Iran Outlines Key Steps And Actors In A Potential Straits Of Hormuz Closure

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In other news today:

Iran says it chased away a Western helicopter that approached its navy war games area and did not leave until three warnings were issued.

Yesterday, a chopper which belonged to the trans-regional countries tried to approach the region of Velayat 90 exercises, but it left the area when it received a serious warning after it ignored two other warning signals of our units," Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Navy Admiral Seyed Mahmoud Moussavi said.

Gulf of Tonkin all over again, watch some US helicopter get shot down after going into their war zones airspace and that'll be the excuse for launching a war against Iran. The US is already trying really hard to make Iran launch a war on the US by all the massive sanctions.  Get Fox news back on to herd the sheple saying all Iranians are crazy terrorists and Iran has nukes and we're set for go. It's coming folks, war with Iran. Obama will proudly proclaim that we're winning the war on terror and we'll go out killing shepards in Iran so we can get their oil. (Hey maybe he'll get re-elected!) It's super-happy-keynesianism fun times. 

It's been a while since the US has been empire building, Iraq was such a long time ago. What better way is there to start a massive spending program than launch full out war? Then we can inflate away all America's problems.

It's Time to start that oil crisis portfolio: Oil names (XOM, PBR etc), Ethanol (PEIX,BIOF), Defence Names (LMT, BA, NOC).

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Don't forget SU, CVE, CNQ.

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The only way Barry & Associates (including the Zionist warmongers) can justify a war against the Islamic Republic of Iran is by staging another false flag attack on continental United States: most likely a controlled nuclear explosion (dirty bomb) targeting a major urban concentration that may kill dozens of thousands of civilians.This operation will be carried out by the CIA in partnership with Mossad and MI6 to subsequently be blamed on AlQaeda working in conjunction with elements of Iran's IRGC and Pakistan's ISI.

Besides that, Americans are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue. The psychological impact of this event will elicit the brute and ignorant populace to demand a massive retaliation against the alleged perpetrators (explicitly Iran); the Obama administration will need the unconditional support of these mules in order to further their agenda.

Absent of this essential prerequisite (a false flag operation), President Soetoro won't be able to persuade US Congress to issue a formal declaration of war.

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Detroit?  Kills 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak?

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But would anyone notice? /sarcasm, really I promise

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I believe you, Fred.  You absolutely reek of sincerity...really, I mean it!

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The way things were at the end of 2011.

People on Internet Message Boards spoke casually of cities being destroyed, nuked. While nervously giggling "I'm kidding". Yes, Detroit, a few million people....tch tch....anyways, let it go.

Doity bumbs away!



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As is the claim that Iran's youth willingness to sacrifice their lives will frighten an opponent.  Recall Patton's comment on this.

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This just in - thought it was relevant



WASHINGTON—In a 30-minute video released Thursday, al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri criticized the mass transportation infrastructure of the United States, claiming significant repairs and upgrades would need to be implemented before the militant group would consider destroying any roads, bridges, or railways with terrorist attacks.

Reading from a prepared statement, al-Zawahiri blasted the U.S. government for its lack of foresight and admonished its leaders for failing to provide Americans with efficient and reliable modes of public transport to reduce traffic congestion, lower carbon emissions, improve air quality, and supply suitable targets for terrorists.

"The al-Qaeda network is fully prepared to continue the jihad against the American infidels by launching deadly attacks, but your outdated and rusting transportation infrastructure needs to be completely overhauled for those strikes even to be noticed," al-Zawahiri said. "We want to turn your bridges into rubble, but if we claimed credit for making them collapse, nobody would ever believe us."

"We'd really just be doing you a favor because then you'd actually have to rebuild them," al-Zawahiri added.

The al-Qaeda commander confirmed his organization initially hoped to cripple travel in the United States by destroying its nationwide high-speed rail system, but had been shocked to discover no such thing exists. Calling it a cost-efficient, modern way of travel that would serve as a boon to small businesses and the national economy, al-Zawahiri implored U.S. officials to invest in not just one high-speed passenger train network, but many of them, so they could all be blown up simultaneously in a signature al-Qaeda attack upon the nation's major population centers.

Throughout the threatening video, the terrorist leader questioned the priorities of American politicians, asking why they would refuse to fund engineering projects that would create jobs, bombing opportunities, and new ways for the U.S. compete globally.

