Iran Begins Straits of Hormuz Wargames

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Sat, 12/24/2011 - 12:44 | 2009196 Long-John-Silver
Long-John-Silver's picture

BOOM! Bitchez!

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 13:40 | 2009261 BandGap
BandGap's picture

C'mon, what could go wrong?

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 15:20 | 2009372 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Well bandgap, there is the matter of this, that or the third thing. Any one of them or, it could be an unknown unknown.

But, then again, those are pretty good odds eh?

Obamamanamana does not want to fight, he is so Noble.



Sat, 12/24/2011 - 15:53 | 2009410 wanklord
wanklord's picture

The only plausible way by which Barry & Associates (including the Zionist warmongers) could justify a war against the Islamic Republic of Iran is by staging another false flag attack on continental United States: most likely a controlled nuclear explosion (dirty bomb) targeting a major urban concentration that may kill dozens of thousands of civilians.

This operation will be carried out by the CIA in partnership with Mossad and MI6 to subsequently be blamed on AlQaeda working in conjunction with elements of Iran’s IRGC and Pakistan’s ISI.

Besides that, Americans are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue. The psychological impact of this event will elicit the brute and ignorant populace to demand a massive retaliation against the alleged perpetrators (explicitly Iran); the Obama administration will need the unconditional support of these mules in order to further their agenda.

Absent of this essential prerequisite (a false flag operation), President Soetoro will find virtually impossible persuading US Congress to issue a formal declaration of war.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 16:46 | 2009470 GiantVampireSqu...
GiantVampireSquid vs OWS UFC 2012's picture

Video not on you-tube.  State censorship?

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 21:09 | 2009654 markmotive
markmotive's picture

One mindless miscalculation could easily lead to WWIII

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 18:58 | 2009580 lolmao500
lolmao500's picture

Except a dirty bomb wouldn't kill dozens of thousands. At most a few thousands.

And it would be a ``credible`` false-flag since a dirty bomb is the only thing they can come up with and the CIA will say ``it was possible``.

And of course they'll say how it came from Mexico, so US troops need to go into Mexico and wipe out the cartels because they helped Iran or some BS like that.

And of course, they will have to hire hundreds of thousands of TSA to inspect every car in North America.

They will go full East Berlin on our asses.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 19:36 | 2009599 trav7777
trav7777's picture

a dirty bomb would be lucky to kill a dozen.  Period.

As for east berlin, good luck getting enough snitches on the payroll...already the hippies and TP oldies are protesting

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 00:07 | 2009805 CompassionateFascist
CompassionateFascist's picture

ZOG will plant one of Israel's - or our - real ones in a Muslim suburb of, say, Detroit. BOOM. Then TPTB will produce evidence that an "Iranian terror cell" was building one there, it went off..." etc. Insta-War.

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 19:35 | 2010788 Tijuana Donkey Show
Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Or it's the state of Michigan ending it's budget crisis, and putting GM/Detroit out of it's misery. Hell, hit Flint as well, and they could balance the budget! Maybe Gary, IN, and Cleveland could be targets for false flag/SNAP benefits lowering?

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 00:44 | 2009843 Buck Johnson
Buck Johnson's picture

Your probably right, they want Iran big time because they know once the reactor goes hot it will be no time at all that they will have a nuclear device.

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 01:02 | 2009867 TheFourthStooge-ing
TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Wanklord copies and pastes more drivel. He's been posting this particular boilerplate since July 16, 2011, if not earlier. His spewage isn't limited to zerohedge. He's posted this comment to a variety of sites, from to, sometimes as wanklord and sometimes as somon.

(For reference, try a google search for the phrase "most likely a controlled nuclear explosion", including the quotes.)

He never reads followups to his own comments, and probably nothing more than the title of the article on which he is commenting. I'm not sure if his postings have any real purpose, because they fall into that grey area between annoying kook and retarded interloper.


Sun, 12/25/2011 - 05:12 | 2010034 jeff montanye
jeff montanye's picture

and i believe he libels mules, who are notoriously independent minded (and cannot reproduce), quite different from the caricature of the docile u.s. citizen he otherwise paints.

