Infographic - Are Guns And Ammo The New Gold?

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There are those who contend that when fiat dies, gold and precious metals will take its place. Then, a smaller subset out there, claims that it matters not who owns the gold or silver. All that matters is who is in charge of the lead. The following inforgraphic from may shed some much needed light on the topic, which as recent Thanksgiving record sales indicated, more and more people are starting to lock in on (and load).

Is Ammo The New Gold? Full Infographic


The threat of a U.S. double dip recession coupled with this summer's debt debacle in Washington - and the subsequent failure of the so-called "debt supercommittee" - has many ordinary Americans looking at gold as a safe store of value.  However, there's another commodity that historically has risen in price along with gold - and is potentially more useful in the event of a global crisis: Ammunition.


Some of the fear-based psychological reasons for gold's popularity in times of economic crisis appear to be similar to the reasons cited for purchasing guns and ammunition.  Michael Thompson, a small business owner from Virginia, had this to say about why he recently purchased 2,000 rounds of 223 ammunition to go with his growing collection of AR-15 assault rifles: "Since ARs are so well-known & widespread, quality ones don't really go down in value.  I don't trust what's going on in Washington and a reliable firearm that'll hold it's value plus ammo that I can always re-sell later if I don't use it up seems like as safe a place as any to put my money in these uncertain times."


One prominent factor which customers at cite as one of their primary reasons for stocking up on guns & ammo now is the uncertainty surrounding U.S. firearm regulations.  Many wonder if President Obama's official position on firearm regulation will change if he wins a second term. Others point to recent actions taken by President Obama's appointees in the EPA and the Department of Justice, citing the EPA's recently proposed ban on lead ammunition due to health concerns about the lead seeping into ground water supplies and the on-going debacle surrounding the Deparment of Justice's failed Fast & Furious sting operation.  Several states have also enacted anti-gun legislation recently, such as California expanding their controversial gun registry to now include purchasers of new rifles and shotguns.


Dustin Ramsey, a 28 year old self-proclaimed "realist" from Tennessee who says hunting and fishing are two of his favorite outdoor activities, counts the 5,000 rounds of 9mm ammunition he keeps on-hand as one of his investments along with gold coins: "I'm a hunter so I know I can use my guns & ammo to feed my family if something happens to our usual food supply and there's a run at our grocery store. Plus, it seems like somebody on Wall Street is always getting bailed out nowadays and my faith in the stock market has been gone for a long time. Look, I've seen what happens when times get tough and I figure I can always barter a popular caliber like 9mm for other supplies like I would with gold if push comes to shove. And if a crisis never materializes where I need my stash of ammo, I still love to shoot so those bullets won't go to waste. Given the uncertainty in our world, ammunition seems more practical to me than gold, whether there's an economic crisis or not."


Whatever their reason, Americans are purchasing firearms and ammunition in record numbers.  USA Today recently reported that the FBI experienced on Black Friday their single largest number of background check requests ever in a single day, smashing the previous record by 32%.  Background check requests are processed by the FBI according to federal law.  Gallop also reported that gun ownership is at an 18 year high, with 47% of Americans admitting to Gallop they own a gun.  These statistics coupled with customer feedback at indicate more Americans are taking advantage of their constitutional right to own a firearm - and are arming up in increasing large numbers.

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High Plains Drifter's picture

i think all of you guys should buy as  much  of it as you can.........guns and ammo and keep buying no matter what, while you can. thst is just my opinion.   right now, it is plentiful.  maybe one day soon , no so much......


just be sure to stay away from dpms,  bushmaster,   remington, h&r and marlin.  the bastards sold out to cerberus, aka, the freedom group........freedom group?  man doesn't that induce nice warm fuzzy feelings? 

lakecity55's picture

Hey, the original Bushmaster owner is re-opening his business in the same factory. New Bushies by springtime!

James's picture

HPD, The name Cerberus is very fitting for these people.

Cerberus is a multi-headed dog guarding the gates of the underworld. (Greek mythology)

Did'nt these people (?) own Chrysler at one time?

High Plains Drifter's picture

yep...........they were in gm too.   i think it is a israeli front company......


my feelings on it. are they are going to try and mess up the gun companies in the united states thereby creating supply problems. the customer service at these companies has fallen off a cliff since they were bought out too. 

ClassicalLib17's picture

George Soros is a stockholder of Cerberus.  What's wrong with that picture?

aerojet's picture

They sold out because each was going out of business.  I don't know who is getting all those NICS checks or why, but the gun manufacturing biz has not been doing that well. 

The Big Ching-aso's picture



Pb = Precious Mettle?

JPM Hater001's picture

Clearly a product of public education.


Spigot's picture

I thought that was a good word play.

JPM Hater001's picture

I get it now...Good wordplay.

Game on!

mayhem_korner's picture



+1 for admitting the intellectual face plant.

mainuh1's picture

Guns, gold, silver and ammo, what more is there? CONsumer CONfidence?  BWA-HAHAHAHAHA!

MsCreant's picture

Million Dollar Bonus Mode: ie ASS MODE


You post such trash and the website loses credibility. Most sensible United States citizens do not stock up on guns and ammo and trust their government and local police to protect them. This right wing gun nut shit will alienate more sensible readers away from this website.

You would think that the rough spot the economy is experiencing is like a disaster or something. Nothing so far fetched is going to happen. Don't feed the hysteria by discussing such topics. Don't be part of the problem.

SheepDog-One's picture

Oh 'the gubment and police will protect you'....riiiiight well good luck with all that.