"It's ridiculous that the Netherlands, the world's 16th-ranked economy, is continuously investing in its infrastructure, while the No. 1 economy simply refuses to enter the 21st century," said al-Zawahiri, adding that Americans should be ashamed of having only one operational high-speed rail line, considering the Dutch have 120. "And of course, we don't want to bring the Netherlands to its knees and make its people question the unholy excesses of their way of life. No one would care if we did that."

"Also, to the Great Satan American leader Barack Obama: Investing in mass transit infrastructure would have positive, long-term effects for the environment," he added. "Stop being so shortsighted."

Al-Qaeda sources confirmed that members of terror cells living in America regularly complain about the extreme difficulty of traveling around the country and say it has prevented them from doing their jobs effectively. A plot to destroy O'Hare International Airport was reportedly abandoned after constant flight delays made coordinating an attack nearly impossible.

In addition, al-Zawahiri said a terrorist attack on O'Hare couldn't make the commercial aviation center any worse.

He also revealed the terrorist organization had wasted six months planning to take down Amtrak's regional operations before realizing that with its constant delays and malfunctions, the government-owned passenger train service "basically terrorizes itself."

"We spent countless hours on training, surveillance, and intelligence-gathering for absolutely nothing," al-Zawahiri said. "We falsely assumed that disrupting key Amtrak lines would instill fear and cause chaos throughout the nation. Unfortunately, the overall impact and limited number of casualties wouldn't even make it worth the effort."

While al-Zawahiri mainly focused on reprimanding the U.S. for not updating its mass transportation system, the al-Qaeda leader also recommended the government repair sewage treatment plants, dams, waterlines, and the power grid.

"Frankly, America is a complete mess," al-Zawahiri said. "How could we even think about cutting electricity across multiple states, leaving millions of Americans terrified in darkness, when there are brownouts all the time? And of course, we would like nothing better than to poison your lakes and rivers, but it looks like you already beat us to it."

"At least the Empire State Building is still standing," he added.,21008/?



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'Like nothing more to poison your lakes and rivers?' Wow, they really are their own worst caricatures. More holier than though ideologues ready to sacrifice civilians as collateral damage for the Cause.

The 'you beat us to it' tone of the article was hilarious though

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So you really don't know what is about?


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The hipsters at The Onion really are too cool. I would like to invest in the snark index, as we are rapidly overtaking England in this precious commodity. Snark fills the belly, warms the hearth and balances budgets. It obviously does in England, anyway... 

I wonder what the cool kids really think about the export of pollution?

Oh wait, giant brain Joe Biden cleared that up for us already...

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The more truthful the comedy, the funnier it is! :>D

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Clever stuff, laughed til I saw stars and stripes ... al-Zawahiri should just concentrate on the Washington Monument ... as it's apparently very very important ... for some completely unfathomable reasons ... that CNN and NBC never get around to explaining ... but ya just know it really matters ... alot! ... really really lots and lots

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Another Middle East war that drains resources and diverts attention away from China and Russia.  WTF lets just make Netanyahu the president of the United States.  Really what the fuck is the difference?

Of course if we drilled for oil in America we would not be in the Middle East, except for pirate clean up duty. 

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why settle for president when you are already the overlord?

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More copy-and-paste boilerplate from wanklord. He's been shitting out this particular screed since at least July 9, 2011.

A google search for "most likely a controlled nuclear explosion" (include the quotation marks) will reveal both how often and how far he's been flinging this particular turd.


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"Formal Declaration of War"????

You gotta be kidding.


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You're just too smart by half. Got it all figured out. Nothing, absolutely nothing can ever be what it seems and no one can be what they seem and the bad guys are really the good guys who are really the bad guys acting like good guys because of the behind the scenes script...blah, blah. Your reasoning doesn't even hold up.

Both you deep conspiracists and looney leftists are getting boring these days.

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You're a fucking clown.. Freedomguy?  Really?  What the hell does that even mean?  Is that like the "Patriot Act" being anything but patriotic?  Don't worry.. You'll be counting the dead (again) from the Amercan war machine soon enough..

