Intraday Trading Observations

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From Peter Tchir of TF Capital Markets

It finally feels safe to get long some stocks and high yield.  The move into noon was scary.  The move since then has been equally scary.  S&P moving around 30 points in half an hour seems wrong, but it does feel that weak longs got culled with these moves, once, if not twice.  IG seemed to get used as a hedge because people couldn't believe how far HY had dropped and didn't want to pay up, so for the first time, investors seem to have gotten themselves hedged and wedged.  That should help on any move upward.  I have to believe that some Eurpean investors shorted S&P into their close as the move so big and fast.  They are stuck now hedged and wedged and are likely to want to close out rather than keep.

The market has been showing up as heavily oversold, and finally feels like its oversold.  The NFP number wasn't bad today.  I was definitely surprised.  I am dubious about the accuracy of the number, but nonetheless, given how oversold we are, it should add some support.  I don't think the governments of the world, nor the central banks can do much to stem the crisis, other than print money in whatever form they prefer, but it seems like we will face a barage of these announcements.  The ECB and Italy seem to be firing the first salvo, but I would be shocked if we don't also get a good QE3 rumour later today.

I'm not sure how long I will want to stay long.  Nothing will have been solved, and I think Europe in particular cannot be solved because it will take the political will and money of a couple countries to solve the economic problems of other countries, but enough sweet things will be said, it will be easy for the market to rally.  And European credit actually traded fairly well today for the most part.  Some ugly moments for sure, and huge bid/offer, but it wasn't a disaster.  I don't think we can get a particularly big rally, because after these moves, investors have to run smaller positions.  I think SPX moved up 10 points and gave back 10 points in the time I wrote this

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I am dubious about the accuracy of the number, but nonetheless, given how oversold we are, it should add some support.

How did he write that without his head exploding?

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VIX = It's whats for Dinner

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institutions still betting on vol spike

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over 1 million vix futures contracts traded today- huge

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take a look at the slow stochastics on the VIX.   Looks like a bounce of some kind is at hand however, I would'nt bank on much of a bounce unless QE3 announced.[s163761243]&disp=P

also this was a parabolic move which nearly allways ends in a snap back.[s162497802]&disp=P

Tyler seems on the ball today.

here's risk bonds.   Looks like another decent trade.[s232907077]&disp=P


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a positive artcle from ZH?  this site has been hacked!


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Whether or not there's a preponderence of positive or negative expressed sentiment is a direct result of the reality of the situation at hand. Complaining about ZH running a lot of negative articles is like complaining that ESPN is running too many stories about baseball here in August.

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Summary:  Shit is fucked, but go with the flow.


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How can anybody say that they were surprised by the NFP numbers this morning? Given the immediate economic climate, and considering the entity responsible for producing the numbers, I would say that we were all but guaranteed a nice healthy bump up. You can't keep up the illusion of recovery without a little sleight of hand at this point.

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I wonder what the real number was before some bean counter was called from high up and told to re-revise the numbers.

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and how about the timing of that oh so rare "upward revision" to last months numbers?

Who woulda thunk it? LOL!!!

The wole thing is such an obvious farce that it's impossible to take any government issued numbers seriously.

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I'm not sure "safe" is a word I would use to describe any position in this market right it short or long.

And I would NOT want to be holding either over the weekend.

But it's great if you're just scalping.

I expect a big move in the final hour. could be down or could be up...but it will be big and volatile...that's a "safe" assumption.

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I'll be waiting for the after hours news - all the good stuff seems to happen late on a Friday for some mysterious reason.

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I think if the /Es breaks below 1195 again...we gonna do some serious spelunking.

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im watching the NQ testing the neckline...catch up (or down i guess) with the ES...imho

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It finally feels safe to get long some stocks.....of bottled water, canned food, ammo, gold, silver


is this guy for real? oversold? just how can a bankrupt planet be oversold?

caerus's picture

no shit...articles like this make me feel better about shorting

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 This article was written by someone who banged 7 grams of hopium into his pipe and smoked it all at once!

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How about we post something constructive. shaving off 100+ handles on the snp in a week is at least a 3 std deviation move, with the market being short term oversold. All this author is saying that we could see a relief rally up so he feels more comfortable to go long, should he choose to do so. 

kito's picture

post something constructive? kev--your formulas mean absolutely nothing. a 3 std deviation move? i laugh at your broken market prognostications based on irrelevant charts. the market is behaving like a child reacting to a centrally planned animal circus. applause for trichet the tiger as he jumps through the hoop of fire!!!!!  do us a favor and go surf on an elliot wave.... 

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Damn. I didn't know you had it in you. Well said.

kito's picture

let me at 'em. let me 'at em......

fuu's picture

Paraphrasing Cdad from a few days ago, "Oversold? These markets have been overbought for 2 years."

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And what is your reference distribution for this 3 sigma move?  You're a dumbshit if it is Gaussian (aka Normal).  A 3 sigma movement on a power law distribution, which these markets follow, is not a big deal.  Thus, markets are NOT oversold.

Lookin' for positive news Pollyanna?  Try CNBC.  You will find comfort there with the rest of the clairvoyant followers.

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Trading this isn't fun.  This market is gonna bounce then nose dive into 10,000.  But going short anything right now may rip you face off before you have a chance to make that money.  BAC is going to zero, but may hit 15 before it gets there.....  man, this is intense.  But, this is why we do it right?  Right?

