Iran Interest Rates Raised To 20% To Fight Hyperinflation; Iran Nuclear Scientist Killed In Street Bomb Explosion

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Yesterday we reported how as a result of a financial embargo enacted on by the US on New Year's Day, Iran's economy had promptly entered freefall mode and is now experiencing hyperinflation as the currency implodes. Today EA WorldNews gives us the response, which confirms that indeed the economy is in terminal shape following an interest rate hike to 20%. From the Source: "State news agency IRNA has no news on the Iranian currency this morning, but it does feature an interview with an official, noting the rise in interest rates to 20%. The effort is to reduce the flow of cash in the economy, but the official says it will increase capital investment by banks in an "impressive market"." As noted before, every incremental creep worse in the status quo merely makes the probability of escalation higher due to a lower opportunity cost of "irrationality" although we hope we are wrong. And in other unreported so far news, EA also informs us that in a street bomb explosion in Tehran earlier, one Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, deputy head of procurement at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility, was killed. Are predator drones now patrolling over the Iran capital? Who knows, but Iran is already spinning the news.

Tehran Bomb. Fars explains who is behind this morning's explosion killing a University professor and wounding two people (see 0700 GMT): "The Secret is in the Headlines --- American Diplomacy Seasoned with Terror":


As [US Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton condemned Iran's peaceful nuclear enrichment and a Council on Foreign Relations report claimed insufficient confidence in Iran, a terrorist incident occurred in Tehran."


Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mohammad Reza Bahonar condemned the bomb as an act of "global arrogance". Khabar Online adds that there were shouts of "Death to America" in the Majlis.

At this point we have lost count where in the escalation dance we are. As always keep an eye on Brent.

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Wed, 01/11/2012 - 09:26 | 2053956 roy10
roy10's picture

The regime is imploding.  Embargo is already a success. Soon enough the people will turn against the regime. The days of the Ayatollahs are numbered.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 09:27 | 2053959 NewThor
NewThor's picture

Let the Bilderberg Halliburton Blackwater Goldman Sachs FEAST BEGIN!

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 09:30 | 2053966 pan-the-ist
pan-the-ist's picture

How are they going to "frame" this, what will they say publicly?  This could have been done by opposition within the country that strongly believes they are on the wrong track.  Who knows?  If it was done by a western country it is the most brazen thing I've heard of, but for all we know, the guy was a western spy and this was simpler for Iran than executing him.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 09:39 | 2053992 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Is Roy10 above serious? 

I remember, when Afghanistan was launched post 9/11, I went with my then boss to his place in Kentucky, we had business in bordering Ohio, I forget where. 

Anyways, his Dad/Mom were Faux newsy, dyed int eh wool war-mongers. A couple of very large (good old Kentyucky hospitality) screwdrivers later, I stared at Faux, blaring from his and her TV separately, screamign war war kill kill. I said something in-opportune about how stupid the war was and how it would end really badly all around.


And this good doctor, this saver of lives lost it. We had a yellign match. But ever since, my mind numbs every time I see educated people calling for death and destruction. What justifies it? Who doesn't understand the manipulation?

Sad. See this is what I saw before Cairo happened...because those of us who knew, knew what a set-up that was. See how that ended. More martial law. 

Fools callign for blood cannot see the noose tightenign around their own necks...

Sad. You may say I'm a dreamer...

But what I sad below can be done, should be done. It's not new age hokum, it's age old hokum! 



Wed, 01/11/2012 - 09:41 | 2054002 GeneMarchbanks
GeneMarchbanks's picture


Please don't tell me you havent noticed the absolute exponential rise in trolls here and elsewhere? It's election season, get ready dude...

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 09:44 | 2054015 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Actually i have GMB. I have. Soul-factor pretty low in them thar trolls.


Wed, 01/11/2012 - 09:55 | 2054048 economics1996
economics1996's picture

Here is a CIA assesment of the economy;

"Iran's economy is marked by an inefficient state sector, reliance on the oil sector, which provides the majority of government revenues, and statist policies, which create major distortions throughout the system. Private sector activity is typically limited to small-scale workshops, farming, and services. Price controls, subsidies, and other rigidities weigh down the economy, undermining the potential for private-sector-led growth. Significant informal market activity flourishes. The legislature in late 2009 passed President Mahmud AHMADI-NEJAD's bill to reduce subsidies, particularly on food and energy. The bill would phase out subsidies - which benefit Iran's upper and middle classes the most - over three to five years and replace them with cash payments to Iran's lower classes. However, the start of the program was delayed repeatedly throughout 2010 over fears of public reaction to higher prices. This is the most extensive economic reform since the government implemented gasoline rationing in 2007. The recovery of world oil prices in the last year increased Iran's oil export revenue by at least $10 billion over 2009, easing some of the financial impact of the newest round of international sanctions. Although inflation has fallen substantially since the mid-2000s, Iran continues to suffer from double-digit unemployment and underemployment. Underemployment among Iran's educated youth has convinced many to seek jobs overseas, resulting in a significant "brain drain.""