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A question to you and all other commentators of similar feelings of disgust towards most Americans: you seem like you want to rebel yet the people you hope to join you and rise up you call mules and have an all enveloping feeling of hatred towards most people in the country, so why not just drop out and get land in Wyoming or somewhere remote and say fuck it? Moreover, is the animosity a result of the President? Were you this angry before the last Presidential election? Because to me, your (and a lot of people of your political persuasion) seem to think Obama is the source of all our problems and caused this mess. I don't see it. Obama inherited the leadership of a country spiraling towards depression. I personally believe that out problems stem towards decades of mismanagement but I wonder if anything I say could ever change your mind even in the slightest. Seriously, I feel some of the way people call the President is fucked up. Nobody on the right gave him the slightest chance and hated him from day one. He was elected in a landslide. Don't get me wrong though I think the way many liberals disrespected President Bush was fucked up too. The thing is it seems to be open season on the First Lady. Nobody on the left ever was nasty towards Laura Bush. I think we need a fundamental change and will believe that no matter who wins. But will you? Will this board shrivel up and die if a Republican is elected. Hint: it wont cause I remember when this board wasn't so political. I been here since day one. The politicization of the comments has drove lots of people away and I think a lot of people who comment forget the site isn't a right wing sight. Nor is it left. Its apolitical mostly and just wants to shed light on darkness.

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Obama "inherited" a marvelous opportunity which he has squandered.  His hope and change mantra was a cruel joke.  When you sit in church and listen to the preacher shout "God damn America" I guess it has an effect on one's thinking.............

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Great avatar.  I'm your huckleberry

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I'm sick of this pity for the poor president. "Nobody gives him a chance", wah, wah, wah. They elected him FUCKING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA you douchebag! What more chance do you want?!?!? The point is he squandered his CHANCE and has sent this country spiraling ever faster towards some authoratarian, Borgian, nightmare. Our freedoms are rapidly disappearing down a godamn black hole and everyone wants sympathy for FUCKING OBAMA. Get a clue asshole, OBAMA is doing fine and so is his hypocritical wife. Save your pity for the unemployed, homeless, desperate, hopeless, old,young, abused, indebted, swindled, plundered, raided, audited, lied to, decieved, impoverished, beseiged, bombed, shot, vaporized, irradiated etc. No doubt the country was going down before he got there. How dare you imply he has done anything to help us (the private sector). You may be a public sector D.C. type who is bathing in the fraudulent "wealth" created for all like parasites but rest assured out in the real world people truly are suffering and deserving of sympathy. That guy in the White House is not one of them.

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Its pretty damn simple actually.  We can't "run to Wyoming" because totalitarianism is total.  Ever hear of Emminent Domain?  "First they came for the....."  
And no, this has abso-fucking-loutly NOTHING to do with either leg (democan or republocrat) of the "two party" system.  They all work for the same damn bankocracy, as anyone with brains and will enough to operate Teh Internets can tell you.  The people that concern themselves with the Presidents Barbie acessory wife are simply engaged in a surrogate, reality television version of politics designed to divert people from actually looking behind the curtain, and anybody who is REMOTELY awake can see that.

And, no, the masses, the "I wonder who's on top of Britney Spears today!" crowd is not who we "hope will join us and rise up."  The people who have a clue about what is going on have given up on the idiocracy a long time ago.  They are the Sheeple who need to stay out of the way. 

The founders ultimately didn't give a crap about their "B issue" political differences, (they wrote letters to each other about them and worked together anyway), and they didn't wait for the sheeple to quit with their daily distractions and pull their heads out of the sand.  They knew that they were cornered by an empire and the squeeze was on.  Those are the people we hope will "rise up and join us", because they are the ones that recognize that there really is no other choice. 

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And I should add, it is perfectly justifiable to be more upset at this president than the last, the increasing slide into a fascist tyranny will do that to freedom loving people.

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OBAAMA  =  BUSH III                

We are suffering from 30+ years of

Reaganomics  (VUDU economics, as papa Bush called it)  and yet, half the population continues to believe in the mantra of that faith: deregulation, privatiztion, militarization, no taxes, just print the money.  The supply side is endless.

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"Iran outlines key steps in Iranian Leadership Suidcide"; there all fixed for you.

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So far, NATO was very good fighting enemies who did not fight back? Qaddafi and Saddam were good examples. They both were smart-ass cowards.

We don't know how far Iranians will go defending their country.

What if Iran starts attacking NATO military and civilian targets in Europe? Iran has plenty long-range missiles covering at least the half of Europe as well as Israel. Remember, when Hesbollah started attacking the Israeli homeland, "invincible" Israel had to back up. Iran is a much bigger “fish”.

