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Presented with no comment - none at all, not even a wry schadenfreude-ridden smirk. GRPN -13% at $17.40

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this symbol expires december 31st 2011

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Lol, you made my day sir! Thank you.

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Delicious cupcakes on me, everyone.

I bought 102,000 of them from some bakery in the UK, for 75% off, and the owner was not happy to see me when I picked them up.

Many business owners saw what went down and have basically said 'Wankin' F**kin' Groupon.'

Dig in.

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I thought a "groupon" was something you could expect if a bunch of TSA agents was heading for you?

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No joke. Just noting that all of the recent IPOs have been Fukushima-level toxic (including some of the government-sponsored retreads).

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The bastard child of one Darth Blankfein.

Oops. Better become an Obama campaign contributor rather soon.


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Groupon is headed to faillure, the reason is simple, it has way to many competitors now. It is very simple to copy the groupon concept.

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"This symbol  expires on November 30, 2011."

Fixed it for ya!

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The angle of the chart dangle is directly proportional to the attractiveness of the group-on menage a trois.

Got some uglies in this orgy.

Hook Line and Sphincter ( ! )J

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TRIVIA Question: what are the first 4 words in the song "set fire to the rain"??

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a business model based on customer email spamming remains unviable.


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"The government sponsored retreads" - You owe me my fresh coffee and a dry clean bill.

Still laughing so Hard the others think Im on Meds. - fuck that is ging to go into my Sarc/ vocab

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Huh, I thought it was a polygamist's female hygienic sanitary product. 

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What an idiot. Why would she sell any cupcakes at a loss, even at a 50% discount she could of ended up being profitable. Some people these days have no brain.



BTW did the $40 original price tag on a dozen cupcakes suprise anyone else?

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 90% discount this black friday

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We were just kidding on the whole IPO thingy. Sorry bout that.

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maybe goog can buy them when they are half off

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"this symbol expires december 31st 2011"

For the benefit of those of us who are not traders, can someone please explain the significance of this?

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This is my definition of "social justice."  


edit: And forget subtle "schadenfreude" I'm giddy watching this thing sink. I'm only sorry that people were able to unload and exit this on day one. Literally makes me sick.

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True enough, but I'm not so sure about the social justice tag. Their employees are heading for social security.

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by "people", I assume you mean the banks that manufactured a supply shortage and were able to force the price higher at the open?

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Yes. Also lets not forget the principles who were looking for an ejection seat since they realized they had no business model.  Everyone involved, including the flippers and even the retail investors who get their daily dose of CNBC advice, knew it was a quick pump and dump with no value. I'm actually surprised at the zeal with which people pretend to be surprised about this.

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I don't think "Scahdenfreude" carries a particular quanitification of the level of joy in other people's suffering. I think you could be giddy with schadenfreude. I know I often am. 

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Indeed ... never tire of it!

The Bernank gets a maths lesson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K71MckOTt1M

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How do you say Shadenfreude in Austrian?  Let's ask POTUS.

i-dog's picture

He doesn't speak Austrian. But he does speak Double Dutch.

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New offer: Buy 2 shares of GRPN for the price of 1!!

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Buy 2 packs of Kools and get a share of GRPN

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This is because DSK sold a huge number of shares once he realized the company is actually NOT named Grope On.

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That's Hermain Cain's new startup for after his bid fails next Nov.


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if only there was a company named Coerced Cocksucking

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How many groupon coupons for groupon stock does it take to get back to the IPO? 

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negative 5 Billion Groupons (market cap is that much higher than real value)

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The people that hyped this ...have made their money...now its time for you to lose yours....this is the IPO market now...insiders win...New York Bankers win....you lose...

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And people still keep playing and wonder why their investments are stuck in neutral. Sooner or later, people will stop playing.

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They will be in front of CONgress first thing Monday, so the little investor loses twice.

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"the Amerikan people need Groupon in these tough times, that is why we are asking for a $30 billion bailout"

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$17.40? For like, 1 share? How many shares are there in circulation? 10?