Iran Foreign Ministry Claims Nuclear Scientist Was Executed By CIA, As Nigeria Strike Talks Collapse

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While on one hand we get news from Nigeria that the government and the labor unions have failed to end a labor strike, raising the prospect of a halt of all production in the country which produces 2.4 million barrels of oil per day or roughly the same as Iran exports, we now find out that the US attempt at de-escalating tensions with Iran (following Thursday's news of an extension in the oil embargo deadline by 6 months - one would almost think Obama realized $5.00 gas may be an issue with the election looming) may have failed massively, and it is now Iran's attempt to score political brownie points knowing well it has all the advantage. As EA WorldView reports, instead of backing away from last week's sensitive issue of the assasination of a nuclear scientist, Iran has ripped the scab right off the wound and its foreign ministry has boldly proclaimed that it has "reliable documents and evidence that this terrorist act was planned, guided and supported by the CIA. The documents clearly show that this terrorist act was carried out with the direct involvement of CIA-linked agents." So the ball is now squarely back in America's court, and any further attempts at appeasement, such as the embargo extension was perceived as being, will merely serve to make US foreign policy appear even more toothless. Which Hillary will hardly stomach. So we may well be back at square one (only this time with two aircraft carriers in the Arabian Sea instead of just one).

From EA WorldView:

The Foreign Ministry has asserted in a letter, handed to the Swiss Ambassador, "We have reliable documents and evidence that this terrorist act was planned, guided and supported by the CIA. The documents clearly show that this terrorist act was carried out with the direct involvement of CIA-linked agents."


The Swiss Embassy represents the interests of the US, which broke diplomatic ties with Iran in 1979.


Iranian State TV said a "letter of condemnation" had also been sent to the British Government, contending that the killing of Iranian nuclear scientists had "started exactly after the British official John Sawers declared the beginning of intelligence operations against Iran".

And as for Nigeria, here is AP with the latest:

Nigeria's government and labor unions failed to end a paralyzing nationwide strike over high gasoline costs, potentially sparking an oil production shutdown in a nation vital to U.S. oil supplies.


It was not immediately clear early Sunday whether a major oil workers' union had gone ahead with its threat to have its members walk off their jobs starting at midnight in an effort to halt oil production. But the fact labor unions left quickly from their meeting with the government and no one announced when talks would resume raised concerns the impasse would see Nigeria go through more days of disruptive strikes.


Nigeria, which produces 2.4 million barrels of oil a day, is the fifth-largest oil exporter to the United States. Any disruption to oil production could roil the oil futures market at a time traders remain concerned about world supply.


President Goodluck Jonathan did not show up for a meeting with union representatives held Saturday night at the presidential villa in Nigeria's capital Abuja, nor did Vice President Namadi Sambo. Instead, the nation's Senate president and its House speaker represented the government along with other officials.


After the meeting, Nigeria Labor Congress President Abdulwaheed Omar told waiting journalists: "We have not reached a compromise."


Asked whether oil production would immediately halt, Omar said: "We are taking these things gradually.

As for next steps, here is an idea.

Libya - before:

and after...

Nigeria - before:




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Seize Mars's picture

Obama, Hilary, Panetta.

Absolute fucking amateurs.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

You think the oilgarchs would have anyone in there that gives a shit!  The named are there for a reason:  to fuck everything up!  What better way to fuck everything up than to have a bunch of clowns running the big top.

trav7777's picture

amateurs isn't the right word; dilettantes

Crisismode's picture






Calmyourself's picture

The Patriots are not a team they are a machine...

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all this interesting and relevant info, there for those that choose to reject the official lies and go looking for truth.


The fact that TPTB have not yet censored the web, is, quite frankly, amazing. Their power will wane if they continue to allow us access to such information. Whose betting mysterious "Iranian" hackers crash the energy grid or some such shit at the same time as the war starts, thus proving the web needs to be controlled.


Oh, and that will be the best case scenario. Worst case they just start shooting bloggers in the head.