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 09:56 | 2054051 economics1996
economics1996's picture

You can ingnore the laws of gravity only so long...

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 10:32 | 2054197 tmosley
tmosley's picture

You can ignore it as long as you live, then ignore them forever afterwards.  Of course, that crossover point is much closer if you choose to ignore it.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 10:40 | 2054226 I Got Worms
I Got Worms's picture

Had to think about your post for a second, but I like it! If it was a bit shorter, I'd slap it on a bumper sticker.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 12:10 | 2054702 trav7777
trav7777's picture

you can ignore the laws of gravity for the rest of your life

I love how there are now IEDs being used to assassinate scientists.  Sounds like terrorism.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 12:20 | 2054737 smiler03
smiler03's picture

Holy Hell, there's something seriously amiss in the blogosphere, discussing gravity...

tmosley says "You can ignore it as long as you live"

trav7777 says "you can ignore the laws of gravity for the rest of your life"

Peace in our lifetimes?

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 13:21 | 2054967 Jean
Jean's picture

Nothing "Improvised" about that bomb

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 11:08 | 2054346 ElvisDog
ElvisDog's picture

What you wrote about the Iranian economy is why I never believed the "boots on the ground" nonsense about how U.S. soldiers were going to get trapped in a quagmire once we physically invaded Iran. There is no need to physically invade Iran when there are much easier ways to bring chaos and possibly regime change. Whatever you want to say about decline and problems the U.S. may have, they do still control the world financial markets and the administration and the CIA have shown that there are no limits to what they do in terms of eliminating key personnel of their perceived "enemies" or using financial tools as weapons of war.

Disclaimer: I'm not happy about or support what I wrote above, but I think it's the reality of the situation.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 09:45 | 2054016 pan-the-ist
pan-the-ist's picture

Gene, you're a child here compared to me, now go back to sleep.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 09:43 | 2054007 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

holy cow, I just remembered that the good doctor,s name was Roy too. Trippy.


Wed, 01/11/2012 - 09:54 | 2054044 ExpendableOne
ExpendableOne's picture

Those who want war should be given the opportunity to experience it first hand.  I long for the days when war meant the king and his knights rode at the head of the army.  Now, they just eat popcorn and watch it all unfold on the tube.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 10:08 | 2054095 kridkrid
kridkrid's picture

Either them or their children.  It should be a prerequisite for voting up on war... if we still voted and declared our wars... but that ship sailed.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 11:10 | 2054366 ElvisDog
ElvisDog's picture

That really hasn't happened since the days of Henry V. Of course, as long as the nobles didn't get shot by an arrow or crossbow bolt they were pretty safe. If captured, they would be ransomed rather than killed.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 12:21 | 2054744 trav7777
trav7777's picture

once more unto the breach, dear friends...

he was exceptional *because* he fought.  His peasants respected him and their bravery was admirable.  His example pretty much kept them in place at Agincourt in the face of attacking cavalry and 5-1 odds against them.  The French nobility was on the front lines in opposition.  Would that our present wars featured this arrangement.  By WW1, the peasant class got very tired of jumping to the bugle and getting cut into hamburger.

As an aside, Henry V claimed the throne of France, demonstrating again how the entire England/France history of war was a family feud.  Many, many people died so that nobles could settle pissing matches with their cousins, uncles, and brothers.  H5 was great grandson of the former King of France and married the present King's daughter.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 12:40 | 2054818 ElvisDog
ElvisDog's picture

I much prefer a history thread to the tiresome zionism/anti-zionism shit that ZH posts often devolve into. Henry V had a very legitimate claim to the French throne. Edward III of England (Henry's great grandfather) had the strongest claim to the French throne when Philippe IV of France died, because he was the son of Phillipe's eldest surviving child (daughter). Henry V was obviously a direct descendant of Edward III and therefore also of Phillipe IV.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 15:06 | 2055415 Randall Cabot
Randall Cabot's picture

Try the Hannity forum.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 13:14 | 2054937 Cyrano de Bivouac
Cyrano de Bivouac's picture

Elvis Dog-There's a good book on this topic  (Advance to Barbarism) by Frederick J. Neale. 

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 10:08 | 2054097 roy10
roy10's picture

How is an oil ambargo war again? Please don't let the facts confuse you.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 10:29 | 2054181 Mr Kurtz
Mr Kurtz's picture

I see a little history lesson is in order. In July 1941, the US imposed an oil embargo Japan...and by December 7, 1941...well the rest is history.



