Interactive Map Of Europe's Recessionary Tide

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As noted earlier, and in the aftermath of both the UK and Spain officially double dipping, very soon a majority of Europe will be submerged under the latest recessionary tide which has already engulfed Spain, UK, Greece, Italy,  Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark,  Holland, Czech Republic, and  Slovenia. The primary wildcard remains Germany, although there is a more than 50% chance that following some very weak PMI data, the country will follow up its already negative Q4 GDP print with another decline, officially pushing the European growth dynamo into recession as well (as for France which reps and warrants that everything is great, it is not as if anyone actually believes those numbers, especially after Hollande becomes president in one week). For everyone who wants to track the European double dip tsunami in real time, the following interactive chart from Reuters is just for you.

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Come on Bundesbank, just say NO! You know you want to...

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Interactive Map Of Europe's Recessionary Tide


Out of the water....the riptide is gonna be a bitch.


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And france is Blue? Hah.

Red-tide coming chumps and champs. In every way we can imagine!


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help i have fallen..........i can't find norway on the map......did they move it or lose it?

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Fuck! They have stolen the balcans too!

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Drive on, Slovakia.  Catch up with Iceland.  There LIBERTY awaits.

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Switzerland neutral on recession too ;¬)

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Cossack 55........::

We need you in zero hedge chat!




Thats a pretty cool chart once you click on it. 

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What is very interesting, is that the heavy Baltic cuts have resulted in a quick return to growth.

But APPARENTLY Krugman knows better, and the path of profligate spending which NOT ONCE before in the history of mankind has worked, is the ONLY WAY OUT of the current malaise.

Krugman is an absolute imbecile.

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Krugman is an absolute imbecile.

Definitely, and the fact that he was not stripped of his Nobel (not yet or ever) means that he is not a plain but, on the contrary, a useful imbecile.

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More LTRO so markets are headed up. And if things turn for the better the markets are headed up. And if Fukushimo reactor spent fuel pool #4 topples I'm headed south.

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I call bullshit on the bar chart. Are we to believe that GDP year-on-year growth of 1% or less is not a recession? The positive bars (blue) also assume the official government published deflators (CPI) which are all massaged down by at least a factor of 2. The correct interpretation is that the whole EU is in recession or damn near it.

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Once more, the algorithm sells gold on no relevant news. I guess these guys are upset we fucked them on Apr 25th, when they lost money trying to drive it down to $1,625. They will need to lose more money to achieve that. Fuckers! I just cannot believe there is no one, nobody, investigating this manipulation.

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I know the smack down today is unreal its like the Silver /Goldprice dropped off a cliff!! Good thing is the floor in the trading range is coinciding with everyones pay day - So more phizz hopeully fetting taken off the market!

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Q99x2,you dont want to go south,thats where i am,and ill tell you,besides the sun i a killer,everything else is to.

You might want to study Charlie Waterfall,or Danial Dantas or Bolsa Familia(Lulas grand thefth)the war in Rio De Janeiro,the war in Sao Paulo,well the war enywhere here.

You might like this to,tons of water,Tommy Steele style,but not a drop to drink,unless,by al means you have money,and are Kain to/Abel ,to Buy your water,Bhaia turnign into to a Desert,the Amazon desapering.

Food,its contaminated from the fame of Monsanto Bayer and others,mas que tu quer fazer investiments em Eucalyptus,tu vai ganhar uma granar,ou investir em Neymar Fenomeno,talvez,mas acho que:Nike e Addidas superou voce!

Pensa melhor senhor,so uma aviso:Your velcome!

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Poland rulez..... (so far)

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Turns out the Pollock's are the sharpest knives in the drawer in Europe.....who wudda thought?


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I think the books are coocked, there is a skeleton in the closet and a pile of shit under the rug... From what I know every entity is in massive debt over here, its all just waiting to blow up. Truth will rise to the surface sooner or later, and I hope we'll be dropping all the polititians out of helicopters into the baltic sea in a little while.

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Nice chart there,Z.H.

Its always a pleasure, to read this site.

No one else on this planet tells the truth,on the ongoing planetary money laundering show,global style.

I thank you all,who have the air to tell the story,must be realy mindblowing!


This chart shows that GDP,s are just like the stock exchange,just a common mans wiew,back to the coffe!

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The More Red, The More QE "Expectations"! Expect the (Un)Expected!

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According to Michael Hudson Latvia is midst of a severe depression, how does this chart square with reality?

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Exports add to GDP.... but there is a domestic demand crisis withen that country.

Ditto for Ireland...... Ireland looks like the worst country from GDP perspective but its must worse really... our domestic demand is down by more then a quarter now.

But our exports are fantastic.... we have the highest trade surplus in the Eurozone per capita  .. but it is not taxed much.

The Euro boys club are using exports from these countries to pay off a stock of debt.

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Take away the deficit spending and the blues turn to reds and the reds turn to blood.


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I like the small grey island in the middle of EU maps.

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I don't understand this stuff about Germany. When I look at Germany I see flat retail sales, luxury goods discounted for cash, people panhandling. I see a hard slog for Otto Normalverbraucher to survive rising petrol costs, rising energy costs, extra tax levies, and the Nebenkosten which unlike rents are not capped. So just who is doing so well in Germany ? It seems the Top Decile is doing fine but the rest of the population has been reamed.

It is so easy to say Germany ie. The Country benefits from a weak Euro to export - but the People who live, breathe and work - buy food and other imported goods now priced in Euros. If the weak Euro is good for Manufacturers it is awful for Consumers who now pay a higher price for food, foreign vacations, and imported goods from Club Med than they would do if they had D-Marks.

Germany is not in recession from a Corporation standpoint but it is from a Consumer/Worker standpoint because the Real Wages have been going backward since the Euro was introduced. Germans are Marxian Wage Slaves whose Surplus Value is being stolen by the Capitalists through the Exchange Rate

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