Initial Claims Print Better Than Expected At 390K, Last Week Again Revised To 400K

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damn, 390k; party like it's 1999..... wait what?

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Isn't math fun!

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Well actually I AM surprised....that they still can find 390,000 people to fire weekly, I thought by now theyd have ran out of people to fire.

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We are getting to the point where the only ones left to fire are in government.

Zimbabwe got to the point where the only people paid a living wage were police/military and teachers.  Both the arms of repression, one for the old, the other for the young.

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This coupled with the delay of the 15 cent Xmas tree tax should be cause for a 400 point DOW rally.

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Eventually some one is going to get on CNBC or Bloomberg and freak out-- "HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE YOU PEOPLE? DON'T YOU REALIZE THE BLS NUMBERS ARE TOTALLY MADE UP AND MEANINGLESS?!!!!"  Maybe Egan.   

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They only need to keep the facade up just a tad longer...the endgame is almost here, and then none of it will matter at all.

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I think our only hope for that is...

Hugh Hendry.

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What is the probability that each and every week there is a loss of 400,000 jobs?  Not an average say, 600,000 one week and 200,000 the next, but right at 400,000 every week.

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You left out the 'World War before Christmas' part of all this, did you miss last nites Jerusalem Times saying so? And arrogantly, or whatever, demanding 4 million thru the US draft?

'Print more fiat'...that will be the last thing on anyones mind.



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World wars improve employment figures in three ways:



  • Unemployed college grads become soldiers
  • Industry scales up, hires to build tanks, planes, bullets
  • High density urban centers are bombed, thereby removing large numbers of unemployed from official statistics
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Yea, of course. All planned.

Bankrupt everyone, high unemployment, we get 'attacked' again and justifies the world war theyve planned. 

Its right in front of everyones nose, but most are convinced we just print more money...chuckle.

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Unfortunately, I think we're headed into the big one, where people actually shoot back.

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No doubt Helluva its going to be hell on earth in the US, not only a world war going on, but all out civil war here as well. Bottom line, people gotta eat.

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remembering a previous post by Tyler....47% percent of americans admit to owning lets say 50%

.50 x 300,000,000 = 150,000,000 and say 10% of those actually know how to use them = 15,000,000 = alot of people willing to defend themselves

how many troops does the US have?  Albeit better armed


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If push comes to shove, they'll use Reapers. They don't even have to worry about Ben Richards refusing orders.

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in these keynsian times it is the only logical end's worked the last two times

asset allocation.....80% us equities 19% guns 1% butter (for the lube)

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Nukes are great for that birth/death fudge factor in the NFP

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Unemployed college grads become soldiers


And the Army will help those kids pay their student loans. How convenient when we will be needing new fodder, I mean a new junior officer corp.

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The Jim Cramer effect...again.  His suggestion this morning is that the bounce is because of...Cisco earnings.  Right.

I guess he needs his ratings to fall even lower [if that is possible] before credibility destruction is complete.

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In the interest of full disclosure, his not for profit 501(c)(3) hedge fund run out of his basement is long Cisco.  At least until the end of the day.

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His number one super bullish mega 'if you buy one stock make sure it's this one' for the quarter was ADOBE.   Yeah.  It's piss yourself worthy funny.  

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Makes sense if you don't understand a damn thing about technology.

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Cisco greased the ramp-up? Oh sorry that's Crisco.

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The specific numbers are just background noise at this point. 

Rome is burning.  It's plain for all to see.

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doesnt is a 1%+ up day....get your buy orders ready for the mid day ramp

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I wouldnt touch this rigged fraud of a casino ran by zombie vampires ever again. But please do tell us your entry points!


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am sure the numbers could've been way lower if not for that massive northeastern snowstorm! /sarc.

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The winter of discontent is almost upon us.  There will come a day when everyone stops watching the media and usual propagandists for their beliefs.

Pretty soon it will be common knowledge that things are gone and not coming back, no matter what is said.  

Until then, we get to hear weekly cheering of how things will get better next year.

In reality, there is no next year.  Only the slow road down and threat of war.


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Yea exactly, people can tell themselves whatever makes them feel better, self Valium-ing themselves all they like for today, but we are going down.

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I know I have not found a way that we resume our collective lifestyle of the last 30 years.  That is actually a good thing, but when people realize that a new way is inevitable, many will not react positively.


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These employments numbers don't mean squat anymore. Europe's rapid slowdown will be washing ashore here in the US early next year as demand for our products drop. Were not even close to getting out of the woods yet.

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99 weeks ago today was  12/17/2009
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Great point here.

Plus, these "jobs" people are getting, are so low in terms of wages and opportunity, that it s NO where near keeping up with the 5y inflation models. 

Wow, we hired 100K people in the retail sector, making minimum wage, crappy benefits, no savings.  How is this an "achievement", considering this sector has always seen employment growth around the holidays, since the 90s? 

Great job, corporate America!  Really picking up your fellow citizens!*

*That is, until you lay them off in February.

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Its a Miracle!  Just when Obumbler needs lower U/E to get re-elected, he gets it!  What a magic unicorn is our Lord, I mean young, fresh neo-communist president.

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Too many workers, not enough jobs.  The future is either Zimbabwe where the 99 kill the 1, or North Korea where the 1 enslave the 99.

Give me slavery or give me death.  Death to the workers.  The only path to liberty.

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"a sign the recovery may be encouraging companies to limit cuts in headcount. "

“Today’s report is a positive sign for the state of the labor market in the fourth quarter,” said John Herrmann, a senior fixed-income strategist at State Street Global Markets LLC in Boston.


Well that's just downright rosy: the recovery is encouraging companies to lay off less people? Is that how that works?

And what the hell is a "senior fixed-income strategist"?

Orwell is proud.

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I am guessing the staff and crew on the titanic were assuring the guest  repeatedly "all is fine" ...I somehow feel this is all Deck Chair alignment, if ya catch my meaning.