Wed, 01/11/2012 - 10:32 | 2054193 roy10
roy10's picture

Iran is not Japan. Iran has no real military power.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 11:46 | 2054460 King_of_simpletons
King_of_simpletons's picture

Huh ? Japan is forbidden from having a standing army written into its constitution.

I suppose this act would *not* be conveniently classified as "Terrorism".

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 11:42 | 2054543 Betty Swallsack
Betty Swallsack's picture

Roy, roy, roy.  Yes, Iran is not Japan.  But Iran is NOT armed with spitballs and straws..

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 10:39 | 2054217 Element
Element's picture

oh ... I thought it was just sanctions ... but your 'facts' confused you to call it an oil ambargo?

Listen shit-for-brains, 2-weeks in troll-baiter, USA embargoed Cuba in 1962 and this very nearly caused a thermonuclear exchange.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 10:42 | 2054234 roy10
roy10's picture

Then we're lucky Iran doesn't have nukes yet. Aren't we?

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 10:54 | 2054296 Element
Element's picture

Who's 'we'?  I'm not with you bud.

Like I said, you and your kike mates are in for a few surprises.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 10:58 | 2054307 roy10
roy10's picture

"We" is anybody who does not want to see a nuclear weapon explode on US territory and anybody who does not believe in a world ruled by Sharia law.

Clearly, that does not include you.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 11:59 | 2054648 my puppy for prez
my puppy for prez's picture

The only nuclear weapon that will hit the US will be courtesy of Russia or can take that one to the bank (along with your troll paycheck).


Wed, 01/11/2012 - 12:22 | 2054747 trav7777
trav7777's picture

the type of hyperbole you warmongers spew is shameful.

The nations with the capability to hit the entire US are all allies excepting Russia.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 11:34 | 2054372 Betty Swallsack
Betty Swallsack's picture

Hey, Roy.  Watch.!

Oh, and let us not forget this one, as of this past Sunday...warning: doublespeak contained within

'Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told CBS’ Face the Nation that Iran has still not made the decision to build a nuclear bomb.  He said that time was running out as Iran is rushing for the scientific and technical ability to build a nuclear weapon, but as of yet the political establishment has not made the final decision.'

Hmm, how can they be 'rushing' to build a nuclear weapon, but haven't decided upon it yet?

Wake up people.  Shoot your TV AND NOT your mouths.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 13:04 | 2054766 cranky-old-geezer
cranky-old-geezer's picture



As of Sunday Iran has 3 major nuclear powers on their side, Russia, China, and India, agreeing to buy Iranian oil in their respective currencies, bypassing USD completely.

It will bring Russian, Chinese, and Indian currency into Iran, shoring up Iranian currency.

...and it will bring all the freikin nukes Iran needs ...and the missiles to deliver them anywhere in the northern hemisphere ...which includes anywhere in America I believe.

If America tries to cut off Iranian oil to China ...or Russia or India... all hell will break loose and we'll be in WWIII ...thermonuclear WWIII.

Got your nuclear bomb shelter ready?   Stocked with years of food and water?

Hope so :)

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 13:12 | 2054927 Element
Element's picture

So the question is; what did the banksters order Barry to do?

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 13:51 | 2055076 foxenburg
foxenburg's picture

If America tries to cut off Iranian oil to China.......


I thought it was Iran threatening to cut off all oil from the gulf to everyone?? When did the US threaten to close the gulf?

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 14:10 | 2055147 Element
Element's picture

Come off it. The US said extremely clearly and with great volume back in late Novemeber that it was going to prevent all trade with Iran and all trade transactions, and that it expected all other countries to support the US's unilateral sanctions declaration.

Europe went along with the US, while many others rejected it. 

The US is now faced with using the USN to enforce sanctions on all via a blockade of Iranian oil trading and banning transactions with banks and countries trading with Iran.

Iran is saying if you do that to Iran, financially, or via blockade, we will close the strait to anyone imposing sanctions on Iran.

Instant war.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 18:11 | 2056244 foxenburg
foxenburg's picture

I have never read anything about the the US Navy threatening to blockade Iranian oil. I understood the USA sponsored sanctions to say - in effect - if you do business with Iran you don't do business with us, or use American banks - your choice. Please give me a link to any threat to back up sanctions by blockading gulf.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 21:46 | 2056966 Element
Element's picture

Only an idiot, or a provocateur, would not or would pretend not to understand that the threat is implied and quite real, and the White Hut and Pentagon will try to do this, if they can get enough international support and 'moral' inertial via propaganda, to quell resistance with a shower of hegemonic conceit, lies, misrepresentation and warmongering horseshit, to steal territory, resources, and murder people for empire and weapon sales.