Oh regional Indian's picture

fnor, its' because the web does not matter enough yet. The percentage of people that are Booking their faces and twittering and Circling their +'s far far outnumber ZHers or TruthDiggers or any other alternative.

Still fringe. Kooky. First, they will take over the blogsphere by buying prominent bloggers off/out. They did it with that rag, Puffington Post as an example. 

It's all monetization till they feel the consequences outweigh the risk. After that, it's game on.

We have months perhaps at most. India is already at war with bloggers who say bad things about politicians. Bad bad bloggers.

The press is still supremely powerful because:

1) They were bought out a looooong time ago (see link below)

2) same channel provides entertainment AND news. It is easy enough to con-found the two in the case of simple, Sleeple minds (thanks The4th stooging, it's Sleeple from now)...

3) There is someone for everyone on the MSM spectrum. From Porn to Philosophy. 

And by the way, no shootng needs doing. Just Google Rik Clay.




Fluffybunny's picture

It was most probably Mossad again, pretending to be CIA.

ToNYC's picture

No worriesl turn off your TV and get busy building local relationships while their $$ADD$$ tool doesn't buy the proper level of US Constitutional coruption.

Winning gets easier as the stupidity gets more difficult to begin to relate as a believable narrative.

Eric Place Holder only feels the passion of justice on issues of possible democratic voter supression as you might expect by only looking at the data.


agent default's picture

Indeed, and I don''t think it ever will.  Given choice of what to read, people will tend to read the things that agree with their already pre made opinions.  Very rarely will people become skeptics because of something they read on some site.  Case in point:  How many people here on ZH became doubtful of the present financial system because of ZH?  Most of us here already thought the system was a sham long before we found ZH.  Maybe we didn't have  as much information as now, but we already suspected/refused to toe the CNBC line.  The web is dangerous mainly in the sense of organizing like minded people, not in the way of changing peoples minds.  And it that sense, the PTB would rather prefer it stayed open and provide them with early warning of any future unrest, than deal with the old fashioned quiet fermentation of trouble of the past centuries.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Thought provoking POV there Agent D.


LeBalance's picture

In the Absence of the Sacred

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

Jerry Mander


the medium allows a particular interface.

it also allows monitoring.

a controller does not want to exclude from the monitored channel, but include.

all is allowed, as long as you play it inside the box.

disabledvet's picture

i would take an opposite view--although i'm not disagreeing with you ORI at all. The fact as i see is this: "trillions." That's how much money has been made since the "World Wide WEB" has been deployed. To me the most critical decision in its DEPLOYMENT was the break up of AT&T by a Federal Judge. Hence my absolute belief that the ".com" space has been a government creation since day one. My view is that the so called open-ness was the most critical component to the..."use"...of the "web" as a "total information awareness" system. Hence my argument is that "this weapon is probably too effective" and why elements of the government are now trying to "shut it down." As an aside and an alternative i would the economy continues to veer from slamming into the wall on the right then slamming into the wall on the to invest in AT&T. Gotta a real high yield...and if the government can't figure it out...AT&T will..."as a reconstituted monopoly" if necessary. Good posts.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Likewise DA, good points all.


LasVegasDave's picture

can we all agree that the best course of action would be to kill A-Jad and the mullahs then confiscate the oil?

JPM Hater001's picture

Worst case they just start shooting bloggers in the head.

Please start with MDB.

BigJim's picture

...Whose betting mysterious "Iranian" hackers crash the energy grid or some such shit at the same time as the war starts, thus proving the web needs to be controlled.

Iranian terrorist hackers, in collusion with Ron Paul extremist Libertarians. We have documentary evidence!

Michael's picture

The war on Iran by Israel and the US will escalate.

Retaliation by Iran on Israel will be so devastating, Tehran will be nuked.

Rogue nuclear powers will provide a nuclear attack on Tel Aviv.

At least Israel will be gone too.


Hugh G Rection's picture



For looking on the brightside...