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Off topic, but whatever happened to Nic Lenoir of ICAP?

jdrose1985's picture

Idk but I really enjoyed reading his updates. Couldn't hang with the momo crowd I guess..

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Speaking of rumors... What happened to the rumor going around of a U.S. downgrade coming this afternoon?  Is that still happening?

Aductor's picture

No. Neither Oblahama nor Boner would allow it.

Aductor's picture

Remember: Jobs is a lagging indicator and (on down days) "volume is not real, 'cuz it's only machines trading". I am sure this is a buying opportunity. It must be. Right?

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another clueless idiot..
he NFP number wasn't bad today. I was definitely surprised. I am dubious about the accuracy of the number, but nonetheless, given how oversold we are, it should add some support

what fucking difference does it make?
50 or 100 or 200 ths..

its fucking rounding error.. even BLS says that.. +-100,000 is margin of error.. RTFM

here's true ahrd facts
there're 100+ mln private jobs in USa, and 46+ mln ADULTS are on food stamps.. its bascailly % 30+ underemployment..

and this moron is saying 'wasn't bad today.'..
its been 'not bad' for last 2 years..

what an idiot

B-rock's picture

It doesn't matter what the real numbers are -- all that matters to a trader is what moves the market.  

He's saying "not bad" from a trader's perspective. That's different.

alexwest's picture

forgot to mention..

hey idiot, read latest cbo monthly preview..

corp taxes are flat y/y.. if companies are profitable why they dont pay more taxes..?

#2 SS taxes are down 5% y/y

how is it possible? if more people are working (1-2% more ) + nominal wages are rising (2/3 % more),
so SS taxes must be higher y/y , dont they?

and dont tell me crap about SS taxes are lower because of reduction in payroll taxes.. bullshit..

ss taxes were also lower in 2010 , whole year, before reduction..


Whatta's picture

investors seem to have gotten themselves hedged and wedged.

I got hedged with SPY puts...and wedgied pretty good on some MLP's I am long. Does that count?

adr's picture

Oh yeah we are sooo oversold. Chipotloe and Netflix are down ten bucks after rallying 300% on vapors. I wonder what the birth death number was to give us this magic +100k job BS. I guess momma getting a second job or uncle charlie finally getting a $8 job at Home Depot after his 99 weeks of unemployment really helped.

You can't have a good economy with somewhere around 30% of working age Americans dependent on government income. But oh yes stocks are cheap and are very oversold.

Going by forecasts we are to believe that Priceline is going to be a $850 stock. Chipotle will be $650. Lulu will get to $400. Sales will not increase by the same percentages but that doesn't matter, the Ponzimatic Express can't be stopped. As the last bastion of wealth creation only the trading of worthless paper can make a person rich.

End the market and force the privatization of every publicly traded company in the world. Return capitalism to a system that succeeds or fails based on the actions of real business instead of the false support of free money from the government and the heavy hand of a creative accountant whose only job is turning loss to profit.

caerus's picture

but burritos and yoga pants are sooooo hot right now...

alien-IQ's picture

I'm calling bullshit on this EUR/USD ramp job.

Just shorted the bitch at 1.4284. Looking to cover at 1.4207 or stop out at 1.4315.

Sometimes you just gotta say "what the fuck".

DebtSlaveZombie's picture

Amen.  Just short everything.  Massive liquidations coming.

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"I would be shocked if we don't also get a good QE3 rumour later today."

We already got our "good QE3 rumour" from Jan Hatzius, our most renowned analyst on Zero Hedge, um, I mean, at Goldman Sachs. 

QE3 bounce next week: shorts have to cover before FOMC announcement on Tuesday. 

Bobby Lee's picture

The only longs you want now are dead cat bounces on horrible news, a highflying biotech that recently lost 66% overnight being a case in point. This is beginning to remind me an awful lot of the spring of 2000. Good money to be made until the cats quit bouncing.

Bam_Man's picture

"investors seem to have gotten themselves hedged and wedged"

"investors" don't move the S&P 50 points in a half hour on a bullshit headline out of Europe.

There are no "investors" left.

This is a hyper-leveraged derivatives casino.

A "market" it most certainly is not.

youngman's picture

Why are we even talking about stocks and the market now???  The EU is broke...the USA is broke..Japan too...looks like the Latin miracle is shutting down....I mean do we need to talk about Apples new toy all day long...this is the wierdest time I have ever lived one is telling the truth...they are all protecting their own little fiefdoms...the bankers are controlling this world right now....and they are ruining this world...

B-rock's picture

...Because it's where a lot of us make our living. That's why.  :)

Mec-sick-o's picture

It is the system we have accepted, enslave all to debt.

alien-IQ's picture

there's always going to be someone or something trying to fuck you up. You can't let it/them succeed.

fight one battle at a time. the first one should be the one for your own survival. because if you do not survive, you will not be able to help anyone else.

we're talking about stocks, Fx, options or whatever because this is what we do to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads.

"they" can only ruin the world if the world gives them the power to.

I chose not to grant them power over me.

Variance Doc's picture

What is an "investor" these days, food for the Ponzi?  The only investment stratagy  that works in these broken/manipulated markets is long PMs, a little short on indexes.  Also, chips and beer to watch the show (a.k.a. Greater Depression) play out while cleaning the MR556 after 6" groups at 450m.

LOL, "investors".


slaughterer's picture

No state is broke which owns a printing press. 

Gene Parmesan's picture

Not until people decide that the printed currency is worthless at least.