Infographic: Is Gold A Bubble?

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Yes, another infographic, and yes, another answer (always the same) on whether gold is a bubble.

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It's not in a bubble... It's in a "BAUBLE"... (get your facts straight)...


Nouriel Roubini


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I like the "Central Banks Have Turned Net Buyers" graph.

Buy high sell low. Shows how stupid these banker academics really are.


But then this point, the money printing cannot stop until the financial system implodes...

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everybody knows that a taco is worth at least 2 ounces of Gold

 No one would be fooled by that trick

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Roubini, what an idiot.  I remember him 2 years ago saying the current stock market rally was a "sauckers rally".  Then last year he jumped in with both feet.  Oops.  A little bit Dennis Gartmanish?

Some of those "economists" just like to hear themselves, like a dog that barks into the darkness.  People hear it, but no one is listening.


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Lord, I hate sauchers rallies. They're so, I don't know; "popular" or something.

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I like Saucher torte though.

But flying sauchers scare the bejeesus out of me.

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I've argued with you about this clip before. Of course a cashier at a chain won't accept a gold coin for a taco. They don't want trouble, they just want a FRN that fits in the cash register.

Take that same coin to an owner of a taco truck, and you'll get a years worth of tacos.

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I don't understand your argument.

The experiment clearly shows the depths of how clueless people are regarding the value of gold.

If you were her, would you have given him $49.01 in change in the form of FRNs and paid for the taco yourself with a FRN out of your pocket?

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Congratulations; you are a modern citizen. You have avoided the entire question and the lesson contained therein by falling back to the uber-modern model; what is your opinion? It doesn't matter what the opinion of the individual idiot is.

TruthInSunshine's picture

It would appear you're addressing me.

If so, your point is logically flawed.

I am aware of the value of the gold eagle in question, and would have gladly given the man $49.01 in FRN change, paying for his taco with 99 cents from my own pocket (assuming I was dishonest, which did not appear to be the reason why the clerk declined to take said gold eagle in the video; in fact, she appeared to have absolutely no clue as to its value, and was relieved when he whipped out his BenankBuck).

Am I in the distinct minority or majority of individuals?

If you assume that I'm in the distinct minority of individuals, then you are necessarily conceding that the majority of the population lacks any fundamental understanding of the value of an American Gold Eagle.

If that's the case, how can it be argued that the mania historically associated with bubbles has begun, let alone peaked?


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There are a couple of flaws in that "experiment" and in trying to extrapolate it's results to the wider US population:


  1. Even if she recognized the coin, she had no easy way of knowing for sure the coin was real gold. Given her job, she probably gets paid peanuts, so for her, risking $50 (the $0.99 she had to pay Taco Bell and the $49.01 she had to give as change) in what might very well just be a scam is a big thing.
  2. She works in one of the lowest paid jobs there is. How likelly it is that she ever saved enough money to have even considered putting her (likelly) meagre savings in gold and thus how likelly is it that she ever tried to learn about gold coins? That person is hardly representative of the kind of persons whose savings are high enough that gold is a viable option for wealth preservation.

While I do suspect that most people know very little about gold (mosty because most people don't have enough savings to be able to afford it), that specific experiment was designed to have that specific result:

  • A proper experimental setup using randomly select people would be much more likelly result in him loosing a 1 ounce gold gold coin and getting $50.



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Personally, I think this clip is a useful, if experimentally flawed, illustration of the emotional risk/reward calculation. Her risk was about $50. Her reward was potentially $1,400. She could have spent a few seconds feeling the weight of the coin in her hand and observing it's fine workmanship (the golden eagle is one of the world's most beautiful coins). It is obviously not a toy.

This reveals the source of poverty. You must take risk. Opportunity truly knocks ONCE. Not knock, knock, knock. It's just...knock.

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If you were her, would you have given him $49.01 in change in the form of FRNs and paid for the taco yourself with a FRN out of your pocket?

The speculative prospect of such move has to be good because it is a fire cause for anyone trying this.

TruthInSunshine's picture

The stupidity of your comment is so severe that it doesn't deserve a specific response.

AnAnonymous's picture

Really? So refraining from moves that will cost you your job, in an environment where unemployment is rising, is stupid?

What you are calling for is a book keeping manipulation through the cash register, an operation clerks usually have no authority for.

Pocketing the gold coin for yourself while filling the gap with your own money is theft as you use the property of the store to speculate.