Treason Season's picture

Being no fan of Israel should not blind one to the fact the counry is nothing but a tool for nwo purposes. To assume the destruction of Rothschild's creation is somehow beneficial for the world is naive at best and a trolling deversion at worst.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Aslam Alekem Brothers.

Any women to stone or gays to flog today?

philipat's picture

And the nuclear fallout will flow gently East with the jetsteam over China and Russia, who will be really pleased, and then out over the Pacific to the good old US of A. Good luck.

fallingman's picture

Not with a bang but a whimper.

JPM Hater001's picture

I dont think we really have to worry about nuclear fallout from Iran.  We will have plenty right here at home.

Calmyourself's picture

Well over a thousand nuke tests since 1944 a large % above ground, we are still here, take a deep breath relax..

roy10's picture

And I'm sure you will be celebrating the nuking of Tel-Aviv. Won't you? Too bad that even after that happens, you will still wake up to live the life you're living right now, only you won't hev anybody to blame for it.

Traprock's picture

Hmmm..... life we're living now, after your prescribed outcome. Sounds reasonable, I'm in.

bombimbom's picture

it's not like nuking or carpet bombing teheran is any better. i really hope Iran announcing they have reached military nuclear capacity soon so this criminal foolishness end (if I was russia I would have given them few dozens ready to be launched nuclear missiles already), israel quits bombing/invading other countries to maintain its status of unrivaled superpower in the region while keeping its many (not so secret) nukes to deter any aggression threatening its survival.

Iran having nukes is not a problem of Israel survival (they still have too many nukes ready to be launched), it's a problem of Israel maintaining its unmatched military capacity that allow them to keep their highly aggressive stance so they can easily keep a real palestinian state from being, keep dreaming of annexing the entire west bank, keep their internal nationalistic structure bordering racism.

USA would be forced to stop their foolish risk game and their futile attempt to keep their only superpower status started by the neocons.

Hard Assets's picture

Good points.

I've been thinking of this business of Iran having nukes for a long time. For the life of me I cannot see how the "bad" outweighs the irrelevant.

All this war-mongering and it insures an attack on Israel, I believe, is not possible. Well I suppose its possible, but it guarantees that Iran "is wiped off the map". I sincerely believe Iran just wants to be left alone, "...fuck off and leave us alone !!"

North Korea was front page every day for a few years and what has happened in the last 3 or 4? Fuck, when was it now that the North joined the nuke club, 2008....2006? Can't even remember now ! Further, a couple years ago they had 2 bombs and now they have 5 and in a few years 10 (just picking numbers out of my ass). So does this make an attack on South Korea more and more likely? Hardly, one nuke or 10 launched also guarantees North Korea "wiped off the map". Another case of "leave us the fuck alone".

Over to Iraq. Hussein invades Kuwait, gets his ass kicked and has his country sanctioned and 'quarantined' for more than a decade. Then he STILL gets invaded under the guise of WMD production.

Move on to Libya. Gadhaffi gives up his WMD programs (all) and several years later gets "wiped off the map" for crimes much less than chasing nucs and selling oil for in a currency other than dollar. ( "crimes much less" as defined by Neo-cons)

So Iran now has significant historical precedent as it relates to North Korea, Iraq and Libya. Having oil and not a powerful defence (ie: nukes) leaves it in a very vulnerable position. So, their stated nuclear program as peaceful, does this encompass power generation, medical isotopes and nuclear bombs. Apparently, with the forementioned precedents, nuclear bombs would (might?) generate peace.

So now I keep thinking of this American neo-con foreign affairs policy as it relates to National Security (aka access to foreign oil). These policies drafted and implemented decades ago, seem to me, to be extremely outdated as we teeter on the edge of peak oil. So the neo-cons float the sanction Iranian oil balloon and it gets shot down within days. Japan and the EU would like to join in on the fun but they ask, "...just where the fuck do we get the replacement oil?" As you say, the timing of $5 gas is a non-starter and they (neo-cons) back off.

