial amount of Money if I am on the wrong side of the trade.

I have done well this year and do not want to lose one penny of my profit.