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 02:37 | 2009936 Breaker
Breaker's picture

Since when did Congress' power to declare war (or the War Powers Act) have any influence on Obama? The later was passed to constrain Republican presidents. Pretty much everyone knows that a Democrat president may ignore it and suffer no consquences.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 16:56 | 2009481 BandGap
BandGap's picture

Right, and it's Christmas. No one starts wars during the Holidays.


Sun, 12/25/2011 - 00:04 | 2009799 CompassionateFascist
CompassionateFascist's picture

ex. Yom Kippur

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 01:19 | 2009885 FrankDrakman
FrankDrakman's picture

And Tet.

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 05:16 | 2010038 jeff montanye
jeff montanye's picture

as andrew card noted in similar circumstances, you don't introduce new products in august.

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 09:31 | 2010180 King_of_simpletons
King_of_simpletons's picture

Disgusting. Iraq was responsible for 9/11 and now Iran. Where does propaganda and delusion end.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 14:58 | 2009357 IrritableBowels
IrritableBowels's picture

Isn't this a great opportunity for Iran? Assuming no false flags carried out by the US, Iran has the ability to conduct extended war drills without compromising oil distribution through Hormuz. (un)Naturally, the mainstream led, Muslim fearing population expecting the worst, get shocked when Ahmadinejad makes no threatening moves, nor does the strait close. I think these situation could be capable of diffusing, to some extent, Americans' contempt for the country through their subconsciousness psyches.

Then again we could be witnessing the catalyst leading to WWIII. Time will tell...

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 12:45 | 2009197 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

hey trav........check it about this one........


OIL BITCHEZ ...............

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 12:49 | 2009200 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

Nono, democracy my patriot friend.
You kind of look like somebody who can carry a gun. Don't wanna join the game?

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 18:59 | 2009583 lolmao500
lolmao500's picture

And how about this one... 120 000 protesters in Moscow with Gorbachev calling for Putin to resign...

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 12:47 | 2009199 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

Send 4 carriers to x4!
10000 troops to y7
Nuke d2

I just love stratego :)

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 13:33 | 2009247 GMadScientist
Sat, 12/24/2011 - 16:06 | 2009428 11b40
11b40's picture

Stratego this.....50,000 mines floating with the currents in the gulf and all around the Straits of Hormuz.  Let just one tanker blow, and the world will have quite a 'situation'.  Try getting insurance on an oil shipment.  Even getting a tanker and crew would be a problem.

Those mines are cheap, easy to build, as destruvtive as you want to make them, simple to move around and set lose under cover of darkness, easily stored and stockpiled, constantly moving with the water's flow, and very hard to detect.  Silent death & destruction that leave no fingerprints.

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 00:34 | 2009835 RichardP
RichardP's picture

Better find some country to build a pipeline through.

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 00:59 | 2009861 Element
Element's picture

Don't know if you are aware but many modern mines don't float about. Most are tethered to the bottom unless a tether breaks. Minesweepers traditionally tried to cut tethers so they came to the surface, where they could be seen and destroyed.

Newer ones may sit on the bottom and look like mud, or rock, or seaweed, and will only rise to hit a target when they detect one, via ballast control. Very hard to clear an area of such disguised stealth-mines.  Else they have batteries, CPUs and hydrophones, and a high performance propulsion system. i.e. they're basically self-deploying multipurpose torpedos, that can operate in a 'sea mine' mode, where they can sit on the bottom or even in the water-column, and wait a few years for their target, or else they can 'swim' back to self-recovered, if not used.

These types of weapons can be sewn by subs, surface vessels, or from the air, via dedicated naval patrol aircraft, or via palletised drops out the back of transports, with a cheap GPS guidance system attached to a stand-off gliding-parachute, that can glide for many kilometres to deliver them within meters of where you want them.

The Iranians have spent decades developing a devastating mine warfare option. They would certainly use a wide mix of very old and very new mine tech and diverse and novel delivery mechanisms, to maximise the difficulty of clearance.

