Initial Claims Miss Expectations, Rise For Third Consecutive Week For First Time Since August 2010

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Initial claims printed +362K, missing consensus of +352K, and up from a upward revised, (of course) 354K. As a reminder, last week's print was expected to be 355K, instead coming at 351K spiking the market far higher. Needless to say, the response would have been far more muted had the number come at its true final print of virtually on top of expectations, but who cares anymore - everyone appears to enjoy lying and being lied to. That this miss comes ahead of a critical NFP print will likely have some scratching their heads especially since this is the first time we have seen three consecutive weeks of rises since August 2010. Also keep in mind next week, today's 362K will be upward revised to 365K. Hence the immediate if not sooner need for more, more, more QE. Continuing claims also missed at 3416K vs exp. of 3400K, and rising from an upwardly revised 3406K. Finally, EUCs and Extended benefits rose by 27K. Finally, when it comes to comparing before and after, we think it always makes sense to see the full picture, not just initial claims, and account for continuing and extended. Here is what it looks like for all those who tell us that the labor situation is as good as it was in 2008.

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Bearish!  [whisper] [whisper] sorry, BULLISH!

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What, no body played with the numbers? The number crunchers as the FED must be out at Spring Break.

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AH yes thats right theyre busy with spring break lol. Cancun, putas!

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But at least we have the iPad 3, right bitches?


You mean to say Apple couldn't keep innovating at the rate they used to?

You mean to say that maybe they can't sustain their growth rates?

You mean to say they're going to eventually stagnate like Microsoft?


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peak of the Apple bubble will be:  iSex

sell on that announcement

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It's all Bullshit!  Rally on.

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Who was that hot bimbo sitting with Liesman on CNBS.  She said this "was a small increase in already very low claims numbers" and she "expects a pretty positive jobs report tomorrow"

Who is this hottie and what are her qualifications to sit next to an esteemed economist like Steve Liesman?

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It was a classic CNBC Anchorette...

"was a small increase in already very low claims numbers"

With a big increase in implant size...


She doesn't reflect the studio lights into a glare unlike Lies-man's esteemed cue-bald head...

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esteemed economist Steve Liesman. LOL. CNBC's finest.

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Kelly Evans ... not sure about her qualifications but she looks good

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ok found her, from 3/1/12:

CNBC's newest star reporter Kelly Evans made her debut appearance on the financial news network this morning on "Squawk Box."

Evans, who previously wrote the “Ahead of the Tape” column and hosted the daily "News Hub" program for The Wall Street Journal, introduced a new (well, it's new to us) economic indicator -- "The Dentist Indicator." 

Basically, she said, her dentist is seeing way more new patients than normal -- a phenomenon that happens when people get jobs, and go back to the dentist for the first time in awhile with health insurance.

Read more:

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Silver and Gold and all PM's at bargain prices. Buy and get delivery!  The 99% are clueless and allow the lies to permeate their lives.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

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For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.

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AVE MARIA in good sound by Mirusia Louwerse with André Rieu (2008). (5:19)

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Talking point of the day for Faux News.

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Why does that chart look a lot like M2 (at least going up).  FAIL.  Soylent green bitchez.

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Aggregate demand is collapsing..  


Cant' afford as much stuff because Ben is turning my money into confetti.  

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I can afford this case of 500 12guage buckshot I just ordered!

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There is really no option to not being able to afford it.  A few less trips to the Golden Arches for the dollar menu and Voila!, its paid for.

Problem Is's picture

Get your reload kits... Get'em while there hot! Get'em while they're still available...

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Nice choice,  everyone is loading up on .308 for their M1a's thinking they'll reach out and tag shit at 1000 yards when the reality is it's going to be someone up in your spot from about 10 ft away in the darkness that you need to protect against. Nothing like emptying a sawed off 5 shot auto in a dark room with your eyes closed to dispense with all organic matter in about 5 seconds.  Remember to ask "who goes there?" after you've unloaded your first volleys, while reloading and not before.



Problem Is's picture

Nothing like firing that .308 right through the front door...

Rather than opening it to unload said shot gun...

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Getting a handgun this weekend to balance out my collection of rifles/shotguns. Never owned one, never fired one - so, what caliber would you all recommend?  9mm?  45?  357?

Problem Is's picture

Me? I like the good ole Browning Hi power 9mm auto...

But I'm no expert...

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Spectacular suggestion for his scenario...  for someone who does not use handguns often and is simply looking to round out defensive capabilities, I would suggest 9mm.  I personally prefer .45 acp, but 9mm is more than sufficient to get the job done, is incredibly popular and a military caliber so there is a lot of cheap ammo out there, and you probably have a wider array of gun possibilities (there is only so compact you're going to get a .45 before it's too unruly).

I'd think a short list of generic 9mm handguns would be: browning hi power; springfield xdm 4 or 5"; glock 17 or 19; HK p30, p2000, or USP; beretta 92 or px4; ruger p95; Sig 226; SW M&P...

I would suggest going into a local chain store with the most prolific handgun collection...  just see how everything feels...  if you can go to a local range and rent your narrowed down choices before buying, I would also suggest this...  then buy one and GO TO THE FUCKING RANGE A LOT...  learn to take it down and reassemble it with your eyes closed...  and be sure to properly maintain it.  And, when your wife isn't looking, buy another.

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It kinda depends on your purchasing power. I don't have a lot of money but I still managed to get a Ruger p95 9mm, and a 1911 45acp sistema. I keep about 500-700 rnds of 45acp but that shit is way too expensive and HEAVY! So I prefered to stock up on a lot more 9mm because its still a formitable defensive round( i dont care what anybody says) I get people that whine, " its not strong enough to take down an intruder" but when I ask them to stand in from of me to try it out, they all say "hell no" and its CHEAP! i get 50 round boxes at my local Walmart for 10 bucks.

