"The Inmates Don’t Know It’s An Asylum"

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From Bill Buckler's latest edition of The Privateer

The Inmates Don’t Know It’s An Asylum


There is a line from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead which we have always enjoyed. It is stated by the main villain of the story - Ellsworth Toohey - in a one-sided conversation in which he is explaining that he was always after political power and never hid his ambitions but nobody wanted to  “believe it”. The quote goes like this: “Never bother to examine a folly. Ask yourself only what it accomplishes.”


Lenin had a different take on the same problem faced by all would be power mongers. He knew he had to be reasonably obvious in what he told the people about his plans and goals. But not too obvious. He knew he had to tailor his pitch so that it would have the maximum amount of resonance with the maximum number of unthinking people. He doted on such people. He called them “useful idiots”.


Today, the “movers and shakers” of the financial world abound in such useful idiots. It has been a long road from the 1930s Keynesian mantra that “we owe it to ourselves” to today’s masters of the universe with their incomprehensible computer “algorithms” fuelled by the ability of modern  computers to crunch almost unlimited sequences of “1s” and “0s”. The entire road has been paved with one goal in mind. To convince the “people” that the only road to financial “safety” is to give up their thinking processes and “delegate” them to those who claim to know what they are doing.


The problem today is that the results of this delegation are so obvious that the methods of those who produced them are beginning to be questioned. It has been a long time coming. When we reach a market situation where nobody wants to play unless the game is terminally rigged,  then the whole idea of “markets” has gone by the boards. Nobody wants to “punt” unless their bets are guaranteed in advance. That’s no way to run a horse race - or a global financial system.

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Prime evidence?


Baffling for the real people but also educational.

It's how Lenins ghost compute.

Not any more retarded than neocon bullshit mind you, but more dangerous today because they/it really do think this way.

Useful idiots?

They sourround you and their president is YOUR president.

Sniff that.



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Would this be a bad time to remind everyone that "hope" is not a sound fiscal policy?

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No, but apparently "hyper-hypothecation" is.  Along with re-hypothecation, dark-pools and all the other invented stuff to keep the serfs mushroomed.

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UP, I notice you've picked up the Hypo-mantra. It's clearly a word we are expected to get used to.

Like"Your Lifes are Hypothecated to US"!

The Big Brother Song.....

Ohhhh can't you seeeee....

You belooong to meeeeee.......

How I hypothecaaaate......

Every breath you take......





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The intended consequences of many laws passed are to benefit the wealthy and ruling elite in some way, shape, or form at the expense of the middle class and poor.

Examine each law carefully and repeal the ones that create problems.


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when can I vote for a politician who will go REPEAL laws instead of making new ones...seems like we have we have way too damn many already!



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1790: Mayer Amschel Rothschild states,

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws."

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Yeah, I like using big words that are invented by economists to confuse people.  All the new terms must confuse the shit out of Cheeseheads:




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A Polish immigrant I worked with years ago told me his mother said that hope is the mother of fools.

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'When you come to a fork in the road, take it.    Especially if it's made of silver.'

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They just can't believe that they are being used to further someones political or financial gain, they can't.  They think a person that "big" and responsible for many wouldn't or couldn't be that shallow and maybe we just don't see the full game plan.  The game plan is that he or she want it for them and not for you pure and simple.

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I does seem like we are slowly getting there.

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I think the ultimate aim of the State is to become the market. It is the reason for central banks, stimulus, TARP, fixed exchange rates, subsidies, tariffs, Solyndra, etc., etc. It is to supplant the decisons of 6 billion people with the superior choices of the bureaucrats and politicians.

Too bad it won't work. Too bad we will pay the price.

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Huh?  The "market" is already the state; the tail wags the dog. 

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You're off topic.  It's not under attack, you fool.  The market's $200 off its high but the Euro-crisis is in overdrive.  Obviously gold has discounted all the known facts.  Smart money is leaving the market.

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Mom said it was summer camp but I think she was lying...I have been here for 42 years and not once have we put up a tent.

High Plains Drifter's picture

this situation could go nuclear in a heartbeat............with lots of collatoral damage ......and the russians........well they won't be too happy either. they will refuse to give up their north mediterranean ports in syria.......they have duked it out with the turks before, so it would be no big deal to them except this time the russian bear has fangs.......the turks are stupid allowing themselves to be pushed into this mess.  i think they should back off and let this situation cool down and i mean yesterday.  the syrians are not going to back down. the jordanians are jewish controlled edomites and moabites, and are also stupid allowing nato to stage in their country.  here all of these parties involved and not a one of them is finanically solvent, yet they want to continue on with this insane war shit..........it all makes me sick to my stomach and the amerikan people are mostly silent about it.........