The bottom line: NATO can inflict a very serious damage to Iran but it might become a large and very costly war and the USA and its NATO allies will be very sorry they started.

What will people in Europe and the USA think & do seeing a massive loss of lives in their own countries?


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both of their airforce were destroyed in days..if not hours..  not much you can do after that but bitch and moan

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Iran attacking Europe? I think you have the Islamic Republic of Iran Army mixed up with someplace more consequential. As for Iraq being cowardly, seemed they kept the armies of the Islamic Republic of Iran pretty busy for 8 years, before taking on the Great Satan itself, twice . And anyway, dont worry, Isreal would bitchslap the fuck out of them before they even thought of it.

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Strannick you are correct.

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Gota wonder how many of those Iranian jet pilots would just keep flying into the great beyond and land on a NATO/US base and ask for assilum ( and a nice grub stake like the Cuban's get ( $10,000 and a JOB ahead of everyone else...incase you didn't know).

The fools in Iran just might do something stupid believeing their GOD will lead them to victory.  Then again, their God may just turn their country into a fucking weed field, and move on.

So tired of this crap.

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blindfaith said:

So tired of this crap.

No kidding.

By the way, you do know that the Iranians worship the same God as the Christians and Jews, don't you?

"Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever." -- Thomas Jefferson

The fools in America just might do something stupid believeing their GOD will lead them to victory.  Then again, their God may just turn their country into a fucking weed field, and move on.


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There is only one way for the Iranians and the USA to engage and that is if the USA wants it.Within 4 days ,all missle  and air defenses  will be taken out by Israeli and USA air power.And their navy ,what a joke.Then comes the destruction of all military oil and diesel supplies.Oh I forgot about their nuclear facilities.We will not need any land forces to destroy Iran.they will destroy themselves.This is all pure bluff and everyone knows it.

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Theses Arab and Persian armies all know what awaits if they try to go toe to toe with a Western army. I think you are generally correct that it is bluff and I would add bluster and bullying toward other Arab states. However, I think the religious leadership is crazy and stupid enought to do something. I doubt that their Army will actually try or want to carry out anything. They know they will all die within hours or days.


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life immitating art.  This is a scene right out of taxi-driver "you talking to me?".  then off to dirty harry "..well do ya punk?"

Another sequal just like Rocky 5 .

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

FreedomGuy wrote:

Theses Arab and Persian armies all know what awaits if they try to go toe to toe with a Western army.

This is true, and the Iranians know it. That's why their defensive strategy revolves around asymmetric warfare. Unfortunately the chickenhawk war cheerleaders won't realize this until the US military gets its nose bloodied.

I think you are generally correct that it is bluff and I would add bluster and bullying toward other Arab states.

You are correct in your interpretation of the foreign policy of the United States for the last sixty years: bluff, bluster, and bullying, especially in the middle east. Nobody likes a bully, which is why this arrogant foreign policy will be pointed to as a key factor in the decline of America and the downfall of its empire.

However, I think the religious leadership is crazy and stupid enought to do something.

While not all of America's religious leadership is insane, it is certainly true of the ones which have sought, and gained, political power and influence. They've been trying to get World War Three stirred up in the middle east for years, and I share your concern about them doing something crazy and stupid.

I doubt that their Army will actually try or want to carry out anything.

Correct again. American military strategists know that attacking Iran would be a huge mistake, and so far they've been able to withstand the cheerleading from wargirls like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Carl Levin, and Joe Lieberman. Let's hope that reason triumphs over jingoism.


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"Iran outlines key steps in Iranian Leadership Suidcide"; there all fixed for you.

Put up or shut up you fucking chickenhawk.

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Iran has some cool toys. Should be a great exercise for both sides in using missiles, aircraft, subs, ships, electronic warfare, etc. A great training tool. Whittle down the blow hards stash of weapons too.

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Will it take a nuke 'accident' to reveal the 12th Iman?  Glass and dusted ass coming soon to an Iran near you.

john39's picture

who knows what ugly surprises wait.  that is what happens in war, and its well past time for these monsters to pay...   and I am not referring to Iran.

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If you are not referring to Iran, you should include Iran

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Why not throw Russia and China in at the same time you dumb-fuck....


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Just a modest suggestion, but why send a helicopter into their naval exercise when we could be bugging them with drones? I might also suggest that the drones be booby trapped so if they cpture one again it goes boom, after they land it....when they are inspecting it...."Hey Omar, what do you think this red lever is for?"