Infographic: Is Gold A Bubble?

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Yes, another infographic, and yes, another answer (always the same) on whether gold is a bubble.

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Hey, you should be able to do $60,000 - after all, your wife has a vagina too.

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WTF - who's ass are you sticking them up Hugo? You and yours must have one hell of a asshole.

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Did anyone know that at one point salt was money and more valuable than gold?

AUD's picture

bullshit it was more valuable than gold

akak's picture

Bullshit was more valuable than gold?

Just where and when did THAT happen?

akak's picture

I'd say Wilson, if not the tyrant Lincoln.

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never trust a guy with a top hat and cane.  unless he's a peanut.

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Five peanuts were walking down the street, and one of them was a salted.

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And the other four where a roasted?

akak's picture

After being grilled by the police, they all cracked.

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Also, the term "worth your salt" went back to the Romans

As well as the word salad, which in latin literally means "salted"

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hey jesse.....thats where the the term"celary salt" came from.

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Did you know table salt is 1/3 salt 1/3 sand 1/3 silica , that is why it fucks up your veins because it scratches them and so the body trys to fix them and end up blocking them , only eat sea salt or hymalayan salt . ( not sure on the spelling of "hymalayan" or a lot of other words actually) anyway its not nice to pick on disabled people.

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buy chemical grade NaCl

"food grade" salt contains iodine, fluoride, aluminum....

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Yeah but I heard that when you mix all that together it actually helps you sleep less, work more, and die sooner. And that's bullish.

akak's picture

It's fine for most things, unless you add it to Arabic food --- the resulting combination is usually unpleasant, and frequently violent.

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Salt - I guess u do learn something everyday.

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No. It;s not that easy. You have to read books, take notes, and think. This will come as a shock to you. Perhaps you should just forget about it, and keep pretending.

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Did you know table salt is 1/3 salt 1/3 sand 1/3 silica, that is why it fucks up your veins because it scratches them and so the body trys to fix them and end up blocking them

No, I did not know that, because it is simply not true.

First, most sand IS silica (silicon dioxide, to be precise), so you are trying to tell us that our table salt is 2/3 sand?  Um, I don't think so.  Most manufacturers of iodized table salt do put a tiny amount of finely ground silica into their salt to prevent it from caking up under humid conditions, but the amounts used are well less than 1% of the final product.

Second, silica is utterly inert in the human body, so even if one were to ingest it, it is merely going to pass on through the digestive tract --- there is no possible way for it to enter one's bloodstream, short of directly injecting sand into one's veins. Silica is completely inert to even the strongest acids (aside from hydrofluoric acid, which is never present in the human body barring catastrophic laboratory accidents), much less to the weak hydrochloric acid in the stomach, so there would be no way for it to dissolve in the gastrointestinal system even if ingested --- which is a shame, otherwise we could all live on sand, which would be cool, if rather hard on the teeth.

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Why don't you just die.

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I'm sure the ones getting paid salt were at the bottom of the barrel.  It's a hard asset that can be traded in certain regions so it makes sense, not too valuable where there is natural sea salt, but I'm sure it would buy you things were it was scarce.  I wonder how much salt you could trade for a gold coin back then, quite a lot I imagine.

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yep, circa 3000 years ago salt was more valuable than gold. It's in The Middle Kingdom :)

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I drop some pre-highschool knowledge I learned about salt and out comes the truth.

Salt was BETTER than gold at one point. That's crazy right? People take salt for granted. There isn't even a futures contract for salt.

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Salt deprivation will make you a slave zombie.

True fact.

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Actually, salt deprivation will make you unconscious; similar to what you experience today.

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Salt deprivation eventually stops your heart.

That's what happened to Terry Schaivo with all her water fasting.

And the lady who drank all that water to win a WII.

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A buckect of sea water will make you about a 1/2 pound of salt when it evaporates in a couple of days if you don't want to cook it.  Does it make sense that it was more valuable than Gold.  No.  It does make sense as a vehicle of trade in regions that did not have natural salt and so it would need to have a particular local value.

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It's in the Middle Kingdom? And let me guess; the Middle Kingdon is an interactive computer game. did it ever occur to you tht you might be an idiot? I didn't think so. But you are.

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That was in bad taste...

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HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is working very hard to outlaw salt.

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I don't know if it's a bubble or not, but I'd rather have gold than dollars.

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You can't eat Gold or convert it to 12.44 BTU like a FED note.

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Yeah, I can't eat dollars, houses, cars, or cheap dollar store imports, either.

I don't think those of us going into gold are doing anything more than preserving some buying power for the future. It's really just an alternative to savings accounts now that they've been destroyed.


That's how I view it at least.

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That;s correct; it';s a savings account. Not an alternative to a savings account; but an actual savings account. the only disclaimer here, is that you should actually save in Silver because the Government will freak out about gold long before they freak out about Silver.

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I wouldn't mind getting about an ounce blown into a nice bubble to sell to the public as nest eggs

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GATA Chairman Bill Murphy, a former futures trader, noticed this not-for-profit gold selling at strategic price points way back in 1998 when he started his Internet site of financial market commentary, Murphy's frequent observations about this sort of selling led to GATA's formation in January 1999, and GATA has been screaming about it for the 13 years since then.

While mainstream financial news organizations have been reluctant to publicize GATA's work and the massive official documentation we have compiled, GATA has gotten enough publicity that our work is widely known at least throughout the gold and mining sectors of the economy. If yesterday's market action arouses Bryan's curiosity enough, he might do well to review GATA's documentation file --


They Buy Down the Price.. of PM's! when the FED is tapped.. maxed out debt ceiling height.. the price of gold and silver goes up.. and up.. and up...

when Congress grows the debt or raises the debt cap.. the buying down of PM's continues..

EVERY TIME! Go look at ANY CHART! during a Debt Ceiling Height Debate.. and before and after..

People / Sheepoeple only see what they feel like seeing..


It is not like we have not tried to warn them.. help them.. beg them to change to help themselves.. but NOPE!

I am a crack pot!

We will see!

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Dylan Grice says there is "no way out" for Japan in his latest note from this afternoon, says easing is about to go ballistic even compared to what it is now and the BoJ is about to get "marginalised-then-brutalised":

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In other news, bank of America continues to find new ways to pilfer their customers by starting their fee program again. In their sick, demented, delusioned heads, Bac still feels customers have to share in the burden of earning no interest on money that Bac plays with......

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Why the fuck does anyone have a bank account, I guess you carnt fix stupid.

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Why does everyone go on about not being able to eat gold? You can't eat paper either. When you compare them, I suppose if it all really came down, I could still wipe my ass with paper. As for gold, even then I'm sure could still trade it to have someone do that for me.



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Salt is just an old relic, we keep it around for tradition

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Great find! My readers will love this, thanks.

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I'm forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air
They fly so high, nearly reach the sky
And like my dreams they fade and die

Fortune's always hiding,
I've looked everywhere
I'm forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air
United! (clap hands) united! (clap hands)