Indeed, the hope is stupidity, that the management is stupid enough to let those kind of moves slip through.

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I am the Great Stoolman Mousy Tongue, running dog imperialist and warmonger extraordinaire, and I approve this Chinese citizenism message.

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Hey dumbass, they are given a till at start of shift and it is counted at end of shift.  This corporate 'merica.  Nobody cares what happens in between as long as the end of shift till tally's with the register and none of the customers complain. 

As soon as someone official starts raising hell about MF Global misplacing $1.5 billion, come back and try again.

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You're forgetting that Anymouse is a Chinese citizen and a docile sheep and subject of a totalitarian regime, and as such it is beyond his grasp to fathom doing anything that is neither expressly forbidden nor usual in his controlled, conformist, cowed society.

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OK, I tend to speed read the comments section, and blink past the bag people, so now that I know who Ananonymous is, I can keep this in mind.

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zhandax said:


As soon as someone official starts raising hell about MF Global misplacing $1.5 billion, come back and try again.



They are "struggling" to find criminality...


Doubtful Signs of a Criminal Case Against MF Global


Indeed, a number of federal prosecutors have expressed doubts to others involved in the case that anyone at MF Global — including the firm’s chief executive, Jon S. Corzine, and back-office employees in Chicago — intentionally misused customer money, said people involved in the case who were not authorized to speak publicly about the investigation.

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Gold coin is worth losing that job. Lets face it. Its probably worth more than the monthly pay.....


.....soon to be worth more than the yearly salary. 



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The speculative prospect of such move has to be good because it is a fire cause for anyone trying this.

Severely molten parsley computers, longing for draconian Chinese citizenism hot worm portfolios, will forever squeeze blue hurtful penny calm under all enslaved chrome apples, banishing corrugated eggplant sodomy six times.

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Just you because him don't the understand the language, doesn't mock is re-apprpriate enough...jerk

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He known troll, raging anti-American bigot, deserve all he get in nastiness, should be shot by Chinese firing squad for incompetent trolling.

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raging anti-American bigot,


Apparently, US citizens do not appreciate much debates of ideas.

Outlining a set of beliegs is now being raging anti something bigot, ah, well...

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I am the Great Stoolman Mousy Tongue, destroyer of freedom, hater of all round-eyed foreign devils, rampant anti-American bigot and outliner of beliegs, and I approve this Chinese citizenism message.

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Hey any mouse leave the beli egs alone they are a protected species.
No poaching from the wild tut tut.

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@TIS - pocketing the coin would be theft (she's appropriating her employers benefits) and I'd bet they'd prosecute her. If she puts it in the till she's benefiting her employer but risking the coin being a fraud - which maybe she gets fired for. And I don't know store operations, but I bet she's recorded on a security camera. So she risks prosecution or termination with no reference. And you think this is a fair trial?

Take that coin to the owner of a taco truck. Spend some time with them, and I'll bet you'll come away with a fair value barter at least half the time.

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Mark Dice is the bomb! :)

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JW, you're free to say whatever you want on ZH, as it's one of the few uncensored forums around, which I actually appreciate (I'm very much a fan of free speech), but you really lessen your personal credibility by mistating what others have written and by digging so deep down the conspiracy well.

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.... you got to have some fun before you die ......



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Well, no you don't, actually. I know several people who never had any fun before they died. But it seems like a worthwhile project to try to have some fun before you die. Of course, this may be merely "living" predjudice.

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Bankers want to cause inflation.

What better way to do it than to drive the price of gold up and intentionally creating a bubble in gold?

I don't think we're in a bubble for gold yet, not by a long shot, but we will be.

SAT 800's picture

This is indeed, very likely. The circumstances and the price behaviours; will, as they say, "blow your mind".

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Last night I thought of a song for my football (soccer) team. Our official song is 'I'm forever blowing bubbles' see here and came up with this. "ONE SONG! We've only got one song, Gold and Silver going gone, blowing bubbles all day long! Wuuuuuuuun Song we've only got one song!"

Gold and silver are not yet in a bubble but if 70000 fans start to sing this every Saturday it soon will be!

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Being a blobble is the eternal nature of Universal citizenism gold.

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Do you think there's any chance they're going to remove the suicide net from his dormitory?

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The only gold thing Nouriel has was was likely pawned, er, sold, long ago.