Initial Claims Finally Beat Expectations As Prior Number Revised Higher As Usual

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Well, we were half right earlier when we predicted a miss in claims coupled with a material upward revision in the prior number. We did get the revision from 388K to 392K for the week ended April 21, but the current week, which was expected to print at 379K, came at a far better 365K, a drop of 27,000 from the revised number, which happens to be the biggest percentage drop since July 2011, and the biggest expectations beat since July 2009. In other words, baffle them with bullshit as economic doctrine continues: will NFP beat tomorrow, won't it? All depends on when Bernanke feels like launching the NEW QE. In other words, the number came in good (for the first time in 6 weeks), which of course is horrible news for a market which continues to levitate higher on hopes of more monetary heroin.

Biggest expectations beat since July 2009:

In other news, continuing claims came at 3276K on expectations of 3311K, from an upward revised 3329K, Non Farm productivity declined less than expected or -0.5%, on Exp. of -0.6%, and finally those falling off extended benefit claims, including EUCs, was a whopping 62.3K: these are people who no longer get a $400 monthly paycheck from Uncle Sam.

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So QE3 is off but QE4 is on?

Victory for the bulls!!

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The keyword here being Initial.


......OK everyone put on their shocked faces.


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The central planning operation these days is to keep bullshitting till the bullshit becomes the Normal. That's how society and humanity has degraded to where it is now.

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Is there some place in Vegas to bet on these numbers......cause I'm pretty sure I know what next months numbers are going to be as well.


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Given that the weather plays such an important role in job creation futures should be traded on a commodities exchange. What would be better, holding a paper jobless claim or physical?

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It works until it doesn't. I'm thinking this might be a most excellent day to pick up those 'Just-before-the-market-tanked positions' I'm aiming for VXX 15.80

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The street can't accept that come election day - main street does not care about S&P 1400. They will care about $5 gas and 10 Peanut Butter. Considering the retail outflows, the market going higher would only build resentment, not inspire confidence.

Ben's hands are tired. Any printing will have to come from the other central banks for the time being...

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This is really screwing with my time series.

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Tyler, yes you were half right.  Good thing you have me as a contributor to pick up the slack!!

Sincerely, R. Brusca

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Yeah, but no matter what Brusca says or does, the number that tells the entire story is food stamp participation. If there was just some way we could 'seasonally adjust it.' Oh wait, those people don't vote. Nothing to see here . . . move along sir.

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I expect we will be "beating" expectations all the way down.

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Thank goodness we have the 'experts' who put out their 'expectations' to be beat to show how things are really not so bad! Anyone know the name of 1 'Expectationer'?

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I cannot name one, but will simply add  - Long sharecropping!


Possession is the law now (why China is buying all kinds of commodities hand over fist).

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Considering how their economy is slowing you have to wonder if they know something the others don't. Well at least they help to keep gas prices up.

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A remarkable game that most everyone seems willing to play.  I got on my soapbox last week about how meaningless GDP is.  It correlates to money printing and the debt ramp and little else.  Misery is hidden in the stat.  But even the stats that don't hide misery... i.e. unemployment... 1. hide real unemployment and 2. play 3-card monte with "expectations".  They are good and we are dumb.

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These experts are getting their asses handed to them week after week as someone always beats their forecast. What expert misses on their forecasts this often? I would contend they are not experts but rather a novice if thats the case. We all know this is a game and we are tired of the nonsense.

You can't make this bs up except they do every day.

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Stop the cynicism!  USA! USA! USA!

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Shocking really....


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It seems every week another 375K-400K people lose their job and file new jobless claims ... and since Obama has been elected, 2 million new jobs have been created ... does anyone else see a problem with this math?

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Are they merely filing, or they filing and receiving benefits?

350,000 x 52 = 18,200,000

That is a fucking lot of people filing for UE.

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I have no idea ... I'm a banker ... so I just sell a bunch of shit ... I'm really not very good with numbers

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My math has 19,000,000 jobs lost each year.


Lufthansa says it will cut 3,500 administrative jobs in bid to improve profitability - @nytimesbusiness
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Govt data is like bullshit...

when it's hot and fresh, you can shape it to look like anything you want.

