Infographic - Are Guns And Ammo The New Gold?

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How come only ORI only says he agrees with me...DV...and not any of rest of you? I feel hurt here people. Show me a little love...

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So youre going to protect a micro dish with a .177?  Great.  Do you know how the Colonials got cannons since they were not being manufactured in the 13 colonies? 
Seeing how long it took the governemnt to deal with Goat herders, I aint worried.

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Best deals I find are (free shipping) and  Also, has a good selection and price on incendiary, tracer, etc, and they're good people.  I've dealt with Ammunitiontogo quite a bit, and they're easy to work with as well.  I'll pick up a box every now and then at Cabelas, but only because I'm driving by, plus tax and prices aren't all that good, but your mileage may vary.

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Thumbs up for ammunitiontogo. They also have the best selection of "specialty" ammo, although if you didn't stock up on the really good stuff (wink, wink) a year or so ago then you will have to settle for the novelties; which are cool but impractical for realistic defense purposes. They also nearly always have the best price on milspec .223 ammo, such as the ever so popular SS109.

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I have found to usually be the best online source if you're buying buy the case:

Occassionally they have a really nice clearance sale on my ammo.  I picked up a case of the TAP Personal Defense linked above for $15 and change a box about two weeks ago.  Now it looks like it's $17+

Stock up now.  They will not get any cheaper, or easier to get than they are today.  And you may not yet be on some watch list for buying in bulk today.  I believe shelf life if properly stored +plus utility = barter and resale and inflation hedge value later.

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Wolf Classic Military (Russian made) .223 are dirt cheap and very decent ammo. 1000 rounds for around $200 online, some with free shipping. My AK eats them like candy. Over 750 rounds so far without a single misfire or jam.

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Palmetto State Armory has XM193 for $5.49/20

You're not going to find it any cheaper...  even from wholesalers.  Enjoy.

Just be sure you have the right chambered gun for 5.56 ;)

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That's a great price.  Thanks for the link.

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Timing of this post is too funny. Just got back from the local shop. 1,000 rds XM193 to add to the stack. AKs eat anything but I like XM193.

This place here is great. Loose pack 0f 1,000 62 gr. M855 green tips at $329

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Try ammoman or cheaperthandirt web sites.

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"Who has good deals on some .223?"

@ iDealMeat, Go with the PMC.  Use it all the time, great value.

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Online Site "Cheaper than Dirt"

2000 rounds on 5.56 Nato/.223 rounds for $632.00

1000 Rounds of .223 Remington for $309.79

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Samo Sloga Srbina Spasava

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No logic and a great deal of ignorance.

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Thoughts for the Day:

“I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.” - Will Rogers (as tweeted by ZH)

“An armed society is a polite society.” – writer Robert Heinlein

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If the Brits had guns those riots wouldn't have lasted so long.  Intstead of chasing the looters around with bats, the looters would have stayed in the streets.

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Ratso you would appear to like collecting red down mods

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Well, Ratso said the diarist was trading on racism. So he deserves red down mods.

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"No logic and a good deal of ignorance."

 Sounds like the academic ivory tower that spawns the bloated bureaucracies and corrupt political mileau that Obama thrives in, and Ron Paul wants to abolish. Unfortunately for America, the Goldman Sachs and JPMorgans wont be as ready to shell out millions for the Paul campaign as they did and will do for lackey Obama

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I hear "the CIA has gone from Cubicle Country to a more Open Space design" as well.

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why all the negativity here? that was joke people!

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If every Jewish and anti-Nazi family in Germany had possessed a Mauser rifle, twenty rounds AND THE WILL TO USE IT, Adolf Hitler would have been an obscure footnote to the history of the Weimar Republic. -- Aaron Zelman. (Founder Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership)

Nuff said I think...

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Wow. That guy has a deep sociological understanding.

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If every Jewish and anti-Nazi family in Germany had possessed a Mauser rifle, twenty rounds AND THE WILL TO USE IT...

See Switzerland.


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Maybe, maybe not.  The Swiss were really lucky.  That, and the Nazis sent a lot of gold there to be kept safe by all those big mountains.

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Nobody messes with the bankers. lol

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Hedgeless is correct. The Swiss do not rely on good luck, they depend on good planning, and make the best use of their terrain.

Every male citizen is a soldier, even some of the women.
For generations, they have taxed themselves to provide the best Civil Defense on the planet. Their Republic has lasted more than 720 years, and they seem determined to keep it.

A very good example for the U.S. to follow.

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Unfortunately... the Swiss have been hollowed out from within. When their bigger banks went multi-national, they were then subject to the threats of the anglo bankers. Hence the endless raft of reports of more and more data sharing agreements with the US.

Switzerland is probably not much more of a safe haven than... Belgium.

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That's why the cheese of the swiss has so many holes in it.

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really? I'll believe anything if it makes me laugh!

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The Swiss also have bombshelters and food storage for all citizens.  They have made themselves too costly to invade in a conventional war with a fraction of the military spending as a % of GDP.  Several million dug-in alpen snipers makes for a formatable foe.  And while we spend billions on overpriced weapons systems their citizens have places to hide in case of a nuclear meltdown.

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and yet, the lovely Alps & their inhabitants are not immune to the global spraying:

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The Weimar government banned private ownership and pretty much anyone found owning a weapon during all of the street fighting in the early 20's was summarily shot by both Communists and Freikorps alike. 

Nobody really wanted private weapon ownership in Germany.

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That is really a stupid comment.  It's like saying if I had only known the light at the end of the tunnel was a train, I would have gotten out of the way.  

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Knowing the chances of it being a train could prove helpful.

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The same thing the government wants most of us to ignore.

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But ammo will provide food in the right hands.Turkey, deer, rabbit, etc.My grandfathers fed the family and friends by hunting in the last depression.