Intesa Sanpaolo Down Almost 7.00%, Halted

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And the vile, despicable short selling speculators are nowhere to be blamed. EOM. Move along.

Rule 48! Rule 48! Rule 48!

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Anyone taking puts on KBE this morning?

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Is Rome burning yet?

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EOM = End of Month, or End of Market?

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Who could've predicted it?

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Not only that, but 'Transitory' too.  Or is it 'Traditional'?  I always get those two confused.

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Transitory until transient.

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Warren Buffet told us that there will be no double dip and t buy stocks.  The old bastard is a mouthpiece for the crime syndication in DC and on Wall Street.

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Indeed.  "Sold to you" comes to mind.

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He said the rich should pay more taxes.


What's stopping you Warren?

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good day for the relic.

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Based on what I've seen the last few months, news flow indicates time to go long EUR/USD!!!

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This is giving a twelve hour hard on to some traders. I hate to think how flaccid they will feel next day!

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Their market cap is only 20 billion. Bernake uses more than that to wipe his ass on any given day.

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Off to Ammo Depot!

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The problem is that the stock market is open.

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I always thought all Italians took August off for vacation...guess they can´t afford it now...but then again..that will not stop them...

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maybe they will try a mandatory short covering rule

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My mother wouldn't let me go out for cheerleading.  I had to go out for a sport instead. 

Rule 48!

Rule 48!

Rule 48!

This is a sport, right?