Try clearing a vast area with 6 or 7 different types of old and new sea mines present. Bet you can't do it quickly. It would take many months to several years.

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 05:27 | 2010039 jeff montanye
jeff montanye's picture

thanks for the detail.  the global economic system is so fragile it seems such a simple military move as mines sown in the gulf would bring it to its knees.  our military is so prepared for threats that are obsolete and so unprepared (?) for those that seem more likely.  how much better off would we be trying at least half hard to defuse them through changed policy vis a vis israel, iraq, iran, afghanistan, pakistan and kashmir et. al.?

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 07:55 | 2010104 Element
Element's picture

What? ... you mean end up with actual peace on Earth and goodwill to all men? ... jeez mate ... lay off the egg-nog ... ;-)

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 20:23 | 2010820 Milestones
Milestones's picture

Smart post. Thanks.         Milestones

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 12:49 | 2009201 ElvisDog
ElvisDog's picture

Sorry, I'm not buying it. This will be another non-event, like the periodic "Israel is about to attack Iran" stories.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 12:56 | 2009206 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

We'll get in. No question about it, and now it will even be a joined attack.
America and Nato will bomb them together. Nato might even take the lead this time to show the world that europe supports the american dream100%

Nothings for nothing

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 13:17 | 2009229 eatthebanksters
eatthebanksters's picture

I hope someone get ths balls to drop a laser guided big ass bomb right on the head of the Ayatollah an his puppet Achmed-nut-job. Just do it and shut those fuckers up....maybe then the rest of the despots in the world would think a little before popping off.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 13:27 | 2009241 Think for yourself
Think for yourself's picture

If you were to actually follow your own line of thinking and make an example of the worlds' arch-despots, you'd have to drop the bomb on Washington D.C., the City of London district or the Vatican, depending on your view of things. Khomeini and Achmadinejad are fucking babies pissing in the kiddies' pool by any comparison.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 13:36 | 2009255 john39
john39's picture

none of that would do any good unless you decapitate the real forces behind this, Tel Aviv.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 14:48 | 2009348 Think for yourself
Think for yourself's picture

I won't argue for or against this, after all I'm just a fucking goyim and am a far cry from any chance of deciphering what's really going on...

But I'd like to say that the best (as in relatively simple, substantiated, fitting and explaining the facts) conspirationial theory of history of which I'm aware is the masonic luciferian (of the Grand Orient Lodges fame) conspiracy. This theory states that (with a certain degree of substantiation) Israel was planned more than a century ago as a trojan horse of hegelian dialectic, the beachhead of the luciferians' provocation of radical islam/communism (itself shaped through the same dialectic) to be faced against capitalism/judeo-christianity in the final world war, assuring mutual, complete destruction.

This of course to leave absolute global statism as the only ideology left to look up to (or down on), which is the point where their goal is reached. 

While I do see Zionist Israel as a problem of biblical proportions, engendering many problems downstream in the realm of effects, it itself remains an effect and not the causes that are the source of the stream itself. So I don't think that decapitating these forces would have such an effect anyways, just like throwing a boulder in a river will not stem the source and it will just flow around it. It cannot have such an effect, not when Israel has already played its role and is nearly ready to be sacrificed in a major middle-east conflagration. At least these are my humble 2 cents.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 15:15 | 2009368 john39
john39's picture

well, it sure is nice of those zionist talmudists to control the world financial system on behalf of their evil islamic masters (who are not allowed to practice usury)...  if you get what i mean. /s

in all seriousness, if you want to get a better feel for who the real luciferians might be, take a good look at the talmud. 


Sat, 12/24/2011 - 15:22 | 2009373 Think for yourself
Think for yourself's picture

I think you are, willfully or not, confounding my argument.
The luciferian masters are temporarily zionists because this is the current necessary step to create the next conflagration in their chain of hegelian dialectic. Both islamists and judeo-christians have been manipulated by the zionists as tools to be used against each other and discarded - I cannot even begin to comprehend how you could have understood that I said the zionists control the world for their islamic masters.

