iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S - First Look

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If this is what 0.3-0.6% of US GDP (according to JPMorgan) looks like, then the US is truly in desperate need of not only QE3, but 4, 4S and 5. Also, since it is not on the front, we can only assume the "Samsung Inside!" sticker is on the back.

courtesy of @jennydeluxe

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Not it isn't the icons that increase productivity, it is the app that shows vacant parking spaces

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I see post-Jobs Apple is really pushing forward with the innovation. 5 lines of icons really makes a big difference.

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The lack of innovation will do nothing to soften the geekboners

pods's picture

The new one is on the right, correct?


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It's quite counter-intuitive as electronic devices should be getting smaller with each generation

NotApplicable's picture

Just wait. Once the Boomers get old enough, the iPhone will look like the Jitterbug.

Zero Govt's picture

No Apple is heading toward the Iron Man heads up electronic audio-visual display

by which time GOOn will look like the suit Stark made in a desert cave and Microshite will look like the clapped out car they used in Animal House to ram the VIP stand with

css1971's picture

You're sounding hysterical.

SheepDog-One's picture

I already heard a Slayer tune as elevator muzak the other day....fuck...

mtomato2's picture


I just want you to know I gave you ONE of your many up arrows for that comment.


Freaking awesome comment.

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I hope it was Angel of Death and you were in a Goldman elevator.

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Yes, but it's not necessarily the case with toys.

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Pardon me Sir, but us real geeks tend to stay away from i<Insert whichever the hell product from apple you desire> stuff. Not that the devices are not good, quote the contrary; it's their idiotic application and ownership policy that's the deterrent.

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but the new pin will soften their pockets.

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Tell me they didn't fuck with the connector PIN!!!! Say It isn't so ... programmed obselecence. What will I do with all the chargers, Clock radios. car kits and computer connections .... Have I got to Junks the Lots Man?

I FuckedXApple

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In ancient times people got burried with tools they'd require in the afterlife. By the look of it, Steve Jobs got burried with an iPhone.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

iBet you're just jealous.

<To the moon Ben Alice.>

Urban Redneck's picture

I still have my NEC n908, rectangular phones with nothing more than an LCD touchscreen on one side have definitely changed in seven or so years.

Apple is a PR & marketing shop. Secondarily a design shop.  Their "innovation" is hyped myth by Marketing, even going all the way back to the original Apple GUI (which Xerox didn`t have much use for at the time, and couldn`t figure out how to effectively monetize).

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something something something... bitchez!

ParkAveFlasher's picture

There's an app for that: iBitchez!


csmith's picture

WTF is with 1610 e-mails?

dukeland's picture

1610 Un-read emails.. thats productivity for you..

CPL's picture

"Dear Sir


I am Nick HeavyWithDollarz and I require many assistances on transferring my enromous wealth abroad so I decided to reach out to a stranger on the internet for help.  


Many thanks and blessings.

Nick HeavyWithDollarz, CEO, PMP, CIO, President, Hombre el Wapo."


That's what 1600 emails says to me.

12ToothAssassin's picture

I wouldnt read them either if they were all in Chinese

CPL's picture

Well the new iPhone comes with a complimentary email explaining to the owner that there is email on the phone.  Like a new voice mail box comes with a complimentary voice mail explaining that you have voice mail on a meridian system.


Fucking value plus plus plus.

Death and Gravity's picture

It is the Zeitgeist:

Info overload. How to carry the bane of your existence, in your pocket.

Ned Zeppelin's picture

The new one reads the emails for you.

The new one looks too big to me.

sdmjake's picture

That device on the left looks like it is owned by someone with the shittiest kind of life i can imagine...egads...

geewhiz190's picture

is it Ella ? or is it Memorex?

Schmuck Raker's picture

Which one is which? (If that's not too unpatriotic a question to ask.)

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this is the gay-est, weakest most pathetic excuse for a launch i have EVER seen. What a farcical uninsipired, mundane re-HASH. This is no Steve Jobs revolution. This is an MBA running the design team.

centerline's picture

You just summed up how the world operates now.  MBA's running the show.

knukles's picture

Haaavad MBA's.
There's a difference.
The guys from Haaavad read all them cases abouts Larry Summers and Mohamed El-Ariane.


(I always wonder why that special name has pork in it... Mo-ham-id... must be a Zionist recipe)

CPL's picture

I call it Bumblefuck management.  All those poor hedge funds...I'm sure there is an app for dumping shares before the next guy.

Bam_Man's picture

What a f**king joke.

Zero Govt's picture

you've summed up GOOnbubbles desperate strategy to dump Android onto the phone market very succinctly

laomei's picture

Time to sit back and watch the idiots throw away the phones they got 6 months ago to pick up this latest piece of shit.

williambanzai7's picture

In HK theyll go to Mongkok and sell them to a second hand dealer who will then either resell it locally or send it to a handler in Chung King Mansion for forwarding to some other third world market in Africa etc.

HK is a major staging point for second hand phone redistribution. Of course all the phones are unlocked, unlike in the US.

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oooh, great point.  we're 'probably' going to get more gazelle.com girl comercials.

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Might have been a good idea to fill that fifth row full of icons to show the necessity.