Everyone else here, or in the region, and in foreign Govts have no problem grasping the situation and the implications.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 14:32 | 2055271 Matt
Matt's picture

The USA put missles with nuclear warheads in Turkey pointed at Moscow. The Soviets sought to equalize the situation with missles in Cuba. America painted the Soviets as the aggressors and nearly started a nuclear war.

I think the word you meant was BLOCKADE rather than EMBARGO?

BTW, why is the Cuba Embargo still in place?

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 21:47 | 2056973 Element
Element's picture

Because they 'won' and thus stole the warmongers profit.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 11:44 | 2054525 Betty Swallsack
Betty Swallsack's picture

Roy, man! Turn off the FAUX News.  An oil embargo is also known as economic warfare.  Keep this up and you'll be winning the Troll Of The Day Award.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 13:39 | 2055027 DionysusDevotee
DionysusDevotee's picture

Name me a war that wasn't fought over resources...

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 11:55 | 2054625 my puppy for prez
my puppy for prez's picture

"Is Roy10 above serious?"

No...he is one of those "jobs saved or created" by the current globalist regime.

Simply a paid dis-info agent....they've got THOUSANDS of them on the payroll.

And I still say he might be 8 years old....tops!


Wed, 01/11/2012 - 12:10 | 2054680 fleur de lis
fleur de lis's picture

ORI - Excellent observation, the whole country is held together with one lie after another, but it is not the fault of the citizenry, although they do share blame for a complete lack of knowledge and basic inquiry.

The Rothschilds own all media in this country, and have manipulated war information for 100 years. Julius Reuter was a Rothschild agent. Look up how long ago that was.

There is no way they will allow free flow of information so they promote the illusion of choice with so many news orgs, but they are all tightly controlled.  Ordinary decent people really cannot fathom the depth of evil in this. There is a reason we have been under constant economic and war stress since 1913 and any let up would only threaten the leeches who live off of us.

Your friends are a perfect example, they have had lies fed to them nonstop all their lives, and with no other information options, and with their lives under constant threat of boogeymen, they can only discuss what our overlords allow them to see and hear. They are trapped but don't know it.

Furthermore the newsblabbers themselves have no grasp of our own history, let alone foreign. Their ignorance is bolstered by their arrogance, which is fed by their huge paychecks, which allow them access to fancy circles, which in turn feed their massive egos and make them feel important. And smart. Which they absolutely are not.

Don't lose your friends over these lies,  but find a way to present information where they can do their own homework if they want to. And they might not want to, and you will have to accept that.

As an example,  go to WW2 -

1) Germany was flat broke in 1918 and again in 1929 but could threaten the whole world 10 years later - how could that be, where did all the the money come from, after all, it has been 10 years since 911 and we still have not rebuilt GZ.

2) Germany was centrally located, but needed thousands of tons of rubber for the tank treads. plane and jeep wheels, bullet belts for the machine guns, etc., so if the rubber came from rubber trees and plantations, and the plantations were in Paraguay, and they were owned by American businessmen, how did the supplies get to Germany?

I also know very smart people who cannot believe that the 911 hoax murders were perpetrated by our own leaders as a favor to their foreign friends. They simply do not have the prior historical information which would make them aware, and all history schoolbooks are approved by the Board of Education and we know who runs that dump, the same ones who inflict wars everywhere as a salary.

 And I don't mean the military.  I'm sure many of them realize too late that they have been walked into a racket but if they say anything it's friendly-fire time. 

Try to reconnect with your friends and don't fight with them any more over this, but give them very, very easy things to look up which will conflict with the hypnotic poison they have been fed.

Thu, 01/12/2012 - 00:39 | 2057346 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Excellent re-cap Fleur. I'm now back in India and the blinders are on much tighter. Much tighter.

Lost friends littered everywhere, as far as they eye can see. :-)


Wed, 01/11/2012 - 12:14 | 2054716 Chuck Walla
Chuck Walla's picture

Iran's economy isn't all that efficient. The embargo would work except for Japan and China seeing it totally against their interests. And I think there is a pipeline that goes to Russia that can get oil out.

I have no idea if a popular uprising could remove the current Twelvers, but Tehran seems to act like it could. Now thats an Arab(Persian?) Spring I could appreciate.  The chance of some bizarre attack is also possible and, in McCollom like conspiracy, a provocation for Obama to mis-direct things through war and the profits to be reaped for friends and pals.  If Cliffs takes a big leap, front-running is happening.




Wed, 01/11/2012 - 13:18 | 2054950 Element
Element's picture

But don't forget the Iranians already said that if Iran can not trade its oil not one drop of oil will get through the strait.

That is a flat-out military ultimatum to the White House and Europe, and it wasn't even covered in diplomatic cotton wool.

This was senior military speaking, not some mealy mouthed ambassador.

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