Once these ideologies have been thoroughly destroyed by the luciferians, then they can move on to absolute global statism = collectivism, or the True Doctrine of Lucifer. 

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 15:30 | 2009381 john39
john39's picture

i understood you, but I lay blame on those i find most culpable.  i don't think that they are temporarily zionist.  zion would be the capital of the NWO, and it would be in Israel.  its all outlined in the talmud, divide and conquer.   luciferian worship is almost as old as mankind, at least in what remains of recorded history.  i just get tired of hearing about how the vatican, or the jesuits, or any other johny come lately strawmen, are to blame...  when the real bad actors (as opposed to the manipulated pawns) are hidden in plain view.  Interestingly enough, Iran appears to be one of the last countries standing that still gets it, and is prepared to fight.  i think Putin gets it as well.  not sure about the Chinese.  but even inside Russia, there are vast shadow apparatus prepared to try and take over when the time is right, which seems to be in the very near future.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 15:48 | 2009401 Think for yourself
Think for yourself's picture

Well then, I respect your opinion. As I said I'm far from having figured it out and your ideas do fit with the basic premises - however I do feel that the jesuits embody the strongest form of luciferianism so far, whose worship can take many forms as it infects different ideologies through time, what with their doctrine "the bible has value only because the pope states it is so" and that the pope is the sole salvation of our souls. Perfect starting point for absolute world statism (although the Baha'i "faith" is an even more recent newcomer which embodies same with a thin veneer of multiculturalism).
I just don't see how they couldn't be gunning for the geographical destruction of Israel at the same time as the rest. Shit's crazy. Definitely an interesting fog of war to try to peer in.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 16:01 | 2009421 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Very interesting exchange.

Perhaps the thing to recognize is that we, regardless of religion, have lived the Christian Age. THe Piscean age was essentially the Biblical Age.

And we seem bent upon fulfilling it's End-time prophecies to a T. Teh Vatican is the root of the Common Era. They control the calendar. Enough said.

Those that will or can not be converted will be slaughtered.

Bottom fishing in the end of the age of Pices!


Sun, 12/25/2011 - 00:40 | 2009837 RichardP
RichardP's picture

Is that a regional Indian thing - fishing for bottoms?

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 05:42 | 2010048 jeff montanye
jeff montanye's picture

no.  nearly a universal one.  it's an area of interest.  

god is the greatest punster, "he" made the organs of generation the organs of elimination (source?).

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 16:05 | 2009427 john39
john39's picture

you and i are not far off in our views, i agree.  no fan of the jesuits here either.  interestingly the jesuit order appears to have been formed by a crypto zionist.  as you point out, there is more misinformation out there than truth, so sorting though all this is problematic.  but patterns do emerge over time.  Loyola appears to be one of many crypto zionists who infiltrated the church for obvious reasons.  Certainly he wasn't the first, the council at nicea was all about hijaking the real teachings of Christianity, but that is an aside.   the point being, that its not possible to take anything at face value.   same thing happened in Islam... wahabbi islam appears to be a zionist creation as well (need a good enemy and need to smear and pervert the true teaching of Islam).  the saudi royal family are cryptos...  seems that there is a crypto under every rock out there.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 16:17 | 2009446 11b40
11b40's picture guys wake me up when the Rastfarians take over.  One love, and Merry Christmas.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 18:54 | 2009574 Cast Iron Skillet
Cast Iron Skillet's picture

I'm waiting for the Pastafarians ...

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 17:21 | 2009501 Iwanttoknow
Iwanttoknow's picture

So is Turkey i.e. Donmeh.

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 20:54 | 2009647 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

thank you for this exchange - you do your moniker proud Think for yourself. . .

always like to read posts from folk who are able to take all sides into consideration, yet still argue from their own perspective(s)


Sat, 12/24/2011 - 23:35 | 2009760 Think for yourself
Think for yourself's picture

Thank you. That you recognize this is only a sign that you are able of the same, for yourself. Namaste and merry christmas!

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