Jonas Parker's picture

"When seconds count, and the police are minutes away..."

Mad Marv's picture

I don't know where you are, but I bet it's dark and smells bad.

High Plains Drifter's picture

all right call for that kind of dark humor......

High Plains Drifter's picture

i am betting 20,000 reads and 500 comments.........

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

And the (defacto) Queen of ZH (where is Marla?) is going to have 100 junks.  Haha

MsCreant's picture

Lizzy is Queen. I am but a mere serf. You are way too sweet.

You sir, know fully what I did. Your friends know ya, eh? I kinda feel bad, but I thought the whole ASS MODE and Million Dollar Bonus reference would make it clear...LMAO. Didn't mean to punk anyone.

pakled's picture

U gave fair warning...

Cathartes Aura's picture

lol, okay, I'll admit to going "say wha'?" whilst reading that post - given your history of commentary - but by the end figured you'd merely (Mschievously) left off the "sarc" tag. . .

gave you a +1, but hey, if you're looking for triple-digit down marks for braggin' rights, I could always reconsider, *grin*


Teamtc321's picture

Just a thought, if you took a weapon and fired one round every second, it would take 32 thousand year's to fire a Trillion shot's.

Reality has to set in at some point imo. 


oddjob's picture

Its the 'shoot first' crowd.

STP's picture

You must not have lived in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots.  Those who trusted the gov't and police to take care of them were surprised when they faded away for days, while the city burned, looters broke into thousands of businesses and chaos erupted.

You're new here, or you'd have been enlightened by now, about your so called 'rough spot' in the economy.  This is not a 'rough spot' or a little pot hole, it is a sink hole, big enough to swallow whole governments, banks and other entities.

Nobody is hysterical here, except you.  And remember, it was right wing gun nuts, who created this country in the first place.  It will be left wing anti-gun fascists who will take away your freedom a little bit at a time, until you are powerless.

Waterfallsparkles's picture

Same in Baltimore.  They robbed and burned everything.  Not a Police person to be found.

aerojet's picture

How many folks did you end up having to kill?

STP's picture

Nodoby yet...  In Los Angeles, the low lifes pretty much burned down their own neighborhoods and all the businesses that somewhat supported them (mostly liquor stores).  It has taken over a decade, just to get now supermarkets to open in those areas.

I remember Queen Lateefa saying 'next time it will be the white neighborhoods', but you won't find that qoute anywhere.  While I think that whole mob is low IQ, I think they know better, than to do just that...

JPM Hater001's picture

Yes, this is a rough spot.  This is a rough spot like Pearl Harbor on December 5th.


Hobbleknee's picture

Your government just made it legal to imprison and kill you without a trial.

Northeaster's picture

"Nothing so far fetched is going to happen."

Not sure about where you live, but it's already happening. Here in MA, an innocent man was killed by police, no fault found. You go out and kill someone "by tripping"/accident, you're going to jail, for 20 years.

As former LE, this doesn't pass the smell test, just like many others covered across the country.

The framers of our Constitution specifically cited the relationship of having firearms to engage an oppressive/corrupt political hierarchy/government. Now may not be the time, or maybe you think something will be invented to change the scope of an increasing population with fewer resources to support it?

I prefer to err on the side of "having it and not needing it, than to need it and not have it".

Good luck to you.

cranky-old-geezer's picture



Now may not be the time,

If it hasn't happened by now, it wont happen.

Spigot's picture

MsC, you are entirely mistaken. Billions of rounds of ammo are bought domesticly each year in the USA. You can never have too much ammo :)

James's picture

Looks like the posters after  MsC don't know who MillionDollarBonus is.She even offered the disclaimer before her statement.

I've noticed reading comprehension skills here @ the Hedge are not peoples strong suit.

You've just been punked!


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"This right wing gun nut shit will alienate more sensible readers away from this website."


Please..........feel free to feel alienated.


Go away!

slewie the pi-rat's picture

L0L!!!  ^very^ nicely done, ms_C!

"I figure I can always barter a popular caliber like 9mm" sez our 28 y-o tennessean, dustin ramsey, who is welcoming the black helicopters, funny clicks on the phone, a quick visit from the cable co, a "bum" going thru his trash, a 'security review' of all his banking, c/card, medical, phone, and travel records as we write, and will receive the irs audit letter next week, just before the search warrants are served, if the guys in the choppers deem it "necessary" [to get a warrant;  not to toss his place]

no different from blogging on zH, really, as more than a few of us have discovered, eh, BiCheZ?

RobD's picture

I'm pritty sure MsCreant forgot the sarc tag but just incase check out this nice little book


Has some interesting first person stories about how if you trust your life to someone else you may not have a life.

Jonas Parker's picture

"911 - goverment-sponsored 'Dial-A-Prayer'"!

Uncle Remus's picture

Right over their heads...

MsCreant's picture

Right over their heads... where I will NOT be firing Ladysmith or Glock 17, or 19, or other various rifles or shot guns.

krispkritter's picture

If I'm taking this right, she's playing the part of MDB...and as I'd junk MDB for being a ridiculous Progressive knob-gobbler, I'll have to junk you too... JK! 

MsCreant's picture

Excellent point, not all junking is junk.

fuu's picture

Well played. I think you should have used some meaningless stat like 6 children were burned last year by taking the powder out of .22LR rounds and lighting it on fire.

Xanadu_doo's picture

or snorting said poweder?

Oh how I LOVE the BURN!!!!