Whoops ! Looks like the short term plan needs to be revised. Problem is, as we teeter and tip off the peak of oil the medium term gets worser ! The long term oil 'plan' is already crystal clear, there is none !

Trouble is, as time rolls on and the oil problem becomes more tenuous, yahoos like Chavez get to pick and choose who to sell oil to. One ugly day not too far into the future Chavez will wake up and declare, "...the Americans have treated us like shit for 30 years, they are no longer a customer, all of our oil goes to Asia. China is a preferred customer, anything left over can be sold to our 2nd and 3rd tier customers and finally to America (and probably at a non-preferred price!)"

So the neo-cons are not only brazen war-mongers but are incredibly short-sighted as well. Maybe a little of something else as well. Cheney, "...let's bomb the bastards like we did last week, last month and last year. Maybe this time they will listen and we will get the desired result."

It's really getting fucking old.

Here's a queer question/thoughts. I've heard it asked a dozen times, why/how is Iran in a position to be so aggressive? Do they already have the bomb? Is there an explicit agreement between Iran and China, or Russia?

Hmmm? Let's say I am Chinese, Iran is a major supplier of oil to my country and the west is sabre rattling big time. Further, I am going to require more oil over time and clearly it is impossible for China to be part of this Iranian oil sanction business. Iran cannot be de-stabilized, I will protect it.

So it is possible that China has supplied Iran with nukes? China has stated, at least to some degree, that it will join in on the excitement, even if it leads to WWIII.

Let's go a retarded step further. Let's (China?) give Iran a dozen nukes, set them up in Iran but we control the launch of these bombs.  I mean, thats probably way too far out in the tin foil zone but what do we really know for sure from both sides of the fence.

I know a couple things for sure.

US/UK/Israel will not be able to waltz into Iran as what happened in Iraq. There will be major ramifications. Second, the foreign affairs/policies of the neo-con flavor will not and does not work anymore.






sullymandias's picture

Assets, I like your comments, but only if Obama counts as a neo-con too.

smb12321's picture

It sounds like you're overjoyed by the prospective events. Such a catastrophe would kill tens of millions and lead to collapse of society in many areas. What is it with ZH posters - defending a brutal regime like Iran as if they were innocent folks singing Kumbaya instead ot fanatical thugs torturing religious and political foes?

frostfan's picture



This place is all  they got.  Somehow they think they find a website part extrememly savvy financial information part political hysteria that suddenly they're the smartest people on the planet.  That and AIDS members or Anti Israel Derangment Syndrome people flock to this place.  

SonnySkyy's picture

The propaganda you see here mirrors the propaganda you see on RT. I guess that means Tyler Durden is Vladimir Putin... macho motherfucker that he is.

Michael's picture

You do know Israel is a country full of psychopaths too don't you?

After the launch their first nuke on Iran, other countries will have to stop them from using many more.

sullymandias's picture

"defending a brutal regime like Iran as if they were innocent folks singing Kumbaya instead ot fanatical thugs torturing religious and political foes"

and I suppose you find the US government to be a lot better than that...

smore's picture

Gotta love the irony:

"In many ways, Israel already resembles Iran more than Europe. It is a country where there is no civil marriage, and where rabbis rule on weddings and divorces. It is also a country where ultra-orthodox schoolchildren learn neither mathematics nor English, where every kindergarten and every military battalion has a rabbi, and where an infrastructure minister wants to place power plants under the supervision of rabbis so that even electricity will be in compliance with religious purity laws.",1518,808252,00.html

smb12321's picture

Yeah, the situation is indeed dire.   All those Israelis being called to prayer, reported if they miss temple, calling out to the Lord for divine guidance.  Obviously, you've never been to Israel - one of the most secular nations on Earth.  What you didn't "report" (as if this were earthshaking news) is that those things apply only to Orthodox.  The non-religious and "just don't care" go on their merry way ignoring all the god crap..