Desert Irish's picture

Here's a late night thought.

Putin is finally getting blowback in Russia. This is not going away - either Putin starts shooting protestors in the streets or they are going to do away with Putin - there will be no middle ground. Syria is now deep background.....what / whom created this?

Iran supplies almost all of China's oil needs - take out Iran, or by extension Iran's proxy Syria, and America controls the Middle East. They can then dictate oil sales / volume / quota's blah blah.... China is then and truely screwed - forget their holdings of US debt. Without oil China would shrivel up and die - result; end of China's "blue water navy" ambitions and a certain sucking sound emitting from Beijing will be heard all the way to Washington DC.

Just a thought.....




Zero Govt's picture

Desert  -  you seem to think it 'clever' for America to cut-off Chinas oil supply... what has China done to America do deserve the US Govt once again attacking a soveriegn foreign nation that has not threatened its homeland (it's illegal accoring to UN Law, you might like to think about that regards illegal occupations in Vietnem, Afghanistan and Iraq)

And what makes you think the US Govt can get its big fat boot in the door of Iran? When China says 'No touchy touchy' or we'll consider it war. 

Imagine what the populations of Arabia would be like if the Yanks tanked their way into yet another Muslim nation?

You're already bribing Iraq police not to shoot your own troops and Afghan is looking the same tragedy Veitnam was (you can't beat the Taliban on home ground, the Russians could have told you that)

While you think you're being a smart arse playing global chess i just think you've got your head rammed up your arse and deserve a kick in the balls to add to the atmosphere of peace and love

War is for deranged human scum... don't you forget that mate

Desert Irish's picture

Well Mate,

It's not as much "clever" as being realistic. As for UN law you can take that and shove it up your ass literally -  check out what nations actually belong to the United Nations security council and more importantly "whom" pays the United Nations.

It's not a matter of global chess - it's a matter of whom is ultimatly going to pull the strings. War may be deranged human scum and unlike many ankle-biters here including yourself I have experianced it firsthand and I agree it's the biggest waste of life and resources going.

What it comes down to is limited resources coverted by many. I would love to sit around the camp fire, hold hands and sing Kumbaya with everyone but that's not going to happen. As for China - it takes boots on the ground ultimately defend terrirory  - China does not have a blue water navy and no way of transporting troops to Iran. What the fuck is China going to do about it? threaten not to sell their cheap garbage to the US?

It's not a matter of jumping down the rabbit hole it's just a matter of math.



TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Desert Irish said:

It's not as much "clever" as being realistic.

I'm glad you prefer to be realistic. Let's begin by doing away with the presumption that the United States will automatically "win" if the occupational government in Vichy, D.C., decides to attack Iran.

What would the United States hope to gain in an attack on Iran? Seriously? Elimination of an imaginary threat? The Iranian people generally admire the United States as a nation, it's the US government that they fear and distrust. Do you think they'll welcome death raining from the sky just because it's from "the good guys"?

Will attacking Iran make the residents of Israel safer? I can't see how stirring up another shitstorm will make anyone in the region safer. You do know that the Iranian president never threatened to "wipe Israel off the map," don't you? You do know that the Iranian president isn't the leader of Iran, don't you? You do know that Jerusalem is holy to all three Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), so the idea of Moslems wiping it out is absurd, don't you?

What would the United States risk losing in an attack on Iran? A lot, starting with whatever goodwill it has left around the world. There's not much of that left, though, so let's see what else would be thrown away.

Do you think it's worth sacrificing the fifth fleet? Is it worth losing an aircraft carrier and its crew? If you've never heard of the Millennium Challenge war games, it's time you learned. It was a simulation run by the pentagon on how an attack on a hypothetical Persian Gulf state would play out. You can read the details yourself at the link below, but the executive summary is that the fifth fleet is sunk.


Do you think it's worth sending conscripted troops into a meat grinder? Iran is a geographically large nation. An invasion would require a huge number of troops, which means reinstating the draft. Tens of thousands of American troops would die, and for what?

Do you think it's worth a worldwide depression? That's what will happen when the oil flow from the Persian Gulf stops. Are you ready for gasoline at fifteen dollars a gallon (when it's available)? How about rationing? How does a permanently lower standard of living sound? Will it be worth it?