King_Julian's picture

The .40SW is a great round IMHO. Lighter than a .45 yet packing a good punch with 160-180 grain projectiles. The Glock 22 at about $530 is a solid bargain. Glock also makes this in compact 23 and sub 27 models. Some LE use .40 too. H&K, Sig and others have good choices. The simplicity and cost of Glock puts it over the top for me. An integrated light costs at least $200 new. You could just use a decent flashlight from Four7s (Quarks are outstanding and affordable in AA or C123) and have good night capability. 1000 rounds of PMC 40D ammo about $300. Defensive rounds run about $25/20. Get a good Blackhawk holster. Done.

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The 500 S&W Magnum will produce almost 2600 ft.-lb. with its heaviest load, and more powerful loads may well be on the way.

Read more: Smith and Wesson Most Powerful Handgun - 500 Cal Magnum Pistol from Smith and Wesson - Popular Mechanics


You don't just casually pick up a Model 500. You have to lift it.


What you need if confronted with a tyranosourous rex in your house.

But really, 9mm

Shooting Times' Technical Editor rates the 9mm Luger and .357 Magnum as the ... the most vastly popular handgun cartridge of any type ever invented, worldwide.

Big Slick's picture

I think that a big part of the question of load size for your pistol is your cash situation.  Mine's light and I like to practice a lot, so while I would've preferred 45 for stopping power, I chose 9mm for financial feasibility.  Practice a lot and get comfortable with your weapon.  Even dry firing at home is better than nothing.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Use a full metal jacket load for practice (cheap), and use hollow point for actual defense!!!  I had a friend (Beretta 92) who didn't even know about hollow points.  Despite what you learned in the movies, they are not illegal, they do not go through bullet-proof vests, and they are the normal defensive load for people who know what they are talking about.


semperfi's picture

thanks everyone - all helpful stuff - purchasing power involves silver coins - real money

BeerBrewer09's picture

Buy whatever you feel comfortable shooting/carrying.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Based on my own military experience. While what you suggest is good for "home protection" (and ignoring the fact that you won't ever see tactical nukes coming), I prefer the .556 and .223 variants fired from a firearm that has a 400x infared beam scope with a night vison switch.  Very easy to "tag" a target at 200 yards without them ever knowing they were being targeted and it can be used during the day or dark of night.  just saying, by the time a zombie horde gets into your house, its too late.  Good luck with the reloading thing, lots of aftermarket clips for the carbines that easily hold 100 rounds.

Problem Is's picture

The Optimistic Outlook:

What do you do when there is no more ammo on the shelf?

BTW: "Zombie Squad" 556 AR-15 seems to be sound advice... LOL...

LawsofPhysics's picture

When everyone is out of ammo, that will be a good thing.  But if you are going to make a weak attempt at trolling, I'll play along.  Why in the hell wouldn't you recon all the ammo from your enemies?  Have you ever served?  The whole point of military ops is recon.  Always has been.  The actual fighting occurs mainly when an operation has either failed or the desired information and control was not obtained.  You will never hear about the successful military operations.  Grow up, no one with half a brain would actually sit around in one spot near a major city and wait during a systemic failure.  Besides, I happen to communicate often with my neighbors, firends and employees.  We will be fine.

Gully Foyle's picture


"We will be fine."

Yes, I'm quite certain I have never heard that before.

Personally I have already reconned my neighbors as to which will fall first. More mouths to feed lower chance of survival. More people greater chance of them turning on you for personal motivations.

I only need to run faster than you to beat the bear after all is said and done.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Sounds like you need to move.  You can either work to insure a better future for yourself and your community, or accept what others define for you.

Again, grow up.  Unless you are the fastest runner in a world of seven billion, you won't make it without some external help.

Big Slick's picture

That's cute, Physics.  You're such a sweet kid.  Never lose that  :)

LawsofPhysics's picture

So are you.  the only thing you can bank on in this life is that no one gets out alive.  Chance always favors the prepared mind, in business and life.

Big Slick's picture

All true.   ;)   I heard a quote once (can't remember where): "On a long enough timeline..."

Gully Foyle's picture


"Based on my own experience. While what you suggest is good for "home protection" (and ignoring the fact that you won't ever see tactical nukes coming), I prefer the"

The ability to use any object as a weapon.

"Oh wait Mr home invader I need to grab my gun".

Could be turned into,

"See how that broken coffee cup cut your ass to the bone dirtbag home invader".

LawsofPhysics's picture

A liitle training in hand-to-hand is always a good idea.  Keeps you healthy too.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

When talk moves to preparing for the post Peak emptying of cities into which food cannot be transported, the phrase "zombie horde" is always for some reason introduced.

It's a bad thing to do so.  It feeds into an already strong inclination of people to re-immerse themselves in normalcy bias and adopt the concept that "this scenario is horrible and therefore will never happen".  Since there is no such thing as supernatural zombies, introducing the word reinforces the already deadly temptation to ignore the scenarios.

There will be huge flows of desperate, hungry people, with children, walking out of cities, looting food stores and then private homes for food.  You will NOT hold them off with firearms.

You have to get away from the cities.  Even if there is no violence, you must not find yourself facing parents and children on your doorstep asking for or demanding food.  If you give it to them, you will die.


LaLiLuLeLo's picture

Shotgun slugs: They give you wings

Antifaschistische's picture

Re:  Shotgun Slugs (nice..but)


For the AR guys...spraying boxes of .223 at hoardes of zombies..nice but conserve ammo.  Go with the .50 Beowulf.  Learn to point and hit a target.   ps. this will also stop cars.