King_of_simpletons's picture

What you have said happens in every country. There are ultra orthodox people who want everybody to live in a certain way and have no tolerance for other ways of life and a secular set of people who defy those edicts. It is not limited to Israel or Iran. The trouble is when one country is hell bent upon portraying the other as kooks and is ready to wage a war on an entire population, when they have the same problem in their own backyard with an accompanying justification that sane people do not understand.

smore's picture

Obviously you are not clairvoyant, as I have visited Israel several times.  Ever been to the West Bank? I have. This isn't my "report", it's DER SPIEGEL, idiot.

"All those Israelis being called to prayer, reported if they miss temple, calling out to the Lord for divine guidance."???
WTF are you talking about?  Did I say that? Is it in the article? 

For your edification, here's another recent article on the joys of life in "one of the most secular nations on Earth" LMFAO!

"The episode caused Orthodox women, in particular, to express indignation at the growing extremism of religious men in public life.

“This was a public event involving a deputy minister of state,” said Dr. Hanna Kehat, the director of Kolekh, an organization of professional religious women, in an interview with Israel Radio. “This is an incidence of gross discrimination, which is prohibited by law and it is difficult to believe actually took place. We are advancing at a rapid pace toward Iran.”

frostfan's picture

So one jerkoff writes an article about a very small minority of the Israeli population estimated in the hundreds and suddenly Israel is like Iran?   Damn the accuracy, I gotta blame Israel!!!!!!    Oh well, at least it's worth a bunch of green arrows salivating for anything to criticze Israel about.  You know them, the AIDS members or Anti Israel Derangement Syndrome people?

Michael's picture

People who call America home should worry more about the welfare of our own country as opposed to the welfare of people who live in other countries we don't own.

No more Big Taxpayer Government please.

wanklord's picture

The Soetoro administration and the Zionist warmongers are running out of time now that the world knows very well their wicked intentions of igniting a war in the Persian Gulf of unpredictable consequences. FALSE FLAG is now the word of the day, and everything will point to Israel regardless the location of the upcoming SELF-INFLICTED WOUND.

1. Israeli submarines deployed in the Sea of Oman will sink an American warship navigating close to the Strait of Hormuz - an attack to subsequently be blamed on Iran. Most likely one of these Zionist navy submarines (Type 800 Dolphin class) is already operating in the Sea of Oman:
INS Dolphin
INS Livyathan
INS Tekumah

2. Another option that could help to justify the upcoming war against the Islamic Republic of Iran is staging another false flag attack on continental United States: a controlled nuclear explosion (dirty bomb) targeting a major urban concentration that may kill dozens of thousands of civilians. This operation will be carried out by the CIA in partnership with Israel's Mossad and British MI6 to later on be blamed on AlQaeda working in conjunction with elements of Iran’s IRGC and Pakistan’s ISI.

Hugh G Rection's picture

I hope we are getting to a stage of awareness, where the public will not be spoonfed another bullshit false flag event. 

C'mon military, there's got to be a Smedley Butler somewhere...

philipat's picture

@Wanker Lord

And I suppose this will be the fault of the "69 generation who are, in your opinion, all deparved, drug addled gay perverts? You were less than lucid today?

roy10's picture

So they have web connection at the asylum now?

smb12321's picture

LOL.  I only began reading comments recently and it IS like a crazy house - extolling Iran, bashing Jews and delivering elaborate, nefarious plots with links to Youtube for all the juicy details.  How plausible is it that they've learned the "truth" when the NYT, FOX, CNN, Drudge, WSJ, etc are clueless? Guess reporter need to come to the ZH comment section to learn the "real truth".  Do you laugh or cry?

Spastica Rex's picture


You would have made a good Soviet.

SonnySkyy's picture

RT = Truth

You are a good Soviet.

New_Meat's picture

"Do you laugh or cry?"

Nyet, tovarich.  Feet up, favorite beverage nearby.  OBEY WB7 liquid warnings!

Unfortunately, quality of current trolldom is really weak-assed.

- Ned