It's not a matter of jumping down the rabbit hole it's just a matter of math.

It sure is.


Winston Smith 2009's picture

"What would the United States hope to gain in an attack on Iran?"

The US invasion of Iraq ended rule there by the minority Sunnis and placed it in the hands of Shiites.  That put Shiite Iraq more in the Shiite Iranian camp than it has ever been.  Now, they want to complete the US political dominance of the gulf by taking out Syria or Iran or preferably both.  Once Iran has a nuclear bomb, this will no longer be possible, which is why Iran wants a nuclear bomb and the US wants to attack ASAP while making big noises about Iran and the bomb.  This is also why Russia is making such big threats against a US attack on Iran.  As it nearly always is, its all about oil geopolitics and not the anti-terrorism BS fed to the ignorant in the US (which is most of them).

However, the facts that you mention that I am also familiar with are among the reasons why the US hasn't attacked Iran.  Otherwise, Iran would have been attacked long ago.

indio007's picture

The sad thing is, chemical weapons are not against the Geneva Convention when used to repel a foreign invasion.


I seriously doubt they are effective though.

High Plains Drifter's picture

the only people that still fool with this stuff are the russians, the israelis , and the americans and that is about it. so i am sure the russians have given them some very nice stuff  to use........i am not totally sure, but i think for the most part, we have all but stopped much "research" in this area as well and are at the present time, destroying our stockpiles of these horrible things....

chindit13's picture

China has it, too.  Ask the Kachin of northeastern Burma, who have been on the receiving end lately.

XitSam's picture

They are a tactical weapon, not a strategic one. You don't close the Mexican border with them. And there are a lot of problems ... wind, temperature, etc can reduce effectiveness. My grandfather who fought in WWI thought they were effective though.

ndotken's picture

Someone else already said it ... "Those who fear to wander the world on their own courage, strength, and merit, seek to elevate and empower others to provide the comfort of limited liability."

Misean's picture

Money for nuthin' and chicks for free.

HD's picture

Oh come on - who could give this comment a red arrow? I think it sums it all up nicely...

sitenine's picture

Yes, but it's banned in Canada... ?

Pythaes's picture

"everything will be okay hunny, thats just a drone scanning your retina...teh drone will leave once it knows how much fear you have"

Pythaes's picture

"everything will be okay hunny, thats just a drone scanning your retina...teh drone will leave once it knows how much fear you have"

ebworthen's picture

Yes, the poor inmates, last to know there is a prisonbreak, first to know there is a fire.

Wail and knash your teeth usurers and speculators, the end is nigh!

navy62802's picture

It truly is an asylum. Most, if not all, of the "movers and shakers" in finance seem to be sociopaths. All you have to do is listen to their words and look at their actions.

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http://heavenbounf.blogspot.com/2011/12/americans-24-trillion-poorer-aft... QE3 sucked to the tune of 2.4 trillion out of our economy.. 

American households have lost about $8 trillion of their net worth so far during Obama’s first term. That’s about $27,000 for every person in the country, not including the trillions in federal debt tacked on in recent years.

FreedomGuy's picture

Put the debt added to the same households through TARP, stimulus and QE. The results get worse. I would add that the debt should only be divided among the ever fewer who pay taxes. Anyone see an impending problem here?

wandstrasse's picture

whoa, the Rothschild / NWO gang, or whoever they are, want to be REALLY REALLY sure that nothing goes wrong, it is like shooting 40 times in the heart and additional 32 times in the head, so the customer is REALLY dead.

whoisjohngalt11's picture


Perry: Ron Paul got me interested in the Federal Reserve

December 11, 2011


Asked to compliment a rival, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said on Saturday night that Ron Paul is the reason he started reading up on the Federal Reserve.

“Congressman Paul is the individual on the stage that got me most interested in a subject that I found to be quite interesting and at the root of a lot of the problems that we have, and I thank you for that,” Perry said at the debate.

Perry said he’s “really intrigued” with the Federal Reserve and he’s now “spent a substantial amount of time” reading about it.

Paul has called for ending the Fed.

UP Forester's picture

Sure.  He's just got a serious case of CRS.

Davalicious's picture

>Perry can read?

Not exactly. Paul bought Perry the bumper big picture book of the Federal Reserve for his birthday. Perry thought joing the dots looked like fun, but hasn't worked it out yet.