Investors Withdraw Most From Domestic Equities Since The Flash Crash

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The ICI fund flow data is out and it is ugly: in the past week, investors pulled money from every single strategy for a total outflow of $10.4 billion. As usual the biggest drop was in domestic equities, which saw $8.76 billion in withdrawals, the largest since the Flash Crash when investors yanked $13.4 billion. This is the 15th consecutive week of outflows, and brings the year's total cumulative outflow to $50 billion. Add to this the $98 billion in withdrawals in 2010 and one can see why the mutual fund ponzi, which is already facing record low cash levels, is desperately relying on further stock appreciation as any additional capital withdrawals will result in a toxic downward spiral of selling. Because should the cash balance of about 3% of assets be used up, there will be no other way to satisfy redemption requests than with accelerated selling. In other news, taxable bond funds saw $67 million in withdrawals, a very rare outflow from fixed income, while muni funds saw $147 million in outflows.

Whatever you do on the chart below, do not notice the glaring head and shoulders formation:

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First flash crash? What's the second?

MarketTruth's picture

Run To The Hills...

Seriously, watch the video for MIL takeover, etc.

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I do realize my post was a bit OT, but the paper playland is a sandbox I don't want to play in any more.  I traded in my pale for buried treasure.

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rocker's picture

Not to Worry. Robo is buying all they are selling. LOL on that and what happens when Robo runs out of money.

Afterall, Financials look so strong.  I guess I will stick with my PMs. They look so weak. LOL again.

RobotTrader's picture




WTF did they do with all that money?

They must have opened E-Trade accounts and bought stocks like MA, up $39 today.

Or maybe they got fed up with Wall St. and opened up offshore betting accounts now that the NFL lockout has ended.

tmosley's picture

Does RT even know what an "equity" is?

I guess the above post just answered that question.

rocker's picture

Sure Robo does. I like to listen to the logic and follow.

Does anybody remember when Robo said CMA looked real strong. Reality Time. 

Well it just came off the 52 week low list. So much for real financial fundamentals. LOL


SheepDog-One's picture

Maybe they bought more gold as you now claim to have been doing while mocking it for the last year. You clown.

Vic Vinegar's picture

Changed my red to a green for your improved comment.

Sudden Debt's picture

I'm thinking this RB is a spambot. My junkmail folder is filled with crappy stuff like your posts.


spiral_eyes's picture

i think he's porter stansberry

papaswamp's picture

Come on people...Robo is drooling since QE3 is right around the corner.

dwdollar's picture

Or maybe (and most likely) they used it to survive.  Like you know, buy foodstuffs.  Do you buy foodstuffs?  Or is it your mom?

AbandonShip's picture

I was one of them.  Couldn't trust the pols to do the right thing.  Glad I got my green toilet paper for now.

scatterbrains's picture

yea don't even bring the subject up.. last time the msm pumped the head and shoulders pattern it failed. I havn't heard anyone speak of this one much, at least on bloomberg. Is this one going unnoticed? I don't even tune in to cnbc.. are they talking about it there ?

SheepDog-One's picture

No CNBC is showing recommended Tiffany gifts fund traders can give to their $5,000 per hour hookers, the CNBC ladies seem to love the silver coke straw and 8 gram storage bottle.

Instant Wealth's picture

I look forward to the day when one of those where-is-the-smart-money-divas starts nosebleeding live on TV.

rosiescenario's picture

Crows, too, are attracted to bright shiny objects.

Cassandra Syndrome's picture

For QE3 certainty, would Skynet not want a 9th day in the red?

MichaelG's picture

HAL will probably wait until Fisher or someone suggests further easing may just possibly not be the way forward before hammering it down, just so there's no ambiguity to Ben's instructions:

1 Hold CTRL
2 Press P

RobotTrader's picture




Widest TICK point spread in history.$TICK&p=D&yr=0&mn=6&dy=0&id=p37322057532

Everybody who panicked out this morning had to buy everything back.

sellstop's picture

They don't buy stuff back so soon. It's the pride thing...


Careless Whisper's picture

Mid-Day Careless Whisper Report

Fat Larry Says 33% Chance Of Recession

Ron Paul Introduces Bill To Cancel $1.6 Trillion Bonds Created Out Of Thin Air Held By Federal Reserve

America's Most Hated Not-Guilty Person Spotted In Ohio


random shots's picture

Just proves investors get it wrrong...buying at the peak and selling at the bottom.

Leo Kolivakis's picture

Hope you bought that dip like I told you to and get ready for some rock 'n roll action during this hot, hot, hot summer!

LONG: JNPR, JDSU, DQ, EMKR, LVLT, SATC, and a few others...

SheepDog-One's picture

LOL, Leo goes all-in for the .com bubble era bottom bouncers. Whatever.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Leo K has killed it in Chinese solars while bitching that the government can't/should never/would never dare cut the pensions of government parasites.

all_in_now's picture

Leo, Two thumbs up for the girl, thumgs up your ass for your comment

rosiescenario's picture

Good choice of bikes...but is that a lady-boy???

sellstop's picture

Way to go Leo. Get those ratings up! Or something up...

I also put on some longs today. Except for that gold short....

Nice bike!


treemagnet's picture

Yeah, whatever....anybody know where I can score some wings and beer - maybe watch 13 games at once, you know - the important shit in life.

Lord Maximus's picture

End of day Melt-UP?!?!?!?



YEAAAAHHH...Recovery Summer is finally here!!!

TruthInSunshine's picture

08-03 15:53: JP Morgan Chase cuts US Q3 GDP forecast to 1.5% from 2.5%


Oh yeah, JP Morgan wants more QE, bitchez, and they claim they want a strong dollar, too, as they bitch at Timmayyy Jeethner.

JPM owns this country. Bernank is Jamie Dimon's personal ball washer.

Hilarity ensues.

espirit's picture

Head, shoulders, shampoo - repeat.

Uh. I forgot haircut.

Cdad's picture

Average Joe...selling strength and kickin' ass.  You have to love it.


Robslob's picture

Now that all the lemmings are out of the way it may be time to buy something...decisions decisions...


OK...I am going to buy...........



RobotTrader's picture



"Once In A Lifetime" reversals on many stocks today, today may be the start of the "Weimar Rally", especially if the CRB index takes off from this level.

It never really sold off, even though crude was hammered.

SheepDog-One's picture

Yea Robo and I distinctly remember a post a couple weeks ago from you that you put up on some other board telling people you better be all in at 12,700 level.

Another day, another new reality for Robo who changes his market strategy and position more frequently than a teenage girl changes outfits.

sellstop's picture

When the facts change, I change my mind like the Robo.

I probably shouldn't though. Thats probably why I'm only up 17% this year to date.

I'm such a loser. LOL


Cdad's picture


About the CRB...apparently you are not looking at the earnings reports coming out of key commodity players.  Take a look at WLT's report just out tonight.  Look at the steel companies...especially CLFs report.  ANR is up tomorrow, and I'm thinking it will also be bleak.

So I don't get the super bullishness regarding commodities just for the special, super shinny ones, of course.

But whatever...


Dr. Engali's picture

They are taking all that money and buying silver and gold.

Smiddywesson's picture

The crash is nearing and everyone can feel it.

Also, my guess is mom and pop are out of money due to the job market.  They are draining everything to keep the house running, even dipping into 401ks and paying tax penalties to make ends meet.