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Why are there still people left to fire?  Why is the number above 100k?  That is what I want to know. 

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Because some people work in the public sector.

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Please. The 365 will be revised to 381 so that the next print of 378 will 'continue the decrease'. These numbers are massaged to the point of limpness, hence no 'happy ending'. But it's o.k., the hits just keep on coming.

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Tomorrow's NFP can't come in worse than expected, can it?

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Goldman dropped their number to 125k I think, so expect 350k tomorrow.

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So we can get a stock ramp today based on expectations beat good news and tomorrow get more stock ramping on greater QE expectations.

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So yet again they dont go for the 'crisis' and instead put out a comfortable numbers beat, but 'QE3/4New' is of course still a given, to be baked in yet again as we coast along on fumes and 1 wing. 

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I personally need a few more feel good articles from the msm assuring me that Bernanke is all knowing. I could also use EVERYONE in the msm making sure that when they argue inflation statistics, that the argument is whether it is 2% or below. Once that is cemented in my head they can go ahead with QE3 because geez....We need the inflation!


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OT but Martin Armstrong has an interesting rant he put out a couple of days ago followed by a cryptic reference to a future announcement.

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That's the worst part about kicking heroin.  When you finally sober up and look around you at the shithole your life has become, it is very depressing.

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That's $400 a WEEK, Tyler.  Party money when you don't pay rent/mortgage and are getting SNAP food. Youza!

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Ok, guys, but gold is now testing $1,638/oz. It is a tough, tough situation to be in. And we have not seen the algo from the BIS act yet. This is not good news.

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Gold is not an investment.  It is the only a safe store of value in troubled economic times (to be purchased during good economic times) and the avergae cost of the gold in my portfolio is under $400 and ounce so who fucking cares.  If you are buying gold as an "investment" you are complete missing the point.

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I hope they march Gartman out there to tell me what I should be doing/have done/undid/did again.

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It's not an easy time to own short duration calls on GLD or SLV. On the other hand you still have your first-of-the-month money to buy physical you might be smiling. Act fast if you do since they haven't been having much luck with those attacks recently, a few hours only most days.

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The propaganda machine is in full swing and it's beautiful. 

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So. it gives the Bernanke and his handlers an excuse to not do more QE. The QE serves no real purpose in the plan for total control.

They have to find a way to screw the gold buyers and preppers; which also means double crossing a lot the peeps that thought of themselves as "insiders", but are really only expendale foot soldiers.

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Did we ever resolve whether or not BLS claims data should look like an election (is a sample) where 90% of the tallied vote should give you a pretty accurate idea of the total percentages /amounts (and the last 10% of the vote shouldn’t result in a “surprise”) …or is all late-breaking initial claims data additive meaning that revised numbers  *should* generally be biased upward as  post-report data makes the total larger?


Or is there (also) "adjustment" funny business going on?

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Looks like gold is on sale again.

Can't we all just go on unemployment?  Would be bullish for AAPL and Starbucks.

Hey, what's that?  Sales at Costco and Target lower than expected?

That's it, time for QE3 Ben.

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If the BLS (Ministry of Truth) is going to keep giving screwing us from behind why can't they at least hold a televised "news" conference and have the weekly number delivered by Michelle Caruso-Cabrera or similar looking talking head.

As she is delivering the number the cameras can zoom in on what we're all looking at and we can all go into happy newspeak mode.  It would give a whole new meaning to the phrase "BEATING EXPECTATIONS" 

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Which wing of the corporate party is in control right now? Do they have a reason to massage numbers? Am I just paranoid?

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Expect an ongoing series of positive employment data over the next six months. Obama wants to be reelected.

Unemployment will fall under 8%, perhaps approaching 7%

The national debt will not be allowed to exceed the debt ceiling before the election

The CPI will continue to be reported below reality

Deaths of US soldiers in Afghanistan will continue to be ignored

The DOW will continue upward to $14K+

Reality be damned; all that counts is the narrative.


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So now theyre going for no QE? Funny the consencsus everyone had just a couple weeks ago was QE is definitely going to happen very soon, so stocks could go up to make Obummer 'look good' etc etc....theyve gone with 'baffle em with bullshit' to make stocks go up till fall now. You sure theyve got the fuel for that? I'm not.